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Chapter 647 – Furnace

As Chen Long rushed forth, Ling Tianhou’s sword energy gathered in his hand. The sword energy circled around his hand and then a pressure spread out.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He had already noticed that there was something wrong with the ray of Ling Tianhou’s sword energy that belonged to Chen Long. At the moment the sword energy appeared, Wang Lin immediately felt his heart tighten.

“This is Ling Tianhou’s life sword energy, very powerful!” Zhou Yi’s voice entered Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stopped moving. He no longer chased after the token and held back the celestial spell in his hand as he coldly looked at Chen Long.

Chen Long was extremely flashy and suddenly appeared next to the token. His eyes were filled with joy. He didn’t know what it was, but for it to be something even Greed cared so much about, it had to be a rare treasure!

However, just as he reached out toward the token, Greed’s angry roar came from within the mosquito herd. “Junior Chen Long, this old man will kill you!!! Death Devourer third style!!!”

Greed’s voice was like lightning. It seemed to turn solid as it went through the mosquito herd, passed by Wang Lin, and charged directly at Chen Long.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he immediately retreated a few steps. The roar charged out from the mosquito herd and began to take form. Suddenly, a crystal clear small person appeared in the air!

This person didn’t look like Greed at all, but his body gave off Greed’s aura.

“Second origin soul!” Wang Lin sucked in a breath of air as he stared at the small person.

Greed was so angry that his anger was enough to burn his heart. He was helpless, so he could only send out his second origin soul while his main body was trapped by the mosquito herd. The seven needles rapidly rotated around him. They could guard him for a bit, but not for too long!

These mosquitoes’ bodies were extremely tough, especially their mouths, which were as hard as iron essence. If that was only the case, it wouldn’t be too bad, but whenever a mosquito was killed, they would immediately collapse into a red cloud. The red cloud would retreat and instantly condense back into a mosquito beast. Although it would be weaker, it would once again fiercely pounce at him.

After this small person appeared, he immediately turned into a ray of light. His hand formed a seal and black lightning began to appear around his body. Then the black lightning moved like meteors toward Chen Long.

Chen Long’s expression changed. If he didn’t withdraw his right hand, he would be hit by the black lightning. However, everything would have been in vain if did!

“Going to risk it!” Chen Long clenched his teeth and threw out Ling Tianhou’s sword energy. The sword energy flew through the air and shook the heavens and earth. Even the cliff of the abyss rumbled under the might of the sword energy. Endless gravel and soil fell from the cliff.

The lightning bolts released by Greed’s second origin soul touched the sword energy and collapsed one by one. Powerful force was scattered in all directions.

The life seals appeared over Wang Lin’s body as he backed up, but his eyes were bright like a torch.

After releasing his master’s sword energy, Chen Long seized the token without any hesitation. His eyes were filled with ecstasy. He immediately flew upwards, wanting to escape.

Greed’s second origin soul let out a roar and wanted to chase. However, Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was simply too strong, and it even contained Chen Long’s divine sense, so it was easily controlled. The sword energy repeatedly blocked the second origin soul’s path and constantly pushed it back. Greed’s second origin soul didn’t dare to touch the sword energy. He knew that his second origin soul would be seriously injured by it, so he could only wait until the sword energy dissipated.

Trapped by the mosquito beasts, Greed’s eyes revealed a hint of determination. His heart ached, but he immediately touched his bag of holding. He took out a finger-sized piece of sandalwood!

The moment it appeared, it released a fragrance. This sandalwood looked very normal, as if it was something that belonged to the mortal world, but Greed’s eyes were filled with sadness!

“Child, you forced this old man to use a treasure of the celestial world, Heaven Confusion Incense! This old will definitely cut you into pieces!” Greed clenched his teeth and raised his left hand. He immediately lit the incense and a blue smoke began to rise from it.

This smoke was extremely strange. When it spread out, although it was thin, it immediately formed a cloud. The mosquito beasts were all suddenly trapped in this mist, and at the same time, Greed rushed out from the mosquito herd. He stepped on the smoke and chased after Chen Long.

“Senior Greed, Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, I’ll be taking this token. Many thanks!” Chen Long laughed. He was already looking at the exit in the distance.

Wang Lin sneered as he stared at Chen Long’s figure in the distance. His eyes gave off a ghostly light as he said to himself, “Stop!”

The power of the low quality celestial spell that could seal the heavens and freeze the earth went forth! A mysterious force immediately filled the abyss. If there was a powerful cultivator here, they would see that the area was filled with invisible threads. These invisible threads immediately wrapped around Chen Long.

Chen Long only felt his body stop, and even his origin soul stopped. Also, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body stopped moving as if it was frozen solid!

At this instant, he become completely motionless, and the token fell from his hand!

Greed was extremely joyous as the smoke he released surrounded Chen Long. He charged directly at the token.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin moved. Zhou Yi’s celestial sword was under Wang Lin’s feet, and they rushed out! The speed of the celestial sword was too fast, so fast that even Greed’s expression changed!

“Wang Lin, you aren’t qualified to rob treasures from this old man!” Greed was very close to the token. It looked like he only needed to extend his hand to reach the token.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he softly said, “Stop!”

Greed paused for a moment. Although he immediately returned to normal and all the threads that had wrapped around him broke, with the help of the celestial sword, Wang Lin immediately closed in. In front of Greed’s bulging eyes, Wang Lin took the token and swept past Greed.

“Wang Lin!!! You dare to steal this old man’s things!!” Greed’s eyes were bloodshot as he roared and rushed out.

Chen Long had already recovered, and his expression was gloomy. Surrounded by the smoke, his hand formed a seal. He wanted to break through, but the smoke blocked his path and he couldn’t escape.

The three of them were very close to the exit in the Fire Demon Country. Wang Lin was very close to the exit thanks to Zhou Yi’s speed. At this moment, the sunlight from the outside could be seen.

Greed almost went crazy. As he let out a roar, he slapped his bag of holding and a giant furnace flew out!

This furnace was about as big as a person and was completely black. There were countless beast-shaped runes on the furnace, and it gave off a desolate aura.

Greed shouted, “Revert the universe, reverse the heavens and earth!”

The furnace shook and a ray of black light shot out. The black light quickly covered the heavens and earth. At this moment, it was as if the heavens and earth had reversed positions. The heavens became the earth! The earth became the heavens!

Wang Lin’s, Chen Long’s, and Greed’s positions suddenly reversed. Originally, Wang Lin was in front, but now he was where Chen Long was, surrounded by the smoke.

As for Chen Long, he appeared where Wang Lin was. He was startled for a moment and was scared out of his wits. Without a word, he charged toward the exit.

He was afraid. He didn’t expect this Greed to have such incredible magical treasures. This treasure was simply too strong! It could reverse the universe! At the moment he switched positions with Wang Lin, he felt a divine power. Compared to that divine power, he was simply too insignificant.

“This Greed is indeed worthy of being someone from Master’s generation. Although his cultivation level is far inferior to Master’s, there must be something special about him if he caught master’s attention!”

He didn’t know that Greed never went anywhere without treasures. Over the countless years, Greed had obtained enough treasures to rival any celestial palace! However, a lot of the treasures he obtained were things he couldn’t even use himself, and he was extremely cautious because he was afraid of others stealing from him. Whenever he felt like something was wrong, he would immediately run away.

Greed breathed heavily and suddenly turned his head. He stared at Wang Lin, who was trapped in the smoke, and closed in with a grin.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air and stared at the furnace. There was a mysterious light in his eyes. He recognized that furnace! Without hesitation, he put the token inside his bag of holding. The celestial sword under his feet hummed and Zhou Yi’s divine sense message entered his mind.

“What a powerful treasure. Wang Lin, keep yourself safe!”

Zhou Yi’s celestial sword flashed and a ray of sword energy flew out. The sword energy surrounded the sword and the celestial sword began to spin. The smoke surrounding them immediately began to swell, and then Zhou Yi shouted, “Open!”

With a bang, an opening appeared in the smoke. The celestial sword rushed out. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he rushed out as well!

“This person’s cultivation is ordinary, but his treasures are mysterious. Just how did a person like this obtain so many magical treasures?!” After Zhou Yi rushed out, his celestial sword stabbed toward Greed.

Greed’s eyes lit up brightly. He retreated and once again slapped his bag of holding. This action not only caused Zhou Yi to pause, it even made Wang Lin’s heart skip a beat.

“Wang Lin, this old man has to thank Situ Nan. If not for him, how could I have been forced to stay at the waste planet of Suzaku for tens of thousands of years? If it wasn’t for those tens of thousands of years, I couldn’t have understood a lot of these treasures I couldn’t use before!” As Greed raised his right hand, a screen appeared in his right hand.

After throwing the screen, it immediately grew to one hundred feet wide. There was an ink painting of a landscape with mountains on the screen. Mist filled the mountains, making it give off the aura of a celestial world.

“This old man wasn’t able to find the Celestial Realm’s Mountain and River Painting, but I found an imprint of it on this screen. Gather for me!” As Greed shouted, a large suction force came from the screen.

Zhou Yi’s figure appeared from the celestial sword. He had a serious expression, and his right hand pointed forward. Without any hesitation, he released one of the two remaining life sword energies!

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy and he immediately activated Ling Tianhou’s sword energy inside his body. The sword energy opened a path through the pressure as he rushed down. Behind him, Greed’s second origin soul, which was covered in countless lightning bolts, chased slowly after Wang Lin.

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