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Chapter 657 – The Old Monsters Descend (part 1)

“Allheaven Star System!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. In his memories there was no information on Allheaven Star System. Even in Tu Si’s memories there was nothing on this star system.

The woman inside the scroll trembled. She seemed to want to turn around, but there seemed to be an invisible power that prevented her from turning around.


Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He stared at the scroll and said, “I have already brought you to this place, now it’s your turn!”

The woman let out a sigh and her ethereal voice came out.

“Do you want to hear a story…”

Wang Lin frowned. His expression was gloomy as he coldly said, “Not interested!”

The woman was startled. She revealed a bitter smile and said, “A long time ago, there was a mysterious domain. This place was the holy land of cultivators from all over the world… no, the entire universe. It was called the Celestial Domain…

“Many of the rumors about the Celestial Domain have disappeared in the river of time; no one is even sure if this Celestial Domain even existed.

“However, one rumor has been passed down. The rumor was that the Celestial Domain abandoned the cultivators and left this universe. The only things left were the four tunnels that used to connect to the Celestial Domain. After countless years, those four tunnels became places where high level cultivators had to go and became the Celestial Realm. These four Celestial Realms respectively are… Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning…

“Below each of the four Celestial Realms is a corresponding star system. Above my Allheaven Star System is the Thunder Celestial Realm…”

“The heaven defying bead doesn’t belong to the Alliance Star System; it first appeared in my Allheaven Star System. No one knows how the bead appeared, but when it did, all the top cultivators in the Allheaven Star System felt the existence of the ancient Celestial Domain…”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he coldly looked at the scroll, but he didn’t speak.

“One can easily imagine that a trace of the ancient Celestial Domain made all the cultivators crazy. However, in the end, this bead mysteriously disappeared…

“Countless years later, we obtained some clues. For some reason, this bead appeared in the Rain Celestial Realm of the Alliance Star System…”

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he pointed above and said, “It was you who set the transfer array!”

The woman inside the scroll pondered for a long time before shaking her head. “I didn’t enter the Alliance Star System from here, but that transfer array was indeed made by a cultivator from the Allheaven Star System. That transfer array is no longer functional, unless there is an Allheaven stone. Not even a celestial jade can activate it.”

“I have told you all I know about the heaven defying bead. As for the soul inside, my ancestor can definitely help you. As long as you bring me back to the Allheaven Star System and send me home, I’ll definitely ask the ancestor to help you revive the soul inside!”

Wang Lin’s gaze was cold as he stared at the woman for a long time before he withdrew his gaze. The moment he saw the Allheaven Star System, he regained his calmness. What the woman said was obviously meant to lure him to the Allheaven Star System.

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Which sect in the Allheaven Star System do you belong to?”

“The Allheaven Star System is not the same as your Alliance Star System. There are no sects, only cultivation families. My family is the Xiang family on planet Dong Lin.”

Wang Lin seemed to ponder. A moment later he said, “I’m afraid I can’t pass through this vortex with my current cultivation level…”

The woman inside shook her head and softly said, “You have the heaven defying bead, so you should certainly be able to pass.”

There was a faint flash of coldness in his eyes. Since this woman was so certain, she must have concealed a lot of things.

Wang Lin no longer wasted time with the woman. His right hand reached out and grabbed the scroll and moved. He didn’t go through the vortex but flew upwards.

The woman inside the scroll immediately said, “You… don’t want to revive the soul inside the bead?”

Wang Lin silently pondered as he charged out. He spread out his origin soul, making him fuse with the suction force, and flew upwards.

Along the way, no matter what the woman said, Wang Lin didn’t reply at all. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin arrived at the large rock. Across from the large rock was the crack.

He landed on the large rock and carefully looked at the transfer array. His origin soul sent out lightning through his feet and into the large rock.

Cracking sounds immediately came from the large rock as lightning moved through it. Then with a bang, the rock collapsed into rubble and was sucked away by the suction force.

Without this large rock, this place became the same as everywhere else in this pit. Wang Lin grabbed the scroll and entered the crack two hundred feet away.

After entering this place, Wang Lin waved his hand and the scroll was inserted deep inside the wall. His eyes became cold and his hand formed many seals, then countless restrictions landed around the scroll.

“Why are you doing this… Without my help, the soul inside your heaven defying bead can’t be revived…” The woman’s anxious voice came from the scroll.

“Sound sealed!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his hand moved faster and faster. The countless restrictions almost covered the entire crack.

He had check the scroll while he flew up and knew he couldn’t destroy it. However, the woman inside knew too many of his secrets. Since he couldn’t kill her, then might as well permanently seal her!

“Wang Lin!! Without me, the soul inside your bead will never be able to resurrect!” The vicious voice from the scroll was like a ghostly wail.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy and his hand moved even faster. The vicious voice got gradually softer until it completely disappeared.

This sealing process lasted for several months. During this time, Wang Lin never stopped. The countless seals together formed a terrifying seal.

After several months, Wang Lin took a step back and flew upwards. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as his right hand hit the crack. The crack immediately collapsed, burying the scroll deep inside the cave.

From the outside there was nothing abnormal about it. No one will know that there is a woman inside a scroll sealed here.

Even if someone were to arrive here, they would be too busy resisting the suction force to bother checking this wall that looked the same as every other wall.

After he finished sealing, he didn’t immediately leave but stayed at a distance and silently waited.

Time slowly passed. Several days later, there was a faint fluctuation from where the scroll was sealed. The moment the fluctuation appeared, Wang Lin, who was a distance away, opened his eyes and revealed a cold smile.

His hand formed a seal and a black shadow immediately appeared from behind him. This shadow charged directly toward where the crack was.

“Seal!” Wang Lin let out a roar and the celestial guard’s hand formed a seal. A powerful seal immediately appeared on the celestial guard’s hand and pressed down on the fluctuation.

Wang Lin vaguely heard a miserable groan. Then his eyes lit up, and along with the celestial guard, they both placed down countless restrictions in the depths of the crack.

After finishing this, Wang Lin withdrew the celestial guard and silently waited.

Several months later, that fluctuation appeared once more, and what awaited her was another complete sealing. After three times, Wang Lin pondered a bit and no longer waited but flew straight up.

“The woman inside the scroll is probably very powerful, but she is sealed inside the scroll. I’m afraid she would have never had the chance to escape at all. However, back then she absorbed the Third Ancestor’s spell and gained some power.

“I didn’t check, so over the years she learned a lot of my secrets. Unless it was due to the special circumstance of the Tide Abyss, I’m afraid she would have never talked. Instead, she would have silently waited until she recovered.

“If I keep a hidden danger at my side, it will definitely affect me in the future! She must have ulterior motives!”

Wang Lin thought about this as he flew up.

“Only about thirty percent of what she said was true, but the Allheaven Star system shouldn’t be fake, or else she wouldn’t have asked me to take her there.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he floated upward. The suction force here was powerful. Although Wang Lin had become part of the suction force, he could still feel a pressure preventing upward movement.

He took a deep breath and slapped his bag of holding. The seven star sword formation flew out and surrounded his body. The formation created a powerful thrust to help him fly up.

“The Xiang family on planet Dong Lin. Even if this family has nothing to do with the woman, I should still be able to find some clues about her identity. Since she said that her family’s ancestor can revive Wan Er, then it is worth checking out whether it is true or not. Without that scroll following me, even if I go to the Allheaven Star System, no one will know I have the heaven defying bead.

“After all, this Demon Spirit Land is filled with danger, and the All-Seer and company can arrive at any time. Once they arrive, it will be unavoidable that we will meet. When facing these cultivators with cultivation levels I can’t even imagine, I’ll be powerless to resist them.”

As Wang Lin flew up, his eyes became cold.

“However, since that last token is in my hand, they can’t enter the real cave without me. Even if they come to the Demon Spirit Land, it will be useless. Even if they learn from Greed that I have the token, it will be too late. I will have already left for the Allheaven Star System!

“Once my cultivation level has increased to the point where I can be on equal term with the All-Seer and company, then I can come back and discover the secret of this cave!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were bright.

“However, before this, there are some matters that need to be dealt with. After I leave, I don’t know when I’ll be able to return…” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

The seven star sword formation gradually lost its effect. The shadow appeared behind Wang Lin and the celestial guard created a tornado, increasing Wang Lin’s speed once more.

He was getting closer and closer to the entrance of the pit…

A large mosquito herd roared outside the entrance of the pit. The purple mosquito’s originally dispirited eyes suddenly lit up. Then it suddenly rushed out and pushed aside some of its companions that were in the way. It stared into the pit and let out bursts of sharp cries.

The happiness in his cries was indescribable. The mosquito’s body trembled as its flapped its wings and charged like lightning into the pit without any hesitation.

At this moment, even though all the mosquitoes cried at the same time, they weren’t be able to prevent this mosquito from charging down the abyss.

While Wang Lin flew up, he immediately noticed the roars coming from above. He looked up and saw the mosquito beast he hadn’t seen for over a decade. When the mosquito saw Wang Lin, its eyes filled with joby. It circled around Wang Lin, letting our cries like a child who had been away from their parents for a long time.

It excitedly flew under Wang Lin and carried Wang Lin up. With the help of the tornado from the celestial guard, Wang Lin flew directly out of the pit. At the moment he came out, Wang Lin let out a breath of relief.

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