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Chapter 714 – The Moongazer Serpent Awakens

In planet Yun Xia, Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position and his eyes were shining. The power of the underworld river was covering both sections of the bone. At this moment, the two sections of bone were moving as if they were alive. Following a burst of golden light, the trembling became more violent.

It wasn’t only one part, but the entire bone was trembling.

It was as if a big hand was holding someone’s spine and shaking it violently, thus causing their whole body to tremble.

The Moongazer Serpent was like this right now.

The entire planet began to tremble violently. The area around Wang Lin was shaking violently, but his body seemed to be rooted in place and remained motionless.

Great pain spread across this giant Moongazer Serpent , but due to the large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits, the pain was dulled greatly. Also, through some strange means, this pain was converted into an intense sense of excitement.

Bursts of red mist came out of the countless tentacles covering the planet. The tentacles trembled violently and muffled roars seemed to come from the planet.

All of the tentacles on the surface extended like crazy, and their lengths increased several fold from their original 1,000 feet. If one looked at planet Yun Xia from space, it would look like a giant sea urchin!

Deep inside planet Yun Xia, Wang Lin’s eyes shined even more. Endless suction force came from his arms and spread across the two sections of the bone. The suction force was like a knife separating the bone from the Moongazer Serpent’s body.

During this process, this giant Moongazer Serpent shook even more violently. Countless cracks appeared on the surface of the planet, and the tentacles extended even farther. At the same time, a large amount of dirt fell off the Moongazer Serpent. If one saw this from the sky, they would see a large amount of dirt floating off the planet and into space.

However, if one looked from space, they would see countless land masses coming off from planet Yun Xia and slowly floating away.

It was like an egg with its shell rapidly cracking and falling off.

An ancient aura slowly came from inside the planet as the dirt flew off. It was as if a fierce beast that had been sleeping for countless years was gradually awakening.

The vibration became more and more intense, and more and more red mist started coming from the tentacles. The mixture of the red mist and the fog outside seemed to form a dense cocoon.

In planet Yun Xia, Wang Lin’s eyes shined even brighter. The earth trembled even more violently before, and a thick sense of crisis came at him from all directions.

Wang Lin suddenly stood up and moved as fast as light. Right now his eyes contained the might of thunder. He instantly arrived on the left section of the bone. Both of his hands grabbed onto the bone and he shouted, “Rise!”

This roar was like a rumbling thunder that spat out all of Wang Lin’s energy in exchange for great power. Countless veins on his arms bulged, and there were even flashes of runes that appeared from the cycling of his celestial spiritual energy.

Both of his hands were gripping the left section of the bone tightly. His eyes revealed a trace of madness, but deep within this madness there was an extraordinary sense of calmness.

“Rise for me!” Wang Lin shouted again and he pulled with his hands again. The earth shook even more violently and painful roars came through the earth. However, due to the power of the Celestial Ascension Fruits, the giant Moongazer Serpent wasn’t able to determine what this feeling was.

The earth shook even more violently, and Wang Lin’s body tensed up and he pulled once more. He managed make the this half of the bone move three inches.

As long it could be moved, even one inch was important! Wang Lin activated all of the celestial spiritual energy in his body without hesitation and pulled on the bone. Endless rumbles came from the earth as the bone that was countless kilometers long was slowly dragged out by Wang Lin.

Seven inches, ten inches, three feet, six feet, ten feet, 100 feet…

The sound of friction was enough to shake one’s soul. Wang Lin began to pull this half of the bone faster and faster.

Wang Lin’s face was ferocious, and the celestial spiritual energy in his body was surging like crazy. If he hadn’t reached the late stage of Ascendant, his body might not have been able to bear using celestial spiritual energy like this.

Everytime the celestial spiritual energy cycled once, Wang Lin’s strength would increase greatly. Time was of the essence, and the danger increased one fold every second he spent here. Wang Lin’s eyes were blood red as he let out another roar.

His strength reached its peak!

There was a loud rumble as Wang Lin rushed toward the surface with this section of the bone. The celestial guard immediately passed by Wang Lin and charged toward the other section of bone.

In comparison, the celestial guard that was at the Illusory Yin stage and cultivated a method similar to the ancient gods was much stronger than Wang Lin. It arrived next to the bone in a flash and grabbed it with both hands. When the celestial guard pulled the other section of the bone, the earth trembled even more violently.

The rumbling sounded like countless bolts of thunder descending. As the celestial guard held the bone, its body glowed gold with a hint of red. It dragged the bone and followed closely after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin and the celestial guard dragged one section of the bone each as they quickly broke through all the earth before them and headed toward the surface.

Their speed was too fast, as Wang Lin was using all his speed without any hesitation. At first he wasn’t fast, but once he gained momentum, he became faster and faster!

The earth trembled and the Moongazer Serpent roared even louder. The tentacles released more red mist, and under the stimulation of this intense pain, the Moongazer Serpent rapidly transformed into its third form.

However, thanks to the Celestial Ascension Fruits, the transformation process became a lot slower and the Moongazer Serpent was unable to tell where the intense pain was coming from.

After all, its body was too big! Also, it was only gradually awakening, so it was still in a drowsy state. This allowed the Celestial Ascension Fruits to be even more effective.

As the earth rumbled, Wang Lin charged out. The moment he charged out, the madness in his eyes was even more intense. He mercilessly pulled the bone out from underground.

The loud sound made the earth tremble even more, and the sound of the bone grinding against the earth was enough to give people headaches.

This half section of bone was simply too big and stretched for endless kilometers like a mountain range. From a distance, it looked like a giant, golden, fire dragon!

This object was too big to be put into the bag of holding, so Wang Lin had to drag the bone as he charged toward the sky.

His figure was too insignificant compared to this giant bone. If one didn’t look closely, they wouldn’t even see him.

Just at this moment, the earth rumbled once more and the celestial guard charged out. It was carrying the other half of the bone and followed closely after Wang Ling.


Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot, and the cycle of celestial spiritual energy in his body was already beyond his limit. Some of the celestial spiritual energy was leaking out of his body, causing him massive pain. However, compared to being able to obtain the Moongazer Serpent’s bone, this pain was worth it.

Wang Ling knew that he had to leave quickly, because if he was a bit slower, everything would be ruined and he could even lose his life here.

He didn’t believe the Moongazer Serpent would have any thoughts of letting the creature that took its bone escape. Once he was devoured, he would without a doubt die!

Although the tentacles wanted to wrap around them, due to the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruits, their movements were slower. However, the bone was simply too big, so even though the tentacles were slower, many of them still wrapped around the bone.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding without any hesitation and took out the restriction flag. His eyes revealed a sign of heartbreak, but this was not the time to worry about it. He formed a seal and pointed at the restriction flag.

This flag suddenly trembled and seemed to let out a sad cry. After all, it had been with Wang Lin for many years, and more than 900 years of refining it had caused a hint of intelligence to form.

The sad cry revealed a trace of decisiveness. The restriction flag collapsed and the countless restrictions fused together into a black meteor. There seemed to be a flame burning inside it as it crashed down on the tentacles wrapped around the bone.

The self-destruction of the restriction flag was exchanged for a powerful force. At this moment, a huge restriction appeared, and this restriction contained a spirit!

This spirit was formed due to Wang Lin, and it also extinguished for Wang Lin!

Because this huge restriction carried a spirit, it released endless power. When it fell on the tentacles, it caused them to instantly slow down.

The Moongazer Serpent was simply too powerful. Even the self-destruction of the restriction flag couldn’t cut off the tentacles; it could only delay the tentacles for a moment!

Wang Lin secretly sighed, but he mercilessly pulled without any hesitation. The entangled bone was pulled up and Wang Lin charged toward the fog in the sky while carrying the bone.

As for the section of bone carried b y the celestial guard, it was also entangled. However, with the destruction of the restriction flag, it was also pulled free, and the guard rushed after Wang Lin. As long as they could pass through this layer of fog, they would be in endless space!

However, just at this moment, the trembling in the earth reached a peak and a huge gap appeared. It was like a huge mouth, and a roar that shook the heavens and earth came out from this huge mouth.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and all the celestial spiritual energy in his body collapsed. His face filled with pain and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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