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Chapter 715 – Escape Escape Escape!

Even the celestial guard’s body trembled, and the golden light around its body dissipated a bit.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He ignored the aura of the giant mouth as he charged out once more toward the dense fog.

However, the crack on the ground rose like crazy. At this moment, the earth began to constantly rise and entire planet began to rumble.

Large amounts of land collapsed and flew off into space. This scene was almost exactly the same as when the original body caused a planet to collapse!

However, that planet collapsed form the inside, and the explosion was extremely powerful. If low level cultivators were too close, they would have no chance of surviving.

However, planet Yun Xia was slightly different. Although it was also collapsing, there was no destructive force. It was more the Moongazer Serpent waking up and shaking off the debris that had gathered on its body over the years.

The constantly rising earth was only an illusion, as the so-called earth was merely the Moongazer Serpent’s body. The rise of the earth was just the Moongazer Serpent turning around and raising its head.

The giant crack instantly closed in, and its speed was unimaginable. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. The power of the Celestial Ascension Fruits was still there, or else there would be no way for him to escape.

As long as he could stop the Moongazer Serpent for a moment, he could charge through the fog and enter space.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and was about to slap his bag of holding when his eyes suddenly narrowed. At this moment, he felt a fluctuation he was very familiar with as the huge mouth approached him. That was the fluctuation from the seven star sword formation!

He withdrew his right hand from the bag and formed a seal. He then pointed forward and shouted, “Sword formation, spin!”

His voice carried power as it charged out like a bolt of thunder toward the seven star sword formation inside the huge mouth!

The seven star sword formation rapidly spun and gave off endless sword energy as it attacked like crazy from the inside.

However, these attacks were really insignificant to the Moongazer Serpent and weren’t able to stop it for even half a second.

Seeing the mouth coming closer and closer, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he shouted, “Rat sword, explode!”

A muffled sound came from the mouth and then a roar came from inside. The mouth moved even faster and was within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s speed was very fast, and he and the celestial guard had now entered the dense fog.

However, this dense fog rapidly dissipated as the mouth closed in. It disappeared without a trance in the blink of an eye!

After countless years, this was the first time the dense fog around the serpent had disappeared!

“Pig, sheep, monkey, ox, tiger, and hare, all explode!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with madness.

Rumble, rumble, rumble rumble… Countless explosions echoed within the Moongazer Serpent. Not only did the swords explode, the evil spirits that reside within them also exploded. At this moment, a powerful destructive force formed as the seven star sword formation launched its most powerful attack at the Moongazer Serpent.

However, the Moongazer Serpent was so strong that the explosion of the seven star sword formation had no effect on it. It merely slowed it for a moment due to the impact of the explosion.

However, what Wang Lin wanted was for it to slow down!

He and the celestial guard quickly charged out. The stars were right before their eyes!

The huge mouth quickly recovered. The power of the Celestial Ascension Fruits still made it unsure where this powerful sense of pain and excitement was coming from.

However, in its confused state after awakening, it felt the two creatures that were trying to escape were carrying something familiar.

It subconsciously chased to try to keep those two familiar things here.

When it saw the other two move even faster and faster, it let out a sound that hadn’t been heard in countless years. Although this sound had no practical meaning, it was extremely strange.

The moment this sound appeared, Wang Lin’s scalp immediately went numb. This was the language of the ancient god!

Wang Lin gasped. “The memories from Tu Si don’t show that Moongazer Serpents can speak the language of the ancient gods. What kind of Moongazer Serpent is this?!”

The moment the words of the ancient gods echoed, the sky changed. Wang Lin suddenly had a feeling that the thing chasing him was no longer a Moongazer Serpent but an adult ancient god!

The ancient gods’ language echoed, and it was very ancient. However, what it brought Wang Lin was the sense that a life and death crisis was about to happen!

Cracks appeared in the space around this area as if it was about to collapse. This made Wang Lin almost lose his wit.

He knew this spell. This was a shattering spell that only an eight-star ancient god could use! It could shatter everything in sight and cause everything in its range to collapse into dust.

The sense of life and death he was feeling had never been so strong. Wang Lin turned around and let out a loud yet strange roar!

What he spoke was also the language of the ancient gods, which he inherited from Tu Si!

The earth suddenly paused and the huge mouth closed slightly. At the same time, two more cracks appeared, revealing a pair of cold eyes!

This gaze fell on Wang Lin, and it revealed a trace of coldness and confusion.

Due to the Moongazer Serpent being interrupted, the collapse of the space around them stopped. Wang Lin fled without hesitation and the celestial guard never stopped.

Just at this moment, a thin figure charged out from the depths of the crack with a sense of fear and excitement.

He was Greed!

The huge change to the Moongazer Serpent caused the absorption and excretion location in the Moongazer Serpent to change violently, resulting in an opening. Greed used this opening to escape, and of course he wouldn’t leave behind the huge furnace.

After charging out of that place, Greed noticed how the terrifying the Moongazer Serpent was. He didn’t hesitate to use the huge furnace to help him fly up. When he looked, he saw the giant crack and even the stars outside of it!

Excitement that hadn’t appeared in 100 years surged through his body. He even felt tears appear in his eyes. These days of living not like a human or a ghost was finally about to end.

He recalled the past 100 years. He had spent almost all that time in the beast’s excretion location. To him this was a disgrace!

In particular, that foul stench was something he could never forget. Even though the stench was gone, he felt like he could still smell it.

Greed vowed that once he escaped, he would never take half a step into the northern domain of the Allheaven Star System. In the future, when he goes treasure hunting again, he must be careful, careful, and more careful!

Seeing the crack come closer and closer, Greed’s excitement had reached its peak!

“Old man Greed is finally going to be free!”

At this moment, the confusion in the Moongazer Serpent’s eyes suddenly disappeared and the ancient gods’ language echoed once more. Wang Lin’s entire body felt cold. In this moment of life and death, he couldn’t hesitate anymore. He sent out a command that caused the celestial guard to slow down and throw the half of the bone it was carrying down at the Moongazer Serpent!

“I’ll give you back half!”

Half of the bone was like a huge mountain, so it created a harsh, whistling sound as it fell down through the atmosphere. This caused the huge mouth to pause once more.

The collapse of the surrounding space stopped once more. The Moongazer Serpent stared at the rapidly falling mountain, and its eyes revealed confusion once more. This thing was very familiar, but it couldn’t remember what it was…

However, it subconsciously opened its mouth and swallowed the mountain range!

Greed’s excitement was so strong that it seemed like he had devoured countless Celestial Ascension Fruits. He was moving very fast as he got closer and closer to the crack. He even wanted to roar loudly!

The almost 100 years of misery was finally about to end!

He couldn’t teleport inside the Moongazer Serpent, he already knew this. The moment he tried to teleport, he would be obstructed by a strange force, which would cause his speed to become even slower.

However, just at this moment when Greed was very close to the crack, a giant shadow suddenly eclipsed over the crack.

Greed was startled and he rubbed his eyes. He even suspected that he was hallucinating. What was this giant shadow…

After being covered in the stench inside the Moongazer Serpent for so long, even Greed’s mind was a bit dull.

“This… This is… a mountain!” Greed’s eyes revealed despair and his excitement instantly dissipated. Anyone else who suddenly felt these powerful contradicting feeling would feel like they were about to collapse.

However, Greed was a powerful cultivator. He let out a roar as he charged forward and entered his furnace. Then the furnace smashed toward the side.

The mountain whisted by and the edge of the mountain rubbed against the furnace, causing a series of sparks. The vibrations caused Greed, who was inside, to keep coughing up blood.

“Damn!!!” After barely avoiding the mountain, Greed appeared from the furnace completely pale. He didn’t have full control of the furnace, so if he was inside it for too long, he would be refined by the terrifying aura within it.

After swallowing half the mountain, the confusion in the Moongazer Serpent became even stronger. This feeling was very familiar, very familiar, it was about to remember…

Borrowing the moment of hesitation from the Moongazer Serpent, Wang Lin commanded the celestial guard to help carry the bone. Both of them quickly fled toward the stars.

The confusion in the Moongazer Serpent gradually dissipated and the power of the Celestial Ascension Fruits was about to disappear. It now remembered that this mountain wasn’t any ordinary thing, it was… formed from its own bones!

As the Celestial Ascension Fruits’ effect disappeared, the Moongazer Serpent was able to detect the location of the pain. It was from where its bone should’ve been!

A storm suddenly appeared. After the Celestial Ascension Fruits’ effect disappeared, the pain that was hidden by the fruits revealed itself. This caused the Moongazer Serpent’s rage to completely explode!

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