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Chapter 650 – Variant Origin Soul

Wang Lin’s body and hair began to float into the air as if guided by some mysterious energy. Bursts of lightning came from his body and quickly scattered into the walls of the cliff. His origin soul was filled with lightning.

The ancient thunder dragon was unwilling to yield, making the devouring process filled with danger. The thunder dragon continued to struggle, and the more it struggled, the stronger the lightning it gave off became.

Powerful lightning caused Wang Lin’s origin soul to reach a state of imminent collapse. If it wasn’t for his stubborn perseverance, a normal person’s origin soul would have already collapsed.

Wang Lin’s origin soul suddenly opened his tightly closed eyes. His eyes gave off a burst of lightning as if he was the ancient thunder dragon. He had a feeling that if his origin soul stayed inside his body, his body would be directly affected, which would lead to his death.

His origin soul immediately flew out of his body. He revealed a decisive look, and without any hesitation, his hand reached into his origin soul. He grabbed the thunder dragon and dragged out a small portion of it.

The thunder dragon suddenly let out a roar, causing Wang Lin’s origin soul to emit a large amount of lightning. The lightning landed on the walls, creating many crackling sounds.

Holding part of the thunder dragon, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. His left hand moved, creating a large amount of restrictions that landed on that part of the thunder dragon. After doing this, Wang Lin reached into his origin soul and grabbed another section. He continued to place restrictions on it.

With external forces helping his origin soul, this cycle of sealing and devouring continued. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin became completely immersed in fusing with the thunder dragon and became oblivious to the outside world.

His body gradually lost its luster and slowly withered. However, it didn’t die; it had entered a suspended animation state in order to ensure his vitality wasn’t lost.

Day by day, year by year passed. On this day, the thunder dragon inside Wang Lin’s origin woul wasn’t struggling as violently, but it was still struggling. However, there were countless restrictions flashing on its body. They stacked together and formed the seal of the dragon!

Wang Lin’s origin soul had gradually shrunk throughout the years. It was now only three feet tall, only as big as a cultivator’s Nascent Soul!

Although his origin soul had shrunk, it gave off the power of thunder. It was no longer crystal clear but emitted endless lightning bolts. It was as if there were millions of silver snakes moving inside his origin soul.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and thunderous rumbling sounds echoed around him. Then two rays of lightning shot out from his eyes like two dragons and disappeared into the darkness.

His origin soul moved and arrived next to his body. When Wang Lin glanced at his own body, lightning flashed across his eyes. His eyes gave off the pressure of coldness and indifference.

All of the muscles on his body had already withered away, so he was like a bag of bones right now. If it wasn’t for the sliver of vitality coming from between his eyebrows, this body would have already become a corpse.

His origin soul floated above his body and gradually entered it. When he was entering his body, he felt a barrier blocking him. Fortunately, this barrier dissipated a moment later, so he was able to successfully enter his body.

In an instant, lightning came from his body and moved throughout his body. His muscles recovered at rate visible to the naked eye. In an instant, he returned to normal, only he looked slightly thinner compared to before!

Wang Lin let out a mouthful of foul air. This air was grey and also contained lightning. His eyes were as bright as a lightning bolt streak across the sky. He began to deeply ponder.

“This trip was very dangerous, but my harvest was beyond imagination. Although I don’t know if this is good or bad… My origin soul completely transformed. Now my origin soul is more like… a bolt of divine retribution lightning!”

Wang Lin pondered even harder. Then he raised his head and looked outside the crack.

“An origin soul that transformed into lightning… It is interesting. Now if someone wants to destroy my origin soul, it will be like trying to destroy divine retribution lightning! Although my cultivation is still at the early stage of Ascendant after this opportunity, it gave me the power of thunder!” Wang Lin raised his right hand. Lightning filled his hand and quickly formed a ball of lightning. Sound of explosions came from inside the ball of lightning; clearly it was not very stable. A moment later, the ball of lightning collapsed. Then Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he swallowed it. There was a hint of red on his face, but it gradually returned to normal.

“However, what exactly is my current origin soul…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with confusion. He never thought that devouring that half of the thunder dragon would cause his origin soul to change in such a strange way.

He wasn’t able to completely absorb the thunder dragon. He had only managed to absorb one-fifth, and the rest was sealed inside his origin soul.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin tried out all of his spells. He could still use all of his spells, including the underworld river. Only after this did Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief.

However, he immediately felt that there was a difference. Although the spells were no different from before on the surface, if one observed carefully, there was the power of thunder in all of them!

A strand of very powerful thunder!

Wang Lin frowned. Increasing the strength of his spells was a good thing. Also, this increase in power wasn’t just a little. With his current spells, he could be standing among the top of mid stage Ascendant cultivators. Along with his magical treasures, he could even battle with late stage Ascendant cultivators!

However, Wang Lin still felt like something was wrong, as if something was forgotten.

He pondered for a long time, and that feeling was still there. He stood up and walked toward the exit of the crack. It was completely dark outside, and the sound of the suction force was like the wailing of ghosts. The closer he came to the exit, the stronger that voice became.

Looking outside the crack, it was as if a bolt of lightning flashed across Wang Lin’s mind, and he suddenly knew why he felt that something was wrong!

“Why was there that barrier when my origin soul tried to return to my body?” Wang Lin’s expression was extremely ugly. The scattered devil was still sealed in his origin soul, so it was impossible for it to be a possession. It also didn’t look like his origin soul had been robbed.

“It seems like the problem is my origin soul!” Wang Lin planned for his origin soul to leave his body again, but his expression immediately changed.

“My origin soul… Can’t leave my body…” Wang Lin immediately took a few steps back and sat down in the lotus position. He tried several times before opening his eyes. He was not flustered and he calmly pondered.

“It is still that barrier blocking my origin soul from leaving. Could this be the price after the origin soul mutated…” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

“Forget it, let’s not think about it now. Let’s have a look at this token. What kind of spell did it have to condense from the mist?” Wang Lin slappaed his bag of holding and a purple token appeared in his hand! 

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