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Chapter 721 – Heaven Defying Bead’s Beckoning

The ancient god’s skin was rough and was covered in cracks. However, the hand formed by the violet light was extremely smooth. Although it was huge, it seemed to be formed by a spell.

It made a gesture calling Wang Lin like an elder relative calling a child. The action was slow, but it repeated over and over.

There was no dangerous aura coming from the huge arm, it felt very ordinary. It only beckoned Wang Lin as if it was going to take him through this giant door.

However, Wang Lin was completely on guard and all the hair on his body was standing up. The scene before him was simply too strange. He never would have thought that such a strange thing would occur when the heaven defying bead was complete.

Wang Lin remained motionless as he stared at the hand beckoning him and a cold light flashed across his eyes.

The movement of the arm remained the same, still beckoning Wang Lin silently. However, as time went by, the door behind it gradually turned more illusionary as if it could dissipate at any time.

It was as if he would never have a chance to enter again if he didn’t hurry over.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and stepped forward. His right hand reached out to the only thing that still hadn’t collapsed, the Moongazer bone.

Although the Moongazer bone had lost the metal element, it was still as hard as before. After all, this was something that belonged to the Moongazer Serpent!

After grabbing the giant Moongazer bone, Wang Lin let out a roar and celestial spiritual energy surged through his body as he mercilessly threw the Moongazer bone into the sky. The giant bone whistled through the air as it headed straight for the door.

Just as the Moongazer bone was about to hit the door, the hand arm beckoning Wang Lin easily caught the bone.

Wang Lin gasped and his eyes were filled with horror as the arm casually squeezed. A powerful aura immediately appeared and the entire Moongazer bone collapsed into dust!

This squeeze caused the entire world to tremble. Countless cracks immediately appeared on even on the planet Wang Lin was on. Loud rumbles came from the asteroid field as a large number of asteroids shattered.

It created a vacuum within the area, and even the asteroids outside the range of the purple light were affected and continued to collapse.

It was as if this squeeze contained unimaginable power. It was as if the entire world could be shattered by that squeeze.

That arm slowly loosened and beckoned Wang Lin once more.

Wang Lin’s scalp went numb and his face was pale as he stared at the arm. He had no idea how strong that squeeze was, but he knew that it wasn’t any weaker than the ancient god finger from the Moongazer Serpent!

This arm gave Wang Lin the feeling that nothing in the world could resist that squeeze.

The squeeze didn’t use strength but something similar to the law Wang Lin displayed with the Heavenly Chop! However, compared to the Heavenly Chop, this was much more powerful.

After a long time, the giant arm gradually dissipated. However, it maintained its beckoning gesture until the end. The giant door behind it disappeared along with the arm…

The violet light surrounding the area condensed once more. In the blink of an eye, all of the violet light gathered and slowly disappeared, reverting back to the heaven defying bead.

As if it had released all its power, the bead fell from the air. Wang Lin hesitated for a bit before his right hand reached out. The bead immediately flew over and landed in his palm.

It was completely ordinary, as if it was a normal stone. However, at this moment, there was no trace of the five elemental energies from it. It was even more thoroughly depleted than when Wang Lin first found it.

Wang Lin’s divine sense went inside the bead. Li Muwan’s, Wang Ping’s, and Qing Yi’s souls were still inside.

Compared to before, they seemed even more lively, especially Li Muwan’s soul, which seemed more stable now.

“What exactly is the power of the heaven defying bead… Where does that huge door lead to.. And that arm outside the door…” Wang Lin pondered.

It wasn’t hard to guess that he wasn’t the first person to obtain the heaven defying bead considering how long it had existed for. There must have been someone else who was able to complete the five elements for the heaven defying bead.

However, after seeing the gate, those people must have chosen to enter, whether it was the first or one of the subsequent times the door appeared.

“Were these seniors crushed by the arm or did they really enter the door…” Wang Lin frowned.

Before the heaven defying bead was complete, Wang Lin was really puzzled by it. However, after the five elements were completed, not only did nothing change, he was even more puzzled.

“Could this door lead to the ancient Celestial Realm… But if that is the case, why is that arm there? Although it looks like it is beckoning, in reality it is there to crush…”

“What exactly is the heaven defying bead…” Wang Lin frowned and stared at the heaven defying bead. After a long time, he placed it against his forehead and it disappeared into his origin soul.

Since he couldn’t understand right now, Wang Lin decided to stop thinking about it for now. It was obvious that the key was the door, but he just didn’t know what was behind the door!

“The heaven defying bead’s five elemental energies are now gone and need to be gathered once more!” Wang Lin looked around. After what just happened, this planet was completely wasted. There was no longer any value in staying here.

“Unfortunately, this treasured place is now gone, but the place that makes my origin soul comfortable is deeper in the asteroid field. If there’s more thunder, then I can cultivate the thunder origin spell.”

After making up his mind, Wang Lin moved. He charged out of this place like a bolt of thunder. Most of the asteroids nearby were now gone. Wang Lin didn’t pause as he took out the war chariot and the Thunder Beast appeared.

The moment the Thunder Beast came out, it let out a roar as if it had been suppressed for countless year and looked at Wang Lin. However, the Thunder Beast was surprised. It carefully looked at Wang Lin and its eyes revealed confusion.

Wang Lin sat down on the Thunder Beast, then he slapped its head and laughed. “Don’t stare anymore. With your intelligence, you must have noticed what’s special about the place ahead. Are you still not heading over?”

The Thunder Beast let out a roar. In its eyes, it was as if Wang Lin doesn’t exist at all, and in his place was a bolt of thunder. However, this bolt of thunder gave him a very cordial feeling, a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Wang Lin’s slap on its head made it feel extremely comfortable. It couldn’t help but let out a roar.

Thunder Beast was very fast as it traveled through the asteroid field. The deeper they went, the denser the asteroids became. There were even some asteroids giving off flashes of thunder.

This environment caused no discomfort for neither Wang Lin nor the Thunder Beast. The Thunder Beast was extremely happy, and it continued to roar happily.

While sitting on the Thunder Beast, Wang Lin was still thinking about the heaven defying bead. Deep in his heart he was still disappointed. After all, he had spent almost 1,000 years gathering the five elements, and the trip to the Moongazer Serpent almost cost him his life. He originally thought that he would gain some great power that would have been of great use to him.

However, right now the difference between reality and his hopes was too big.

“What exactly is this heaven defying bead…” Wang Lin touched his forehead and pondered.

The Thunder Beast was very sensitive to the power of thunder. It continued to travel deep into the asteroid field.

Muffled sounds of thunder interrupted Wang Lin’s thoughts and his eyes lit up. The place ahead was where the comfortable feeling in his origin soul was coming from. The thunder here was extremely dense.

“This is the place!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

Thunder Beast traveled through the asteroid field and then suddenly stopped. Its large eyes revealed shock.

When Wang Lin saw what was before him, he gasped and his eyes started shining brightly.

There was no planet before him, it was a vast lake of thunder. This place was filled with lightning and thunder. It was like a real thunder hell!

The thunder planet from before was really insignificant compared to this place.

In the boundless lake of thunder, lightning bolts moved around like dragons, and the rumbling released a powerful aura.

The Thunder Beast let out a roar and looked at the lake of thunder with hesitation. The power of thunder here was too strong. Even though it was a Thunder Beast, it still almost felt like it couldn’t withstand this.

Wang Lin’s body moved and he got off the Thunder Beast. His eyes narrowed and became cautious. He first let out the celestial guard to stand guard nearby and then arrived at the edge of the lake of thunder. He observed for a while before taking a step.

When his step landed, the thunder immediately entered his body through his feet and filled his being. Even Wang Lin’s body felt numb. He took a deep breath and then took another step.

He took 20 steps in a row before stopping. His entire body was surrounded by thunder and his origin soul was giving off the might of thunder.

This place was his currently limit. Wang Lin slowly sat down and closed his eyes to cultivate.

The Thunder Beast fidgeted around the edge for a long time before finally taking a cautious step forward. It immediately felt the thunder and then lied down. It began absorbing and refining the thunder using a method only the Thunder Beasts knew.

There was no other sound beside the sound of thunder. The man and beast just began to cultivate like this.

Wang Lin gradually adapted to this place, and his heart was in shock. The thunder here exceed that of his body. If it wasn’t for the fact that his body was made of thunder, it would have been very difficult for him to even remain at the edge.

“This is indeed the best place to cultivate the thunder origin spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with thunder as he silently cultivated the thunder origin spell.

At this moment, in a distant space outside the asteroid field, a bolt of thunder whistled by. This was a Thunder Beast, and although it had no horn, there was a bulge forming on its head.

The Thunder Beast was wearing black armor, making it look extremely ferocious. A middle-aged man was sitting on the back of the Thunder Beast. His hair flowed behind him and he was expressionless as he charged toward the asteroid field.

“The Thunder Celestial Realm is about to open. I must absorb more origin energy from the thunder lake…”

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