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Chapter 712 – Greed’s Little Treasure

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits. He calmly looked at the Thunder Beast that was struggling against the tentacles but no longer dared to roar.

He waved his right hand and all the fruits shattered into juice. After being refined by his origin energy, the juice became red mist. Wang Lin stepped forth with the red mist and appeared next to the trapped Thunder Beast. He mercilessly pressed down with the red mist.

There were some crisp cracking sounds as the mist diffused around the Thunder Beast. The tentacles’ grasp loosened slightly and their color started to turn crimson red.

Taking advantage of the tentacles weakening, the Thunder Beast covered itself in thunder. Then its huge body shrank until it turned back into the chariot and finally charged out.

Wang Lin’s left hand reached out and put the God Slaying War Chariot into his bag of holding.

It was obvious that the Thunder Beast was terrified. Originally, it was unwilling to return to the bag, but now it compromised.

After putting away the Thunder Beast, Wang Lin began moving along. He would use the red mist to temporarily weaken the tentacles before sealing drops of juice at their roots.

He repeated this again and again. It was lucky that he had much more Celestial Ascension Fruits than he needed, or else he would have run out a long time ago.

Wang Lin was very careful along the way and was extremely vigilant. After a few days, he finally infused the juices of the Celestial Ascension Fruits into most of the tentacles on the planet.

“About 70% to 80% of the tentacles of this Moongazer Serpent have the juice of the Celestial Ascension Fruit sealed inside them. As soon as I activate the restrictions, the seals will collapse. Unfortunately, all of the Celestial Ascension Fruits are now gone. If every single tentacle was affected, it would have been perfect.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and gave up on the idea of leaving to search for more Celestial Ascension Fruits. This place was too strange, and Wang Lin was afraid there would be new changes the next time he came.

Once this Moongazer Serpent actually awakened, the Celestial Ascension Fruits would be useless against it.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his body sank underground. The earth was filled with a viscous liquid, so he had to activate the celestial spiritual energy in his body to force it away.

Without pause, Wang Lin carefully charged to the metal vein deep under the earth. However, after descending for a while, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he carefully looked around.

Wang Lin found subtle fluctuations of celestial spiritual energy within the dirt around here. This celestial spiritual energy was trapped inside the viscous liquid.

Wang Lin clearly remembered that the liquid was murky and didn’t have a trace of celestial spiritual energy last time he was here.

“It seems someone came here within the last 100 years. They entered deep into the Moongazer Serpent and used a powerful spell. This is why there’s celestial spiritual energy trapped in the dirt and why the Moongazer Serpent is slowly changing to its third form from its second form.”

Wang Lin pondered while he sank. After an unknown amount of time, he arrived at where the metal vein was, which was also the bone of the Moongazer Serpent.

A flame appeared and lit up the darkness around the bone. Wang Lin’s eyes started glowing. His goal for coming here was this!

He placed his right hand on the bone and was about to absorb it. However, he immediately stopped and began to ponder.

“To be able to cause the Moongazer Serpent to change state means this person’s cultivation is shocking. If this kind of person already dead, then it won’t be an issue. However, if he is still hiding or is trapped here, then when I take the bone and release the Celestial Ascension Fruits, it is very likely that that person will appear! If this is the case, then it will add a lot of variables!”

Wang Lin withdrew his right hand. After pondering for a bit, he flew along the bone. He decided to carefully search the area to see if there was any other cultivator around.

When Wang Lin needed to be cautious, he was always very cautious. This was especially true for a moment like this, where he could easily die if he was careless. He couldn’t afford to not be cautious.

“Taking the bone from this Moongazer Serpent’s body can be considered one of the three most dangerous moments in my life.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and became even more cautious.

Back in the Land of Ancient God, he relied on wit. In the Celestial Realm, he relied on caution. At the Demon Spirit Land, he relied on determination.

He followed the bone and moved forward. After a long time, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. His eyes shined brightly as he stared at the bone before him.

There was a huge fissure on the bone, and there was a dried layer of mucus over it. It was obvious that this was because a very long time had passed.

This fissure was very deep, although not enough to cut the bone in half. Wang Lin clearly remembered that this crack didn’t exist the last time he was here.

After cautiously moving forward, Wang Lin carefully examined it, and his eyes became serious.

“No wonder the Moongazer Serpent is turning into its third form. The pain caused by this kind of injury is enough to completely anger it. The person who injured it obviously doesn’t know anything about the Moongazer Serpent, or they wouldn’t have dared to do this.”

Wang Lin revealed a sneer, then he moved and went around. However, he suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at the fissure once more. He felt like there was something wrong.

After pondering for a bit, he returned to the fissure, and his eyes followed the dried mucus. After a long time, his eyes suddenly shined and his right hand waved at the dried mucus.

Celestial spiritual energy immediately appeared and a celestial wind started blowing. The dried mucus immediately melted, revealing the deep fissure under it.

In the depths of the fissure lied a huge mountain!

The mucus was blocking the way before, so Wang Lin didn’t see it. Also, the mountain had almost completely assimilated with the bone, so there was almost no difference between the two.

When Wang Lin moved just a second ago, he found that the celestial spiritual energy here was much denser than everywhere else. The source of the celestial spiritual energy was the fissure.

While staring at the mountain that had assimilated with the Moongazer Serpent’s bone, the light in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with a mysterious light.

“Greed!” Wang Lin revealed a grim expression.

Wang Lin had seen this mountain before. This was the treasure Greed took out and extracted the mountain soul from.

“They indeed chased after me!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Now he was no longer anxious to take the Moongazer Serpent’s bone.

“I just don’t know if they all came, or if only a few people came, or if only Greed came!” Wang Lin rubbed his chin as he stared at the mountain. He moved forward and went directly into the fissure.

The walls of the bone were uneven and the large amount of metal ore was giving off a red light. It looked very gorgeous.

“The seven star sword formation has been taken by the tentacles and I have no idea where it went. However, I can’t let go of this mountain. With Greed’s status and habits, his treasures can’t be simple!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He carefully looked around before arriving next to the mountain.

The edge of the mountain had already assimilated with the bone and it was impossible to tell the two apart. One could clearly see that some flame metal had appeared within the mountain.

“The assimilation is very thorough, so this will be a bit difficult. I can’t use the Celestial Ascension Fruits right now.” Wang Lin pondered for a bit before forming a sword with his two fingers and testing the toughness of the mountain. This mountain was very hard; his finger was filled with celestial spiritual energy but left no mark. His eyes lit up and he transferred some of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy into his finger. He gave up on getting the entire mountain. Instead, he went around the assimilated part and swung down.

A crack silently appeared on the mountain and slowly spread. There was only a soft crackle as the close side of the mountain separated from the Moongazer Serpent’s bone.

The position Wang Lin chose was very ingenious. He completely avoided the assimilated part, so he didn’t stimulate the Moongazer Serpent.

After arriving on the other side, Wang Lin carefully looked at it and waved his fingers once more. This time he was even more careful, because this side of the mountain had assimilated even more than the other side.

Wang Lin’s two fingers carefully moved around the mountain and slowly avoided the assimilated part. Just as he was about to completely remove the mountain, Wang Lin suddenly felt coldness from behind him that made his scalp tingle.

He didn’t even dare to spread out his divine sense. Under this cold aura, it was as if he had his eyes closed and there was a sword pointed between his eyebrows.

At this moment, this feeling appeared along with the chill on his back.

This feeling continued and became even clearer. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as his right hand grabbed the mountain that had been extracted. He immediately charged up and his left hand pointed behind him.

The Stop spell!

All of this happened in an instant; there was no hesitation at all. As Wang Lin moved, a roar came from behind him.

Wang Lin quickly flew out after grabbing the mountain. He immediately put the mountain inside his bag and charged into the earth. Without any hesitation, he used an escape spell he learned from the old man. Roars echoed behind his body, and when he flew out, his divine sense spread out. To his horror, he saw the small Moongazer Serpent with 100 feet of its body outside the dirt with the rest still hidden in the earth.

This small Moongazer Serpent was surrounded by the Stop spell, which gave Wang Lin the perfect chance to escape. After Wang Lin had disappeared, the small Moongazer Serpent regained control, but its eyes were bloodshot. It let out a roar before disappearing back into the earth.

Wang Lin was moving very fast through the earth and was already far away. This made him even more aware of how dangerous this place was.

“How many Moongazer Serpents are here!?” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy.

What terrified him the most was that the Moongazer Serpent’s appearance was extremely strange. He wasn’t aware of it closing in at all. It had been a long time since something like this had happened to him.

“That Moongazer Serpent is in its third form. That damn Greed, just what exactly did he do? If all he did was stab the mountain into the Moongazer Serpent’s bone, it definitely wouldn’t be like this!”

Wang Lin suddenly stopped while escaping. He seemed to have thought of something, and his expression became even more gloomy.

“Could it be…”

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