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Chapter 730 – My Cultivation Planet

Wang Lin’s expression was strange as he looked down at his bag of holding. The bag also exude a powerful sword intent along with an arrogant aura that was about to charge out.

“Little Lin Zi, you still not letting your lord Xu out. Hmph, hmph, let me tell you I’m badass now!!!” Xu Liguo’s overbearing voice came from the bag. The bag of holding trembled violently as if an force from ancient time was about to charge out.

Just at the moment when this force reached a peak Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he viciously hit the bag of holding. Xu Liguo’s overbearing voice immediately weakened.

Even the dense sword intent was suppressed and was unable to spread out.

“Oh? Little Lin Zi you still don’t understand the situation, this lord don’t blame you. This lord it not the little Xu Liguo I was before. This lord had inherited the ancient sword intent…”

Before he finished speaking Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and pointed at the bag. This time Xu Liguo’s voice suddenly stopped.

Wang Lin frowned and calmly said “Noisy!”

His body charged directly toward the wasted planet before him. From far away, this planet was covered in blue. It seemed oceans occupied most of its surface. The vitality coming from it was very strong; clearly there were a lot of mortals living there.

Wang Lin’s speed was very fast; he was like a meteor as he charged toward the planet. Because he was moving too fast, an elliptical light cone appeared around him. He pierced through space as he rushed into the planet.

The atmosphere of this planet was thin and Wang Lin charged directly through it. When he arrived in the sky above the planet and looked down, he revealed a trace of confusion.

This place was far too similar to planet Suzaku. It wasn’t a similarity in appearance but the feeling and the aura.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and scanned the planet. There were cultivators here, but the most powerful cultivator was only at the Nascent Soul stage. There wasn’t even a single Soul Formation cultivator.

He pondered for a bit. He decided to not look for a secret place but chose the highest mountain on the planet. Once he located the mountain, he flew there directly.

Feng Yun Peak was the highest peak on planet Qing Ling. Although the spiritual energy here was thin, it had a spectacular view. One could easily see the end of the world from the peak.

It was also covered in mist, making it look like a celestial mountain.

There were many cultivation families on planet Qing Ling. Their numbers were on par with the amount of mortal nations on this densely populated planet. Almost every mortal country had at least one or two cultivation families.

This strange phenomenon had to do with the fact that this planet didn’t have enough spiritual energy and had no Soul Formation cultivators.

This Heng Yun peak belonged to the Zhang family, who had the most Nascent Soul cultivators. Normally, the Nascent Soul cultivators in the Zhang family, whose lifespans were almost up, would come here and enter closed door cultivation to attempt to comprehend the heavens. Over time, the originally beautiful peak became bare for some unknown reason. Even the wind that came from the mountain became cold.

On this day, the Zhang family member that had been stuck at the Nascent Soul stage the longest, the family head, Zhang Xinhai, walked out from the mountain with a body filled with death aura.

Every cultivator whose life was about to end would go through this cycle. They would sit at the top of the Heng Yun peak and stare at the sky as their life slowly ran out.

He could feel that his body was slowly weakening. His steps were slow and difficult as he walked toward the peak. At the top of the Heng Yun peak there was a large, stone platform. Just as Zhang Xinhai reached the peak, his eyes immediately narrowed. He looked at the person on the platform with his muddy gaze.

This was a youth wearing white and his black hair flowed in the wind. His clothes were also being blown by the wind and were making flapping sounds. In Zhang Xinhai’s eyes, it was as if this person doesn’t exist.

He couldn’t detect anyone there with his divine sense, yet he could clearly see the person with his eyes. This strong contrast made it so that he couldn’t help but take a few steps back. There was a trace of shock in his calm expression.

The black-haired youth didn’t turn around. He looked at the sunset over the horizon and calmly said, “This place is not bad!”

This simple sentence had no power within it, but when it landed in Zhang Xinhai’s ears, it suddenly filled his frail body with vigor. It also suppressed his identity as the powerful head of the Zhang family.

He subconsciously lowered his head and his eyes filled up with terror. This was the effect of an aura; this was something he knew about. When he met even mortal emperors, they would lower their heads due to his own aura.

At this moment, this was happening to him. The only explanation was that he was like a mortal to this youth!

“Unfortunately, such a mountain was used by you guys as a graveyard!” The black-haired youth shook his head and waved his right hand. The mountain immediately trembled and the death aura that had gathered here for countless years immediately vanished without a trace.

The entire mountain seemed to gain new life, like when someone who had a long term illness suddenly recovered. The mountain recovered immediately and seemed to be filled with life.

Zhang Xinhai was startled as he stared at the scene before him and only recovered after a while. His face was filled with excitement. Without any hesitation, he knelt on the ground and respectfully said, “Junior Zhang Xianhai greet Senior. If Senior likes this Heng Yun Peak, then Junior will immediately gift it to you!”

“Heng Yun Peak…” This black-haired youth was Wang Lin. He turned around, looked at Zhang Xinhai, and slowly said, “Your lifespan is almost at its end; it would be difficult to change that even with my power.”

Zhang Xinhai let out a bitter smile and respectfully said, “Senior misunderstood me. Junior understands the will of heavens and does not seek help. To be able to meet a powerful cultivator like Senior before dying leaves Junior with no regrets. Not to mention this mountain, I
I’ll even gift Senior this planet, Qing Ling, if Senior wants it.”

Wang Lin turned around and his right hand sent a ray of spiritual energy to the spot between Zhang Xinhai’s brows. He gently said, “I can’t change your life, but burning your own spiritual energy to extend your life by 10 years is something I can do.”

When he sent out that ray of spiritual energy, Wang Lin let out a sigh. This spell was something he could just barely use after seeing the third step. If he knew about this before, then Li Muwan wouldn’t be taking shelter inside the heaven defying bead.

When the spell landed between Zhang Xinhai’s eyebrows, his body trembled and he immediately felt vitality coming from the spiritual energy in his body. His face became red as he took a deep breath. He looked at Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Thank you, Senior. If Senior has any commands, Junior will do his best to carry them out!” Someone who had become the Zhang family’s head was not stupid. No one in this world would do this for nothing.

When he heard Wang Lin say that this mountain was good, he immediately gifted the mountain without any hesitation. For someone with Wang Lin’s kind of cultivation to say that, it was already very merciful. Those that had bad tempers would just occupy it directly. If they became unhappy, it would be too easy for them to slaughter a few small cultivation families like theirs.

Zhang Xinhai guessed that this person was not from planet Qing Ling and must’ve come from outside. To be able to step into space meant that this person was at least at the Soul Transformation stage or above!

Wang Lin calmly looked at Zhang Xinhai and calmly said, “I’ll give you 10 years of time to collect as much resentment from the mortal world as possible. The more the better! If I’m pleased with your result, then as long as this planet has me, your Zhang family will never be extinguished! Go now!” Wang Lin waved his big sleeves.

Zhang Xinhai only felt a gust of wind. Before him was only thick fog and wind filled his ears. When he regained his vision, he was already at the foot of the mountain.

The scene from before felt like a dream to him. He touched the spot between his eyebrows, felt the dense vitality in his body, and took a deep breath. His eyes were filled with excitement as he bowed toward the mountain and quickly left.

“I must do my best to complete Senior’s request!” Zhang Xinhai turned into a ray of light as he charged toward the Zhang family’s home.

After sending away Zhang Xinhai, Wang Lin pondered a bit before taking out the one-billion-soul soul flag. He gently stabbed the 30-foot-tall flag into the mountain.

The flag was opened by the wind and the soul fragments flew out, surrounding the entire peak. The three primary souls came out and surrounded the area. The entire mountain was immediately covered by a dense, black fog.

Wang Lin waved his right hand backwards and a powerful force shot out toward the mountain. There were sounds of explosions as a large cave appeared in the mountain.

The door to the cave was at the top of the mountain, surrounded by rocks. It looked very majestic.

Wang Lin’s right finger pointed out and a celestial spell shot out and imprinted on the door. The presence of the celestial spell created a powerful pressure.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin sat down and his divine sense spread across planet Qing Ling once more. This time he wasn’t searching, he was sending out a message.

“From today onward, this is my cultivation planet! The area 5,000 kilometers around Heng Yun Peak is a forbidden zone. Any trespasser will not be shown mercy!”

Wang Lin’s divine sense was like thunder as it echoed across the planet. His voice entered the ears of every cultivator, causing their expressions to change greatly.

However, not a single one of them dared to resist. A spell that could spread across the entire planet shocked their hearts and also made them feel like it was something inconceivable.

From this day onward planet Qing Ling had an owner, and that owner was Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was the peak existence on planet Qing Ling! He was just like the Blood Ancestor, who had the right to control life and death on the Blood planet.

And also like the All-Seer’s supreme identity on planet Tian Yun.

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