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Chapter 724 – Seeing the Third Step!

He himself was dao! The heaven and earth were made up of countless dao, he was dao!

Before him were countless balls of light changing from life to death and from death to life. This was his life and death dao.

In the karmic cycle, if there was karmic effect, then there was karmic cause, such as Li Muwan’s search for answers and Wang Ping’s ordinary life. This was his karma dao.

For an instant, Wang Lin felt like he understood something, but at the same time he understood nothing. This kind of confusion was like a wave rocking in his mind. This wave became more and more intense until it caused his mind to tremble!

He awakened!

The moment he regained clarity, he felt like his origin soul would be pushed outside violently. When he opened his eyes, he was still outside the door.

Nothing around him had changed. The thunder still rumbled and the violet light still covered the area. It was as if everything that had happened didn’t happen at all. Wang Lin was still before the gate, and everything that happened was just his dream.

So unreal and yet so real…

The door that had only opened a gap slowly closed before his eyes and dissipated. The huge arm wrapped by the purple light also disappeared. The violet light contracted and changed back into the heaven defying bead.

There was mysterious change to the heaven defying bead. Before, it had the five elements engraved on it. Now they were replaced by yin and yang. Yin was represented by a moon and yang was represented by a sun. Each covered half the heaven defying bead and were distinct from each other.

It floated toward Wang Lin’s forehead and entered the spot between his eyebrows.

Wang Lin was still standing motionlessly in the air and his eyes slowly closed. The scenes from before still echoed in his mind.

He vaguely became aware of something…

He seemed to have once more forgotten about the passage of time and was only immersed in the comprehension in his heart that continued to echo in his mind. He carved the unreal dream bit by bit into his heart.

Wang Lin knew that everything inside the dream was extremely precious. This was a heavenly opportunity!

He couldn’t tell anyone about the dream, and he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly anyway. He was actually afraid of telling anyone. He had a feeling that the All-Seer and company would be willing to give up everything for this opportunity!

Even if it meant giving up planet Tian Yun, giving up all their magical treasures and spells. The All-Seer and company wouldn’t have hesitated at all to have a chance to seek dao like this!

Because this dao-seeking would open up that mysterious third step that that tens of thousands cultivators were striving and craving for!

Those who seek dao understand in the morning and are dead by dusk…

Those who seek dao understand during death…

Wang Lin still didn’t know the value of the heaven defying bead, but just the tip of the iceberg that he had seen shocked him greatly. This was something he would never forget.

This seeking of dao didn’t cause his cultivation level to increase, but it refined his dao. Before, when Wang Lin stood under the door, he felt a deep sense of awe from his soul.

This was because of the difference in levels, just like how people appear in an ant’s eyes.

Although Wang Lin wasn’t at the same level of existence as the the door and he was still an ant in comparison, he was an ant that had seen the third step!

He had seen the third step!

While immersed in his thoughts, the thunder lake under Wang Lin seemed to be affected by something. A large amount of thunder began to spread in all directions.

At this moment, a ray of thunder flew through the asteroid field. Inside the ray of thunder was a Thunder Beast in black armor. On the back of the Thunder Beast was the black-haired man, his eyes were filled with caution as he charged into the depths of the asteroid field.

When he arrived near the asteroid field, he immediately noticed that something was wrong. The fluctuations of the thunder here were too violent, very different from the last time he was here.

This thunder even contained an incredibly powerful aura. This shocked the black-haired man and made him extremely cautious.

He slowly made his way through the asteroid field. He was very familiar with this place because he had been here many times to cultivate the thunder origin spell, but never had he been so on guard.

He moved quickly, and after an unknown amount of time, he gradually grew closer to the center. The closer he got, the stronger that feeling of shock became.

“What exactly happened over there?” The black hair man’s expression was gloomy. His cultivation level was at the Corporeal Yang stage, and he only needed a bit more to reach completion and then he could enter the Nirvana Scryer stage. With his cultivation level, there weren’t many things that could make him feel like this!

However, at this moment, this feeling became even stronger.

After hesitating for a bit, he clenched his teeth and the Thunder Beast charged through the last layer of asteroids. He soon spotted the familiar thunder lake before him.

He immediately saw Wang Lin above the thunder lake. The current Wang Lin was simply too strange in the black-haired man’s eyes. Wang Lin was floating in the air, a large amount of thunder was moving through his body, and his hair was moving without any wind.

The size of the thunder lake caused the black-haired man to gasp. The thunder lake before him made him felt like he had come to the wrong place. It was actually half the size of when he last came to this place!

It looked endless before, but now it felt like he could almost see the other side.

This person’s appearances was like a stone thrown into calm water, creating countless ripples. Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes.

This was a pair of indescribable eyes. They seemed to contain the world and all the laws of the world. It was as this pair of eyes could see through the heavens and earth!

It gave off a shocking feeling, just like the huge arm that appeared before the door. This kind of feeling would shock anyone who saw it, and it make them feel awe as if they were only an ant.

This pair of eyes contained some remnants of Wang Lin’s unreal dream. At this moment, it was as if he was the heavens and earth, he was the heavenly dao!

This was the aura of the third step. Wang Lin’s eyes were not focused and were filled with confusion as he casually looked at the black-haired man.

This gaze caused the black-haired man to feel like countless thunderbolts had just exploded inside him. It was as if he had absorbed more thunder than he could handle with the thunder origin spell.

His entire body seemed to have been fixed in place at this moment, and Wang Lin’s eyes were the only things that existed in his world. At this instant, only this gaze existed in his life.

Thunder rumbled in his ears, but it felt like it was very far away. He could clearly hear it but not feel it.

He couldn’t understand what kind of gaze it was, but this gaze contained a mysterious force far beyond his comprehension. This power directly tore through his eyes and shook his entire being.

His heartbeat reached a limit as if it was about to explode.

All of the blood in his body circulated like crazy along with his origin energy. He was completely horrified; it was as if he would collapse under this gaze if he didn’t cycle his origin energy!

“What power is this?!?!” The black-haired man wasn’t able to move his body an inch. The origin energy in his energy cycled like crazy. Even if the origin energy dissipated or was wasted, he couldn’t be bother with that anymore. His mouth was dry and his body was long ago soaked in sweat. However, he just couldn’t shift his eyes away from this crazy gaze.

With his cultivation, this was the first time in his life he had felt something so terrifying. He wasn’t this terrified even when he met the lord of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the black-haired man. There was trace of his dao-seeking in his eyes. He only saw a person, but right now it didn’t matter if they were cultivators or mortals. With that trace of comprehension in Wang Lin’s eyes, the other person seemed like only an ant to him.

While in the dream of seeking dao, his gaze was the dao that caused the balls of light to quickly go through an entire life cycle. He carried the gaze he had during that dream when he looked at the black-haired man.

This person was like the balls of light in the dream. However, instead of quickly expanding, this person was quickly dissipating.

The person dissipated layer by layer and didn’t stop.

The terror in the black-haired man’s eyes had reached a limit. He had never experienced such a crisis of life and death. From the moment the gaze landed on him, he could feel his origin soul burning. The origin energy in his body seemed to have lost control and formed an invisible flame!

The other person’s gaze contained a terrifying power that he was unable to resist. It was as if the heavens were telling him to die… die.. It was as if he was an ant, and a sense of awe had filled his entire body.

Not only him, the Thunder Beast under him felt this even more strongly. It let out miserable cries and its body began to dissipate at a visible speed as if dirt returning to the earth…

All of this happened in an instant. The cloudiness in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared, then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The black-haired man’s body almost collapsed when he awakened from the terrifying power. He was soaked in sweat and more than half of the origin energy in his body was gone. His origin soul has shrunk one size and he was extremely weak. As he stared at Wang Lin, terror filled his mind.

“Too terrifying!!! This… What kind of gaze was that? What cultivation level is he at?!” The black-haired man gasped, his body trembled, and his face turned completely pale. He regretted coming here. If he hadn’t come here, he wouldn’t have had to experience that terrifying gaze just now.

He didn’t doubt that if that mysterious person had looked at him for a few breaths longer, he would have collapsed. After that he would have disintegrated and all traces of him would’ve been destroyed.

He wouldn’t even have been able to escape with his origin soul.

The Thunder Beast under him was even worse off, and it looked at Wang Lin with terror in its eyes. The pride of Thunder Beasts made them prefer to die than yield. However, that gaze was not as simple as death, it was a suppression from a higher level!

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