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Chapter 729 – I’m So Badass

Shengong Hu let out a roar. His hand trembled slightly as he was injured. Although he had slightly recovered and had the help of the Thunder Celestial Temple’s pill to suppress the injuries, allowing him to reach his peak for a moment, it was still wasn’t enough to use this spell.

He clenched his teeth and his right hand suddenly fell. The divine tributuation lightning that appeared suddenly descended with unimaginable might.

Zhan Konglie’s expression turned gloomy. His hand rapidly formed seals and he spat out a mouthful of his body’s vitality, which landed on the wooden sword. The wooden sword let out a roar before emitting a powerful sword energy and shooting directly at the divine tributuation lightning.

When the two collided, a shocking bang spread across the area. The lightning collapsed and the wooden sword retreated. The remaining origin energy reached a limit and a large amount of asteroids collapsed.

Zhan Konglie’s body trembled and he retreated a few steps. His expression was pale as he gloomily stared at Shengong Hu. He was angered, and now his eyes were filled with battle intent as well.

Shengong Hu also retreated until he backed up into the thunder lake. Blood was coming out from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Zhan Konglie and smiled. “I find your feminine face displeasing to the eye. I didn’t expect you to actually have some skill!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He had observed the battle just now very carefully and had gained some enlightenment. He wouldn’t be able to withstand a hit from either of these two Corporeal Yang origin spells.

However, he saw some problems, Shengong Hu’s origin spell seemed imperfect. The power of that divine retribution lightning should have been stronger.

Wang Lin had, after all, seen the world of the third step, and before he had stepped into the inner ring, he had vaguely seen the law of thunder. So it wasn’t a surprise for him to see problems in Shengong Hu’s spell.

This kind of phenomenon sometimes occurred in the mortal world’s martial arts world. Someone who knew no martial arts but had read countless secret techniques and manuals would often be able to point out problems when they saw a move as the spectator.

Although that person could see through the technique and gave out pointers, that person wasn’t able to use it personally.

Wang Lin was currently in this state. His eyes lit up and he said, “Shengong Hu, your origin spell contained the power of thunder, but not the soul of thunder. Although your dao heart fused with it, it isn’t enough. Your faith lacks the power of thunder!”

Shengong Hu was startled. This wasn’t the first time he had heard those words. The lord of the Thunder Celestial Temple and his family elders had also said this. However, hearing it from Wang Lin made him nervous, and he respectfully said, “Please give me guidance, my Lord.”

Not only Shengong Hu, but the distant Zhan Konglie was also startled. He became more and more inclined to that absurd speculation he had. He had the same problem Shengong Hu did.

The Zhan family elder had also said this, and it was something they had to comprehend on their own. This was something not even the elders really understood and were still discovering, so how could they teach their juniors if they didn’t know what was right or wrong?

If they were right, it would be fine, but what if they were wrong…

After all, no one knew if their path was right or wrong compared to the true path. This was because one knew the path to the third step.

However, Wang Lin was different. He had seen the third step, so he knew the direction of progression. Others were afraid to say anything, because even if they did, they weren’t sure if it was correct.

However, Wang Lin was different. He knew that what he had said was definitely correct!

The current scene was extremely bizarre. Both Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie were both having a fierce battle filled with mostrous battle intent, but at the next instant, both of them had given up battling. Instead, they were focused on Wang Lin.

Their gazes were different. Shengong Hu’s was filled with blind reverence, while Zhan Konglie’s was filled with doubt.

Wang Lin didn’t continue to speak. This kind of thing was not something that could be clearly explained. While confused, if one understood, they would understand. Otherwise, they needed an opportunity, or else they would never understand.

While pondering, Wang Lin raised his right hand and casually pinched the air. A strand of thunder landed in his palm. In the eyes of Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie, the power wasn’t strong.

However, what happened next caused both of them to gasp. Wang Lin’s eyes released a strange light as he stared at the strand of thunder and waved his right hand. The strand of thunder disappeared, and what was left was a flickering light!

It wasn’t able to last very long and collapsed after a moment. Wang Lin closed his eyes to conceal the exhaustion within them. If it wasn’t for the fact that the current situation was too dangerous, he wouldn’t have bothered to put up this act.

As Wang Lin closed his eyes, he slowly said, “Do you understand?”

“Origin… Return to the origin…” Shengong Hu’s eyes shined brightly and his body trembled from excitement. He gave Wang Lin a deep bow without any hesitation. His reverence for Wang Lin increased almost to the point of worship.

He was suddenly enlightened as if a layer of paper was torn through. At this moment, Shengong Hu was enlightened! He suddenly turned toward Zhan Konglie with glowing eyes and said, “Let us fight again!”

At this moment, Zhan Konglie’s scalp was numb and his speculation of Wang Lin had reached a peak. He no longer doubted the absurd idea in his mind. He took a few steps back and then bowed toward Wang Lin and respectfully said, “This junior is Zhan Konglie. I didn’t know Senior was cultivating here. I offended you earlier, and I hope Senior can forgive me. Junior will leave right away!”

He looked enviously at Shengoug Hu. He had already understood why someone as arrogant as Shengong Hu would pledge to another.

Zhan Konglie’s voice contained a sour tone as he clasped his hands and said, “Congratulations, Brother Shengong!”

Shengong Hu didn’t speak and coldly looked at Zhan Konglie.

Zhan Konglie didn’t mind and laughed. “Brother Shengong, I have already received a summon book from the Thunder Celestial Temple. In the future, both you and I will be messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple!” He once again bowed toward Wang Lin before turning around and leaving.

Shengong Hu didn’t stop him, but his eyes turned frosty.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “What is a summon book?”

Shengong Hu quickly turned around and respectfully said, “The summon book is a communication token from the Thunder Celestial Temple. Any candidate for becoming a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple will receive a summon book.

“Three months before the Thunder Celestial Realm opens, the Thunder Celestial Hall will reorganize their messengers. If there are any messengers missing, the candidates will compete with each other for the position. With Zhan Konglie’s cultivation, if there are no accidents, I fear he will win this time!”

Wang Lin nodded slightly. He no longer spoke and continued to absorb thunder and converting it into origin energy.

Shengong Hu’s eyes revealed excitement. He had gained some enlightenment earlier, and now he immediately sat down in the thunder lake to cultivate.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, eight years went by. Adding the two years from before, 10 years passed by in a flash. The origin energy inside Wang Lin gradually stabilized as he absorbed origin energy using the thunder origin spell. His origin soul was now full and couldn’t absorb anymore.

Wang Lin knew that it was because his cultivation level wasn’t high enough. Only after entering the second step could he continue to absorb origin energy. Right now the most important thing was to break through his own cultivation.

He stood up and looked at the thunder around him. The 10 years of contact made him understand thunder even better. It was as if he could see the origin of thunder, even though it was a bit blurry.

His body moved and Wang Lin left the inner part of the thunder lake. He made his way toward the edge.

Shengong Hu was sent away by Wang Lin three years ago. Although this person revered him, Wang Lin didn’t feel comfortable. Before Shengong Hu left, he left a message jade.

The silver-horned Thunder Beast came over. Wang Lin sat on the Thunder Beast and the it turned into a ray of thunder as it flew away from this place. The celestial guard once more returned to Wang Lin’s shadow.

Due to absorbing thunder in the thunder lake for 10 years, the speed of the Thunder Beast had increased. It rushed out of the asteroid field and disappeared among the stars.

Wang Lin already knew the changes the heaven defying bead had gone through. Not only were the three souls inside not affected, they looked even brighter than before.

“I must go to the Thunder Celestial Realm that is opening in 20 years. However, right now I need to find a hidden place to increase my cultivation level. Also, due to the change in the heaven defying bead, it no longer needs the power of the five elements. So what does it need now?” Wang Lin began to ponder on the back of the Thunder Beast.

The heaven defying bead was split between yin and yang. The two weren’t fused, which confused Wang Lin.

“Sun and moon, yin and yang…” As Wang Lin pondered, the Thunder Beast flew through the star-filled space. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a jade appeared in his hand.

This was something Shengong Hu had left. It was a detailed star map of the southern domain of the Allheaven Star System. There were detailed introductions inside, so Wang Lin wouldn’t get lost as long as he had this.

The place before him was considered the wilderness of the southern domain. Most of the planets here were deserted without anything special about them. Powerful cultivators seldomly came here.

However, there were mortals living on these planets along with some low rank cultivation families.

“In 20 years of time, I need to prepare for the trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm. Also, some of my spells need some adjustments. Many of my spells don’t conform with the third step I saw. If I continue using them, the path I walk will be wrong. In particular, the resentful spirits needed for my underworld river need to be quickly collected. Also, it is about time I have my own cultivation planet in the Allheaven Star System!”

As Wang Lin pondered, his eyes lit up. Before him was a wasted planet. It was filled with vitality, so it meant that there were a lot of mortals living there. The reason he chose this place was because it was very similar to planet Suzaku!

He was somewhat homesick…

Wang Lin jumped off the Thunder Beast. After he did so, it let out a pitiful cry and helplessly turned into the war chariot before entering Wang Lin’s bag.

Just as he was about to charge toward the planet, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed. Inside his bag, a powerful fluctuation came from inside the celestial sword. This fluctuation contained a powerful aura and ancient sword intent.

“Damn sword intent, your grandpa Xu had finally conquered you. Henceforth, I’m the true sword spirit. I’m very badass! Very badass!”

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