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Chapter 739 – Dong Lin’s Xu family

What followed the voice was a devilish flame that covered the entire sky. The black flame emitted a heat that could burn one’s origin soul, and it instantly covered the sky.

It was as if the thin layer of clouds in the sky was eroded by the devilish flame and was filled with devilish energy. It was as if they only needed to gather the water within for an intense rain storm to began.

Carrying a trace of rain, the flame moved with the wind and rushed toward the ground. The devilish energy around the ground became monstrous in an instant. If someone were watching from far away, they would see that the devilish energy had formed a huge phantom with a single horn.

A purple-robed young man appeared on the head of the phantom. His eyes were giving off a bloodthirsty light and his black hair was floating behind him. He stepped on the phantom and then it rushed toward the ground.

Wang Lin stood on the ground as he calmly looked up at the sky. He waved his right hand and put the broken handle into his bag.

When the devilish phantom closed in, the young man on top looked down at Wang Lin and coldly said, “You’re courting death!” He didn’t move, but the rain near him quickly condensed and rushed out. Th rain formed arrows that penetrated through the air. They flew toward Wang Lin while creating a strange, whistling sound.

The youth was at the Illusory Yin stage, and it was obvious that he wasn’t new to this cultivation. Although he wasn’t at the peak, he was still at the mid stage.

His cultivation could match the Thunder Daoist, and his devilish spells made him even more fierce. Even the Thunder Daoist wouldn’t necessarily have the upper hand against him.

The arrows formed by the rain contained a fierce killing intent. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he retreated several steps. His hand reached out and bursts of thunder exploded forth. At the same time, balls of thunder appeared, and they were each connected by lightning.

With a point of his finger, these balls of thunder charged toward the arrows. The moment the balls of thunder closed in on the arrows, they immediately exploded. The violent explosion caused the arrows to immediately disintegrate. The countless rain arrows all dissipated 100 feet before Wang Lin.

The youth above the devilish phantom calmly and slowly said, “A little interesting…”

However, before he finished speaking, not only did Wang Lin not retreat, he stepped forward. He was already angry from being trapped inside the tunnel, and now he had met this youth that attacked with killing intent right away. It was as if he was so weak in everyone’s eyes that they could attack him as they wished.

“It seems I have been too low key in the Allheaven Star System.” If the youth was at the Corporeal Yang stage, Wang Lin might have hesitated and chosen to retreat. However, he had killed Illusory Yin cultivators before, and he stepped directly toward the phantom.

“Using devilish spells before me! I have even battled a scattered devil!” With one step, Wang Lin stepped into the air. He then raised his right hand and his origin soul became active. A large amount of thunder came from his body and quickly gathered in his right hand.

A blue ball of thunder suddenly appeared, and it simply contained too much thunder. The moment it appeared, it caused the surroundings to change.

This place was the Thunder Celestial Realm, so it was not lacking in thunder. The moment Wang Lin’s ball of thunder appeared, strands of thunder appeared on the ground and even the sky seemed to be affected. Countless strands of thunder were attracted to the ball of thunder.

Holding the ball of thunder, Wang Lin jumped forward and pushed the ball.

The ball of thunder rushed directly toward the youth on the devilish phantom.

The youth’s expression changed slightly changed. Not only did the killing intent in his eyes not lessen, it became even stronger. His hand rapidly formed seals, and at the moment the ball of thunder closed in, he shouted, “Devil, devour!”

Two bloodthirsty devilish lights suddenly appeared on the originally blurry-looking devilish phantom. Then a crack appeared and became bigger and bigger before it devoured the ball of thunder.

“Such weak thunder isn’t even qualified for me to use my devilish flame!” The youth raised his right hand and all the rain gathered. The rain moved around inside his hand.

In an instant, a long spear formed. It was formed by rain, but it seemed to be made of ink. The spear was black and seemed to be flowing. Then the youth waved his hand and a water curtain charged toward Wang Lin with dense devilish energy.

Wang Lin was calm as he slapped his bag of holding and something appeared in his hand. It was the celestial mountain. The moment it appeared in his hand, it immediately increased in size until it was as big as a mountain.

At the moment the water curtain arrived, Wang Lin pressed his right hand on the mountain with a mysterious light in his eyes. When he raised his hand, strands of the mountain’s soul were pulled out as if they were drawing each other out.

When Wang Lin’s right hand completely lifted, the mountain’s soul had turned into a ball of mist in his hand and was giving off an ancient aura.

Wang Lin’s body was like lighting. He was so fast that at the moment he moved, he caused a thunderous roar. Holding the mist in his hand, Wang Lin rushed out right when the water curtain was closing in. The water pierced into his body and immediately turned into countless drops of cold, devilish, water droplets that instantly surrounded Wang Lin.

However, as soon as it surrounded Wang Lin, the mist in his hand gave off a rich celestial spiritual energy fluctuation that allowed Wang Lin to charge through the water curtain. Without pausing at all, he charged forward and pressed the mist toward the youth on the devilish phantom.

The youth’s expression sank the moment the mist appeared. He immediately threw the spear and it charged out like a dragon. The spear rushed through the air and penetrated the ball of mist!

After Wang Lin threw the ball of mist, he didn’t stop but rushed forward and shouted, “Scatter!”

The ball of mist suddenly spread out and swelled several times, becoming a dense mist that covered the entire spear. The youth’s expression changed and was about to use a spell.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he shouted, “Thunder, explode!” 

The ball of thunder devoured by the devilish phantom hadn’t disintegrated, it was hiding. At the moment Wang Lin shouted, the powerful thunder exploded within the phantom’s body!

A blue light immediately appeared within the phantom. The light became bright and brighter before instantly reaching its limit. Finally, in a series of thunderous rumbles, countless bolts of thunder burst from the phantom’s body. Its large, illusory body completely collapsed!

The drastic change caused the youth’s expression to become even more gloomy. At the breath before the phantom collapsed, the youth had already left the phantom’s body. However, Wang Lin had already closed in. Wang Lin’s shadow flashed and the celestial guard quickly stepped out.

In the youth’s eyes, it was as if Wang Lin had split into two. The celestial guard’s entire body gave off a golden glow that flowed like water toward its right hand. At this moment, it seemed as if the celestial guard was holding the sun.

One punch was thrown!

Because Wang Lin’s cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, it wasn’t as easy as before to see that the celestial guard was hiding in his shadow.

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time. It happened so fast that the youth didn’t even have time to think. He didn’t expect a mere peak late stage Ascendant cultivator to be able to create a ball of thunder this powerful and draw out the mountain’s soul. What shocked him the most was the punch from the puppet!

The storm formed by this punch was too powerful. Not only was the golden light blinding, even his origin soul felt pain when the light shined on him.

This punch was the peak of the celestial guard’s power; it was a punch that could shatter the world. It was incredibly fast and landed directly before the youth.

The consecutive changes caught him completely unprepared. From the slow attack at he start to the sudden change that came after, the youth felt a life and death crisis he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He didn’t hesitate to quickly retreat, as this punch made his scalp tingle.

He had a feeling that if he didn’t retreat and was hit by this punch, even with his Illusory Yin cultivation, he would undoubtedly die!

As the youth retreated, the celestial guard’s punch exploded. The youth bit the tip of his tongue without hesitation and spat out essence blood that contained origin energy.

His expression became fierce and he shouted, “Screen of Dong Lin!”

The essence blood exploded like water falling in hot oil. The blood mist gathered before the youth to block the puppet’s punch.

When the punch landed on the blood mist, a sound that shocked the entire fragment suddenly echoed across the fragment. This sound was beyond loud and the impact rapidly spread. It was as if the entire earth had 10 feet of it scrapped off by the shockwave.

Large amounts of dirt flew up into the air and debris that gave off celestial spiritual energy fluctuation appeared.

The blood mist dissipated and the puppet fell to the ground before retreating several more steps to steady itself. However, the golden light was completely gone and it seemed to have used all its energy.

It was clear to anyone that the celestial guard’s body was trembling lightly.

The youth that came with murderous intent flew toward the ground like a meteor and smashed into the ground with a bang. An illusory black lotus emitting a powerful, black devilish flame appeared above him.

“In 5,000 years, you’re the first person to make me, Xu Fenghan…”

However, before he could finished speaking, there was a loud, muffled explosion from inside the mist formed by the mountain soul. There was a loud echo as the mist dissipated and the thread returned to the celestial mountain. The spear inside had lost its power and had dissipated, and the rain fell to the earth.

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