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Chapter 731 – A Tool for Understanding the Karma Domain

Five years passed by in a flash. All of the cultivators on planet Qing Ling, no matter what cultivation level, were busy during these five years. Zhang Xinhai considered for a long time and decided to not conceal Wang Lin’s request. He spread Wang Lin’s request so every cultivation family knew of it.

However, the Zhang family gained the identity of Wang Lin’s messengers.

During these five years of time, these cultivators traveled among the mortals and constantly collected their resentment. This aura existed on almost every mortal, the only difference was the amount.

There were simply too many mortals on planet Qing Ling. In five years of time, less than 40% was collected. Seeing that half the time had passed, Zhang Xinhai became anxious. However, right now was already the fastest they could go.

Even he himself had gone out to collect from the mortal world. Everyone in the family that had at least reached the 5th layer of Qi Condensation were sent out.

During these five years of time, Wang Lin sat on top of the mountain refining his treasures.

What he refined was the Mountain and River Screen inside his origin soul. It was seriously damaged. Inside Wang Lin’s origin soul, thunder was fused into it to help repair it.

In addition, there was the Celestial Mountain. Due to the crack, soul extraction had become unstable. Wang Lin used his origin soul’s energy to slowly refine and repair it.

As for the crown fused with Red Butterfly’s blue rose, Wang Lin had studied it for a long time but was unable to see through it.

These three treasures were things he had just obtained. While refining them, Wang Lin took some time and combined them with what he saw from the path to the third step. He took out some ordinary magical treasures from his bag.

One was the Soul Lasher!

This whip had followed Wang Lin for a long time, and its power had obvious advantages and disadvantages. Before, Wang Lin didn’t see it as important, but right now he cared about it a lot.

Wang Lin looked at the Soul Lasher in his hand and muttered, “Out of all my treasures, in terms of intelligence, it can’t compare to the celestial sword or the Half-Moon blade. In term of defense, it can’t compare to the one-billion-soul soul flag or the Mountain and River Screen. In term of abilities, it can’t compare to the Celestial Mountain or the God Slaying War Chariot. But this is the only treasure that contains the aura of the third step I saw. This thing is indeed very strange!”

This whip looked very normal, but the heavenly ghost almost lost its wit when it saw this whip. It was as if it recognized it.

“Extracting origin souls is in line with the source of dao. It can also be considered karma with the body being karmic cause and origin soul being karmic effect. This is a treasure that was refined on the latter part of the karma dao!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he pondered.

His domain had gradually transformed from the life and death domain to the karma domain. This domain was simply too large. Wang Lin had only touched the tip of the iceberg, but he could already feel how majestic it was.

“My current comprehension of the karma domain isn’t enough to create something real, like the underworld river. However, after seeing the path to the third step, I gained some understanding…”

As Wang Lin’s right hand rubbed the Soul Lasher, his eyes shined brighter and brighter.

He thought of a way to use the power of materialized karma domain before he could actually make it materialize. This was to make sure that he was adequately prepared for this trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“Using the Soul Lasher to help condense the karma domain should work!” As Wang Lin pondered, he made a decision. If it was someone else, they would be afraid and would hesitate for a long time and would ultimately be unable to make a decision. This was because they didn’t know if this choice was correct or whether it would interfere with comprehending their existence.

However, Wang Lin was different as he had clearly seen the path ahead. He knew that at most this would affect his domain a bit, but it wouldn’t be anything big.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he picked up the Soul Lasher.

“I’ll make you the implementation of my domain!” Wang Lin’s eyes released a strange light and he placed the whip in his lap. He then closed his eyes and began to carefully refine it.

His mind had to be connected to the treasure so that the domain could slowly enter it.

Time often passed without leaving a trace. Spring passed and autumn came. In a flash, another three years went by.

Wang Lin had lived on this planet Qing Ling for eight years. During these eight years, he had never left the mountain. In fact, aside form Zhang Xinhai, no other cultivator on the planet had seen him.

However, the owner of planet Qing Ling, the ancestor of planet Qing Ling began to weigh heavier and heavier in the cultivators’ hearts.

In particular, that thick, black fog surrounding the mountain had caused many cultivators’ hearts to turn cold. However, there were some cultivators who had cultivated stupidity. They would charge in to provoke might of this so-called “master” of planet Qing Ling.

All of them were immediately devoured by the black fog a soon as they rushed in. The only thing that remained were the mournful screams that echoed across the world as if they were warning the cultivators to not enter.

As for mortals, they weren’t so troublesome. When they saw the black fog, they knew that it was filled with danger, so none of them entered this place.

If they entered because they were lost, Wang Lin wouldn’t commit pointless murder. The soul flag contained Wang Lin’s will. These mortals would go into a coma and would be sent to the edge of the region.

During these three years, Wang Lin focused on refining his treasures. The only noisy thing was Xu Liguo. He had somehow broken the seal that Wang Lin placed on the bag of holding. Although he still wasn’t able to come out, he always clamored non-stop.

On this day, the Soul Lasher in Wang Lin’s lap had some karma domain infused into it. This made it easier to control than with divine sense. At the same time, with the fusion of the latter part of the karma domain, the Soul Lasher was even more powerful.

However, at this moment, the strange voice appeared once more.

“Little Lin, do you dare to let out your grandpa Xu? I’m powerful now, so you don’t dare to release me anymore! Rest assured, this old man will not act against you. I have thought about it, and from now on, you will follow me. Our identities will change and I’ll be the master!” Xu Liguo’s arrogant voice was extremely overbearing.

Wang Ling frowned. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that he was short on time to deal with Xu Liguo, he would have already taught Xu Liguo a lesson. Not only did Xu Liguo not understand this, he had grown even more presumptuous.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He slapped his bag of holding and coldy said, “Get out here!”

“Oh? You dare to talk like that to your grandpa Xu!?!? Little Lin, you don’t seem to understand the situation. I’m no longer the old Xu Liguo!” Xu Liguo’s voice came out and a black mist came out with him. This black mist was filled with sword energy and immediately charged out. In mid-air, the mist formed Xu Liguo’s appearance.

Just as he appeared, he immediately laughed loudly and roared, “Even I, Xu Liguo, will have my day! The heavens aren’t blind; I’ll finally be able to raise my head up high!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at Xu Liguo and didn’t speak.

Xu Liguo finished speaking and looked at Wang Lin, revealing a fierce gaze. At this moment, he returned to his arrogant appearance. His whole body shrank and suddenly formed a large sword in mid-air!

This sword looked exactly like the celestial sword. As it charged, a powerful sword energy shot out. This sword energy also contained an ancient sword intent. It was extremely shocking.

He charged straight at Wang Lin as if he could break through the void and closed in in an instant!

Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold. When Xu Liguo closed in, Wang Lin didn’t move, but the Soul Lasher on his lap moved and flew into the air. A mysterious aura spread out and immediately surrounded a 1,000 foot area.

This aura contained an unimaginable force that made it seem as if this 1,000 foot area was separated from the outside and was filled with a majesty powerful enough to make someone collapse.

Xu Liguo felt it most clearly. He exclaimed and the big sword he formed became unstable. However, the big sword suddenly released even more sword energy. He was obviously going to resist by force.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s voice slowly echoed.

“It is difficult for the things in this world to escape karma. There is no place without karmic cause, and karmic effect is everywhere…” The Soul Lasher flickered and created an explosion as if it had opened the doors of fate.

The Soul-Lasher connected end to end, forming a circle. Xu Liguo’s large sword involuntarily fell into the circle and quickly disintegrated.

“Karmic effect is the source of all karmic cause!” Wang Lin’s voice sounded again.

The disintegration of the large sword happened in almost an instant, and it reverted back into the black fog. Xu Liguo’s face appeared in the black fog. His face was filled with terror and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Master, Master, I was wrong! Little Xu was wrong, really wrong this time! Spare me once, please spare me this time!!” Xu Liguo immediately began to plead. His voice was extremely miserable.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he looked at Xu Liguo. Xu Liguo’s black mist was rapidly disintegrating inside the circle as Wang Lin calmly said, “You obtained the ancient sword intent because of me, so the fruit of that also belongs to me.”

Xu Liguo was shocked to find that the black fog that formed his body started dissipating even faster. A sense of crisis immediately emerged from him, causing him to lose his wit. He immediately begged, “Master, I know I was wrong, and I will never dare to rebel again! Besides… besides, it was you who turned me into a devil. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here today. Isn’t that right, Master? Isn’t that karma?” Xu Liguo was very anxious as he spoke. He could feel that he was about to completely disintegrate.

The regret in his heart had already filled his body.

“I should have never provoked this fiend! Over these countless years, I have never succeed once. Xu Liguo, ah, Xu Liguo, how could your memory be this bad? This old Wang devil is more of a devil than me!” Xu Liguo wished he could give himself a slap.

Wang Lin revealed a faint smile and said, “That is your karma, not mine!”

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