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Chapter 649 – The Other Side of Peril is Endless Opportunity

However, the green dragon didn’t know. After it jumped into the pit, it immediately became aware of the suction and began to struggle. Lightning bolts shot from its body, and bolts of lightning as big as a bucket landed on the cliff. Large amounts of rocks were blow off from the sides of the pit.

The deeper inside the pit, the stronger the suction force became. The green dragon struggled as the lightning around him resisted the suction force. Just as it was about to charge out, its head suddenly turned and saw Wang Lin, who was carefully controlling his speed along the wall below it. The dragon suddenly let out a roar. It gave up on escaping and charged straight at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy and he secretly cursed. This dragon didn’t even know the danger it was facing. It felt the incredible suction force and still didn’t run. Instead, after it saw Wang Lin, it gave up the opportunity to leave.

“There is this much hatred!” Wang Lin stopped the celestial spiritual energy inside his body and was immediately pulled by the suction. He quickly sank, causing the green dragon to miss, and then it chased after Wang Lin.

One person and one dragon went down the pit and gradually went deeper and deeper. Wang Lin immediately became aware that the suction coming from the bottom was becoming stronger, as if a storm was brewing.

A roar came from behind Wang Lin as the green dragon opened its mouth. A giant ball of lightning came out and shot straight at Wang Lin.

The ball of lightning moved with the might of an army and smashed toward Wang Lin like divine retribution. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he was about to dodge. However, the incoming ball of lightning suddenly paused before moving out of its original flight path and went slightly down.

Wang Lin’s expression changed, and he immediately felt an unimaginable suction force coming from below him. At this moment, he no longer hesitated. He slapped his bag of holding and the three swords flew out. They formed a formation and stabbed into the wall, reinforcing each other. Wang Lin’s hand tightly gripped onto a sword.

At the instant he grabbed onto the sword, the suction from below him suddenly erupted. The first thing to change directions was the ball of lighting. It went straight down and was sucked into the depths of the pit.

The ball of lightning gave off light that lit up the the lower part of this pit. Wang Lin looked down and only saw an bottomless pit. Soon, the light faded and the ball of lightning disappeared.

The ancient thunder dragon was startled, and for the first time, fear appeared in its eyes. It no longer tried to swallow Wang Lin but struggled to fly upwards. It was afraid!

In its ancient memory inheritance, it had seem something similar before. It let out a fierce roar and lighting covered its body. It managed to resist some of the suction force around it and flew up thirty feet.

“Want to run?” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. If it wasn’t for the thunder dragon, how could he be forced to come inside here. If it wasn’t for the thunder dragon naively chasing him down the pit, he would have already left. Now, at this distance, it was simply impossible for Wang Lin to rush out.

“Stop for me!” Wang Lin let out a roar as the celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged and activated the celestial Stop spell!

If it was in the past, even if the thunder dragon was stopped, it would be only for an instant and it wouldn’t care. However, right now it was completely different!

The thunder dragon’s body paused for a moment. It let out an unwilling roar and was pulled down by the huge suction force for more than one hundred feet.

“You won’t be able to run!” Wang Lin’s eyes become cold. His body was being pulled down by the suction force. As he rapidly sank, the three swords that were inside the wall were dragged down as well, creating three deep cuts in the wall.

“Stop!” Wang Lin activated the spell again!

The thunder dragon struggled and the lightning flickered like crazy. It was trying to fly back up. If it wasn’t for Wang Lin, it really could have rushed back out. However, every time it rushed up a bit, Wang Lin would immediately stop it. The thunder dragon was surrounded by the suction force, so no matter how much it struggled, it was useless.

Due to the suction force, all of the attacks it threw at Wang Lin couldn’t even get near him before they were pulled into the pit. It could only stare at Wang Lin while it despaired and was pulled into the pit.

Just at this moment, the suction force suddenly increased. This suction force was several times stronger than before and pulled like crazy. Wang Lin felt like his arms were going to be torn off, but he clung to the sword. The three swords grinded against the wall, leaving behind deep cuts.

However, this suction force was too great, so the buffer created by the three swords was rapidly dissipating. Sensing the crisis, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and immediately sent a part of his divine sense into his bag of holding. The celestial sword and half-moon blade immediately flew out. They stabbed into the wall under Wang Lin’s feet. Wang Lin stood on the two swords and rapidly sank.

Sounds of friction echoed in the pit as five deep cuts were dragged down the wall along with Wang Lin.

Looking at the thunder dragon now, even though it was struggling, it still sank like a meteor. It couldn’t even keep its shape; it had been stretched into a long stream of green gas.

There were faint green lights coming from the green gas. The green gas had been sucked deep into the pit, and it faintly lit up the surroundings.

“Go down…” That strange, female voice came from Wang Lin’s bag into his mind again. Wang Lin’s expression was extremely gloomy as he looked down, but his expression changed.

Borrowing the light from the green gas, he could vaguely see a shadow sticking out horizontally. At this moment, the green light illuminated this shadow.

Wang Lin was able to see that it was a large rock sticking out from the wall. This rock was about 100 feet wide, and there was a transfer array on it!

Before Wang Lin could take a closer look, the green light weakened. Without the light, this large rock retreated back into the darkness.

“Transfer array!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t spread out his divine sense, or else he could have seen everything clearly.

Wang Lin suddenly felt that the celestial sword was gone from under his feet, and shortly after, the half-moon blade did the same.

“There is a crack!” Wang Lin immediately felt ecstasy, and without any hesitation, he swung toward the wall.

His body immediately entered the hole in the wall. As expected, there was a ten foot crack in the wall, and Wang Lin quickly entered it. After entering, he immediately retrieved the three swords, the celestial sword, and the half-moon blade as fast as possible.

When the thunder dragon soul that had already turned into green gas saw Wang Lin enter the crack, it immediately began to struggle. As the green gas churned, it condensed into a dragon once more. It let out a roar and rushed toward the crack Wang Lin was in.

This time it didn’t want to devour Wang Lin; it wanted to enter the crack to avoid the suction force. It activated all the thunder energy in its body as it charged toward the crack like crazy.

However, the suction force was too powerful, so it was almost impossible for it to reach the crack. The thunder dragon revealed a decisive gaze, then its body suddenly split in half. The bottom half was sucked deep into the pit, while the upper half used that moment to rush toward the crack.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. Just as he felt relief inside the crack, he saw the thunder dragon coming over. At this moment, all he needed was one Stop spell and it would make the thunder dragon despair as it was sucked away by the suction force!

The thunder dragon was obviously aware of this, so it opened its mouth to spit out a ball of lightning. If it was successful in spitting it out, Wang Lin would naturally have no place to dodge.

Everything would depend on who was faster in activating their spell between this dragon and human. However, Wang Lin had other plans. He personally saw the dragon give up half its body, and more than half of its current power was being used to resist the suction force. It could be said that right now was the thunder dragon’s weakest moment!

Wang Lin clenched his teeth, and without any hesitation he closed his eyes and his origin soul flew out. Just as this thunder dragon entered the crack and was about to spit out the ball of lightning, Wang Lin’s origin soul devoured the thunder dragon!

Wang Lin was once an soul devourer that could devour every soul in the world. However, as his cultivation level increased, he gradually stopped using this technique. At this moment, his origin soul expanded greatly. The thunder dragon was completely stunned when Wang Lin devoured it.

After devouring the ancient thunder dragon’s soul, Wang Lin’s origin soul immediately returned to his body. At this moment, there was a powerful explosion inside his soul.

Even with only half of its spirit body, the power of the ancient thunder dragon was still unimaginable. After Wang Lin devoured it, he activated the soul devourer’s spell to quickly absorb it.

Bursts of lightning moved inside and outside of Wang Lin’s origin soul, displaying the might of thunder and lightning. It even penetrated into his flesh and bones.

The suction force didn’t have much effect inside the crack, so Wang Lin put all his attention into absorbing the thunder dragon.

His origin soul was constantly growing. This wasn’t a growth in quantity but in quality. Wang Lin’s origin was surrounded by lighting. There was a long, ancient thunder dragon extending inside his origin soul like veins. This thunder dragon’s expression was extremely painful, and there was even trace of ferocity on its face.

Strands of branches extended from the thunder dragon toward all corners of Wang Lin’s origin soul. The power of the thunder dragon was changing Wang Lin’s origin soul in a mysterious way.

Even people like the All-Seer wouldn’t dare to devour an ancient thunder dragon. This was because this thunder dragon wasn’t like any other ancient beast. Rumor had it that the ancient thunder dragons were born from thunder and were the darlings of the heavens. There was even a period of time where they controlled the power of thunder for the heavens.

Devouring this ancient thunder dragon was the same as devouring a sky filled with thunder. How could a cultivator’s origin soul withstand this kind of thunder?

However, the other side of peril was endless opportunity!

Wang Lin’s origin soul was surrounded by the lightning from the thunder dragon, and a large amount of thunder gathered in Wang Lin’s body. As the rumbling continued, a trace of thunder appeared in Wang Lin’s origin soul!

His origin was in an incredible state, and it was going an earth-shaking change. This change perhaps wouldn’t improve his cultivation, but it would open up endless paths for Wang Lin in the future!

An origin soul that contained thunder. Even the All-Seer had never seen a cultivator that had managed to achieve this!

The thunder dragon inside Wang Lin’s origin soul struggled intensely, affecting Wang Lin’s origin soul. It hadn’t gaven in yet, and it launched a counterattack!

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