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Chapter 708 – Original Body, Ta Sen, Zhou Ru

The amount of celestial jades in Thunder Daoist’s bag made Wang Lin gasp. The amount of celestial jades was simply too shocking; not even a cultivation family could compare.

“Just a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple has this much celestial jade. This shows just how powerful the Thunder Celestial Temple is!” Joy didn’t appear in Wang Lin’s head when he saw all these celestial jades, only shock.

He pondered for a long time and his eyes shined brightly.

“Thunder Celestial Temple…”

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then his body flickered and he disappeared into the cave. The celestial guard followed closely after him.

Wang Lin’s body floated in the air above the sky in the eastern part of the planet. He waved his hand down, and following a loud rumble, everything 5,000 kilometers was flattened.

The surrounding 5,000 kilometer area was as flat as a mirror. All of the protruding rocks became dust that was blown away by the wind.

So much dust was kicked up that it looked like white mist.

Wang Lin floated down and sat in the center. He slapped his bag of holding and all the celestial jades he had gotten from the three families flew out. The celestial jades landed around him in dense packs.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the one-billion-soul soul flag flew out. All of the soul fragments fused to make the three ultimate primary souls and they began patrolling the area. The celestial guard also flew into the air and carefully observed the area. Anything that attempted to get close would immediately be killed.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took a deep breath, his hand formed a seal, and he closed his eyes.

Large amounts of celestial spiritual energy suddenly filled the air and formed a giant storm that was constantly being absorbed by Wang Lin.

After a moment, all of the celestial jades on the ground all shattered. Then a large amount of celestial jades immediately flew out of Wang Lin’s bag and this cycle continued.

More and more celestial spiritual energy filled Wang Lin’s body, and his cultivation level kept increasing.

At this moment in the distant Alliance Star System, there was an abandoned planet. This planet was not big, even smaller than planet Suzaku, and there was no life here.

On this day, three rays of sword energy quickly crossed through the stars. The one in front was a woman. She was wearing a light purple, cotton dress. It was simple, but not without taste, giving off a graceful feel. There was faint, plum-colored lipstick applied to her elegant lips. Her unique and elegant face gave off a charming feel that could attract anyone.

The most eye-catching thing was her eyes that shined like the stars. Her body was emitting a faint fragrance that spread everywhere she went.

There were several shining butterfly discs on the right side of her forehead. The colorful reflections made her even more beautiful.

If Wang Lin was here and saw this woman, he would feel that she looked familiar. She was the one who left Suzaku after devouring Qian Feng and then was kicked out of the planet Five Elements, Zi Xin!

When she was being hunted by the Heavenly Water Palace, she was saved by Yao Xixue’s father, the Blood Ancestor, and became his concubine.

Two old men giving off bloody lights followed behind her. Their eyes were dim and their minds were clearly being controlled. These two people were blood slaves refined by the Blood Ancestor.

Every single blood slave had Ascendant cultivation.

Zi Xin was very fast and soon brought the two blood slaves to this tiny, far-away planet.

Zi Xin’s voice was very attractive as she slowly asked, “This is the planet you spoke of?”

One of the blood slaves behind her slowly said, “Mistress, this is the planet.”

Zi Xin’s eyes narrowed and landed on this planet. Three months ago, one of the blood slaves reported that there were some changes happening to the planet, as if it was slowly dying.

This planet was in the Blood Ancestor’s sphere of influence. After the trip to the Demon Spirit Land, the Blood Ancestor always showed a gloomy expression. Not long after, he left without anyone knowing where he went.

Zi Xin pondered for a while before heading toward the tiny planet with the two blood slaves.

There weren’t any living beings on this planet; it was completely abandoned. The earth was completely dried up. When Zi Xin and the blood slaves arrived on the planet, they heard a rumble that continued to echo.

Then she saw even more cracks appear on the earth, and a mountain in the distance suddenly collapsed, causing dust to fill the air.

Farther away, there was a 100-foot-wide river that had already dried up.

One of the blood slaves said, “Although this planet was abandoned 400 years ago, it was not this strange back then. It’s as if the planet has completed an entire life cycle in the last 400 years. This was especially more apparent in the last few decades.”

Zi Xin’s eyes lit up and her divine sense spread out. She wanted to check the depths of the planet. However, just as her divine sense entered the ground…

A coldness filled with killing intent suddenly echoed.

“Scram!” This voice was several times more violent than thunder, and a powerful sense of majesty suddenly appeared. Even more cracks appeared on the ground. At this moment, the sky darkened as if it didn’t dare to resist this voice.

This voice carried endless sound waves that superimposed on each other, making it sound like countless voices roaring at the same time.


At this moment, the entire planet seemed to collapse. The mountains collapsed and the earth sank. Countless spatial cracks appeared in the sky as the cold wind roared. It was like hell on earth.

At the same time, this voice landed on Zi Xin’s ear, causing her face to turn pale. The two blood slaves trembled and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Zi Xin’s eyes were filled with horror. She didn’t have enough time to think about why this voice sounded familiar. She immediately respectfully bowed and said, “Junior didn’t know this place was Senior’s closed door cultivation spot. Sorry for disturbing Senior. I’ll leave immediately.”

Her scalp felt numb as she quickly retreated without any hesitation followed by the two blood slaves. The three of them of quickly left the planet. Once they were in space, the fear in Zi Xin’s eyes disappeared. After looking at the planet meaningfully, she quickly left with the two blood slaves.

Shortly after they left, the rumbling sounds from the planet became even louder. Soon, the entire planet began to collapse. It looked like a large ball with many cracks, but then even more cracks appeared and the entire planet collapsed in an instant.

At the moment it collapsed, a loud sound echoed across the stars. An invisible force also spread out, and far away, Zi Xin and the two blood slaves’ expressions changed once more.

The force was so fast that it was able to catch up to them. Zi Xin’s expression became pale and she shouted, “Blood slaves, explode to stop it!”

The two blood slaves behind her didn’t hesitate to charge toward the source of the force and explode their origin souls!

Borrowing this moment, Zi Xin took out a blood red jade from her bag. This was something the Blood Ancestor gave her. I could be used once to be teleported back to the Blood planet from anywhere.

However, it would take a certain amount of time to activate.

The planet collapsed and turned into countless dust particles that spread across the stars. After the planet collapsed, there was a man standing at the center.

He had a head of red hair that flowed without any wind and his eyes were as cold as ice. His skin was very rough with very noticeable veins that looked like runes.

There were four stars slowly rotating on his forehead. However, one of the star was flickering.

He was Wang Lin’s original body!

The original body’s expression was cold like ice that hadn’t melted in countless years. His body gave off an extremely cold aura.

The force caused by the collapse by the planet seemed to have no effect on him at all; it didn’t even seem to be able to penetrate his skin. Wang Lin’s eyes looked into the distant void.

“This planet no longer has any spiritual energy for me to absorb…” Wang Lin pondered a bit as he slowly looked at the collapsed planet around him. Then his right hand reached out and he grabbed.

The dust around him suddenly paused and an ancient aura slowly condensed. However, not long after, it dissipated.

“This soul extraction spell requires some cultivation!” Wang Lin’s origin body stepped forward. With how strong his body was, he didn’t need a star compass to travel among the stars.

“Unfortunately, I still haven’t found any aura of an adult ancient god. Otherwise, I would have truly reached four stars… Could it be I need to take a trip back to planet Suzaku… I don’t know when Ta Sen will break free…” Wang Lin’s original body slowly disappeared among the stars.

Several months later, Wang Lin’s body chose a new abandoned planet. He slowly entered the core of the planet and closed his eyes to cultivate.

He chose this planet because it had a natural layer of thunder.

Planet Suzaku, Sea of Devils.

The fog in the Sea of Devils had disappeared a long time ago, so the entire Sea of Devils was now a large basin.

In the depths of the Sea of Devils there was a place called the Broken Chaotic Stars. This was a forbidden area of the Sea of Devils! Anyone who approached his place would mysteriously disappear. After a while, no one dared to come here.

Inside the Land of the Ancient God inside the Chaotic Broken Stars.

Countless cultivators were sitting in the sea of blood. These cultivators’ cultivation levels slowly increased as the sea of blood invaded them. Those ancient cultivators were becoming even more powerful.

On the largest pillar in the sea of blood sat a red-haired man. His body was giving off an aura so powerful that it could cause all beings to tremble!

A rust-covered sword was stabbed into the ground next to the man. This rust-covered sword also had some dry blood on it.

At this moment, the sound of something grinding against the ground could be heard. He had his head lowered and his red hair was covering his whole body. Through the gaps in his hair, one could see that he was carving the two words “Wang Lin” with his sharp nail.

If one looked closely, one could clearly see that this entire pillar was covered with these two words!

“Wang Lin…” A hoarse voice came from the red-haired man and echoed across the entire sea of blood. Every cultivator’s body trembled.

For countless years, they had heard the name Wang Lin so much that it was engraved in their bones…

“Wang Lin, I’m about to be free…”

Three months later, a person walked out from the Chaotic Broken Stars. This person had a monkey with red eyes on his shoulder, and he slowly walked out of the Sea of Devils.

He wasn’t Ta Sen but a messenger sent by Ta Sen!

There was deep hatred in this person’s eyes. If Wang Lin was here, he would recognize him as the long dead Sky Devil Magician!

Back then, if it wasn’t for Wang Lin, the heritance of knowledge would have been his. He was the master of Six Desire Devil Lord and had plotted for thousands of years, but in the end, all of it was destroyed by Wang Lin. His hatred for Wang Lin wasn’t any weaker than Ta Sen’s!

“The realm under the Thunder Celestial Realm…” Sky Devil Magician’s body flickered and left planet Suzaku.

Planet Suzaku, peak of Mount Suzaku.

Zhou Ru’s long hair flowed with the wind and her dress flapped in the wind. She looked much more mature than before. Behind her, Little White was lying on the ground with a lazy gaze.

Zhou Ru was holding a bag of holding in her hand. This bag was very old and clearly had hundreds of years of history.

“Uncle, I can now open the bag you left me back then…”

Zhou Ru said this softly before looking down at the bag. Her divine sense entered the bag and opened it.

There was nothing inside… Only a ray of white light shot out and entered between Zhou Ru’s eyebrows. Her body trembled, her grip on the bag loosened, and it was blown far away.

Little White let out a roar, suddenly stood up, and looked at Zhou Ru. He couldn’t understand what exactly had happened.

The white light disappeared between Zhou Ru’s eyebrows, and in her brain a seal was released… The sealed memories slowly appeared before Zhou Ru.

“For these 19 years, I felt this child grow up as if she was my own. Big Brother Wang… I can’t bear it… Wan Er is very silly; I have let you down…”

Tears appeared on Zhou Ru’s face, and after a long time, she lowered her head, sat down, and hugged her knees. She couldn’t stop her tears.

“Little White, it turns out Uncle never wanted me to find him…”

Wang Lin was currently absorbing celestial spiritual energy like crazy. Around him, the shattered celestial jades continued to pile up more and more.

The amount of celestial jades required to break past the mid stage of Ascendant was a terrifying, far more than early stage to mid stage. However, Wang Lin had enough celestial jades.

However, Wang Lin found that after his origin soul devoured the ancient thunder dragon,, it was different from before. It was like a bottomless pit when it came to absorbing celestial jades.

Half a year had already passed, and he had consumed a terrifying amount of celestial jades every day. However, his origin soul was still not full.

Time slowly passed and he consumed even more celestial jades. Another six months passed, and on this day, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. Lightning flashed through his eyes and a heaven shaking aura rushed out of his body.

Wang Lin stood up. His expression was calm and he stepped toward the sky.

“Late stage Ascendant!”

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