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Chapter 717 – Escaping alive (1)

All of Greed’s hair stood up. He didn’t feel this close to death even when he was caught by the celestial couple Wang Wei and Hu Juan.

That illusion finger seemed to be formed from the heavenly dao. It felt like it was one with the heavens.

This wasn’t a simply dao a cultivator could comprehends. In fact, it was countless times stronger than a dao an individual could comprehend!

Although the peak of Greed’s cultivation was only Illusory Yin, his connections were extraordinary. He had a lot of acquaintances in the second step, so he knew a lot of secrets about the second step.

He was able to tell at a glance the terrifying dao contained within this finger.

One finger pointed forth. It seemed like a gentle breeze without any fluctuations at all. It was just as if a mortal was gently pointing with their finger.

However, this point caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink. He felt like his origin soul was about to rush out of his body to meet that finger.

Greed was the closest to it, so this feeling was over a hundred times stronger for him. He backed up into the Mountain and River screen without any hesitation.

At this moment, the Mountain and River took over the area as if space was gone. However, even so, the finger still penetrated through the Mountain and River as it pressed down.

Sounds of cracking came from the screen and then countless cracks appeared on it. Greed coughed out a large mouthful of blood as he quickly retreated, he continued to cough out blood. His injuries were too great.

The finger from the ancient god didn’t stop and pressed down on Greed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the Mountain and River screen that had cracked but still contained its power. His eyes revealed a strange light. When he saw the finger going toward Greed, Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He left the bone with the celestial guard and charged out as if he was teleporting.

His speed was extremely fast, so he arrived next to the screen in the blink of an eye. 

Right now Greed couldn’t bother with Wang Lin stealing his treasure. He moved at full speed to escape.

The ancient god finger suddenly stopped and slowly turned as if it was locking on to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s scalp tingled. Without any hesitation, he gathered all of his celestial spiritual energy in his right finger and shouted, “Stop!”

His target wasn’t the ancient god finger but Greed!

Greed’s eyes were bloodshot and his body suddenly stopped for a moment. He cursed loudly in his heart. Although he had only stopped for a moment, it attracted the attention of the ancient god finger.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Lin grabbed the screen and put it into his bag of holding. Then he retreated without any hesitation.

His heart was pounding hard. The danger before him hadn’t passed. He moved extremely fast toward the celestial guard.

The celestial guard had never stopped escaping. However, in the face of the giant Moongazer Serpent and ancient god finger, its speed was obviously not enough.

Greed’s face was extremely pale. As the ancient god finger closed in, Greed immediately slapped his bag of holding and a shining crown appeared. It was like the crown of a mortal emperor with five jewels socketed in it. The powers of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth suddenly flowed from the crown.

He put the crown on his head without any hesitation. The golden light from the crown was blinding, but it wrapped around Greed like water. Then a huge shadow suddenly appeared over his body. This shadow didn’t have a clear appearance but wore a dragon robe. A sense of majesty suddenly surrounded the area.

Greed shouted, “In order to activate the celestial emperor crown, this old man killed 9,999 mortal emperors and fused their souls inside the crown to meet the requirements to activate it. I want to see if it can resist the finger from you, vile beast!” The illusion of the ancient god finger landed on Greed.

A bang that shocked the heavens echoed the area.

The ancient god finger didn’t change. After it pressed down on Greed, it immediately withdrew.

As for Greed, his face was even more pale, and the golden light surrounding him collapsed. The souls of 9,999 emperors suddenly vanished and the crown fell from his head. The strange thing was that the crown was perfectly fine after taking a blow from the ancient god finger.

A powerful force entered Greed’s body like crazy. His body trembled, then it gave off a rainbow-colored light before flying away like a meteor. Whether he was dead or alive was unknown as he disappeared among the stars.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with terror. When the ancient god finger pressed down on Greed, he didn’t stop running at all and continued to escaped. However, at this moment, the illusionary ancient god finger suddenly appeared behind Wang Lin.

The familiar aura of an ancient god suddenly surrounded the area.

One finger pressed down!

The target of this finger wasn’t the celestial guard but Wang Lin!

Wang Lin almost lost his wits. This finger was too fast, and it was quickly closing in. In the midst of this crisis, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he placed his hand on the celestial guard. He extracted the slaughter energy from the celestial guard.

In an instant, almost one million strands of slaughter energy appeared. They transformed into life seals to block the ancient god finger!

The life seals all collapsed as if they were fragile pieces of paper. It didn’t matter how much slaughter energy was used, all of it was powerless before the ancient god finger.

Wang Lin’s expression was pale, but there was no panic in his eyes. He slapped his bag of holding as he retreated with the celestial guard and the second celestial guard appeared before him as a shield.

The ancient god finger pressed down on the second celestial guard. The second celestial guard trembled and began to rapidly breakdown.

After the second celestial guard shattered, the ancient god finger stopped seven inches away from Wang Lin’s body. A feeling of his body shattering surged through Wang Lin like crazy. The feeling of going through a life and death crisis made it hard for him to breath.

Wang Lin let out an angry roar and raised his head. One ray of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy suddenly charged out and collided with the finger.

Ling Tianhou’s sword energy contained a certain amount of power, so it slowed the finger by a bit. However, the finger pressed down once more without hesitation, and this time it landed on Wang Lin’s chest.

An intense pain came from Wang Lin’s chest and instantly spread across his body. At this moment, Wang Lin’s body collapsed!

First it was his flesh, then his bones all turned to dust and vanished without a trace. The ancient god finger destroyed Wang Lin’s body, but it didn’t stop there. It pressed down on Wang Lin’s origin soul next. This Moongazer Serpent was set on wiping him out.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin suddenly felt that feeling that made his origin soul unable to leave his body after he devoured that ancient thunder dragon. It was as if there was a thin barrier blocking him.

No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t break through the barrier. It was as if his origin soul had lost the ability to. His origin soul was confined in his body, which made it impossible for him to use certain spells.

However, at this moment, when the ancient god finger closed in and destroyed his body, it also destroyed that barrier!

Wang Lin’s origin soul gave off intense lighting and turned into an ancient thunder dragon that roared at the ancient god finger.

As it roared, countless balls of thunder appeared and attacked the ancient god finger.

Borrowing the moment the ancient god finger slowed down, Wang Lin grabbed the bag of holding that fell after his body collapsed. When his origin soul turned into a thunder dragon, he became several times faster than his body. He took the celestial guard and half the bone before quickly escaping.

While he was escaping, he felt a sense of bitterness. However, just at this moment, he saw the crown left behind by Greed just floating there.

His heart skipped a beat as he put the crown into his bag and left without even looking back.

The ancient god finger slowly dissipated. The giant Moongazer Serpent looked at the distant Wang Lin and pondered. It then looked at the furnace its tentacles were holding. After hesitating a bit, it chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin couldn’t help but curse when he noticed the Moongazer Serpent chasing after him.

Wang Lin had to admit he was reckless this time. He didn’t expect Greed to appear here and excite it to the point of awakening.

Otherwise, according to Wang Lin’s original calculations, he wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state.

He had lost too much on this trip. The seven star sword formation was destroyed, the restriction flag collapsed, one of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy rays was used, and even his body was destroyed, leaving only his origin soul.

However, his harvest was also great. His origin soul was finally free, half of the Moongazer Serpent’s bone, the celestial mountain, Mountain and River screen, and finally that crown!

He couldn’t tell if he ended up gaining or losing, he could only let out a sigh before moving even faster. The Moongazer Serpent slowly approached. Every time it moved, it would cross an extremely large distance.

If Wang Lin was still in his body, he would have already been caught. However, he no longer had his body, and flying with only his origin was several times faster than with his body.

As he rushed away, Wang Lin’s origin soul entered the star compass and escaped like crazy with half of the Moongazer Serpent’s bone.

Wang Lin had no confidence he could escape the ancient god finger through luck once more. If the Moongazer Serpent caught up, he would die for sure!

After his origin soul entered the star compass, his speed reached an unimaginable degree and reached an equilibrium with the Moongazer Serpent. Although he didn’t escape, he managed to keep a certain distant from the Moongazer Serpent.

However, this kind of flying was intensive on Wang Lin’s origin soul. His origin soul was already seriously injured, and now his injuries were becoming worse and his origin soul was dimming.

Wang Lin rushed across the northern domain and arrived in the southern domain of the Allheaven Star System!

Moving at full speed for an extended period of time gradually made Wang Lin’s origin soul weaker, and he couldn’t hold on much longer. However, the Moongazer Serpent also slowed down before completely stopping at the border to the southern domain. It let out a few low muffles but didn’t dare to cross over.

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