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Chapter 737 – Fated Person

The meteor-like thunder that led Wang Lin to the Thunder Celestial Realm became more crazy the moment it hit the dark red thunder. The amount of thunder inside it suddenly increased several fold and reached an terrifying degree.

It had entered Wang Lin’s body like a crazy dragon. In just a breath of time, it caused Wang Lin’s body to feel numb and completely locked Wang Lin’s origin soul.

This phenomenon was so fast hat Wang Lin didn’t even have time to think. His whole body was frozen, as if someone had casted the Stop spell on him. When the meteor-like thunder collided with the dark red thunder, he was brought into the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin wasn’t able to check his surroundings at all because the thunder surrounding him was falling even faster than a stone smashing down. It carried with it a thunderous rumble as it smashed directly onto a broken fragment of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The meteor broke through the air and smashed into the ground, causing the entire fragment to shake and setting off a huge dust storm. At this moment, the fragment was so dusty that one couldn’t see past 30 feet.

The entire earth shook violently like there was a giant earth dragon churning underground. After a long time, the dust storm settled and the earth gradually settled down as well.

Only the hole on the surface of the eastern part of the fragment proved that everything that had just happened was real.

Green smoke was coming from the hole. When the wind blew, the green smoke dissipated.

At the end of the pit there was thunder moving through the earth and there was even some scorched earth.

This hole was very deep, but the actual depth was unknown. At the very bottom lied Wang Lin. Blood was coming out of his orifices and many parts of his body were injured from the impact. He was in an extremely sorry state.

Although this Thunder Celestial Realm was more stable than the Rain Celestial Realm, it was still on the brink of collapse. The only difference was between 50 and 100 steps.

After experiencing the massive shock of the meteor-like thunder, the fragment became more unstable. Not long after the hole was formed by Wang Lin, the edge of the hole began to collapse and there were series of muffled rumbles. After the dust settled, there were only ruins, and the hole was completely buried.

A white-haired old man’s body seemed to appear out of the void. He arrived next to the ground where the hole was before looking down and smiling. “I have lived for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve seen someone so greedy to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm early like this… Eh?”

The old man’s eyes narrowed. After taking careful look, he muttered, “This little guy’s origin soul is giving off such powerful thunder pressure, and even his body is made of thunder. What a mess; is he a human or a spirit? If he continues like this, he will become a thunder spirit sooner or later!

“However, the location of his landing is a bit interesting! Forget it, since he was seen by this old man, that means we are fated!” The old man’s eyes revealed a look of interest. He raised his right hand and pressed down on the ground. A ray of light quickly passed by the ground. Then the old man’s body flickered and disappeared.

There had been many people who were fated with him, but each of them ended up very helpless.

Time slowly passed. Deep underground, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. Massive pain was coming from all over his body. Even his origin soul wasn’t operating properly.

Wang Lin wryly smiled as he looked around. This was a collapsed stone room with some soil trickling in from above. After looking around, Wang Lin struggled to sit up and closed his eyes to cultivate.

He slow slowly activated his origin soul and found a trace of thunder that was incompatible with his own thunder. This thunder was the reason why his origin soul wasn’t operating properly.

The surroundings were completely silent without any sound, and Wang Lin was completely immersed in his cultivation. At this moment, the celestial guard walked out of his shadow. It sat down opposite of Wang Lin and protected him.

Seven days passed by in a flash. Wang Lin opened his eyes and spat out mouthful of foul air. There was a trace of thunder in there.

“I can’t take this kind of risk in the future… Fortunately, the amount of thunder that disturbed my origin soul wasn’t much. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to expel it in a short period of time.”

After expelling that sliver of thunder, Wang Lin’s injuries began to recover and his origin soul healed. His body was damaged, but it didn’t affect his cultivation. Wang Lin looked at the earth above him, then he took a step forward and charged straight toward the earth.

“Since I came to the Thunder Celestial Realm, I need to take a good look to see how it’s different from the Rain Celestial Realm!” Wang Lin’s body turned into a ray of light, but right when he touched the dirt above him, there was a flash of light from the dirt. As if he had hit a wall of iron, there was a loud rumble and he bounced off the dirt.

After landing on the ground, Wang Lin retreated a few steps and his eyes were filled with terror.

“This… This dirt contains origin energy!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes filled with lightning. As he took a closer look, his expression darkened.

“This isn’t origin energy formed naturally, it’s from a spell that someone casted. Someone doesn’t want me to leave!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

Although he was injured when he smashed down, he was more or less aware of his surroundings. Although the ground was harder than normal, it wouldn’t stop spells from going through.

However, this dirt had changed, which immediately shocked Wang Lin.

“Was it someone who casted a spell or a change that occurred due to the celestial thunder being too violent…” Wang Lin pondered for a moment, and with a thought, the celestial guard charged out. It tried to break through at multiple locations.

The result was that every direction was impassable aside from directly forward.

Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy. He was even more certain this was man made. Someone had seen him and imprisoned him here, leaving him only one road. They even arrogantly told him that the only path left was forward!

Wang Lin silently pondered. He had used several days to heal and didn’t know if the Thunder Celestial Realm had opened. He also wasn’t able to deduce the identity of the person who used the spell.

“However, this person is able to lock down a part of the Celestial Realm. I fear that this person’s cultivation is not simple! However, what purpose does he have for wanting me to move forward? This method doesn’t make sense… If that person is hostile to me, he could have just attacked directly…” Wang Lin pondered and his eyes lit up. He then looked at the hole the celestial guard made while looking for a way out.

“Forget it, it is pointless to stay here. Let’s see what mysteries li ahead!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he slapped his bag of holding and a golden celestial brush appeared in his hand.

While holding the brush, a sliver of red light came out from the crack between his eyebrows. This made him look very evil. Then his right hand formed a seal and a celestial wind immediately appeared, blowing away the dirt before him and revealing a passage.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and found countless winding channels leading to the unknown. His divine sense spread out even further but still wasn’t able to find where it ended.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin’s body charged directly forward. As he charged forward, his divine sense was spread out, looking for an exit. As he rushed through the tunnels, he tried breaking through at multiple points, but all of the dirt was reinforced by the spell, so he wasn’t able to charge out.

As he moved, his eyes narrowed. His divine sense had found the exit at a fork ahead! Wang Lin suddenly sped out toward the exit.

However, he was a bit puzzled because the search for the exit seemed a bit… too easy.

“Could this place not have been created by a spell but caused by the thunder?” Wang Lin began to ponder and slowed down.

Just at this moment, the exit he was locked onto released a flash of light. When the light disappeared, the exit also disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin was startled and his expression became even more gloomily. After pondering a bit, he let out a cold snort and headed toward the exit. After arriving at the exit. he looked around for a long time. He didn’t say anything as he turned around and headed for the other fork.

His divine sense was spread out and carefully observing each tunnel. Half a hour later, his divine sense found another exit. Grey light was coming through the exit; clearly that exit led to the surface.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate and charged directly at the exit.

He was already moving very fast, but he couldn’t teleport. However, he soon arrived near the exit. When h was only 100 feet from the exit, he rushed forth.

However, just at this moment, the exit gave off a flash of white light and disappeared.

Wang Lin had missed the exit. He clenched his fist and put on an extremely gloomy expression. He then raised his head. It was as if his eyes could penetrate the earth. After taking a few deep breaths, he turned around and left.

“This place must’ve been created by a spell!” As Wang Lin gloomily moved through the endless tunnel, he calmed his previously anxious mentality. These exits were clearly being controlled by someone. They wanted him to see the exit but not be able to leave!

If he became anxious and rushed, it would be even more difficult to leave.

At this moment, somewhere in the Thunder Celestial Realm, the old man had his hand behind his back. He smile and muttered, “It has been a long time since someone fated with this old man has appeared. If this junior can leave within seven days, that mean he is even more fated! I really hope this little guy can make it out in seven days. There are many interesting places in this Thunder Celestial Realm that are extremely suitable for people fated with this old man!”

Three days of time flashed by. Wang Lin was moving through the underground passage like lightning with his divine sense spread out. He would find an exit almost every half an hour, but he would never head over and continued his own journey.

Using three days of time, he walked through all the passages underground. As a result, a complete map appeared in his mind.

He also found the method to leave this place!

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