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Chapter 648 – Ancient Thunder Dragon

With the sword energy making a path, Wang Lin used all of his speed and moved like a meteor toward the bottom. He didn’t bother with Zhou Yi right now because although Greed had a lot of treasures, Zhou Yi wouldn’t be defeated easily.

What he needed to do now was open as much distance as possible to stall for time until Zhou Yi arrived.

“This Greed has too many treasures. I don’t know how many more strange treasures he has in that bag of his. Even if Senior Zhou Yi wins, I’m afraid it will take some time.” Wang Lin frowned. The sword energy continued to break the resistance as he rushed downward.

Behind him, Greed’s second origin soul chased closely after. This second origin soul was like a small person made of crystal. Black lightning bolts surrounded this small person.

The resistance coming from below was broken by the balls of lightning. His eyes glowed as he stared at Wang Lin. His right hand formed a seal and he slapped his palm down.

Nine of the balls of lightning around him immediately lined up like a string of beads. It pierced through the resistance like a fierce arrow and flew directly at Wang Lin.

“Thunder…” Wang Lin’s head suddenly turned around and he slapped his bag of holding. The God Slaying War Chariot immediately flew out. It quickly formed a ball of lightning in the air. The ball quickly expanded and turned into a mighty thunder beast!

The thunder beast was a celestial thunder beast. After it appeared, it snorted out two strands of green gas. Its eyes contained lightning. Under its gaze, not only did the nine balls of thunder not slow down, they flew even faster.

The thunder beast opened its mouth and let out a roar. The nine balls of thunder suddenly trembled, and then, instead of going to Wang Lin, they flew toward the thunder beast and were instantly swallowed by it.

Greed’s second origin soul’s eyes immediately lit up. He moved his body and all the black thunder around him rained down on Wang Lin and the thunder beast.

At the same time, the second origin soul slapped his forehead. A hammer covered in lighting immediately appeared. He grabbed the hammer and slammed it down.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The thunderous roar of thunder exploded forth as lighting shot out from the hammer. The lightning moved like a dragon that was clawing toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding, taking out the celestial brush. He took a deep breath and immediately drew in front of him. A five-stroke symbol suddenly appeared and he inserted five portions of his origin soul into it.

The golden symbol released a blinding light. After it appeared, it shined like the sun. At the moment the dragon arrived, the two sides collided in the air.

A loud bang echoed in the abyss, causing a large amount of rocks to fall from the cliff. Those rocks were pushed upward by the resistance force.

For this instant, even the resistance force coming from below slowed for a moment.

The symbol split into five pieces of divine sense and returned to Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin’s body staggered and his face became pale. Without pause, he flew down again.

The lightning dragon didn’t change at all, but it stayed in the air completely motionless. When the resistance force pushed against it, countless cracks appeared on it and it collapsed.

As for the thunder beast, when the balls of thunder arrived, it opened its mouth and happily ate one ball of thunder every time it opened its mouth. Even the collapsing lightning dragon was devoured by the thunder beast as it passed by. Then it looked at Greed’s second origin soul with a provoking gaze before following Wang Lin.

Greed’s second origin soul’s eyes were filled with cold intent and he said, in a hoarse voice, “Damned beast!”

He waved the thunder hammer in his hand and it began to glow red. He quickly chased after Wang Lin as the red light on the hammer became stronger and stronger. Finally, the hammer started releasing a blood-colored light.

As Wang Lin was escaping, he suddenly felt powerful thunder behind him, causing his even hair to tingle. The thunder beast also became serious. It looked back and let out low growls.

“What spirit exactly is Greed’s second origin soul?” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. The resistance was getting stronger, but Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was very strong. Wang Lin wasn’t affected at all with the sword energy opening the path. He moved like lightning as he rushed downward.

Greed’s second origin soul chased closely after Wang Lin.

The distance between them constantly changed as they charged toward the bottom. However, the closer they got to the bottom, the stronger the resistance became. In the end, their speed slowed down.

Greed’s second origin soul slowly said, “Celestial-Destroying Thunder!” He waved the hammer in his hand and the red light on the hammer flew out as a ray of lightning. It didn’t charge toward Wang Lin or the thunder beast but instead drilled into the cliff of the abyss.

Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank and he suddenly felt a sense of crisis. At this moment, he grabbed the thunder beast without any hesitation and put it back into his bag. All of the life seals gathered on his body, and at the same time, he took out a large amount of blood jades. He crushed them all.

These blood jades came from Yao Xixue. Now that he crushed them, the thick, blood-colored light immediately surrounded him, forming layers and layers of protection.

Almost at the moment Wang Lin finished all of this, a flash of red light came from the side of the cliff. Red dots suddenly appeared on the cliff’s surface.

These dots became larger and faster at the same time. Then the dots suddenly burst out from the wall and formed a net of red lightning!

The red lightning around Wang Lin immediately pierced through the shield of blood light, creating loud bangs. Some even reached Wang Lin and was stopped by the life seals.

Wang Lin’s expression became even more gloomy. He slapped his bag of holding and the three swords appeared. After infusing Ling Tianhou’s sword energy into them, Wang Lin pointed at Greed’s second origin soul and the swords charged toward Greed’s second origin soul.

“Since you want to fight, let’s fight!” Wang Lin no longer tried to escape. Although this was very close to the abyss, the resistance here was simply too big, so it would be difficult to pass. Adding on how vicious this second origin soul was, Wang Lin was angered.

The three sword formed a formation and charged out. The mouse, pig, and sheep evil spirits emerged and fused with Ling Tianhou’s sword energy. They pierced through the lightning net and gave off thick sword energy as they stabbed toward Greed’s second origin soul.

Greed’s second origin soul shined brightly and its eyes became serious. He slammed the hammer in the air and then lightning dragons appeared and started circling around him. When the three swords arrived, the three evil spirits flew out and began fighting with the lightning dragons.

The three swords circled around and suddenly stabbed forth. However, they were blocked by the lightning dragons and weren’t able to stab into the second origin soul.

If Ling Tianhou’s sword energy wasn’t there, Greed’s second origin soul wouldn’t care so much. However, the sword energies inside the swords made him very cautious, as he couldn’t allow the sword energies to enter his body. He decided to constantly use the lightning dragons to weaken the sword energies!

A mark gradually appeared between the eyebrows of Greed’s second origin soul as he waved the thunder hammer. This mark was very deep and flashed slowly.

Wang Lin was covered by the blood light. Without Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, he could feel the powerful resistance force below him. He flew upward, borrowing the resistance force from the Tide Abyss. He moved at a speed several times faster than before as he flew through the lightning net and charged straight at the second origin soul!

The majority of the blood light around him had already dissipated. He had to constantly crush blood jades to continue protecting himself.

If there was no blood light to act as a shield, he would be facing a life and death trial inside this lightning net even if he used one million life seals.

“Back then, the grey-robed All-Seer said that the defense of the life seals was extremely powerful, and this is true when facing ordinary spells. However, when facing someone stronger than me, it simply won’t be enough! Either the Celestial Slaughter Art is imperfect, or the grey-robed All-Seer deceived me!”

He immediately saw the mark between Greed’s second origin soul’s eyebrows!

“That is the seal Greed uses to control the second origin soul. I need to smash it!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The lightning net was too dense, and it closed in as he moved, making the net even more powerful.

However, at this moment, Greed’s second origin soul’s eyes became cold and the lightning net around Wang Lin immediately contracted!

Countless rays of lightning began to gather toward Wang Lin!

At this moment, Wang Lin gave up on his defense. His eyes became red and he shouted, “Very well, either I kill you, or I die today!”

The three swords moved even faster; it was as if they felt Wang Lin’s killing intent. Ling Tianhou’s sword energy spread out from the three swords.

“Stop!” A loud roar came from Wang Lin. At this moment, the celestial spell, Stop, was used by Wang Lin at full power!

Greed’s second origin soul’s arm suddenly paused!

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed brightly and he shouted, “Kill!”

In an instant, the three swords’ auras reached their peaks and moved through the lightning dragons. All three swords stabbed into Greed’s second origin soul and pierced his body!

Ling Tianhou’s sword energy charged into Greed’s second origin soul without any hesitation and began to rampage inside his spirit body.

Greed’s second origin soul’s body trembled, and the seal between his eyebrows flickered like crazy. The seal spread all over his body, trying to resist this destructive force.

At this moment, the lightning net contracting toward Wang Lin suddenly collapsed. Wang Lin rushed out and slapped his bag of holding. The devilish amor immediately appeared over his body. The devilish energy spread out and he suddenly raised his finger. The Demonic Finger was used, and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body transformed.

At the same time, Wang Lin pointed again, and the Underworld Finger was used. The moment the Underworld Finger appeared, the underworld river appeared as well and charged out along with the Underworld Finger.

Wang Lin closed in with the help of the two spells. His speed increased with the help of the resistance force. Wang Lin arrived next to Greed’s second origin soul and pressed the two spells into him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “Explode for me!”

The seal between Greed’s second origin soul’s eyebrows flashed violently, trying to return back to normal. However, Wang Lin’s two spells landed another fatal blow, so the seal collapsed!

Along with the seal, the body of Greed’s second origin soul also began to collapse. Countless cracks appeared on its crystal body.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s expression changed. He recalled the three swords and quickly retreated.

A desolate aura spread out like crazy from the cracks of the second origin soul, and there was an unimaginable aura leaking out from the cracks. It was the aura of a beast!

The three evil spirits on the three swords immediately trembled!

At the abyss exit, Greed, who was fighting with Zhou Yi, trembled violently and coughed out a mouthful of blood. He looked below him with an aghast expression.


Greed’s second origin soul exploded with a bang, but at the moment it collapsed, a green light shot out from between its eyebrows. A thick, desolate aura spread out from the green light.

The moment the green light appeared, it turned into a green dragon!

Lightning circulated all over this dragon; it was extremely terrifying! This was an ancient thunder dragon, and it was very famous. Back then, when Greed was only at the Foundation Establishment stage, he fell down a cliff and found a baby thunder dragon. He carefully hid it, and when he encountered danger, the aura from the thunder dragon would protect its master.

Later, Greed brought a wasted magical treasure in a ordinary city. However, after some research, it turned out that this treasure wasn’t a waste but an ancient magical devil. Greed used it to brand and seal the thunder dragon so that it could never awaken and remain under his control.

It wasn’t until he reached the Ascendant stage that he refined it into his second orign soul. However, he didn’t dare to stimulate it too much, lest it awaken and escape from his control.

This green dragon opened its eyes and let out a real dragon roar!

At this moment, the sky changed color and the clouds gathered. Even the resistance from the Tide Abyss was pushed away.

Wang Lin revealed a bitter smile. Without any hesitation, he borrowed the resistance force to push himself back up and stayed far away from this green dragon!

“Greed… Greed… This person is really full of treasures, even his second origin soul is a dragon! The furnace that Tu Si refined back then also landed in his hands… His cultivation level is also high, so he can be considered someone who has the heavens’ own luck!” Wang Lin bitterly smiled. He didn’t know that back when Greed was only eight and hadn’t even started cultivating, he found a five-hundred-year-old Soloman’s Seal while playing. He took it home and ate it after breaking it. Not only was he not killed by the surge of energy inside it, but it laid his foundation as a cultivator.

As the green dragon let out a roar, its cold eyes swept the area and landed on Wang Lin. The hatred from before was still there. Although it had just awakened, it still remembered what happened. Its body turned into a ray of green light and charged directly at Wang Lin.

After charging into the bottom of the Tide Abyss, Wang Lin saw the bottomless pit at the center. Suction force was coming from the hole and it was covered in mist.

The dragon’s roar and the fishy smell from its mouth came from behind him. Wang Lin let out a bitter smile as he stared at the bottomless pit. He clenched his teeth and suddenly jumped into the pit.

At this moment, the green dragon rushed over while roaring. The dragon had just awakened, so it’s mind was still in a state of chaos. It was completely acting on instinct, and when it saw Wang Lin jump into the pit, it also rushed in without any hesitation.

The suction force here was very different from outside; it was much stronger. This wasn’t Wang Lin’s first time in here, so he knew this. After jumping into the pit, he activated the celestial spiritual energy inside his body and stayed close to the side of the cliff.

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