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Chapter 723 – Those who seek dao understand during death, pitiful…

“This is… This place is… The heaven defying bead’s space!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he immediately recognized this place.

He was too familiar with this place. It was filled with chaos and occasionally there would be balls of light glowing.

The balls of light immediately began to change as if his gaze was a catalyst. The balls of light he was looking at suddenly swelled up.

They swelled up too fast; in the blink of an eye, they were already huge. Wang Lin was stunned as the balls of light were now as big as a planet.

A powerful aura came out from the balls of light. This aura was filled with vitality. This vitality was extremely pure, as if it was a newborn baby.

Shortly after, clouds of dust appeared and were absorbed by the light. Soon, they began to condense and formed landmasses.

Some of the dust formed rivers and oceans…

Wang Lin gasped. This was a planet! The spiritual energy coming from it was very rich. Aside from not having any mortals living on it, it was no different from any other cultivation planet outside!

While he was shocked, the planet immediately began to degrade as if time was reverting itself. In the blink of an eye, it was once more a ball of light becoming smaller and smaller until it was only flickering.

Wang Lin’s mind gradually lost consciousness as the ball of light changed. He was completely immersed in this familiar yet foreign space.

Time slowly passed as if there was no end point. Wang Lin seemed to have forgotten everything. He was in a strange state as he drifted in this endless space.

He would always see the strange scene with the balls of light before his eyes. As he continued to watch this scene, Wang Lin could slowly feel a mysterious power build up.

This power was everywhere, and he subconsciously wanted to search for its source.

He didn’t realize how similar this scene was to when he was comprehending the heavens and seeking to find the origin of the life and death domain…

As he subconsciously searched for the source of this power, time passed, but he didn’t care. Eons passed, but he didn’t stop. It was as if he had become a wandering spirit, always pursuing.

Wang Lin was seeking dao! Following the steps of dao and seeking the end of dao.

It was as if everything in the world had become the distance past. It was as if everything had shattered and become nothing. They could no longer cause any waves in his heart.

Those who seek dao understand in the morning and are dead by dusk, regrettable…

Those who seek dao understand during death, pitiful…

There was no end to the search. Wang Lin had seen countless balls of light turn into a planet and then back into nothing. Every time this happened, he wanted to seize that trace of dao.

However, he failed to touch it every time, but he gradually felt like he was getting closer and closer to that trace of dao…

The dao was only there for a moment before it disappeared once more. Wang Lin seemed to have found a clue during his confused search.

The mysterious power he was seeking seemed to be something that was beyond the existence of law. This awareness was very light, but it left a deep impression. It had alway been there since the beginning.

The dao seemed to be where his gaze was, but at the moment he moved his gaze, the dao would seem to disappear.

This was a very vague feeling, but it slowly flowed into Wang Lin’s body. He gradually felt like he was catching up to the dao’s footprints and was about to grasp the source of the mysterious power.

During this process, in which there was no concept of time, Wang Lin saw a planet. This planet wasn’t formed by the balls of light and existed naturally. The vitality from this planet was very weak, but it was filled with warmth and tenderness.

Beside this planet were two smaller planets. They were very close and each gave off a sense of attachment.

At the moment Wang Lin closed in, one of the smaller planets gave off a ripple. It seemed to be filled with joy, giving off a powerful emotion.

At the moment Wang Lin saw the three planets, his mind trembled as he discovered something. He subconsciously wanted to raise his hand, but he didn’t noticed that in his current state, he didn’t even have a body.

However, his hand still appeared. It was as if all he needed to do was think and it would materialize.

His hand gently moved and a ripple appeared in the void. Under this ripple, the three planets immediately turned into three rays of light and entered Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin stopped seeking dao. In his trance-like state, it felt as if he was the dao right now… As he stopped, his mind slowly calmed down. Then his entire body subconsciously turned into a ball of light.

As time passed, the ball of light he had turned into gradually expanded. He absorbed the surrounding dust and eventually a planet appeared…

The mountains on this planet were spectacular and the rivers were beautiful. The earth was filled with energy, and even the sea was as blue as the sky, as if it could accommodate the world.

In the northern part of the planet there was only one family. One man and one woman who lived a quiet and peaceful life.

It was as if they could have everything they wanted, including the countless mortals in the surrounding villages…

On this day, a ray of light passed by the southern part of the planet. Inside the ray of light was a woman wearing white. The woman was beautiful and as gentle as water. Her black hair flowed in the air. Sometimes a few strands would get in front and she would tuck the hair behind her ear with her jade-like hands.

As she flew, her eyes were filled with confusion. She looked down at the earth as she bit her lower lip and muttered, “Why does this world give me such a familiar feeling…”

She pondered for a long time before shaking her head. Her figure moved like a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon.

“I want to find the answer!” The wind carried the woman’s decisive voice.

Time slowly passed as if it would last forever. Countless years passed and everything gradually changed. The only things that never changed were the three people.

Two of them still lived a quiet life and the last one was still looking for an answer…

It wasn’t until the end that the dao finally arrived!

The earth disappeared and the planet no longer existed. The three people turned back into three balls of light and then were caught inside a huge palm which then drifted far away. As the palm dissipated, Wang Lin’ consciousness appeared.

“So this is dao…” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the void. Everything he was searching for ended with himself.

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