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Chapter 716 – Moongazer’s Wrath, The Finger of the Ancient God

In the memories of ancient god Tu Si there was one line he used to describe the Moongazer Serpents.

“If the heavens have a spirit, then the ancient god has a Moongazer!”

The spirit can be considered a soul. In short, the first half of the sentence states that the heavens is alive. It has its own existence or a sense of spirit that normal creatures can’t detect.

The second half is referring to the Moongazer Serpent. Even ancient god Tu Si didn’t know how the Moongazer Serpents came to be. It seemed to have already existed for a very long time.

It was like the heavens and its spirit, both were elusive things that no one could explain.

“The Moongazer’s wrath, the finger of an ancient god.” This was the second description of the Moongazer Serpent in ancient god Tu Si’s memories, and it was the one Wang Lin had the most profound impression of.

Reading between the lines, it means that once a Moongazer Serpent is angry and reaches its third form, it has the power of a finger of an ancient god. This power varies, but the finger of a nine-star ancient god is enough to collapse a cultivation planet.

If it was an one-star ancient god, it would be laughed at by a disciple.

However, the giant Moongazer Serpent before Wang Lin was not a joke!

Wang Lin’s whole body gave off a cold light when his and the celestial guard’s speeds reached a limit as they carried the bone and escaped. He had tried to absorb it with the heaven defying bead, but for some reason, it was very slow and couldn’t be finished in a short period of time.

At this moment, a loud rumble violently echoed across planet Yun Xia. This sound was so loud that it would be an understatement to call it thunder. This angry roar echoed across the stars and could be heard far away.

Wang Lin’s eyelid twitched. He didn’t turn around and quickly escaped. The Moongazer Serpent wouldn’t die if it lost its bone, it only needed time to grow another one.

However, this bone was grown after countless years, so it was no wonder the Moongazer Serpent was so angry.

The Moongazer Serpent’s large body slowly stretched from its round shape from before. This caused the earth to tremble even more, and the land collapsed once more. This time the collapse was even more thorough!

Countless large tentacles constantly extended and swayed around, and an unimaginable aura gradually spread out from its body.

Greed’s body came out from the huge furnace. However, it was a really bad time to come out, because it was when the Moongazer Serpent was releasing its anger. When Greed looked at the not-far-away crack, his eyes turned red. He let out a roar and accelerated like crazy. He wanted to rush out!

However, just at this moment, the crack slowly closed.

Greed’s eyes shed blood tears and he let out a miserable scream. “No!!”

The Moongazer Serpent closed its mouth, and its huge body was filled with power. However, its actions were still slow and it still didn’t have full control of itself. However, as the remaining Celestial Ascension Fruit mist was purged from its system, it was gradually regaining control.

Wang Lin carried the Moongazer Serpent’s bone with the celestial guard behind him. The moment they entered space, he slapped his bag of holding and the star compass appeared. He turned into a ray of silverlight and flew off into the distance without turning back.

The Moongazer Serpent’s cold gaze stared at the far away Wang Lin. The huge tentacles on its body moved slightly and a powerful storm suddenly appeared. This storm was so powerful that it created a series of sonic booms.

A powerful shockwave spread out in all directions, then the Moongazer Serpent moved. One almost couldn’t tell it had moved, but its distance from Wang Lin was closed in an instant.

At the same time, the Moongazer Serpent opened its mouth and spoke the language of the ancient gods. Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb when he saw hundreds of smaller Moongazer Serpents charge out from its mouth.

Greed was also inside its mouth. When he saw the stars, his excitement ignited once more. This feeling was too good, as it had been too long since he seen the stars. He was so excited that he couldn’t speak.

But he knew that he hadn’t truly escaped. He instantly saw the star compass far away and recognized Wang Lin. Greed was suddenly enlightened and his eyes revealed hatred.

However, he didn’t dare to act carelessly. There were too many of these thousand-feet-long fierce beasts around him, and he feared that his movements would attract them to him.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air. Without any hesitation, he touched his bag of holding and took out the celestial wine. He clenched his teeth and drank a mouthful, leaving only two drops.

In an instant, endless celestial spiritual energy exploded in his body. This celestial energy was dense and rich. After all, this was something that belonged to a true celestial!

Enduring the powerful pain and sense of passing out, Wang Lin raised his right hand. He mercilessly pointed at those Moongazer Serpents and shouted, “Stop!”

The celestial spiritual energy that was about to explode form his body suddenly surged out from his finger. It turned into an infinite force that surrounded the heavens and earth. One word seemed to have stopped the heavens and earth from moving.

Normally, Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to do this; he was relying on the celestial wine. Without the celestial wine, it was impossible for him to use the Stop spell to this degree.

Borrowing this moment, Wang Lin charged out without any hesitation. He moved very quickly and used those escape spells he learned from the old man from the Demon Spirit Land.

Wang Lin had stopped the small Moongazer Serpents, but the Stop spell had no effect on the large Moongazer Serpent that formed planet Yun Xia. It rushed out and the fierce impact it caused allowed the smaller Moongazer Serpents to regain their freedom.

However, Greed’s luck was really bad. He was also stopped and recovered slightly slower. As the Moongazer Serpent charged out, he fell into its mouth once more.

Greed felt his vision go black, and at the next moment, he found he was actually back inside the crack once more.

Feeling desperate, Greed’s eyes revealed madness. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a large mouth of blood onto the huge furnace. The furnace gave off an ancient aura and a ripple spread out. Greed’s eyes flashed and he immediately changed positions with the fastest small Moongazer Serpent.

His expression was extremely pale as he coughed out another mouthful of blood. He then pointed at Wang Lin and shouted, “Wang Lin, don’t you dare leave!”

Wang Lin had long noticed Greed. He didn’t even turn his head as he pointed behind himself and the storm-like celestial spiritual energy in his body surged out.


Greed was about to use the furnace’s ability once more to switch himself and Wang Lin. However, the stop spell descended and his body froze.

The Moongazer Serpent’s gaze suddenly fell on Greed, and its eyes shined brightly. It sensed an aura that made it feel very comfortable coming from the huge furnace.

Back then, when the Moongazer Serpent hadn’t awakened, the reason it didn’t kill Greed was because of this furnace. However, it wasn’t awake back then, so it subconsciously sent Greed and the furnace toward its excretion spot.

Although that was the Moongazer Serpent’s excretion spot, it was also where the Moongazer Serpent absorbed thing. It subconsciously wanted to absorb the furnace, and this led to Greed’s 100 years of suffering.

At the moment Greed’s body was frozen, the Moongazer Serpent quickly charged forth.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He used this change to widen the distance once more.

Greed only felt his vision go black. When he regained his senses, he had been swallowed once more and was at the edge of the crack. This constant rise and fall made Greed’s face extremely bitter, and it made his hatred for Wang Lin even stronger.

“It was all because of you!!”

Greed mercilessly clenched his teeth, then his hand formed a seal and he pressed on the furnace. A milky white light came out from his head and imprinted on the furnace.

Greed roared, “Even if I have to sacrifice my life force, I’ll still escape from this place!” The furnace absorbed Greed’s life force and immediately grew larger.

In the blink of an eye, it started growing. An ancient aura constantly spread out as the furnace grew larger.

The Moongazer Serpent let out roar. As the roar echoed, Wang Lin coughed out another mouthful of blood. He had already been seriously injured.

As for the celestial guard, it also shook violently, and the golden light around it collapsed. Even the light in its eyes had turned bleak, but compared to Wang Lin, its injuries were rather light.

As the furnace expanded, Wang Lin decisively rushed out. The mouth of the Moongazer Serpent was being propped open by the expanding furnace.

“This old man doesn’t want this furnace!” Greed’s heart ached as he turned around and was going to dash away.

However, just at this moment, the Moongazer Serpent spat out the giant furnace and its eyes revealed a mysterious light. Countless tentacles immediately extended and wrapped around the huge furnace. Other tentacles quickly rushed toward toward the closest target, Greed.

Greed’s expression was gloomy. He slapped his bag of holding and a screen suddenly appeared. His hand formed a seal and the a force of mountain and river immediately appeared among the stars.

While Wang Lin was escaping, his divine sense even had the hallucination that he was no longer among the stars but instead before the majestic mountains and river!

“Mountain and River Painting!” Wang Ling’s star compass slowed down and his eyes showed greed as he looked at the screen. Wang Lin remembered Greed saying that he didn’t find the Mountain and River Painting but found a screen with its projection.

The Moongazer Serpent’s eyes were still cold, and a strange rune appeared in its eyes. Wang Lin recognize this rune, it was the language of the ancient gods!

As the rune flashed, a 1,000-feet-long finger appeared before the Moongazer Serpent. This was only a finger, and its skin was extremely rough. However, it had a faint aura that was intoxicating.

Although this finger was only an illusion, in Wang Lin’s eyes, it was unimaginably real!

“The Moongazer’s wrath, the finger of an ancient god!” Wang Lin’s breathing was rough and his forehead was covered in sweat. His heart started pounding wildly. He finally knew the meaning of these words.

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