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Chapter 725 – The First Person to Pledge

In the eyes of the black-haired man, Wang Lin’s figure was infinitely large. The black-haired man even believed that no one in the Allheaven Star System would remain unharmed under that gaze, not even the head of the Thunder Celestial Temple!

In particular, the disregard in those eyes made it seem as if the entire world was only a mere ant. This feeling made the black-haired man’s body tremble. Given his pride, he had never felt respect like this toward anyone else!

When the gap in power was not very large, he would be filled with thoughts of resisting. However, when he felt that someone’s power was impossible to challenge and no one he had ever met could compare, he would only think about submitting!

“Dao sight! That gaze must be the legendary dao sight!” The black-haired man’s terror was replaced with fanaticism. His mind was in shock and his body trembled. When he thought about the words “dao sight,” he was filled with excitement and horror.

Mortals have dream sight and cultivators have dao sight.

However, this dao sight was only a legend. The black-haired man only knew about rumors stating that a person had appeared in the Allheaven Star System countless years ago. This person used their own strength and used only one spell to defeat all of the second step cultivators in the Allheaven Star System!

Even among the second step cultivators, aside from a limited few, most didn’t even get to use one spell or magical treasure before they lost!

That person was very disappointed and turned to leave. One person gathered the courage to ask the name of the spell, and what they got was one plain sentence.

“This spell is named ‘dao sight.’ It wasn’t created by me, and all of you are able to perform it…”

The black-haired man took a deep breath, immediately got off the Thunder Beast, and respectfully stood where he was. Now that he wasn’t under Wang Lin’s gaze, he became aware that there was another person sitting on an asteroid nearby.

The black-haired man was startled when he saw the person. He naturally knew that it was a puppet. Then he saw the silver-horned Thunder Beast at the edge of the thunder lake.

When he arrived, he was immediately caught by Wang Lin’s gaze, so he didn’t see anything else. Now that he had surveyed his surroundings, he was shocked once more!

“A silver-horned Thunder Beast! An Illusory Yin puppet! He… he is also a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple!!” The black-haired man somewhat didn’t dare to believe all of this. He didn’t doubt Wang Lin’s identity, but he didn’t think such a powerful person would be a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Before he could think too much, Wang Lin opened his eyes once more. His eyes were back to normal. Earlier, not only was the black-haired man shocked, Wang Lin was also startled by this.

“Could that feeling earlier have been the third step…” Wang Lin silently pondered. That feeling was something that could only be obtained by chance and not asked for. However, his cultivation level was too low. This feeling was something he could keep in his heart but couldn’t completely understand.

The realistic scenes in the unreal dream opened the door for him to the third step. If anyone in the Allheaven or Alliance Star System knew about this, they would all go crazy for the bead!

The biggest goal of people like the All-Seer was the third step. They were willing to do anything for this third step! For them, the third step was nowhere to be found. They were still advancing in the darkness and bitterly searching.

However, Wang Lin was able to obtain such an unimaginable opportunity due to the heaven defying bead. Sometimes, fate was just like this.

After seeing the dao from the third step, Wang Lin’s future achievements were unpredictable and unimaginable.

“Junior is a level two messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, Shengong Hu. Shengong Hu greets Senior!” The black-haired man immediately crawled on the ground in the position he used to acknowledge his teacher to show his respect.

If an outsider had seen this, they would be extremely shocked. It has to be said that Shengong Hu was extremely proud and very vicious. Even among the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple, he was a difficult person, and most cultivation families wouldn’t dare to provoke him.

Most importantly, this person’s talent was amazing. Even the lord of the Thunder Celestial Temple once said that Shengong Hu’s talent could be considered top 30 in the Allheaven Star System.

This person hadn’t cultivated for long, only 1,000 years. In only 1,000 years, he managed to reach the Corporeal Yang stage and was even at the peak. This kind of talent made people dread him even more than his viciousness.

No one could determine what his limits were. Perhaps he could finally become a true second step cultivator.

Wang Lin didn’t move. His expression was neutral as he calmly looked at Shengong Hu. After seeing a glimpse of the third step’s dao, although his cultivation level didn’t increase, his mental strength went through a drastic change; the nature of his soul was different than before. At this moment, even if he stood before the All-Seer, he wouldn’t feel any tension.

It was just like mortals who had seen cultivators and their spells. When they looked at a mortal king, they were no longer afraid!

Under Wang Lin’s gaze, although Shengong Hu didn’t feel the terror from before, he still trembled. That terrifying memory had been imprinted into his mind and wouldn’t dissipate even in death.

In reality, it was a great opportunity for Shengong Hu. If the All-Seer and company had no chance of obtaining the bead, then they would choose to personally experience it without any hesitation.

Even the Thunder Beast next to him lowered its head and no longer had any pride on its face.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly asked, “What is it?” His current state of mind was still somewhat in the unreal dream; even his tone reflected this.

Although Shengong Hu’s cultivation was at the Corporeal Yang stage, his mind was greatly damaged right now. In particular, with his current timid heart, he would barely be able to use the power of an Illusory Yin cultivator.

As for the Thunder Beast, it didn’t even dare to raise its head. The gaze from earlier made it lose all its guts.

Wang Lin’s casual words suddenly stunned Shengong Hu. He quickly said, “Junior…”

Before he finished speaking, Wang Lin waved his right hand and said, “If there is nothing, then quickly leave!”

Wang Lin decided to carefully study the change in the heaven defying bead. The power of the heaven defying bead was far beyond his imagination. Just a gap in the door had allowed him to see the third step. If he opened it completely…

Wang Lin’s heart beat rapidly. He couldn’t imagine what would happen.

In addition, this dream caused his domain to improve. He wasn’t far from the peak of the late stage of Ascendant, the end of the first step of cultivation.

Shengong Hu felt like Wang Lin’s attitude was very normal. A powerful person should be like this, as he was the one who disturbed this senior’s cultivation. This senior had been kind by not killing him.

Thinking about the gaze from before, Shengong Hu didn’t doubt that this senior had spared him. Otherwise, he would have without a doubt died!

His trembling mind and shock had transformed into fanaticism and reverence. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Senior, Junior is Shengong Hu, a member of the Shenggong family in the southern domain. I’m a level two messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple and a Corporeal Yang cultivator. I beg Senior to allow me to pledge to Senior!”

It wasn’t that he wasn’t able to see through Wang Lin’s cultivation, but that terrifying gaze made him forget all of that. He even believed that this was a true powerful cultivator! If a powerful cultivator was hiding their cultivation level, they would make others believe that they were an Ascendant cultivator.

“Pledge?” Wang Lin was startled and looked at Shengong Hu.

Shengong Hu quickly said, “Junior’s cultivation is insufficient and I know I’m not qualified to pledge to Senior. However, Junior is extremely sincere, and moreover, I have a lot of families that are pledged to me, so Junior can help satisfy any of Senior’s demands. Junior knows that such things are nothing in Senior’s eyes, but I hope Senior will allow me to pledge to you given my sincerity…”

Wang Lin frowned. After pondering a bit, he shook his head. He couldn’t use that spell again, and from one gaze, he could tell that this person was extremely prideful. If this person noticed something, it would cause unnecessary trouble.

When Shengong Hu saw Wang Lin shake his head, he immediately said, “Senior, Junior is extremely sincere and will never regret this no matter how much time passes. As long as Senior is willing to give me a few pointers during my breakthrough, Junior is willing to give up a part of my dao soul to pledge to Senior for 1,000 years!”

As he spoke, his hand formed a seal and then pointed at his forehead. A black light that contained his domain and dao flew out of his head.

In the Allheaven Star System, a person who pledges can selectively surrender something. One’s dao soul was the most important thing that could be given.

Once their dao soul was controlled by someone else, although it wasn’t the same as death, their dao heart could be affected. The consequences had much longer-lasting significance.

Giving his dao soul showed Shengong Hu’s sincerity!

He was really frightened by Wang Lin’s gaze. He had a vague feeling that if he gave up this chance today, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Shengong Hu trusted his feeling a lot. A lot of important decisions in his life were made due to his feelings, and right now this feeling was very strong, which strengthened his belief.

Looking at Shengong Hu showing his dao soul, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. Although he didn’t know what it was, he understand what it represented. After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin slowly asked, “You won’t regret it?”

Shengong Hu immediately responded respectfully, “Junior will definitely not regret it!”

Wang Lin no longer wasted any more time. He waved his hand and Shengong Hu’s dao soul flew over. He devoured it and it entered his origin soul.

After putting away the dao soul, Wang Lin calmly asked, “Why did you come here?”

Shengong Hu bitterly smiled. “The Thunder Celestial Realm is about to open, so Junior wanted to borrow this place to cultivate some origin energy…”

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