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Chapter 710 – Attachment

The five major planets in the northern domain of the Allheaven Star System each had many cultivation planets under them, and there were many cultivation families on these cultivation planets. Wang Lin sat on the back of the Thunder Beast and went directly toward the Qian family.

The second step cultivators of the Qian family had gone into closed door cultivation long ago, so everything regarding the family was managed being by Qian Kuizi. When Wang Lin entered planet Thousand Illusion, Qian Kuizi noticed instantly.

When he saw Wang Lin arrive on the Thunder Beast, he was convinced that what the Huan family’s ancestor said was a lie. This person was without a doubt a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

Thinking about the powerful treasures and spells this person displayed 70 years ago in the battle against the Huan family’s ancestor, Qian Kuizi’s heart trembled.

“The messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple my Qian family relied on died in the Thunder Celestial Realm several thousand years ago. In the Allheaven Star System, unless it is one of the ancient families, everyone needs to rely on a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple to survive…” Qian Kuizi hesitated. His decision now would determine the future development of the Qian family.

“Unfortunately, all of the second step cultivators in the family are all in closed door cultivation. I can’t disturb them, or else there would be someone to discuss this with.”

While Qian Kuizi was hesitating, Wang Lin headed toward the Qian family’s city on the Thunder Beast.

The Qian family’s city was very large, several times larger than the Huan family’s. After all, the Qian family was the number one family on planet Thousand Illusions.

Qian Kuizi and some cultivators of the Qian family quickly came out to welcome Wang Lin.

Although Qian Kuizi’s cultivation level was higher than Wang Lin’s, the status of a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple was as high as the heavens, so they wouldn’t dare to offend one.

On the Thunder Beast, Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked at the Qian family cultivators. Finally, his gaze fell on Qian Kuizi, and he said, “Senior Qian Kuizi, long time no see.”

Qian Kuizi laughed and said, “I don’t dare to be called Senior. Lord Messenger’s status is noble, and my cultivation level is merely slightly higher. Let’s talk as peers.”

While Qian Kuizi spoke calmly, his heart was shocked. From what he could see, this person had gone from the early stage of Ascendant to the late stage of Ascendant in less than a century. Although he was still in the first step, this speed was shocking.

Only the various cultivation methods of the Thunder Celestial Temple could do this.

What shocked Qian Kuizi the most was the Thunder Beast under Wang Lin. This Thunder Beast was even fiercer, and when its gaze fell on Qian Kuizi, he felt like he had encountered a cultivator with similar cultivation level as his.

Qian Kuizi thought, “Back then, I thought this person had high status in the Thunder Celestial Temple. It looks like my guess is 70% likely to be true!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “That is fine as well. Fellow cultivator Qian Kuizi, I’m here to ask for some Celestial Ascension Fruits.”

Qian Kuizi silently pondered a bit. Although the Celestial Ascension Fruits were very important to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm, getting the support of a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple was more important.

The only hesitation he had was the future development of this person. It has to be said that in the Allheaven Star System, once a family was supported by an messenger, they couldn’t be supported by another until that messenger died.

“With my Qian family’s resources, we can bring a messenger that has reached the second step. However, those second step messengers are all too arrogant. To gain their support would require too many resources. This person’s cultivation is lacking, but his potential in the future is infinite. Although this is just a bet, if I bet correctly here…” Qian Kuizi began to hesitate.

In the Allheaven Star System, if a family was not supported by a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple, it meant that they lost the protection of the Thunder Celestial Temple. The consequences of this were extremely serious.

The Thunder Celestial Temple was a giant existence that shrouded the Allheaven Star System. Its method of control over the Allheaven Star System was very primitive and very different from how the Cultivation Alliance controlled the Alliance Star System.

In the Allheaven Star System, the Thunder Celestial Temple had a set number of messengers that never change; it always maintained 99 people.

There were 99 messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple, and each would have a large number of families that relied on them, allowing them to develop their own forces. This was the unique style of the Allheaven Star System.

Thunder Daoist’s forces weren’t in the northern domain, and he had only come here because he was ordered to investigate. It was due to his own confidence that he came by himself, and this resulted in his downfall.

If Wang Lin and Thunder Daoist were battling in Thunder Daoist’s sphere of influence, Wang Lin would without a doubt died!

Qian Kuizi pondered for a long time, but Wang Lin didn’t urge and quietly waited. He didn’t know what Qian Kuizi was thinking. In fact, Qian Kuizi thoughts had nothing to do with the Celestial Ascension Fruits.

Shortly after, Qian Kuizi let out a sigh. The Huan family ancestor’s words still echoed in his ears. He hesitated before saying, “Lord Messenger, my Qian family has a lot of Celestial Ascension Fruits, and we can give you half of them as a gift. However, I have a request I hope Lord Messenger can agree to.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he slowly said, “Speak.”

Qian Kuizi looked at Wang Lin and said, “I would like to see Lord Messenger’s Thunder Celestial Temple token!” His gaze narrowed. If this person couldn’t take out a token, then he was a fake, but if he could… Qian Kuizi would make a certain decision.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Qian Kuizi. Without wasting time, he slapped his bag of holding and Thunder Daoist’s jade flew out. Bursts of thunder immediately came from the jade and the might of thunder spread out.

Qian Kuizi had seen the token of a Thunder Celestial Temple messenger once before. At the moment he saw the token and felt the might of thunder, his expression immediately became respectful and the doubt in his heart disappeared.

“Lord Messenger, my Qian family is willing to make an agreement with you. When you reach the Yin and Yang stage, my Qian family will become your subordinates. Before that happens, my Qian family will do our best to meet your needs.” Although Qian Kuizi no longer had any doubts, the matter of gaining support from a messenger was simply too important. He decided to wait instead of completely devoting themselves.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but his thoughts raced. This Thunder Celestial Temple seemed a bit strange.

“Becoming my subordinate family… can the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple develop their own forces…” Wang Lin didn’t ask but softly said, “Let’s talk about this matter in the future. First, bring me the Celestial Ascension Fruits.”

Qian Kuizi secretly sighed. It seemed the other party was not interested in his deal. It was not abnormal, as without handing over their family’s bloodline inheritance, it wouldn’t be considered truly becoming a subordinate family.

He didn’t know if his hesitation had made his Qian family miss out on a chance to develop in the future, but right now he didn’t have time to think about it. After hearing Wang Lin’s order, he sent out the order to the Qian family members.

Shortly after, a cultivator of the Qian family appeared with a bag of holding and respectfully handed it to Qian Kuizi.

Qian Kuizi threw the bag over and said, “Lord Messenger, this is half the Celestial Ascension Fruits my Qian family possesses.”

Wang Lin scanned it with his divine sense and then nodded. The amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits in this bag was about the same as what the Huan family gave him, but it still wasn’t enough for Wang Lin.

“Thanks!” After clasping his hands at Qian Kuizi, Wang Lin patted the Thunder Beast’s head. The Thunder Beast let out a roar before turning into a bolt of thunder and disappearing.

Qian Kuizi looked at the bolt of thunder leaving and felt regret. If he was more decisive and had gained support…

Wang Lin had only obtained one fifth of the Celestial Ascension Fruits he needed, so there were still a lot to go. During the last 100 years, planet Thousand Illusions had undergone a lot of changes. The Xu family had mysteriously migrated.

After leaving planet Thousand Illusion, for the next several months, Wang Lin swept across the northern domain and borrowed the identity of a Thunder Celestial Temple messenger. Regardless of whether the cultivation planet was big or small, he would appear there.

A rumor saying that a Thunder Celestial Temple messenger was requesting Celestial Ascension Fruits soon appeared. However, this was quickly suppressed by Wang Lin using his status as a Thunder Celestial Temple messenger. This rumor only remained among the cultivation families.

A lot of cultivation families had never met a Thunder Celestial Temple messenger, so a lot of them greeted Wang Lin with a grand welcome.

Almost all of the families were shocked by the title of Thunder Celestial Temple messenger, so, like the Qian family, they handed over a portion of their Celestial Ascension Fruits. In the end, whenever Wang Lin arrived, the cultivation families would immediately hand over a portion of their Celestial Ascension Fruits. Some of the smaller cultivation families even requested to become his subordinate families.

After Wang Lin careful consideration, he didn’t accept these requests, as this matter was too big. He had no feud with these families, and the risk was too great. If they became his subordinates and his identity was exposed in the future, it could easily implicate them.

After experiencing all this, Wang Lin gained some clues to the use of the Celestial Ascension Fruits to the Thunder Celestial Temple and why families became subordinate to Thunder Celestial Temple messengers.

The Celestial Ascension Fruits piled up until Wang Lin had far more than he needed, but he still continued to collect them. After all, these fruits still had great use in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Half a year later, Wang Lin, along the the Thunder Beast, formed a ray of thunder and charged toward planet Yun Xia.

Among the bright stars there were many nebulas. Thunder echoed from the Thunder Beast, and Wang Lin traveled extremely quick.

“If I can succeed in this trip, then the metal element of the heaven defying bead will be complete. After that, it should be able to recognize an owner. I just don’t know if it will have any powers.” Wang Lin’s expectations began to rise as he flew toward planet Yun Xia.

Along the way, he took the one-billion-soul soul flag and searched the memories of the old man that was good at escaping. He memorized all of the old man’s escape spells.

This old man’s escape spells left a profound mark in Wang Lin’s memory. If it wasn’t for all the things that had happened, he would have studied them long ago.

Planet Yun Xia gradually became closer. In half a month, planet Yun Xia’s special fog appeared before Wang Lin’s eyes.

The fog was thicker than the last time he came here.

The bolt of thunder closed in, and before it even closed in, there were loud rumbles. Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, and after a moment, he charged toward the thick fog.

Bursts of roars came from the fog. When the roars landed in Wang Lin’s ears, it made his eyes light up.

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