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Chapter 656 – Solving the Secret of the Scroll

Wang Lin stopped.

“I’m begging you to go down… Take me down…” There was sadness and urgency in that voice.

Wang Lin pondered. This voice that had disappeared for thirteen years echoed in his mind once more. During the thirteen years that he was comprehending the suction force, this woman never spoke. However, her words now contained emotions that weren’t there before.

He touched the bag of holding with his right hand and the scroll flew out. The scroll gave off a soft light, and the suction force had no effect on it. The scroll opened up, revealing the woman’s backside.

For the first time, Wang Lin carefully looked at the woman inside the scroll. Although it was only a figure, her figure contained the aura of someone with peerless elegance.

“I’m begging you take me down… I can’t leave this scroll, so you won’t be in danger. I just want to… take a look…”

Wang Lin pondered and didn’t speak.

“I can’t help you with you anything, I can’t give you anything, but I beg you to take me down there…”

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the bottom. It was completely dark down there and extremely cold.

“I can’t help you. If you want to leave, then go.” Wang Lin shook his head and no longer looked at the scroll as he headed up. He had too many things to do. He had open all the restrictions inside the cave before the All-Seer and company arrived at the Demon Spirit Land so he could enter the real cave.

Although he didn’t know when the All-Seer and company would arrive, in his conversation with Yao Xixue, he managed to get a few clues, and it seemed like the All-Seer and company were going to arrive soon.

Before they arrive, Wang Lin must finish his preparations. He was short on time and he had no time to waste on curiosity.

Moreover, he had to make sure the All-Seer doesn’t see through him so he could safely leave this Demon Spirit Land. If he makes one mistake, the price will be his life.

He had too little time.

The woman inside the scroll trembled. She wanted to turn, but there was a seal controlling her. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t turn around.

Seeing Wang Lin flying higher and higher until he was about to disappear, she bit her lip and softly said, “You… Don’t you want to know the true history of the bead inside your origin soul…”

Although her voice was soft, it was still heard clearly by Wang Lin. Those words were like ten thousand thunderclaps roaring inside his mind, causing him to suddenly stop.

“Don’t you want that woman’s broken soul to revive…”

If what he heard earlier was ten thousand thunderclaps roaring inside his mind, then this was one hundred thousand, one million, ten million thunderclaps exploding inside him, shaking even his origin soul.

His origin soul, his memories, his everything instantly erupted like a monstrous flood at that second sentence. It was as if the entire sky had collapsed. Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, he couldn’t stop his body from trembling. He turned around and looked at the woman. His eyes were like those of a wild beast and no longer contained the calmness from his 800 years of cultivation!

At this moment, what All-Seer, what cave, what Blood Ancestor, what Demon Spirit Land!? At this moment all of it collapsed, and the only thing that existed was Wang Lin’s crazed gaze at the woman!

“What did you say…” A hoarse voice spoken in a tone that never left Wang Lin before came out of his mouth.

These simple four words revealed an indescribable feeling. At this moment, even the howling of the suction force that had existed for countless years seemed to weaken.

The woman softly said, “I can tell you the origin of the bead, I can tell you the method to resurrecting the soul inside the bead, I can even give you the opportunity to leave here…”

Wang Lin closed his eyes. He didn’t want to think about whether the woman’s words were true or false. He didn’t want to know why she knew all his secrets; he didn’t want to…

When he opened his eyes, he didn’t speak as he took a step, grabbed the scroll, and quickly flew toward the bottom of the pit.

Even if there was only a slim chance, he would fight for it.

A person will always have one thing where no matter how clever he is, his calm will immediately collapse. Even when facing endless danger, facing life and death, he will still have to keep on persisting!

Wang Lin was still a person. He wasn’t a merciless celestial or a ruthless god…

After cultivating for more than 800 years, his calmness had already seeped into his bones and become his natural state. He could calmly leave planet Suzaku and ruthlessly leave Zhou Ru a bag waiting for the day she opens it…

He could calmly face all enemies. No matter how powerful they are, they won’t be able to shake his dao heart in the slightest.

However, there was one power that could crush this calmness of his!

Only after one loses something do they realise they wanted it. Only after one has lost something do they realize that they had always wanted to cherish it…

If someone was always calm, rational, and unwavering, then would that someone still be considered a person? Wang Lin couldn’t do it.

With sadness in his eyes, he grabbed the scroll and charged down the pit like a meteor. At this moment he didn’t want to think; he wasn’t willing to try and distinguish true from false.

The woman inside the scroll let out a sigh and softly said, “You can rest assured that I’m not deceiving you… I made a big decision to even tell you all of this…”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, and his grip on the scroll became even tighter. It was as if he wasn’t holding onto a scroll but to hope.

The coldness coming from the wall was even stronger and the suction force was greater.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and the pit really seemed bottomless. No matter how far he descended, there was only darkness that seemed to extend on forever.

“Almost there… Almost there…” The woman’s voice was trembling.

At this location, the suction force was unimaginably strong. Wang Lin’s body flew by along with the the suction force. After a long time, perhaps it was a day, perhaps it was a month, perhaps… it was a year…

A short corridor appeared in the darkness below.

There was a giant vortex in this corridor. The vortex was slowly rotating, and the suction force came from the vortex…

What was mysterious was that the suction force seemed to be sealed here as there wasn’t the slightest bit of suction force here. It seemed like only after a certain distance from the vortex would the suction force suddenly become stronger.

At the moment Wang Lin looked at the vortex, a strange force came from inside the scroll and entered his body. The power condensed in his eyes, and at this moment, his eyes could penetrate the vortex to see inside it.

A starry sky with countless cultivation planets… It looked like another world.

“This is…” Wang Lin looked at the vortex and was moved. At this moment, he recovered his calmness.

The woman inside the scroll softly said, “My hometown… Allheaven Star System…”

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