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Chapter 726 – Condensing Thunder Origin

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral while he felt Shengong Hu’s dao soul. This person’s domain was similar to Ling Tianhou’s, but there were differences. However, because Wang Lin didn’t understand Shengong Hu’s life experiences, he wasn’t able to get the full picture.

“How long before the Thunder Celestial Realm opens?” Wang Lin spoke calmly and his eyes closed slightly.

Shengong Hu respectfully said, “Ten more years before the Thunder Celestial Realm opens. Then one can use the thunder furnace to enter.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He was very interested in the Thunder Celestial Realm. When he entered the Rain Celestial Realm, he couldn’t absorb any celestial jades. However, at this moment, he could absorb a large amount. This trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm would allow his cultivation to reach its completion.

“The Celestial Realm is broken. What is the restriction to entering the Celestial Realm?” Wang Lin’s eyes were bright as he looked at Shengong Hu.

Shengong Hu was startled. After hesitating for a moment, he made some speculations based on Wang Lin’s words.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he calmly said, “This old man is not someone from the Allheaven Star System!”

The random thoughts in Shengong Hu’s mind disappeared. Almost at the moment Wang Lin spoke, he came to the same answer. In his mind, only this kind of origin fitted Wang Lin’s status.

“Senior, my Allheaven Star System’s Thunder Celestial Realm isn’t too seriously damaged. The limitation on cultivation is late stage Ascendant. However, the Thunder Celestial Palace has a method for second step cultivators to enter. The premise is that they don’t use strength beyond early stage of Nirvana Scryer.”

Wang Lin nodded and then asked a few more details. This Thunder Celestial Realm was similar to the Rain Celestial Realm. After all, countless years ago, the Rain and Thunder Celestial Realms were both passages to the ancient Celestial Realm.

After getting information, Wang Lin calmly looked at Shengong Hu and said, “Forget it. You can stay here and cultivate, but don’t disturb this old man!”

Shengong Hu quickly nodded. He had come here with the purpose to cultivate, but now he was seriously injured and his cultivation level had dropped. It would be difficult to find a better place within just ten years. Also, just healing his injuries would take a lot of time. It was possible that he would only manage to recover when the Thunder Celestial Realm opened.

After Wang Lin allowed him to stay, he immediately felt gratitude in his heart. In truth, he would not normally feel like this, but he had already subconsciously surrendered in his heart. He was completely awed by Wang Lin’s gaze.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and no longer paid attention to Shengong Hu. He turned around and walked toward the depths of the thunder lake.

At the beginning, Shengong Hu didn’t notice, but soon he sighed. This was indeed someone with a higher cultivation level, and his thunder was not ordinary. With his cultivation, he could only go 50 steps deep and not half a step further.

However, his gaze followed Wang Lin and saw Wang Lin walk 100 steps into the thunder lake before sitting down.

Shengong Hu took a deep breath and his eyes filled with reverence. Due to being injured, he was only able to take 10 steps before he couldn’t proceed further. At this point, he quickly sat down and began cultivating the thunder origin spell.

His Thunder Beast also carefully took a few step in. Its large head would occasionally turn toward Wang Lin and its eye would fill with fear. It was a spirit beast, so its instincts made it fear Wang Lin’s gaze even more. That gaze had made the Thunder Beast almost lose its mind.

It felt like it was returning back to its origin. It had never felt something like this before.

Even now it was still terrified of Wang Lin. Just as it was about to lie down, a roar came from far away. Wang Lin’s Thunder Beast slowly walked over, and when it walked by Shengong Hu’s Thunder Beast, Wang Lin’s Thunder Beast gave it a vicious gaze.

Shengong Hu’s Thunder Beast backed up and no longer dared to approach. Its pride was completely shattered by Wang Lin’s gaze. Otherwise, with how it was about to grow its horn, it wouldn’t have yielded like this.

The silver-horned Thunder Beast shook its head and cheerfully walked by. It walked ten steps into the thunder lake and lied down to absorb the thunder.

In the distance, the celestial guard was sitting on an asteroid. Its eyes were flashing and would occasionally look at Shengong Hu.

100 steps was Wang Lin’s limit, and this was only because he had seen the third step, which caused his soul to evolve. Looking at the thunder, he felt like he could vaguely see strange changes similar to when he used the heavenly chop.

When he noticed this change, Wang Lin was able to take 100 steps before he couldn’t move any further. He sat down and began absorbing thunder into his body. The thunder origin spell extracted the thunder and constantly refined the origin energy from it.

As time passed, large amounts of thunder gathered from all directions and was absorbed into his body. As the thunder origin spell operated, it slowly drew out the origin energy from the thunder and nourished his origin soul.

A very comfortable feeling slowly emerged from Wang Lin’s body.

When Wang Lin had reached Ascendant due to Zhou Yi’s Ascendant crystal, so Wang Lin had more origin energy than most cultivators. This meant that his path was very smooth, but the use of the heavenly chop and the battle with Thunder Daoist caused him to consume too much origin energy. As a result, he was at the edge of his cultivation level dropping.

Origin energy was something that was very difficult to recover for first step cultivators. If Wang Lin didn’t have a thunder origin soul, he would have regret it all his life.

As the origin energy entered Wang Lin and nourished his origin soul, his origin soul slowly recovered.

This process was very slow. Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and then started shaking. A large ripple of thunder immediately spread out and 10 times the amount of thunder instantly charged toward Wang Lin.

Even he couldn’t help but feel numbness. Wang Lin took a deep breath and immediately began refining.

Wang Lin’s action caused a series of explosions that awakened Shengong Hu. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. However, when he saw Wang Lin, his pupils suddenly shrank.

“He is worthy of being a Senior. He dared to attract so much thunder into his body at 100 steps. If I was in that position, my flesh wouldn’t be able to bear it, and even my origin soul would be damaged.” Shengong Hu’s eyes lit up and were filled with excitement.

“It looks like I need to work harder!” Shengong Hu’s eyes lit up and then he attracted more thunder into his body. His body trembled and immediately began to absorb it.

Wang Lin activated the thunder origin spell and 10 times more thunder than before entered his body. Under the increased amount of thunder, the origin energy inside his origin soul gradually began to recover faster. However, it was still far from completely recovering.

After all, only a sliver of origin energy could be extracted from every strand of thunder, and after being refined, even less was left for consumption.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, two years went by.

In two years, Wang Lin remained almost motionless, but instead of 10 times the normal thunder, he was absorbing 20 time the normal thunder. He was like a humanoid piece of metal that was thrown into the thunder lake and attracted thunder like crazy.

As for Shengong Hu, he worked even harder during these two years, and his injuries gradually recovered.

During these two years, Wang Lin had observed Shengong Hu. This person also cultivated the thunder origin spell. However, Wang Lin was only able to absorb a trace from every strand of thunder, while Shengong Hu was able to absorb 10 times more.

As he observed and gradually discovered some clues, this had a lot to do with how much origin energy one had. The more origin energy one had, the more origin energy could be absorbed.

It was this characteristic that made the disparity between each level in the second step so great.

During these two years, Wang Lin engraved everything he saw about the third step into his heart and often comprehended them, so he had some harvest. On this day, he stood up and walked toward the center of the thunder lake. Snapping sounds filled the area after each step.

The change attracted Shengong Hu’s attention. He opened his eyes and looked at Wang Lin. Not only had the excitement in his eyes not lessened, there were even glimmers of expectation.

Wang Lin didn’t pay any attention to Shengong Hu and looked toward the center of the thunder lake. This thunder lake was too big. Although it had shrunk by half due to the heaven defying bead, it was still shocking.

At this moment, Wang Lin was only considered to be at the edge and was too far away from the center. The thunder in the thunder lake was naturally more powerful the closer it was to the center, which was the spot with the highest concentration of origin energy.

It could even said that the origin energy inside 100 strands of thunder at the edge couldn’t compare to the origin energy inside one strand of thunder at the center.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin raised his feet and stepped forward.

His heart was calm and even contained a hint of caution. However, not far away, Shengong Hu was extremely excited as he looked at Wang Lin and thought, “I’m finally able to see a spell from Senior. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I must watch carefully and perhaps I’ll gain some enlightenment!”

He was very excited, not any less than when he broke through the first step and entered the Illusory Yin stage. In fact, his excitement was several times more intense than that time.

Aside from the fact that this place was suitable for healing his injuries, the other reason he wanted to cultivated here was to follow Wang Lin. He hoped to obtain pointers from Wang Lin, or even see spells from a distance.

He waited for two years and now he finally got the opportunity. Without any hesitation, Shengong Hu dispersed the thunder around his body. He watched at Wang Lin’s every move, ready to firmly remember everything in he witnessed.

Even the armored Thunder Beast raised its head and looked at Wang Lin in the distance. Its eyes were filled with awe, and there was even a glimmer of expectation.

Only Wang Lin’s silver-horned Thunder Beast rolled its eyes and didn’t even look over. It sleepily lied there and absorbed the thunder.

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