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Chapter 711 – Excretion

The fog was so thick that it was preventing his divine sense from spreading too far. The Thunder Beast let out a roar and charged into the fog. Thunder covered its body as it descended through the fog.

The thunder melted large amounts of fog as they descended. Sitting on the Thunder Beast, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. The seven star sword formation flew out and rapidly rotated to clear the way.

With the experience from last time, Wang Lin had a good understanding of planet Yun Xia. His speed was not fast and could even be considered slow. Whenever the Thunder Beast let out a roar and wanted to go faster, Wang Lin would stop it.

Although the speed was slow, it was stable. With the seven star sword formation, they easily cleared the way and came closer to the surface of the planet.

Wang Lin calculated the distance it took for him to get through the fog last time, and when there should’ve been less than 1,000 feet remaining, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

The Thunder Beast detected this danger even earlier. Without waiting for Wang Lin’s order, it immediately changed directions and charged out.

A slender tentacle appeared like an afterimage and swiped through where Wang Lin just was. It was simply too fast and seemed to only make a tiny hole through the fog.

Fortunately, the Thunder Beast dodged quickly enough. The tentacle that stretched out waved around before immediately withdrawing. However, while it was withdrawing, it wrapped around Wang Lin’s seven star sword formation. It seemed to carry a powerful section force as it pulled the seven star sword formation down.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. If he didn’t know of the danger and had rushed down, he wouldn’t have been able to dodge the tentacle.

Fortunately, he wasn’t going too fast, so the Thunder Beast was able to dodge it. The tentacle contained a powerful ability. When it touched the seven star sword formation, it made it so he couldn’t control the swords.

“This tentacle looks familiar…” Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit before his eyes lit up and he recognized the origin of the tentacle.

Wang Lin gasped. “This thing is shockingly similar to the Moongazer Serpent’s third form!”

The Moongazer Serpent had three forms. The first form was the dormant form with no offensive power. When Wang Lin first came here, that was the state the Moongazer Serpent was in.

The second form was when all the tentacles were withdrawn and the Moongazer Serpent would change into various shapes. The current Moongazer Serpent was in this state.

The third form was the assault form. All of the tentacles would be extended and could extend as long as the Moongazer Serpent itself. If one encountered a Moongazer Serpent in this form, they must escape, or they will be attacked.

Thinking about this, Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy. He looked at the remaining 1,000 feet of fog and began to hesitate.

“When I came here last time, there were two Moongazer Serpents here. One was in the first state and the second one was sleeping. Why have they changed now? I don’t know which Moongazer Serpent that tentacle belong to.” Wang Lin pondered for a moment. If he left now, not only would he have wasted his time gathering the Celestial Ascension Fruits, he would also lose the seven star sword formation.

“I lost a treasure before I even got close!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and revealed a decisive gaze. He really wasn’t willing to leave like this. He patted the Thunder Beast’s head and then it charged through the fog, but it didn’t emit any roars.

After leaving the fog, his divine sense was no longer obstructed. The scene that appeared before him made him suck in a breath of cold air.

The earth was completely different from before. The swaying plants from before had disappeared and were replaced with long tentacles. These tentacles were dark red and gave off a mysterious power. This made Wang Lin’s scalp tingle.

His divine sense spread out and he carefully scanned the area before letting out a breath of relief.

“Only 10,000 feet long. That means it is only heading toward the third form but hasn’t fully awakened. However, without stimulation, it is impossible for the Moongazer Serpent to be like this… Someone must have come here in the last 100 years!” Wang Lin frowned.

“However, even if someone came, it is unlikely for them to have stimulated it into transforming into the third form… This matter is strange!” Wang Lin jumped off the Thunder Beast and pondered. He looked toward the Thunder Beast and talked as if he was talking to a person. “With your abilities, you should be able to detect the dangers here. If you still aren’t willing to revert back into the war chariot, it will only increase the danger for both of us!”

The Thunder Beast waved its big head and began to ponder. It glanced at the tentacles coming out the ground and revealed a look of disdain.

Wang Lin frowned hard and simply decided to ignore it. He moved forward without causing any disturbance. He moved slowly and carefully as he made his way between the tentacles.

In his eyes, each of these tentacles contained terrifying attack power.

While Wang Lin flew, one of the tentacles before him suddenly lashed toward him. A powerful force rushed toward him.

The powerful wind created by this force blew Wang Lin’s hair backwards. The wind was like knives as it hit his face. He had been vigilant and was carefully observing these tentacles. When the tentacle attacked, he saw the root of the tentacle change slightly.

In almost an instant, Wang Lin teleported away. He was so fast that it created an afterimage. The tentacle hit the afterimage before slowly retracting and returning to normal.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the air. He stared at the tentacles on the ground and his eyebrows knit even tighter.

“To make the Moongazer Serpent fall under the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruits, they must be used on its sensitive spot. However, doing that will be troublesome with these tentacles.”

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits flew out around him. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, his right hand reached out, and he said, “Refine!”

Sounds of crisp explosions could be heard as the Celestial Ascension Fruits all shattered and turned into red liquid that condensed together.

Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal as he spat out a mouthful of origin energy that surrounded the liquid. His origin energy turned to flames and then red mist started being refined out of the liquid.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he grabbed the mist and charged toward the ground. He pushed his hand down and the red mist rushed toward the tentacles.

In the blink of an eye, the mist spread more than 1,000 feet wide. The dense, red mist surrounded the tentacles. It was much easier for the tentacles to absorb the fruits in mist form.

The dozens of tentacles within the area gradually slowed down their swaying. It was the same as mortals getting drunk. The tentacles’ dark red quickly turned into a crimson red.

Wang Lin carefully descended and moved between the tentacles. The tentacles seemed to completely ignore him, which let Wang Lin breath a sigh of relief. Shortly after, he finally landed on the ground.

There was a scene in the ancient god’s memories about the Moongazer Serpent’s sensitive spot. It was the root of the tentacles. Just a small little stimulation there would stimulate the whole body.

Wang Lin carefully took out Celestial Ascension Fruits, usually dozens at once, and refined them into a red liquid. After placing restrictions on them, he allowed the red liquid to merge with the root of the tentacles.

While he was doing this, he was very cautious. He was very careful and had his divine sense spread out.

The redness from the tentacles quickly dissipated, and Wang Lin knew he didn’t have much time. After placing the red liquid at the root of the last tentacle, he quickly flew out.

Almost at the instant he flew out, the red mist dissipated. The tentacles’ color changed from crimson red back to dark red. However, there were bulges on the tentacles that moved down underground.

When Wang Lin saw this, he recognized this scene. This was the Moongazer Serpent expelling the toxins from its body just like a mortal using the toilet.

The Thunder Beast had been looking at Wang Lin from the sky, and it was a bit annoyed. When it looked at the tentacles on the ground, the disdain in its eyes became even stronger. It moved forward and charged directly at the ground. Bolts of thunder shot out from its body and the rumbling sound transmitted across the entire planet.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and shouted, “Damn beast, quickly come back!”

Just at this instant, the ground trembled as if the entire planet had become alive. All of the tentacles stopped swaying and immediately extended toward the Thunder Beast.

There were too many tentacles coming from the ground. At first the Thunder Beast was filled with disdain as bolts of thunder transmitted through the tentacles and into the ground.

However, in the next instant, a mysterious power came from the tentacles and the tentacles gave off a red light. This red light was blinding, and in an instant the entire planet became red.

Those tentacles moved even faster, and in the blink of an eye, they wrapped around the Thunder Beast. No matter how hard the Thunder Beast struggled or released thunder, it had no effect on the tentacles. It couldn’t break even one tentacle!

Wang Lin was far away, and his expression was extremely gloomy. The Moongazer Serpent in the third form was extremely sensitive to sound, so the more the Thunder Beast roared, the tighter the tentacles wrapped around it. The disdain in the Thunder Beast’s eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced with fear.

Wang Lin sent a voice transmission. “Stop roaring!” His face was cold as he took out Celestial Ascension Fruits.

At this moment in the core of planet Yun Xia, a thin figure was sitting inside a vast cavern. Outside of his body was a huge furnace.

Strands of tentacles about as thick as an arm were wrapped around the furnace. The tentacles constantly wiggled as if they were absorbing something.

The old man’s expression was gloomy when he suddenly opened his eyes and his expression became even more gloomy. The walls of the cave began to move and large amount of red mist came in. There was also some foul-smelling filth that contained lightning, which made the smell even worse.

The old man was Greed. If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize this place as the place where the Moongazer Serpent absorbed nutrients and expelled waste.

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