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Chapter 709 – Fourth Step of Cultivation, Does it Exist…

A ray of thunder flew through the stars. Inside the thunder was a Thunder Beast with silver horn that contained a hint of gold. Its whole body gave off flashes of lightning and looked very majestic.

Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position on the back of the Thunder Beast. His hair moved without any wind and his eyes were shining. Although he looked ordinary, he gave off an extraordinary aura.

If anyone saw him right now they would without a doubt think he was a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Right now he was far too similar to Thunder Daoist.

If a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple met Wang Lin, they would be startled.

More than 900 years of cultivation allowed Wang Lin to reach the late stage of Ascendant, the same cultivation level as Zhuque Zi back then.

If Zhuque Zi wasn’t dead, how would he feel if he saw this? The little cultivator who he only considered a pawn had grown to such heights!

Late stage Ascendant cultivators were considered supreme existences in some small cultivation planets. No one would dare to provoke them there.

After spending the last year absorbing celestial spiritual energy, Wang Lin had finally reached this peak. He only needed to take another step for his cultivation and domain to reach completion. After that, he would be able to take the step toward the second step!

Not many people could reach the second step of cultivation, and it was so difficult that cultivators at the first step couldn’t imagine it.

Although Wang Lin hadn’t reached that step, the few times he battled with Illusory Yin cultivators made him realize how powerful second step cultivators were.

“The first step of cultivation was already very difficult. Thinking back over these 900 years of cultivation, crisis was around every corner. Any bit of carelessness would have caused my soul to be destroyed. If it wasn’t for Senior Zhou Yi, I would already be dead from trying to break into the Ascendant stage.

“If the first step was already like this. then the second step must more difficult. The second step must also have its own life and death trial… I wonder if I can pass it… However, a person who follows the will of the heavens is the same as a mortal, and someone who goes against the heavens is immortal. As long as my dao heart remains, I can conquer all dangers!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly.

“There is also the third step of cultivation. Even people like the All-Seer haven’t reached it and are struggling in pursuit. What level is this third step… How will it compare against an ancient god…” Wang Lin’s eyes showed a hint of anticipation.

However, he knew that the third step was currently too far away; he might not even grasp it before his lifespan ends.

“The three steps of cultivation are like climbing a mountain; each step is more difficult than the previous. I don’t know how many realms are in the third step… I just don’t know if there is a fourth step!” Wang Lin’s right hand gently rubbed the Thunder Beast’s head. Lightning moved through his hand, but it had no effect on him.

“Does the fourth step exist…” Wang Lin muttered, as if he was asking the stars.

No one could answer this question.

The thunder brought Wang Lin toward planet Thousand Illusion. Planet Ran Yun was where his memories were sealed, so Wang Lin didn’t want to go there anymore.

“It is about time to explore that Moongazer Serpent on planet Yun Xia. I need a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits, so the Huan family is the best choice!” Wang Lin rode the Thunder Beast forward. Although it was slower than the star compass, it was still very fast.

“The original body has absorbed the spiritual energy of a small planet and its strength is at four stars. However, it is still missing the aura of an adult ancient god. I wonder if I can find it in the Allheaven Star System…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as if he had an epiphany.

“The Moongazer Serpent is a parasite that lives inside an ancient god’s body. I wonder if there is any remnant aura of an ancient god there…” Wang Lin remembered something from the past.

“Back then, on planet Tian Yun, a messenger of the Cultivation Alliance came with a Star Sable. That creature is extremely sensitive to the aura of an ancient god. If that beast was here, it would help a lot in search of an ancient god’s aura.”

The Thunder Beast roared as it flew through space. Half a month later, planet Thousand Illusion appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. His eyes were calm as the Thunder Beast flew toward planet Thousand Illusion.

The moment he closed, in countless thunder clouds appeared and the sound of thunder rumbling echoed across the sky. This phenomenon immediately caught the attention of the cultivators on planet Thousand Illusion.

The Thunder Beast closed in and directly penetrated through the atmosphere. As it floated in the air, it raised its head and let out a roar. This roar represented all the thunder in the world.

The rumble effected all the thunder clouds created by the arrival of the Thunder Beast. Bolts of thunder descended from the sky, creating a series of explosions.

Just like when Thunder Daoist arrived on planet Ran Yun, every cultivator on planet Thousand Illusion trembled. Their bodies and souls shook from the might of the thunder.

After releasing the third seal, the strength and inheritance the Thunder Beast gained made it no weaker than an Illusory Yin cultivator!

Wang Lin frowned. He didn’t want to attract so much attention. He slapped the Thunder Beast’s head, causing it to immediately stop roaring, and flew directly toward the ground.

The Thunder Beast rushed straight for the Huan family’s home according to Wang Lin’s memory.

Before he closed in, every cultivator of the Huan family flew out with Huan Fengshen leading them. They looked at the approaching thunder with horror in their eyes.

When they clearly saw Wang Lin sitting on the Thunder Beast, some people even exclaimed out loud.

The people of the Huan family could never forget Wang Lin.

Sitting on the Thunder Beast’s head, Wang Lin’s eyes carried lightning sparks as he calmly said, “Huan family head, come forth!”

Huan Fengshen took a deep breath. He stepped forth and respectfully said, “Huan family’s Huan Fengshen greets messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. I didn’t recognize Lord Messenger before; I hope Lord Messenger doesn’t mind.”

Wang Lin would naturally not explain and said, “There is no need to talk about matters of the past. I want to ask if you have a way to obtain a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits!”

“Celestial Ascension Fruits?” Huan Fengshen was startled and immediately bitterly said, “Lord Messenger, this…”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and looked at Huan Fengshen. The Thunder Beast under him began to growl.

Huan Fengshen let out a sigh and revealed a decisive gaze. He nodded and said, “Forget it, the Huan family will give up the opportunity to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm in 100 years and give all the collected Celestial Ascension Fruits to Lord Messenger.”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, but he began to think. This Huan Fengshen’s words contained some clues. Could the Celestial Ascension Fruit have something to do with the Thunder Celestial Realm…

The Thunder Celestial Realm was going to open up in 100 years. Wang Lin had heard this from Sun Xi before.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change as he silently nodded.

The Huan family had a large amount of Celestial Ascension Fruits, but it still wasn’t enough for Wang Lin’s needs.

“It seems I have to borrow the name of the Thunder Celestial Temple and go through this northern domain for more!” Wang Lin rubbed the Thunder Beast’s head.

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