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Chapter 653 – Powerful Puppet

The refining continued. Several months later, inside the crack, Wang Lin took a deep breath and sucked in all the origin energy into his body.

It was as he if he had just devoured a cloud. After the origin energy disappeared, a lean body appeared before Wang Lin. This figure gave off a cold aura that began to spread.

This figure was extremely pale, as if there was no blood in his body. That was indeed the case as all the blood had been fused into his bones.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy and he let out a sigh.

“Failed again!”

It had been a few months since the first step of body refining had started, and Wang Lin had failed many times. Fortunately, the jade recorded that during the first time, no matter how much he fails, the person being refined won’t disappear.

Looking at the puppet before him, Wang Lin frowned. According to the jade, a variety of materials needed to be added during the refining process. Only after all the materials had fused with the body would the first step be complete.

“Of the four ranks of gold, silver, copper, and iron celestial guard, this is not even an iron rank celestial guard.” After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a large amount of low quality magical treasures flew out.

There were treasures that Wang Lin no longer used but seemed very regrettable to just throw away.

“I don’t have any materials, but I have a lot of treasures. I believe that melting these treasures down and fusing them with the puppet will have some effect…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately formed a seal. A flame appeared and surrounded these treasures.

The flame burned and several of these magical treasures began to melt. Finally, almost all of the magical treasures melted, forming a black ball.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin’s divine sense went into his bag and he searched around. Some more magical treasures immediately flew out and entered the ball. This could be considered a big cleaning for Wang Lin’s bag of holding.

A lot of treasures had gathered inside Wang Lin’s bag of holding in more than 800 years. Many of those he had only used a few times and never used again. After all, as his cultivation level increased, a lot of the treasures lost their usefulness.

All of these treasures flew out and were thrown into the ball by Wang Lin. At this moment, a blue rose suddenly appeared in Wang Lin’s hand.

Looking at the rose, a fiery red figure seemed to have appeared before Wang Lin. He hesitated before putting the rose away and throwing another treasure into the ball instead.

This process lasted for several days. The clean up of his bag of holding caused a large amount of low, medium, and even high quality magical treasures to be refined into liquid.

As a result, the ball of liquid before him became colorful and bright.

Wang Lin’s right hand grabbed the ball and threw it at the puppet. Another round of refining began.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye and two months passed. On this day the puppet gave off a yellow light that lit up the inside of the crack.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed a trace of fatigue. He looked at the yellow light from the puppet and revealed a hint of disappointment.

“Strength of copper rank… Forget it, it should be barely useable.”

Although the first step of the celestial guard was complete, if the second step of grinding the origin soul fails, then everything immediately fails. After it fails, this body can’t be possessed, so he won’t be able to try to refine another origin soul.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and revealed a rare look of hesitation. He looked outside the crack. During the past six months, the suction outside never stopped, and it looked like it was getting stronger.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He slapped his bag of holding and the soul flag flew out. A giant skull immediately appeared on the flag.

This skull was illusory and was floating inside the flag. It was greenish-black and had no hair as if it was the devil. Its eyes that looked unreal but also real, giving off a cold gaze.

He was inside the soul flag staring at Wang Lin and letting out low growls.

Most of the soul fragments inside the soul flag stayed away from this skull as if they didn’t want to get close. This allowed the skull to have its own territory inside the soul flag.

Only the Qilin was different. After devouring a lot of the celestial feed, it went through a series of changes. When it saw the skull roar, it suddenly began to roar as well.

The skully suddenly looked at the Qilin. Both stared at each other without flinching as they roared at each other with malicious intent.

This skull was the heavenly ghost!

Wang Lin’s eyes were bright as he looked at the heavenly ghost. He raised his hand and immediately grabbed the heavenly ghost. The heavenly ghost was a fierce creature; if it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin captured it while it was weakened, it would not have been easy.

The heavenly ghost let out a roar in Wang Lin’s hand. It opened its mouth and wanted to devour Wang Lin. Wang Lin eyes became cold and he let out a cold snort as he activated the imprint inside the heavenly ghost. This immediately caused the heavenly ghost to almost dissipate.

The heavenly ghost had to retreat as it stared at Wang Lin and continued to let out low roars.

“The puppet’s body isn’t strong enough, so it will be very difficult for the origin soul to survive the second step. However, if I to take the ferocity and spirit body from the heavenly ghost but still fail, then I’ll just not refine a celestial guard anymore!” Wang Lin was decisive as he pressed the heavenly ghost in between the eyebrows of the puppet.

“Since I’m going refine a treasure, then I want a top quality treasure. If it is only late stage Ascendant, it won’t be worth of all my treasures and this heavenly ghost!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his left hand formed a seal. He touched the spot between his eyebrows and pulled out a strand of lightning. This lightning contained fire and he threw it into the puppet’s body.


The heavenly ghost was extremely vicious and was unwilling to be sealed inside the puppet to help Wang Lin refine. It let out roars and was about to charge out when a whip appeared in Wang Lin’s right hand and he whipped at the ghost.

With a snap, the heavenly ghost let out a miserable scream. It felt very bitter, as that whip was its natural enemy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had already left a deep imprinted on the scatter demon to use as his second origin soul, he would have thrown it into the puppet as well. However, using the scatter demon soul was difficult, so it was less troublesome to use the heavenly ghost.

Several months flew by. Under Wang Lin’s constant refinement, the heavenly ghost and Du Jian’s origin soul fused and devoured each other before being grinded into pieces. However, the heavenly ghost was very strong; even when it was in pieces, the pieces were still connected.

This was the critical requirement for the second step. Almost all the failures had occurred at this moment. It wasn’t that the origin soul wasn’t strong enough, it was that the pain of having one’s origin soul torn apart was not something ordinary people could endure. Once the origin soul relaxed, it would die.

Even if they didn’t relax, most don’t reach the state where the origin soul was still connected after being torn to pieces.

Only those with powerful minds could withstand this process; this was comparable to those who revolted against the heaven! This was why those cultivators who had found their own dao had a higher success rate of being refined into celestial guards.

Using more than half a year, Wang Lin refined his first celestial puppet. Although the success rate was very low, with the addition of the heavenly ghost, the success of the origin soul refining was no longer relying on luck.

Even for Wang Lin, unless he used the scatter demon’s soul, he wouldn’t be able to refine a second celestial guard.

Wang Lin revealed a glimmer of excitement. He took deep breath and mentally calmed himself. He looked at the skinny puppet giving off a yellow light before him. He could feel a connection that would let him control it as he wished.

Celestial Emperor Qin Lin would naturally not allow any celestial guard to rebel. During the refining process, countless methods to control the puppets were placed. Wang Lin had been refining it with his origin energy for a long time, so his control over the puppet had already reached its peak.

Although the heavenly ghost was unruly, it had been sealed during the refining process and fused with the puppet.

Wang Lin squeezed out a drop of blood and flicked it at the puppet. The blood landed between the puppet’s eyebrows and fused with the puppet. Then the puppet’s eyes suddenly opened.

This was a pair of empty eyes. Although this was the case, there was a trace of intelligence inside.

“The stage of Yin and Yang!” Wang Lin’s divine sense immediately swept over the puppet. It had an aura similar to Situ Nan. Although it was not as strong as Situ Nan, it was not that much weaker.

Wang Lin let out a laugh and admired Celestial Emperor Qin Lin greatly. This person was very intelligent to create this method for creating puppets.

Although because the celestial guard’s origin soul had fused with its body, it couldn’t use a lot of spells and couldn’t match a real Yin and Yang cultivator. However, there were several spells prepare specially for celestial guards! Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“In addition, I have prepared a gift for this celestial guard!” Wang Lin’s right hand touched the spot between his eyebrows and a large amount of grey gas came out. One million strands of slaughter energy instantly entered the puppet.

The puppet’s eyes suddenly gave off the path of slaughter. After flashing a few times, it was gradually hidden, but its eyes became even more fierce.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the jade flew out. He pressed the jade between the puppet’s eyebrows. There was a burst of light and countless symbols seemed to flash across the celestial guard’s eyes.

After a long time, the jade fell and returned back to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Conceal!”

The celestial guard’s body flickered, then it suddenly turned into nothing and moved behind Wang Lin. There was no light, so naturally there was no shadow as well. However, Wang Lin knew that the celestial guard was hiding in his shadow.

“There is a 60% chance of leaving here with the celestial guard’s abilities. Although this place is a dangerous spot, because it is a dangerous spot, it is also safe!”

Wang Lin began to ponder. Shortly after, he slapped his bag of holding and a large sword flew out. This sword was as big as a door sign!

“Wealth… my first sword! What secrets do you have…” Wang Lin slowly rubbed the sword. He calmed his heart and his mind slowly entered it.

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