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Chapter 722 – Heaven Defying Bead’s Shocking Change

The black-haired man rubbed the Thunder Beast’s big head, and his eyes revealed a strange light as he muttered, “I just don’t know what kind of treasures will appear in the Thunder Celestial Realm. I fear that the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple will be fighting fiercely against each other!”

He revealed a gloomy expression the Thunder Beast below him turned into a ray of lightning and flew off into the distance.

“Rumor has it that the mysterious heaven defying bead first appeared in the depths of the asteroid field in southern domain. Because of the appearance of the bead, it caused the thunder here to change and created this thunder lake. This is now the best place to cultivate thunder spells!”

The man’s eyes lit up and he moved even faster.

Wang Lin was inside the thunder lake as he muttered the words to the thunder origin spell over and over again. After understanding it, Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and then placed his hands on his knees. He then took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

The thunder origin spell used a mysterious method to extract origin energy out of heavenly thunder and make it your own.

This kind of spell was extremely rare; only second step cultivators would have something like this. It would often be considered a treasure that wouldn’t be given out casually.

This method focused on thunder entering the body. If one’s cultivation level wasn’t high enough, it was no different from harming your own body. If one was careless, their origin soul would be damaged, and in serious cases, they would immediately be destroyed.

However, this method couldn’t be more suitable for Wang Lin. His origin soul was thunder and his new body was made of thunder. In the eyes of the Thunder Beast, Wang Lin’s entire being was just thunder.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s hands slowly lifted and his hand formed a seal. With a shake, large amounts of ripples appeared in the air. These ripples were formed by thunder, and they slowly spread out.

This shake in reality contained nine different seals that were produced at extremely high speed. These seals created the ability to attract thunder.

Under the loud rumble of the thunder lake, a strand of thunder seemed to be attracted. It seemed to finally have found a point of release and immediately rushed over, attempting to devour everything in its path.

However, at the moment it touched Wang Lin, it dissipated and charged into Wang Lin’s body.

The thunder here was very strong, far beyond ordinary thunder. The moment it entered Wang Lin’s body, it surged through his body. Wang Lin’s hand quickly performed the thunder origin spell. A huge vortex quickly appeared in his body and constantly rotated. With every rotation, it squeezed out some origin energy from the thunder.

This process lasted for a long time. The introduction said that the first time using this spell would be very difficult. On one hand, the body had to resist the thunder, and on the other hand, it would absorb origin energy. It required time to adapt to all of this.

However, Wang Lin didn’t have to worry about all of this. His flesh and origin soul were already made from thunder. At most the thunder would cause him to feel uncomfortable, but he wouldn’t be injured.

At this moment, he focused all of his attention on squeezing out origin energy and naturally disregarded the discomfort coming from his body.

After a long time, the strand of thunder gradually collapsed under the effect of the thunder origin spell, leaving behind a trace amount of impure origin energy. There was simply too little origin energy, so much so that it was impossible to detect if one wasn’t looking carefully.

However, Wang Lin treasured it like a treasure and was excited from the bottom of his heart. For a first step cultivator, origin energy was a luxury. Only when one reaches the Ascendant can they have the opportunity to obtain some, and it was impossible to gain or recover more!

Forming origin energy from the world required spells from second step cultivators.

If it wasn’t for a series of fortuitous coincidences, Wang Lin won’t have been able to do this.

He suppressed the ecstasy and excitement in his heart and carefully cycled the impure origin energy toward his origin soul. Once there, it will have the impurity refined from it. Although the origin energy remaining will be even less, it will become something that can be used by him.

This was an extremely critical moment, so Wang Lin didn’t dare to be careless. He slowly controlled his impure origin energy into his origin soul.

However, just at this moment, a sudden change occured!

This change caught Wang Lin unprepared, so he didn’t have time to control it. The moment the trace of impure origin energy touched his origin soul, it became like a runaway wild horse and moved violently.

It drilled into his origin soul, but instead of fusing with the origin soul, it charged to the location of the heaven defying bead!

This trace of impure origin energy fused with the heaven defying bead in an instant!

A thunderous roar that people the outside couldn’t hear but Wang Lin could hear clearly echoed inside his body. It was as if he was hit mercilessly by a large mountain. Wang Lin’s face instantly became pale, his origin soul shook, and even his body unceasingly trembled.

The heaven defying bead inside his body didn’t listen to Wang Lin’s command. It slowly floated out from between his eyebrows.

Wang stared at the scene before him and his mind trembled.

The heaven defying bead appeared once more. This time, as soon as it came out from Wang Lin’s body, the entire thunder lake became violent and strands of thunder dragons immediately charged out.

This caused a large amount of fluctuations which in turn caused the asteroids to be affected and give off powerful thunder. This caused the celestial guard to retreat until it was far away to not be affected.

Even the Thunder Beast was awakened by the change in the thunder. It subconsciously retreated and didn’t dare to close in.

Wang Lin looked at the heaven defying bead in the sky. The confusion in his eyes became even stronger.

The countless thunder dragons whistled out from all directions. The dragons charged in one by one into the heaven defying bead. This scene was extremely shocking, and it completely startled Wang Lin.

The heaven defying bead slowly turned, and with every turn it would absorb a large amount of thunder. A violet light slowly formed around the bead.

Wang Lin was too familiar with this scene. Not long ago, this exact same thing happened.

The violet light became blinding and suddenly spread out. The mysterious restriction appeared once more! At the same time, the huge door appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes.

All of this was simply too bizarre, and it shocked Wang Lin greatly.

He didn’t know that the heaven bead first appeared here! All of the mysterious changes that occured here were caused by the appearance of the heaven defying bead.

Wang Lin had inadvertently made his way here and brought the heaven defying bead back to where it originally appeared. It could be said that karma was involved in his.

However, this wasn’t completely unintentional. In fact, when Wang Lin was injured and he seeked this place out, it wasn’t just due to the characteristics of the thunder dragon. An even more hidden reason was the heaven defying bead.

The heaven defying bead was the only thing that had fused with Wang Lin’s origin soul and no longer existed physically, so it had the ability to influence Wang Lin’s origin soul. In fact, the comfortable feeling was from the heaven defying bead!

If only that was the case, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. The incomplete heaven defying bead hadn’t recognized an owner yet, so even if Wang Lin had brought it here, it wouldn’t have had any changes.

However, when the five elements were complete, the heaven defying bead changed. When the huge door appeared, it mean that Wang Lin had activated the heaven defying bead for the first time.

This activation meant that the bead had recognized an owner.

Afterward, Wang Lin absorbed the heaven defying bead and came here. The moment it touched the thunder here, a change occurred!

If any of these factors were missing, the heaven defying bead wouldn’t have had changed like this. In the countless years since the heaven defying bead had come into being, Wang Lin was the only one to reach this step.

The giant door appeared once more. The violet light caused the world and even the thunder lake to turn purple. The thunder became purple thunder!

The appearance of the door caused the sense of awe to appear in his body once more. Although he had already resisted it once, his body still trembled slightly, but his eyes remained unyielding.

As the violet light shinned everywhere, the giant arm outside the door appeared once more. However, it made Wang Lin’s heart skip a beat this time.

The moment the arm appeared, a large amount of purple lightning immediately charged toward it. Countless strands of thunder wrapped around the arm as if they had subdued it!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and stared at the arm. After pondering for a bit, he clenched his teeth, jumped into the air, and charged toward the giant door.

If this arm wasn’t locked by the thunder, Wang Lin wouldn’t have chosen to enter it. However, he felt that if he missed this once in a lifetime chance, he would never be able to see the secret beyond the door!

Although his speed was bad, he left himself a way out. If the arm broke free of the thunder, he would immediately turn and flee!

He was getting closer and closer!

The arm began to move, but the thunder around it was like a metal chain that held it down. This caused the armo to slow down.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his speed increased and he charged at the door like a bolt of thunder. At the moment he got close, the door opened up by a small gap!

At the moment the gap opened, the world stopped…

Wang Lin’s body also stopped outside the gap. His eyes opened widely, and at this moment, it was as if his mind was sucked into the door!

Everything Wang Lin saw caused him to tremble violently!

It was as if his origin soul had left his body, as he could no longer feel his body. His whole being seemed to exist in endless chaos…

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