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Chapter 658 – The Old Monsters Descend (part 2)

The reason he was able to leave, aside from becoming one with the suction force, was largely due to the seven star sword formation and the celestial guard. The weakening of the suction force played a big role as well.

The suction from the pit was unpredictable; sometimes it was strong and sometimes it was weak. If it was during a period when it was strong, even with Wang Lin’s advantages, it would be hard to come out.

After flying out while standing on the mosquito, he immediately saw thousands of mosquitoes staring at him with red eyes and releasing thick, hostile auras.

Wang Lin slightly frowned. There were fewer mosquitoes compared to back then. There must have been some unexpected change during Greed and Zhou Yi’s battle to cause the number of mosquitoes to decrease so drastically.

“I just don’t know what exactly happened…” Wang Lin pondered a bit before placing his hand on the mosquito’s head and activating his divine sense.

Various scenes immediately flashed across Wang Lin’s mind. Half way through Zhou Yi and Greed’s battle, a male and female cultivator descended from the Fire Demon Country exit.

These two were simply too powerful. With a simple grab, Greed was captured. Zhou Yi was also easily captured, but it looked like the two had no malicious intent. In fact, the moment they saw Zhou Yi, the man’s eyes revealed melancholy and nostalgia.

The mosquito herd didn’t die, but a majority of them were captured by this couple. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin’s mosquito had noticed that something was wrong and had used a spell to make itself look like all the other mosquitoes, it might have been captured as well.

When Wang Lin’s divine sense returned from the mosquito, his expression was gloomy.

He pondered a bit before patting the mosquito’s head. The mosquito let out a roar and instead of flying toward the exit at the Fire Demon Country it flew toward the entrance at the Water Demon Country.

Now that Wang Lin could fuse with the suction force, any location could be an exit.

While they flew, the thousands of mosquitoes followed. They would occasionally let out cries of despair and hopelessness as if they were trying to dissuade Wang Lin’s mosquito from leaving.

On this day at the Water Demon Country, a purple light rushed out into the air. It was the mosquito beast. Wang Lin was sitting on the back of the mosquito with a gloomy expression.

After the purple light appeared, more than two thousand mosquito beasts charged out as well, completely surrounding Wang Lin. Their gazes were locked on the purple mosquito, and their cries were even louder.

Wang Lin’s mosquito’s eyes revealed decisive gaze as it repeatedly cried as if it was responding.

The sadness in the surrounding mosquitoes’ eyes became even stronger. They all looked at Wang Lin with a vicious gaze.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stood up and the lightning from his origin soul spread out. At this moment, he seemed to be surrounded by lightning and lightning seemed to come out of his eyes as he coldly looked at the mosquitoes.

Feeling Wang Lin’s mood, the mosquito below him immediately let out a sharp cry. This gave off a powerful pressure that caused the surrounding mosquitoes to slowly disperse.

Wang Lin took out a bag of holding, opened up a gap, and looked at the surrounding mosquitos.

The mosquito herd was completely silent. After a long time, one of them immediately flew out, turned into a ray of grey light, and entered the bag of holding. After that, other mosquitos followed.

However, not all of the mosquitos chose to enter the bag of holding. Around two-thirds chose to remain silent. They quietly watched Wang Lin and their king disappear over the horizon.

After a long time, they all let out cries filled with sadness. Then the mosquitoes’ bodies collapsed one by one. They all decided to destroy their own hearts and fall down the entrance to the Tide Abyss.

In the distance, Wang Lin’s mosquito beast’s body trembled and it slowly turned to look at the direction of the Tide Abyss. Its eyes were filled with sadness as well.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and rubbed the mosquito’s head.

With his understanding of the mosquito beast, he now understood that unless the mosquito was a child, it could never be tamed. All of those that entered his bag were all still children, and all of those that decided to commit suicide were adults.

In the world of the mosquito beasts, if they were abandoned by their king, then they could only die, unless a new king appears that is.

Wang Lin couldn’t bear the mosquito’s sadness, so he jumped off its body and put it inside the bag of holding. Only by allowing it be with its several hundred companions and the thunder toad could it slowly recover from the sadness.

Wang Lin floated in the air as he looked up at the blue sky and white clouds. It had been a long time since he had seen the sky. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a crystal appeared in his hand.

His divine sense entered the crystal and it immediately began to emit a golden light. The light surrounded him and soon the light disappeared with Wang Lin inside.

When he reappeared, he was already inside the cave. Looking at the remaining restrictions, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he muttered, “The next time that I come back, I’ll break all the restrictions and unlock the secret of this cave!”

He took a deep breath and his hand formed a seal to seal the cave. Then he destroyed the transfer array so no one else could enter this cave. Not even the blood ancestor would be able to enter.

After doing this, Wang Lin looked at the cave meaningfully. The cave spirit appeared at the entrance, but he only looked at Wang Lin and didn’t speak.

Wang Lin turned around with the crystal in his hand and left.

Wang Lin appeared outside the Soul Refining Tribe in the Sky Demon Country. The people of the tribe were startled for a moment, but then they immediately began exclaiming in joy and bowing.

Wang Lin didn’t collect all the soul fragments collected by the tribe but instead called Thirteen and Ouyang Hua. After leaving behind some orders and cultivation methods, he even taught Thirteen the latter half of the Giant Demon Clan cultivation method. After this, he left the tribe.

At the moment he left, Thirteen knelt on the ground and kowtowed a few times toward Wang Lin. Ouyang Hua did the same, and their eyes were filled with sadness. Although Wang Lin didn’t say anything, they had a feeling that in this life… It would be difficult for them to meet him again…

In Sky Demon City inside the demon general’s mansion, Shi Xiao sat in the lotus position. Beside him, Chen Tao was also cultivating. His cultivation had recovered to the mid stage of Ascendant after years of healing and medication. He had even advanced a little. Although still a distance away from late stage of Ascendant, he was not too far away.

Shortly after, Shi Xiao opened his eyes and his eyes lit up.

Chen Tao also opened his eyes and his eyes had a profound gaze.

Shi Xiao calmly said, “Chen Tao, tomorrow I’ll go to the Demon Emperor and recommend you as a demon general. Then you can go to the dragon lake to cultivate. Although it’s not the true inheritance, it should benefit you a lot.”

Chen Tao replied, “Tomorrow I will have to call you ‘Vice Commander-in-Chief!’”

Shi Xiao revealed a proud smile and said, “This position should have been mine one hundred years ago! Mo Lihai only stole it from me through underhanded methods. If it wasn’t for that lowly Wang Lin, what would Mo Lihai be?!”

Chen Tao looked at Shi Xiao and calmly said, “Wang Lin is my junior apprentice brother!”

Shi Xiao raised his brow and coldly smiled. “Where was your junior apprentice brother during the war with the Fire Demon Country? He took advantage of everyone at the end of the war and took our credit. Although he helped Lord Ancient Demon, he shamed us all!

“Moreover, that person has been missing for many years now; I’m afraid his bones can’t even be found. You remember him as your junior apprentice brother, but I’m afraid he no longer remembers you as his senior apprentice brother.”

Chen Tao silently pondered.

Shi Xiao’s eyes revealed a hint of sarcasm and he said, “Calling him lowly is me being nice. If he didn’t then then I’ll kill him myself and let him know how a cultivate should act!”

“Is that so…” A cold voice came from the void.

Shi Xiao was startled, but his expression immediately became gloomy and he shouted, “Who dares to act all mysterious? Come out for this general!”

Chen Tao’s eyes lit up and stared at the sky.

He only saw a black shadow appear in the sky. Behind him was the round moon, and he closely closed in under the moonlight. His body gave off crackling arcs of lightning. It was a very shocking sight.

“You… you are Wang Lin!” Chen Tao’s eyes narrowed when he recognized the shadow’s identity.

“You sure have courage to dare to break into my mansion. Immediately leave in three breaths of time, or else die!” Shi Xiao’s gaze was cold and his eyes contained killing intent. In recent years, his cultivation had surged. He was equal to an early stage Ascendant cultivator, and his body was filled with demonic spiritual energy.

Wang Lin landed on the ground. He calmly looked at Shi Xiao and slowly said, “I promised someone in the past to take your life. Today I came here to fulfill that promise!”

Killing intent exploded from Shi Xiao’s eyes and his body charged. He turned into a shadow and charged straight toward Wang Lin. As he moved, his hand formed a seal and he was about to use a spell.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t move, but under the moonlight, the shadow behind him immediately became ferocious. It suddenly charged out from the ground and in an instant passed by Shi Xiao.

Chen Tao’s expression changed greatly. Just as he was about to step out, the shadow that passed by Shi Xiao revealed a fierce gaze.

Under this gaze, Chen Tao’s body trembled, his origin soul shrank, and he completely stopped. Cold sweat flowed down from his forehead.

“Yin and Yang stage…” Chen Tao’s eyes were filled with terror.

The black shadow returned to Wang Lin and turned back into a shadow. Shi Xiao fell down with his eyes still open. There was still killing intent in his eyes, but his life and everything about him had already shattered.

Wang Lin turned around and left.

Under the moonlight, he seemed to be stepping on the moon. His clothes fluttered and his hair flew floated in the air as he flew farther and farther away…

“Be careful of Master!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in Chen Tao’s ears. He stared at the sky for a long time and was speechless.

After Wang Lin finished all the matters he had to deal with, he appeared outside the entrance to the Tide Abyss. He turned around to look at the land before raising his head to look up at the sky. His gaze seemed to penetrate the sky and continued to climb until it finally broke through this land and reached the East Demon Spirit Sea.

Outside the gate of the East Demon Spirit Sea, the All-Seer, Ling Tianhou, the Blood Ancestor, and seven or eight elders were standing there.

Everyone was waiting for Ling Tianhou to opening the gate when the All-Seer suddenly exclaimed. He looked at the gate to the Demon Spirit Land and his eyebrows began to tighten.

They were going to enter the Demon Spirit Land several decades earlier than planned. This was because ten years ago, the All-Seer suddenly felt extremely alarmed. He hadn’t had this feeling in tens of thousands of years.

This feeling came from the Demon Spirit Land! This came from the mark he had left on a disciple called Wang Lin! At that moment, the mark was forcibly removed!

This wasn’t the first time a mark had been removed. A long time ago there was a disciple called Sun Yun who also managed to do this.

The person with an uneasy mind wasn’t only the All-Seer. This person’s uneasiness came from his daughter, Yao Xixue. As time passed, his heart felt even more uneasy. When people are at his cultivation level, this kind of uneasiness doesn’t come from nothing.

This was why when the All-Seer suggested they enter early, he was the first to agree. Yao Xixue was his only daughter and his only family. For this daughter he would disregard everything else!

Similarly, Ling Tianhou’s heart was gloomy. Nine of the Twelve Swords’ life lamps had extinguished… Ling Tianhou hid his anger and prepared to enter the Demon Spirit Land. He was going to thoroughly question Greed on what happened.

The three of them didn’t know that the thing that was causing all three powerful cultivators to be distressed all came from one person!

Ling Tianhou’s palm pressed down and opened the gate to the Demon Spirit Land. Then he waved his sleeves and stepped inside…

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