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Chapter 727 – Law of Thunder

“Only by going deeper to absorb thunder can I speed things up. If I stay on the edge, even though I’m absorbing 10 times the thunder and the effect looks the same, in reality there is a huge difference.” Wang Lin silenlty pondered as he walked toward the center of the thunder lake.

This step caused a ripple when it landed on the thunder lake. It attracted countless bolts of thunder.

Wang Lin’s mind was focused and his eyes gave off lightning. His origin soul was like his heart right now. Although it wasn’t pounding, it pulsed thunder that filled his body.

His body was made of thunder, so thunder filled his body without any resistance as this origin soul released more. The thunder moved through his body and created a series of explosions.

This thunder echoed inside his body. Wang Lin moved forward and took another step.

A thunderstorm immediately appeared inside the thunder lake, attracting large amounts of thunder. The thunderbolts fell and made it look like a real thunder prison that prevented all life from moving forward!

There was a powerful might of thunder inside this thunder. Compared to this, the might of thunder inside Wang Lin’s origin soul was like comparing a firefly to the bright moon.

“This place is very strange. The strength of the thunder here is simply too amazing!” Wang Lin’s feet landed, causing a loud series of explosions that echoed across the thunder lake.

He didn’t stop and continued moving forward 10 steps. Every step he took triggered a loud explosion even more fierce than thunder. It was as if the entire world was trembling.

In particular, Wang Lin’s speed was very fast, so he took 10 steps almost instantaneously. The thunderous rumbling echoed across space. This shock set off a huge thunder shockwave. At this moment, it looked like the world was covered in lightning, and it was a very shocking scene.

Wang Lin couldn’t take one more step. His current location was still at the edge of the thunder lake, but his origin soul couldn’t bear it anymore. It felt like if he took one more step, his origin soul would be injured.

“My origin soul has devoured half of an ancient thunder dragon and my body is made of thunder. My entire being is almost no different from real thunder, but even so, I have to stop here. This thunder here is simply too powerful!” Wang Lin felt reluctance in his heart and began to ponder.

Not far away, Shengong frowned and his eyes revealed a hint of disappointment. The reverence in his eyes died down as he looked at Wang Lin and thought, “This isn’t right. With Senior’s cultivation, why did he stop there. Could it be…” His eyes lit up.

Even the Thunder Beast beside him was watching closely, and the fear in its eyes dissipated slightly.

The silver-horned Thunder Beast didn’t move and continued to cultivate as if it already knew this result.

As Wang Lin stood there longer, Shengong Hu’s disappointment became even stronger and he let out a sigh. He wanted to see a powerful spell of the person he pledged to, but unfortunately, he saw nothing.

This strong contrast caused the powerful reverence he had for Wang Lin to die down a lot. His extinguished dao heart was also slowly recovering.

“Although 100 steps is an uncrossable gap for me right now, once my cultivation breaks through to the Nirvana Scryer stage, I will definitely be able to achieve a mere 100 steps. However, as a Senior, how could he only be this strong…” Shengong Hu’s expression turned gloomy and he began to observe carefully.

Wang Lin looked at the thunder lake before him. At this moment, it was as if he had forgotten everything. Everything around him disappeared, and it was as if the thunder lake was the only thing remaining.

Just like when he was outside the gate and looking into the gap, into the heaven defying bead’s space. Just like back then, he even forgot about his own body and looked only at the endless thunder lake.

After an unknown amount of time, after forgetting about time, forgetting everything, Wang Lin’s body moved.

He casually walked forward. This step was very casual, but it seemed to fall just at the right time. A bolt of thunder just happen to appear right under his feet.

It looked as if he had stepped on that bolt of thunder!

Shengong Hu’s originally diminishing reverence and gloomy expression was startled. He seemed to have gained enlightenment but couldn’t understand it.

The armored Thunder Beast was also startled. The beast’s eyes narrowed as it looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had no expression; it remained neutral. His eyes were empty as he took another step. Just like last time, the moment his foot landed, there was a bolt of thunder for him to step on.

Shortly after, Wang Lin took another step…

From beginning to end, he was extremely casual, as if he wasn’t walking toward the thunder lake but into his own backyard. With every step he took, there would be a bolt of thunder under his feet.

Shengong Hu’s eyes opened fiercely. His eyes were filled with aghast and he sucked in a breath of cold air. The disappearing reverence showed signs of returning and the disappointment immediately disappeared. As he stared at Wang Lin, the aghast in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

In his eyes, one time might be accidental; even twice or three times it could still be considered accidental or lucky! However, a bolt of thunder would appear to support every step Wang Lin took.

This was no longer something that words “accident” and “luck” could explain. In his eyes, this was something completely impossible. This was thoroughly beyond his imagination.

At this moment, in his eyes, Wang Lin had become the master of all the thunder in the world. The strange behavior of the thunder lake was clearly welcoming Wang Lin!

“Welcoming, yes, it’s welcoming him!” The aghast in Shengong Hu’s eyes became even stronger and filled his body. At this moment, a sense of excitement raged through his body like a storm.

He had waited for two years to see spells like this!

The armored Thunder Beast beside him suddenly raised its head. The feeling of awe appeared once more inside this Thunder Beast. The Thunder Beast’s comprehension for thunder was far above its master’s. In its view, the thunder lake wasn’t welcoming Wang Lin, it was that Wang Lin’s every step was landing on a vein of the thunder lake!

Not far away, the silver-horned Thunder Beast that never looked over and seemed to not want to even look at Wang Lin suddenly stood up. Its huge eyes were filled with never-before-seen horror as it stared directly at Wang Lin.

In Wang Lin’s eyes, what he saw was no longer the thunder lake but rays of light that would appear and disappear. Every time his foot landed, he would always land on the shining light.

He seemed to have gained enlightenment in his heart, as if this was the most correct method. He took step after step and seemed to have forgotten everything.

Shengong Hu’s body trembled and he didn’t dare to blink. He didn’t want to miss even a moment of what was happening. He couldn’t even believe everything that was happening before him. Wang Lin moved faster and faster until he only left an afterimagine, but that bolt of thunder would always appear under his feet every time.

In the end, Wang Lin’s body gave off a bright flash of thunder and then a violent thunderstorm was set off around him. He was like a solitary boat that was calmly and firmly drifting among the raging waves of thunder.

“Too terrifying! This… This is real a thunder spell!!! This is real thunder!!” The reverence in Shengong Hu’s eyes increased once more and his heart started pounding as if it was going to burst out of his chest.

His reverence was several times stronger than it was two years ago. His reverence for Wang Lin reached such a new height that it could be considered blind belief!

The Thunder Beast beside him shook violently, and the awe it felt was even more intense. Its feeling for thunder was much more profound than Shengong Hu’s. It thought that Wang Lin was the origin of thunder, and the awe from the depths of its soul made it completely surrender.

At this moment, if Wang Lin asked it to attack Shengong Hu, it would comply without any hesitation.

Wang Lin’s silver-horned Thunder Beast was even more shocked. It felt disbelief as it stared at Wang Lin. Its body trembled from the memories in its inheritance!

At this moment, Wang Lin stopped and the strange scene before him disappeared. This state came without a trace and disappeared without a trace. At the moment his body stopped, Wang Lin awakened.

His eyes were filled with confusion, and it took him a long time to gradually recover. This caused his understanding of thunder to become more profound. He knew that everything he saw was related to the comprehension he had toward the third step. Although this didn’t increase his offensive power, it was far more important than any celestial spell or treasure.

It was like an ant that had seen the human world and saw the magnificent cities. After seeing those incredible scenes and returning back to its cave, the ant would notice the similarities between the two worlds.

Wang Lin was currently feeling like this.

When he woke up, he found himself in the inner part of the thunder lake. Although this was still far from the center, the distance could no longer be described in steps.

The thunder around here was far more dense than the thunder at the edge. All of the thunder here contained large amounts of origin energy. Wang Lin sat down and absorbed one strand.

This strand of thunder entered his body and immediately caused him to tremble as if a powerful force had just shocked him. His entire body felt numb and even his origin soul began to slow down as if it was in water.

Shengong Hu withdrew his gaze. His reverence for Wang Lin had reached a peak. He had gained some enlightenment form before, so he was very excited. Just as he was about to sit down and cultivate on this enlightenment, he suddenly frowned. His eyes became cold and he looked at the distant asteroid field.

Shortly after, a ray of purple light flew over. There was a wooden sword inside this light, and a person was standing on the wooden sword!

“This place sure is lively!” A mocking voice slowly arrived.

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