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Chapter 654 – The Hidden Danger of the Celestial Slaughter Art

It was pitch black outside, and the roar of wind could be heard from inside the crack. The crack seemed like it was a world of its own, and the roar from outside was the only sound in the world.

The endless suction force came from the pit as if it wanted to devour everything.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position inside the crack, looking out into the darkness. He seemed to have fused with the darkness. All that was left was the occasional lightning that flashed across his eyes that light up the crack.

Being trapped here caused a sense of loneliness to gradually appear in his head. It was as if he was isolated from the world and forgotten by everyone…

The only thing that accompanied him were his memories of his 800 years of cultivation.

Lonely people always remember every single person that appeared in their life. Wang Lin’s loneliness deepened as he recalled the past.

It was if he was hiding in a certain time, recalling the past or hiding in a secret location, thinking about someone he cared about.

A mutter came from Wang Lin in the dark. “I wonder if anyone is cleaning father’s and mother’s tomb…”

A small, white ball was floating before Wang Lin. The light from the ball was very weak, so weak that it couldn’t light anything up in this darkness.

However, there was a warmth coming from the white ball. The warmth moved through Wang Lin’s eyes and into his heart. Like a soft whisper, it gently filled Wang Lin’s loneliness.

There was always a faint figure inside the small ball that silently accompanied Wang Lin. Together they withstood the darkness and the howling.

Even if the sky and heaven and earth shattered, the sea dried up, or the rocks decayed, that figure would always be there for Wang Lin through the ages. Even in reincarnation it would accompany him…

The inside of the crack was still cold; it was as if all the warmth inside had been sucked away through the opening of the crack. However, with the existence of the white ball, the warmth in Wang Lin’s heart filled his body and seemed eternal.

Wang Lin, who had fused with the darkness, raised his hand and the white ball slowly landed in his palm. The white ball flickered and gave off a gentle light. This made Wang Lin experience the long lost feeling of happiness.

“Everyone’s happiness is different… My happiness is to accompany my parents, to accompany Wan Er…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with bitterness. That happiness was so extravagant and difficult.

No one knew that deep within the Demon Spirit Land, inside this bottomless pit, there was a man struggling against fate and the loneliness in his heart.

Wang Lin had sat inside this crack for three years.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to leave, but during these three years, the suction force outside reached an unimaginable degree.

More than two years ago, when Wang Lin was examining Wealth, the suction from the pit suddenly increased violently. Now more than half of the crack was effected by the suction force.

The celestial guard’s spell originally gave him sixty percent chance of leaving, but with the sudden increase in suction force, it immediately went down to twenty percent…

Wang Lin didn’t lose hope but calmly waited the next two years.

After his cultivation reached the Ascendant stage, his progression slowed down. After all, the Ascendant stage was the peak of the first step. Even with how vast the cosmos was, how many people had reached the peak of the first step….

Aside from those people favored by the heavens, who didn’t spend countless years to reach this peak? Wang Lin’s talent was very ordinary. If it wasn’t for his determination and some special experiences, it would have been very difficult for him to reach this point.

Mid stage Ascendant, late stage Ascendant, and peak late stage Ascendant were three chokes that blocked countless cultivators and depleted countless people’s lives. They were three mountains that blocked Wang Lin’s path.

In these two years, Wang Lin used a calm heart to slowly comprehend what was inside Wealth. There was only one sword tactic inside Wealth, just one!

Heaven Chop!

One day after the two years, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense from Wealth. Wealth completely disappeared as if it had completed its lifetime goal of passing on its inheritance and returned to where it came from.

The only thing that remained in Wang Lin’s heart was the shocking sentiment that he had comprehended for two years.

After that, what waited Wang Lin was endless loneliness and silence.

He spent every day sitting in the lotus position and looking quietly at the darkness outside. The sound from the suction roared in his ears while he looked at the darkness and sat there motionlessly.

A soft sigh came from Wang Lin’s bag of holding. His bag of holding opened on its own and a scroll floated out.

The scroll opened up in the air. The figure of a woman slowly appeared inside the scroll.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the scroll; there wasn’t even a trace of surprise on his face. There was endless calmness on his face. The moment before the scroll appeared, he closed his palm and the small, white ball entered his body.

“Go down…” He couldn’t see the front side of the woman, but her voice slowly spread. Her voice was like mist as it echoed in the crack.

Wang Lin didn’t speak. His finger formed a sword and swung down. This action was very simple, but Wang Lin’s body was in a mysterious mental state. After that simple swing, the scroll immediately closed and no more sound came from inside it.

Wang Lin withdrew his finger. After looking at the scroll, he grabbed it and threw it into his bag of holding.

During these three years, the woman inside the scroll had appeared a total of four times. Every time she appeared, she gave off this vague call.

Wang Lin wasn’t curious about what was at the bottom of the pit. His calm never disappeared. He didn’t even check the mysterious transfer array below him a second time.

Before he had enough strength, curiosity was the deadliest thing that could obliterate all existence.

Wang Lin was waiting for the day when the suction force outside the crack weakened.

The was no rule to the suction in this pit. If the suction could suddenly increase two years ago, then it could also suddenly decrease in a few years. He just needed to wait!

Croaking sounds appeared next to Wang Lin. He lowered his head and his eyes lit up. Beside him was a palm-sized blue toad.

This was the thunder toad!

One year ago, the thunder toad awakened, so its body was now this size. The thunder toad was able to feel the change in Wang Lin the most. After it awakened, it refused to go back into the bag of holding and just stayed next to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly shot out a bolt of lightning from his finger toward the thunder toad. The thunder toad opened its eyes and its tongue suddenly extended forth and pulled the lightning into its mouth. A rumbling sound came from the toad’s belly and it revealed a comfortable expression.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and immersed himself in his dao.

There were two parts to his dao. The first was the underworld river, and the second was forming the soul of the underworld river.

However, the so-called soul of the underworld river was merely just millions of soul fragments from the soul flag condensed together. It was still missing killing intent.

Although the heavenly ghost had the viciousness, it wasn’t enough for it to become the soul for Wang Lin’s underworld river. This was because it was only vicious but lacked killing intent!

“A true soul for the underworld river is not the powerful kind. Most often it is the simple and weak souls that contain the most amount of ferocity and killing intent!” Wang Lin pondered.

“If I can leave this place, I’ll need to pay a visit to the mortal world to extract ferocity and killing intent to refine my own soul for my underworld river!”

Wang Lin opened his eyes. He looked outside the crack and slowly stretched out his right hand. His fingertips slowly reached toward the dividing line inside the crack.

Although this dividing line was still within the cave, the moment his fingertips went past the line, he could feel the pain of his body being pulled.

Ripples began to appear on his skin, and even his nails felt like they were being pulled off.

“I have been trapped here, but this gave me a chance to comprehend the power of the heavens and earth, a chance to reach the third step in my dao!” Although Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, there was a hint of coldness in them.

“But before this, I must completely eliminate the issue in my body!” Wang Lin withdrew his hand. This hand was completely numb and he had lost feeling in it completely.

To be safe, he had stored all of the Celestial Slaughter Art inside the puppet. The Celestial Slaughter Art was a very important spell for Wang Lin. He only gave it up after struggling with the decision for a long time.

Before, when he was cultivating the Celestial Slaughter Art, Wang Lin gained the heart of slaughter. At the start, the heart of slaughter didn’t change even when Wang Lin gave all the slaughter energy to the puppet. However, after three years, which was several months ago, Wang Lin felt that the heart of slaughter had changed.

This kind of change would make Wang Lin go crazy, like when he absorbed all those Celestial Ascension Fruits. It would even give him the urge to immediately take back all the slaughter energy.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he revealed a decisive gaze and took a step. This step brought him past the dividing line.

Powerful suction force suddenly tore at Wang Lin’s body to drag him out of the crack.

Wang Lin activated the celestial spiritual energy inside his body and slowly sat down. While resisting the suction force, he was slowly feeling the change of the suction force.

There was a cold energy inside the suction force that entered his body. This chill wasn’t strong and could be dispersed with celestial spiritual energy. After sitting there for a few days, Wang Lin took another step.

This time he was at a position where the suction was even greater. All the blood in his body slowed down as if it was about to be pulled out of his body.

“Still not enough!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Countless mosquito beasts filled up the space next to the entrance to the bottomless pit. They didn’t dare go too close, as the suction force was too powerful. If they got too close, they would be sucked into the pit.

Among this herd of mosquitoes there was a mosquito beast giving off a violent, purple light. Wherever it flew, the other mosquitoes made way for it, and it could cause the other mosquitos to tremble with just a cry.

However, this purple mosquito beast had an anxious expression as it wandered around the entrance to the pit for three years. There were several instances where it wanted to go into the pit, but after looking at its companions, it stopped.

Burst of cries would come out from its mouth and echo around the area… Like someone separated from their family calling out their family members’ names…

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