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Chapter 728 – Doubt

This was a purple, wooden sword that gave off a cold and fierce aura. The sword also gave off a purple glow and left behind a trail of purple.

The purple light stopped outside the thunder lake. On the sword stood a man about 30 years old. His face was white without any facial hair and he was slightly handsome. However, his phoenix eyes revealed a strange, feminine feel.

He was wearing a golden-purple robe that seemed to flow with an invisible wind. His gaze went past Shengong Hu and landed on Wang Lin.

What the man saw caused his pupils to shrink an indiscernible amount and all of the pores on his body immediately opened.

At the moment this person appeared, Shengong Hu’s expression became gloomy. The Thunder Beast beside him stood and growled, its eyes filled with a hostile gaze.

As for the silver-horned Thunder Beast, it withdrew its gaze from Wang Lin and glanced at the feminine man. Its eyes were filled with disdain as he lied there and began playing with the thunder around it.

Those strands of thunder were extremely obedient under its control. They moved around its body like little hands scratching an itch.

Not far away on an asteroid, the celestial guard just sat there and didn’t even look over. If this person threatened its owner, it would immediately attack even if it had to sacrifice itself. This was due to the imprint left on its soul. However, if there were no threat to its master, then the person before him could slaughter 100,000 people and it wouldn’t move an inch.

Shengong Hu said, “Zhan Konglie!”

The feminine man carefully withdrew his gaze from Wang Lin because he was afraid of causing a misunderstanding. In his view, although this person’s cultivation level was only at the late stage of Ascendant, to be able to enter the inner ring of the thunder lake was simply too strange. Unless this person was hiding an unimaginably powerful treasure, he must’ve been hiding his real cultivation level.

He also saw the silver-horned Thunder Beast at the edge of the thunder lake and the puppet. His suspicion deepened.

He thought, “He must have some hidden treasure. It’s impossible for him to be concealing his cultivation level! Just why are there two Thunder Beasts here? Could this person also be a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple?” After all, being inside the inner circle of the thunder lake was a terrifying prospect. Even with his peak Corporeal Yang cultivation it was impossible for him to enter the inner circle.

“It’s the Shengong family’s Shengong Hu. I didn’t recognize you before. Your cultivation level has dropped a lot!” The feminine man focused his mind and looked at Shengong Hu.

Shengong Hu coldly snorted in his head, but his expression remained the same. However, his eyes were a bit gloomy as he calmly said, “This place is not for you. Why haven’t you left yet?”

Although he was injured and his cultivation hadn’t recovered, with Wang Lin here, he would still dare to speak like this even if the lord of the Thunder Celestial Temple personally came.

Zhan Konglie frowned and subconsciously looked at Wang Lin. He slowly said, “What big words. Does this place belong to your Shengong family? You won’t allow outsiders to come just because you brought a junior here to cultivate?”

Shengong Hu sneered but didn’t explain. He coldly said, “If you don’t leave in three breaths, then you might as well not leave!” He really disliked this talented man from the Zhan family. If it wasn’t for the fact that their strengths were very close, the two would have already attacked each other.

If this Zhan Konglie remained ungrateful and disturbed his senior’s cultivation, he would attack even though his cultivation was damaged. As long as Senior looked at Zhan Konglie with that gaze, it would be enough to cause Zhan Konglie to collapse!

After all, this person wasn’t a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Although killing him would be troublesome, as long as Senior was here, it would be a small matter.

Zhang Konglie’s eyes narrowed and then he immediately retreated. He was a cautious person, and as he retreated, his eyes fell on Wang Lin, who was in the depths of the thunder lake. The suspicion in his heart became even stronger.

“Why does this Shengong Hu speak like this? His injuries can easily be seen through by any discerning eye. Could he be bluffing? If he isn’t bluffing, then he must have a reason… Could it be this junior?” Zhan Konglie thought about many things at once.

“Three breathes have passed!” Shengong Hu grinned and stood up. Thunder immediately filled his body and gave off popping sounds. He charged out and the Thunder Beast let out a roar as it followed closely behind. However, the difference was that as it stepped out, it subconsciously looked at Wang Lin. Its eyes were filled with awe and were without a trace of doubt.

The Thunder Beast’s gaze caused Zhan Konglie’s mind to tremble. Although Shengong Hu was a scheming person, the Thunder Beast was very different.

The information revealed by the Thunder Beast’s eyes couldn’t be thought about too deeply. The answer that its gaze revealed shook Zhan Konglie’s mind!

Due to his cautious personality, he immediately backed up without hesitation and shouted, “Shengong Hu, I’m a considerate person. If you and I battle here, it will inevitably disturb your junior’s cultivation. If you want to battle, let us leave here and battle outside the asteroid field!” There was an emphasis on the word “junior.”

Shengong Hu’s gaze became cold as he stepped outside the thunder lake and sneered. “Why go through so much trouble? Here will be fine!”

The more Shengong Hu was like this, the more doubt Zhan Konglie felt. He would rather retreat than attack. It was clear that Shengong Hu was was trying to force him to attack.

Thinking about the Thunder Beast’s gaze, an absurd idea emerged in Zhan Konglie’s mind. His eyes lit up, his hand formed a seal, and a ray of purple thunder appeared in his palm. The purple wood sword under him released powerful sword energy. The two forces fused to form a powerful pressure.

This powerful pressure contained origin energy. It was only the first spell, but he was already using origin spell. It was clear that Zhan Konglie was extremely cautious of this battle.

The battle was an instant away from starting. Shengong Hu took a step and his hand pointed at the sky as if he was about to summon divine retribution lightning. The Thunder Beast beside him roared and gathered countless thunderbolts toward its body. The two of them were creating a very shocking scene.

However, just at this instant, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes and calmly said, “Shengong Hu, I will not help you in this battle. Let it be your test for pledging under me. If you lose, then I’ll return your dao soul back to you!”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, but he was secretly distressed. He didn’t stand a chance against Shengong Hu nor this Zhan Konglie. Once Shengong Hu failed, he would be in a bad situation.

He originally wanted to find a quiet place to cultivate, but he seemed unable to achieve this. After this troublesome Zhan Konglie had appeared, Wang Lin quickly thought about this and spoke those words.

Shengong Hu’s body trembled and the battle intent in his eyes reached a limit. He stared at Zhan Kongling but respectfully replied Wang Lin.

“Lord can rest assured; Shengong Hu will not be defeated!” Shengong Hu took a deep breath as he touched his bag of holding and took out a bottle of pills.

Zhan Konglie’s expression changed greatly. The moment Wang Lin said those words, he saw the hidden reverence inside Shengong Hu’s eyes. When he saw that kind of demeanor, he thought that his eyes had gone bad.

Also, that Thunder Beast’s body trembled when that person spoke; it seemed as if it was terrified.

In particular, the person talked about pledging. This information caused Zhan Konglie’s mind to shake greatly.

If these only made him doubt, then Shengong Hu’s response shocked Zhan Konglie; it was enough to make every hair in his body stand up.

“Lord!” This word was not something easily spoken in the Allheaven Star System. This was especially true for second step cultivators like them.

Only after pledging themselves to a powerful existence would someone call the other “Lord!”

Zhan Konglie didn’t suspect Shengong Hu was faking, because none of this was worth it. Shengong Hu was extremely arrogant and was the kind of person that would rather die than humiliate himself! Moreover, even if the two of them battled, it would be extremely difficult for either to die; at most they be seriously injured.

Even Zhan Konglie himself wouldn’t casually call someone “Lord” just to avoid a battle that wouldn’t even decide his life and death.

After combining this with his previous speculations, that absurd idea came into his mind once more. His eyes were filled with terror as if he still couldn’t believe it.

“Could it be… Could it be that this person didn’t rely on a magical treasure to enter the inner part of the thunder lake but has concealed his cultivation? If it isn’t so, how could he make the arrogant Shengong Hu pledge and call him ‘Lord?’” Zhan Konglie sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly retreated once more. His mind quickly changed and he immediately said, “Brother Shengong shouldn’t be impulsive!”

Shengong Hu’s eyes became cold and he crushed the pill bottle in his hand. There was only one red pill inside, and he swallowed it. His aura became violent and tyrannical immediately after doing so.

“Zhan Konglie, battle with me!” With a roar, Shengong Hu’s right hand pointed at the sky. The origin energy inside his body rushed out and in an instant a dragon-like bolt of thunder descended from the void.

This move affected the thunder lake. Countless strands of thunder gathered toward Shengong Hu.

When Wang Lin saw Shengong Hu’s origin spell, his eyes revealed a strange light. This spell was very strong. It involved using one’s own origin energy to call out heavenly thunder. This wasn’t any weaker than the origin furnace spell.

Although it wasn’t as grand as the origin furnace spell, it was even more powerful!

Zhan Konglie’s expression changed and he retreated once more. At the same time, his foot moved and the wooden sword flew up. He pointed at the wooden sword and it shot out. The wooden sword was covered in a purple light and carried with it a violent rumble.

Shengong Hu’s eyes were filled with battle intent. He wanted to display all his strength in this battle because Senior was watching!

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