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Chapter 652 – Refining A Celestial Guard

“Grey-robed All-Seer. Interesting!” Wang Lin revealed a gloomy smile. He had his divine sense locked onto Du Jian since earlier, and it didn’t seem like he was lying.

“Master, you sure have a lot of secrets…” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold.

“Too many secrets to make this disciple calm. It looks like I can’t stay at planet Tian Yun anymore. If I was still there, I probably would have been devoured the moment I found out about Master’s secret!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. He made up his mind to quickly leave planet Tian Yun.

“After leaving this Demon Spirit Land, I’ll merge with the original body and leave. The water in planet Tian Yun is too deep for me!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked around and let out a sigh.

“I’m still not sure if I can even leave this place.”

After Du Jian told Wang Lin his biggest secret, he had been cautiously looking at Wang Lin. He could see wang Lin’s expression changing slightly; he was clearly thinking about what he just said.

Du Jian let out a breath of air. What he was most afraid of was that Wang Lin wouldn’t believe him. After all, something like that was simply too strange. He looked at the crack and was confused.

“Where exactly is this?” Du Jian looked at the opening of the crack, and his eyes revealed a lingering trace of fear. That feeling of his origin soul being sucked out of his body was something he would never forget.

He looked at the seven treasured swords floating in the air. Wang Lin’s origin energy surrounded the swords and lightning linked the swords together.

“This must be Wang Lin’s secret cave. This person is ruthless, so I can’t stay here, but unfortunately my cultivation isn’t enough. If… if I could reach the Ascendant stage!!” Du Jian was already half a step into the Ascendant stage; however, he wasn’t willing to take the last step and face the life and death trial.

However, under this danger, he clenched his teeth. Although his origin soul was sealed, he was confident he could break free by borrowing the energy from the Ascendant breakthrough.

“Achieving Ascendant means a chance of living, but failing means death. Instead of waiting here for my death, let’s try this gamble!” Du Jian’s eyes were filled with determination.

This kind of determination was extremely rare for him. However, just as he was preparing himself, Wang Lin’s icy gaze fell on him. It was like pouring a jug of cold water down on his head, immediately causing his determination to collapse.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the seven swords floating in the sky flew into his hand. He put them into his bag of holding.

“Wang… Wang Lin…” Du Jian’s pupil shrank.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’ll give you one chance to reach the Ascendant stage. If you are successful, I’ll grant you a fortune!”

Du Jian pondered. He didn’t ask what kind of fortune. At this moment, he was clear in his heart that this Wang Lin wouldn’t let him go. After a long time, he looked at Wang Lin and said, “A gentleman keeps his word!”

Wang Lin silently nodded.

Du Jian suddenly closed his eyes. Wang Lin’s cultivation level was much higher than his and he could easily kill him, so there was no need for troublesome things like this. Although he was still confused, he was at the moment of life and death, so he really didn’t have time to think.

“I’ll gamble once!”

Du jian took a deep breath as he felt his already complete domain and took the last step! A heavenly origin soul gradually came from Du Jian’s body. This energy became stronger and stronger and easily wiped out Wang Lin’s seal on Du Jian’s origin soul.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bright as he stared at Du Jian and pondered. The reason why he let Du Jian reach the Ascendant was to increase the success rate of making him a celestial guard!

Wang Lin didn’t forget the description of the celestial guard from the jade. In fact, from the moment he caught Du Jian, he had decided to refine this person into a low quality celestial guard.

Even though the success rate was too low, if he succeed, he would produce someone similar to a peak late stage Ascendant cultivator with one step into the Yin and Yang stage. This was extremely tempting for Wang Lin.

The jade also introduced some spells that could only be used by celestial guards. When used, those spells were extremely astonishing.

If this Du Jian hadn’t provoked him, it would have been fine; Wang Lin would not had seized him to refine him into a celestial guard. However, this person revealed his killing intent toward Wang Lin, so there was no way Wang Lin would let him go.

“If you fail and die on the path of dao, it can be considered a fitting death for a cultivator. If you succeed, then I’ll give you a big fortune. As for whether it is successful or not will all depend on your luck!”

Du Jian’s cultivation followed the will of the heavens, unlike Wang Lin, who revolted against the heavens. Time gradually passed and the heavenly origin energy inside his body became stronger and stronger. Soon, his origin soul flew out and began fusing with the heavenly origin energy.

Time passed. Over one hour had passed, and there was still no abnormality in Du Jian’s origin soul. This caused Wang Lin’s eyes to light up.

The fusion of Du Jian’s origin soul lasted for three days. Finally, at the moment when all the heavenly origin energy was about to be fused with Du Jian’s origin soul, something happened. There was a small tremor that immediately ignited the origin flames. The sudden appearance of the flame looked like it wanted to burn the entire origin soul.

Du Jian revealed a painful struggle and Wang Lin frowned. Seeing that Du Jian’s origin soul was about to be burnt to ashes, Wang Lin stepped forth. He stuck his hand directly into Du Jian’s origin soul.

At the moment his right reached in, the origin flame seemed to have found an opening. It rushed into Wang Lin’s body through his right hand and charged directly toward his origin soul.

In an instant, Wang Lin’s origin soul was surrounded by the origin flame. However, not only was his origin soul not burnt, his origin soul actually gave off a very comfortable feeling.

As Wang Lin’s origin soul moved, a large amount of lightning came from within. The lightning moved within the fire, creating a scene of fire and lightning!

At the same time, Wang Lin’s origin soul sucked in all the fire and lightning, causing them to disappear. A suction force even appeared in Wang Lin’s right hand, and a large amount of origin flame from Du Jian’s body was sucked into Wang Lin.

After Du Jian’s origin soul was no longer in danger of being burned, Wang Lin immediately withdrew his right hand. He took a few steps back and began to control his origin soul to absorb the origin flame.

Du Jian’s origin soul looked weakened as it slowly completed the final fusion with the small amount of origin energy left. He had lost too much origin energy, so even if he succeed and reached the Ascendant stage, he would be forever stuck there. The only way for him to advance would be to have a fortunate encounter to recover that last bit of origin energy.

Time flew by and more than ten days passed. Du Jian’s origin soul and origin energy completely fused into one. His origin soul gradually integrated back into his body and the aura of an Ascendant cultivator suddenly appeared. He opened his eyes, revealing an extremely complex gaze!

He knew that he had failed at the moment of reaching the Ascendant stage and that it was Wang Lin who had saved him. At this moment, a large amount of thoughts flooded his mind. After a long time, Du Jian let out a sigh. Although he had reached the Ascendant stage, he was the weakest kind of Ascendant cultivator and was powerless against Wang Lin.

“What kind of fortune were you going to give me…” At this moment, Du Jian’s feelings toward Wang Lin were very complex. There was both hatred and gratitude, but even more there was regret and fear.

Wang Lin’s tone was calm as he slowly said, “Refine the body and transform the origin soul through a secret ritual. This will allow you to have the opportunity to reach the late stage of Ascendant with half a step into Yin and Yang stage!”

Du Jian’s heart jumped and he bitterly asked, “For this ritual to be so heaven-defying, that means the failure rate is extremely high. Forget it. I just want to ask one thing: can I retain my consciousness?”

Wang Lin’s eyes were meaningful as he said, “If you are still alive after one thousand years, I’ll grant you freedom!” There was an important condition for refining a celestial guard. If there was even the slightest resistance from the person, then the process would immediately fail.

Celestial Emperor Qin Lin had many celestial guards. However, all the people he selected to refine were people who were extremely loyal to him. This was what they exchanged for a powerful cultivation, so he never had to worry about this.

At this moment, Wang Lin was using the same method the celestial emperor used.

Du Jian clenched his teeth as he looked at Wang Lin and nodded. He knew that his fate was already set. If he resisted or disagreed, he would immediately die. He could only gamble once more that the ritual would be successful, and to gamble that he could survive for one thousand years.

He had no choice. If he didn’t want to die, this was the only way.

Wang Lin no longer wasted time. His hand formed a seal and he began to operate the ritual. In an instant, an imprint filled with celestial spiritual energy appeared. Wang Lin pressed the imprint between Du Jian’s eyebrows.

Du Jian’s body trembled as he closed his eyes and became motionless.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. The process for making a celestial guard was extremely complex. He couldn’t make even a single mistake or else it would fail.

Even if he didn’t make a mistake, the success rate was still not high. However, Wang Lin had no other choice, so he had to risk it!

The reason he was so keen on refining a celestial guard was because the celestial guard might know spells that could gave him the chance to leave this place!

“If it fails, I can only use Yao Xixue to try again!” Wang Lin spat out a mouthful of origin energy that turned into countless symbols and landed on Du Jian.

The first step of creating a celestial guard was to refine the body. Refining the body to the point that it couldn’t be harmed by normal magical treasures. When Wang Lin saw this step, he thought of the ancient gods.

The second step was to transform the origin soul, to open up the origin soul and grind it into pieces. Then he would greatly expand the origin soul at any cost before putting it back into the body. The body would be without an origin soul, but the soul would be in the body.

The third step was to refine the body’s organs. Whither away all the organs inside the body so they are no longer being nourished by celestial spiritual energy. This isolates the body from the five senses and it will no longer feel pain.

The last step is to wipe out their divine sense but maintain their intelligence. This makes the celestial guard have no emotion, but they will still think. They have a powerful body, no emotions, and no sense of pain. They are a puppet that won’t frown even if their head is cut off.

This is a celestial guard!

A human magical treasure that Celestial Emperor Qin Lin made that imitates the ancient gods!

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