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Chapter 707 – The Incomplete Celestial Spell Book That Shocked Wang Lin

Half a year later, a muffled explosion echoed across the abandon planet Wang Lin made a cave in. The entire planet shivered slightly as dust filled up the sky like a dense fog.

Wang Lin frowned and walked out from this dense dust cloud.

Behind him followed a skinny puppet. There were countless lightning bolts shining on the puppet’s fist.

Thunder Daoist chose to compromise in the end, but Wang Lin underestimated the failure rate of of creating celestial guards. Even with the Thunder Beast from the Thunder Celestial Temple, it still failed in the end.

“Low grade celestial guards have strength equal to peak first step cultivators. It was because I added the heavenly ghost that produced some change that it was able to reach the strength of Illusory Ying cultivators.

“For this second celestial guard, I used an Illusory Yin cultivator along with the Thunder Beast. I should have been able to produce a mid-grade celestial guard, but unfortunately I still failed.”

Wang Lin secretly sighed. Many things make you feel like you are in control, but in the end they still escape your grasp.

“It seems my dao heart is a bit restless!” Wang Lin removed the feeling of helplessness from his mind and his mind became calm once more. He looked at the mummy behind him and began to ponder.

Wang Lin mumbled, “It’s not like I didn’t gain anything!”

After the second celestial guard refining had failed, Thunder Daoist’s origin soul lost its consciousness and turned into a mysterious light that fused with the body. The Thunder Beast was also crushed and fused with it.

“Peak of silver grade!” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. Although he failed, at the moment of failure, he decisively cut off Thunder Daoist’s origin soul and gave up on the refining process. This made the celestial guard, which was on the third step of refining, revert to the first step.

He had obtained a peak silver grade body of what could be considered an incomplete celestial guard. Although it couldn’t use any spells, the body was extremely strong.

If Wang Lin’s origin soul could leave his body, he would just barely be able to manipulate it. However, right now his origin soul couldn’t leave his body, so with his divine sense, he could just barely make it perform some simple actions, like that punch just now.

This kind of control couldn’t be used in battle. In fact, even if Wang Lin’s origin soul could take control of it, he wouldn’t be able to use it like his own body, as the remains of Thunder Daoist’s origin soul would reject his control.

After reaching the first step of the celestial guard refining process, only the original origin soul could freely control the body. Once the third step, the origin soul refining step, failed, then no one would be able to control it, unless someone several ranks higher in cultivation possessed it as their own body.

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he put the second celestial guard back into his bag and walked back into the cave.

He had too many things to do; the celestial guard was only one of them. After balancing his mentality a bit, the irritation from the failure of the celestial guard disappeared.

“I must increase my cultivation level so that it matches my domain!” Inside the cave, Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position and his eyes lit up as he stared forward.

The three ultimate primary souls had already been put away by him along with the seven star sword formation. However, Ling Tianhou’s sword energy rays, the celestial guard, and Thunder Beast were still inside the cave.

The celestial guard stood on the side not far away from Thunder Beast that had the third seal released and was lying on the ground.

Ling Tianhou’s two rays of sword energy floated in the air. They emitted powerful sword energy that gave off a faint, whistling noise.

Wang Lin’s gaze was on the Thunder Beast.

If it wasn’t for the life and death situation from before, Wang Lin would have never opened the third seal on the God Slaying War Chariot without any preparation. After all, the God Slaying War Chariot was extremely difficult to control; one mishap and he would suffer the backlash.

However, during these six months, the Thunder Beast’s reaction had been unexpected. Not only did it not show any signs of causing him any backlash, it even followed all of his commands.

However, there was one order it wouldn’t listen to no matter what spell Wang Lin used.

It wouldn’t turn back to the war chariot and return to his bag of holding.

The Thunder Beast was three times larger than before. It had become more brilliant and more gold had appeared on its silver horn.

When Wang Lin looked at it, the Thunder Beast also raised its large head and glanced at Wang Lin. Its sprayed out two strands of thunder from hits noise that traveled across its body.

The person and beast stared at each other. Wang Lin could feel that this beast had became more intelligent as if it had a real soul.

Although the Thunder Beast was defiant before, its eyes were never as smart as they were now.

As if it was annoyed, the Thunder Beast withdrew its gaze. It let out a growl, then its body turned into a bolt of thunder and disappeared into the distance.

Wang Lin wryly smiled. During these past six months, this beast was often like this. It would leave and not come back for several days.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze.

“Since this beast isn’t willing to return to the bag of holding, then I’ll simply let it be!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the two rays of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy returned to his body. As for the celestial guard, it stood at the entrance of the cave to protect Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took out a bag of holding. This bag of holding held everything Thunder Daoist owned. When Thunder Daoist’s consciousness dissipated during the third step of the refining process, the divine sense on it disappeared and the bag became ownerless.

There were many things inside this bag of holding. Aside from some daily use stuff, there were only four things that caught Wang Lin’s attention. The first item was a jade.

There was a fierce Thunder Beast carved on this jade. The Thunder Beast had a golden horn with lightning scattered all over its body. It looked extremely mighty. There was a large rune engraved on the back of the jade.

Wang Lin didn’t know the meaning of the rune, but after some analysis, he guessed the use of this object.

Ordinary jades would never have such embellishments carved on them, so this jade obviously had the role of a token.

When he tried checking it with his divine sense, a ray of lightning came out to prevent Wang Lin from checking it. Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral as he carefully examined this lightning before revealing a smile.

“Could it be that I really have the potential to be a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple…” Wang Lin revealed a strange smile. This lightning could prevent most cultivators, even some second step cultivators, from checking the jade.

However, it had no effect on Wang Lin.

The lightning contained a sliver of heavenly thunder. This was the true might of heavenly thunder. It was obvious that unless one cultivated the cultivation method of the Thunder Celestial Temple, it was impossible to view what was inside this jade.

However, Wang Lin had once devoured an ancient thunder dragon, so the thunder he controlled was a level above this. The thunder in his origin soul moved and moved into the jade. He easily broke through the lightning and saw inside the jade.

Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, his eyes suddenly widened. There were only two spells stored in this jade, and the first was Furnace Becomes the World!

For one’s own dao to form a furnace that could refine the world. This furnace was integrated with one’s origin energy to create an amazing origin energy spell!

It was obvious this spell was the one that Thunder Daoist had used. Wang Lin had a strong understanding of this spell.

“Unfortunately, this spell requires too much origin energy. It’s impossible to use it before reaching the Illusory Yin stage.”

Wang Lin’s divine sense landed on the second spell. This spell was named Thunder Origin spell!

This Thunder Origin spell was what really shocked Wang Lin!

“The Thunder Origin spell is a fragment of a low rank celestial spell. Absorb origin energy from thunder and quickly condense it into your own. Help reduce the time one stays at the Yin and Yang stage.

“This spell is very overbearing. The might of heavenly thunder is something first step cultivators can’t withstand, so they can’t cultivate this.”

Wang Lin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Ordinary cultivators couldn’t cultivate this, but by chance he had a thunder origin soul. The value of this spell was unimaginable to him.

Even if a real low grade celestial spell was placed before him, it wouldn’t have the same value as this. Although it was only the fragment of a low grade celestial spell, it was something Wang Lin needed the most right now.

“No wonder the Thunder Celestial Temple is so strong in the Allheaven Star System. Being able absorb origin energy from heavenly thunder allows them to cultivate much faster than others.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he revealed a smile.

“After cultivating this Thunder Origin spell and this Furnace Becomes the World spell and adding in the Thunder Beast, even a real messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple would be shocked…”

After memorizing the information inside the jade, Wang Lin carefully put it away and looked at the next item.

This item was a sword. This sword had no body, it was completely made of lightning. Wang Lin saw Thunder Daoist use this against the celestial guard. Even the celestial guard’s punches couldn’t break this sword.

Looking at the sword, Wang Lin pondered a bit before putting it away.

The third item was a silver stone the size of his fist. It contained the power of thunder and lightning. Wang Lin had a lot of interest in this item, so his divine sense carefully examined it. Then he lifted his right hand and gently placed his hand on it.

At the moment his hand touched it, a large amount of lightning came out of the stone and entered Wang Lin’s body.

If it was an ordinary cultivator, this lightning would have caused some serious injuries. However, Wang Lin’s origin soul opened its mouth and devoured this lightning.

At the moment the lightning disappeared, a wave of origin energy spread throughout Wang Lin’s body. This was only a tiny amount of origin energy, but it made Wang Lin’s eyes shine brightly.

He took a deep breath and stared at this stone. After hesitating for a long time, he gave up the idea of absorbing it and put it inside his bag.

This last item was something Wang Lin was familiar with, a celestial jade.

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