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Chapter 607 – Condensing The River’s Soul

The black-armored old man frowned and his eyes lit up. First he looked at the river in the sky. After pausing for a moment, his gaze moved to the sword energy left by Sword Saint Ling Tianhou.

His eyes were glowing brightly as he stared at that sword energy and sucked in a breath of cold air.

“There is something mysterious about this river formed by his dao. However, it has just formed, so there isn’t enough power behind it. But this sword energy… this sword energy is strong… very strong! The person who created this sword energy must be a peerless expert. I’m afraid that person’s cultivation level has already entered Nirvana Shatterer!”

Wang Lin’s two most powerful hands were brought out. His goal wasn’t to fight but to shock the enemy!

Wang Lin had already become sober; the madness from the fruit had been suppressed and he had regained his cunning. Right now this old man was not someone he could deal with, let alone the mysterious existence in the black tower.

The black-armored old man’s gaze withdrew from the sword energy. He then looked toward Wang Lin and silently pondered.

The surroundings were completely silent except for the sound of the underworld river flowing in the air. The sound of the river flowing created sound ripples that diffused across the area.

Just at this moment, a huge divine sense suddenly charged out from the tower behind the black-armored old man.

“Where did you learn that palm print!?” The divine sense echoed like a thunderous roar.

The moment this sound appeared, the ground began to shatter, but it stopped 100 feet before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He remembered now, it was this voice that had seriously injured him countless times on the way here. If not for the slaughter energy and Finger of Death, he would have already died.

Wang Lin said, “I learned it in the Celestial Realm!”

The huge divine sense muttered, “Celestial Realm… Yes, he did go to the Celestial Realm once back then…”

Wang Lin began to retreat. He was no longer under the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruit. Now that he had calmed down, he was covered in cold sweat.

“Capture him alive!” After the divine sense sent out this message, it disappeared back into the tower.

The black-armored old man didn’t hesitate before suddenly leaping into the air. He moved like a bolt of lightning toward Wang Lin. With his late stage Ascendant cultivation, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Wind!”

With one word, a giant tornado suddenly appeared. As it swept across the ground, the earth began to shatter and countless broken rocks were mixed into the tornado as it charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he backed up several step and his right hand pointed at the sky. The underworld river suddenly descended from the sky and swept across the area.

The incoming tornado was stopped by the flow of the underworld river. After a few bursts of reincarnation energy, the tornado was pulled into the underworld river.

“Such a young age and you already have your own dao. You are not simple!” The old man’s voice was calm. His hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky.

“Thunder!” After the old man shouted, the sky immediately darkened and dark clouds suddenly filled the sky. These dark clouds looked like ugly faces.

With the word “thunder,” a small gap suddenly appeared in the black clouds. Following a loud rumble, a ray of black thunder descended from the sky!

Wang Lin’s expression changed as he raised his left pinky without any hesitation toward the descending thunder!

Underworld Finger!

Wang Lin couldn’t afford to underestimate this thunder spell. He heard from Situ Nan that thunder spells were the most difficult to practice. Unless someone had a lot of skill, they were very difficult to learn!

This was because thunder was considered the power of the heavens, and how could the power of the heavens be so easily used by a human?

The underworld river began to move due to the Underworld Finger. The entire underworld river began to move following the direction of Wang Lin’s finger. Then the underworld river charged into the black thunder in the sky, carrying the power of reincarnation!

An earth-shattering explosion echoed across the sky. Although the underworld river began to collapse, the black thunder was also dissipating. After ⅓ of the underworld river had collapsed, the black thunder dissipated completely!

“Your dao is very powerful!” The black-armored old man sneered. His right hand pointed at the sky again and he shouted, “Rain!”

The dark clouds in the sky suddenly shrank and drops of black rain immediately began to fall. These raindrops fell down from the sky like swords straight toward Wang Lin.

“Late stage Ascendant… is indeed something I can’t beat. However, if you want to kill me, it will not be this simple!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he took a step and walked directly into the underworld river.

When he entered the underworld river, he merged with it. He became his dao; he was the underworld river!

The underworld river that had already lost ⅓ of itself immediately formed a giant wave after Wang Lin walked in. It flowed on the ground and in the blink of an eye turned into a dragon!

Wang Lin was located at the head of the dragon!

The dragon head rose up and let out a roar. This was the roar of the underworld, it was Wang Lin’s heaven-defying dao! This was the roar Wang Lin gave as he raised his head.

The black rain falling from the sky suddenly paused after the roar. Then the black raindrops all shattered and turned into slivers of black smoke. In the blink of an eye, the sky was covered in black smoke.

“What a good fusion with your dao! Unfortunately, I don’t think your dao can even withstand one hit from me! This old man doesn’t have his own dao, but this armor of mine does!”

The old man’s expression was normal. His arms opened up as he sneered and flew into the air before shouting, “Wind!”

The wind picked up again and formed a giant vortex in the sky. This was a vortex of wind, and its appearance caused all of the black gas to be sucked into it.

The old man shouted again, “Rain!” Drops of black rain appeared inside the vortex. These raindrops were made of devilish energy, so they were not normal!

“Thunder!” There was a thunderous roar and another ray of black thunder appeared within the black clouds. At the moment the black thunder appeared, there were strands of black lightning moving within the black raindrops.

At this moment, with the thunder at the center and countless raindrops connected by the black lightning, it was as if there was a giant nest of lightning covering the sky.

“Lightning!” The old man’s voice seemed to even suppress the roar of the thunder! Then the thunder, raindrops, and even the vortex descended from the sky at lightning speed!

Wang Lin raised his head. This was a new peak for him; it was a battle like he’d never had before!

Unless something heaven-defying happened, then he would without a doubt lose when trying to fight against a late stage Ascendant cultivator with only his early stage Ascendant cultivation! Wang Lin knew this well because he had that heaven-defying object!

Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was that heaven-defying object!

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding, took out the one-billion-soul soul flag, and 100 million soul fragments immediately flew out. After these soul fragments appeared, they didn’t fly into the sky but instead quickly flew into the underworld river.

All 100 million soul fragments soon fused with the underworld river.

“When I was under the influence of the Celestial Ascension Fruit, I was able to create this underworld river with my dao. Now that I’m sober, I’m still able to condense the soul of the river!”

The 100 million soul fragments fused with the underworld river and fused into one. This soul was the soul of the underworld river!

The underworld river now had a soul, so it suddenly moved when the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning descended from the sky. Wang Lin was inside the underworld river. He spread out his divine sense and his dao fused with the river. At this moment, his origin soul let out a roar and the underworld river charged into the sky.

Now that it had a soul, the underworld river seemed to have gained intelligence. It was like a dragon, as it let out a roar and wanted to devour the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spell!

At the same time, 130,000 strands of slaughter energy came out from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and fused with the dragon. Now this underworld river carried killing intent!

This was Wang Lin’s real underworld river. It contained 130,000 strands of slaughter energy, 100 million soul fragments, and Wang Lin’s dao!

The mix of these charged out like crazy toward the descending spell from the old man!

This was a battle of people at the peak!

The thunder roared, the raindrops carried the lightning, and the wind vortex displayed its might as the spell collided with the underworld river. At this moment, the sky changed colors and a loud explosion echoed endlessly through air. The ground trembled as a large amount of cracks appeared everywhere.

At this moment, it was as if a layer had been peeled off from the entire ancient battleground. The sky above the ancient battleground seemed to have completely shattered!

This was a battle of heaven and earth!

At the same time as the earth was shattered, a large amount of soul fragments flew out from underground. These soul fragments were all powerful, so they weren’t refined by Hu Pao. When Wang Lin saw these soul fragments, his eyes lit up and he shook the soul flag in his hand.

The soul flag turned into a giant, black cloth that covered the sky. With just one sweep, countless souls were captured by the soul flag. These soul fragments turned into strands of black gas and fused with the underworld river.

As the heavens and earth shook, the black-armored man’s expression became gloomy. Then he gave Wang Lin a meaningful look and shook his head. “This wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spell is my weakest spell. Next you will see the dao that belongs to this armor!”

Dao of the Devil!

The old man wiped the armor on his chest. In an instant, the armor began to move in a strange manor. Strands of devilish energy came out from the armor and quickly gathered before the old man.

A sickle that gave off monstrous, devilish energy formed before the old man!

The devilish energy that the sickle was giving off was incredibly dense. There seemed to be some law that was outside of the heavens’ control inside this devilish energy. Its appearance caused cracks to appear in the nearby space before the space quickly shattered.

This sickle wasn’t completely solid, it was changing between incorporeal and corporeal. As it changed between these two states, there was a sizzling sound.

The moment the sickle appeared, the old man revealed a painful expression; it was as if he was enduring unimaginable torture. The single-horned devil illusion that had entered the old man’s brow appeared. Its expression was the exact opposite of the old man’s; it looked very comfortable.

The devil illusion completely flew out of the old man’s body, turned into black smoke, and entered the sickle. The sickle suddenly became alive and charged straight at Wang Lin.

The underworld river and the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spells continued to collide, giving off loud explosions that echoed across the sky. The sickle quickly flew through the air, leaving behind a long trail of devilish flame.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he raised his right hand. Sword Saint Ling Tianhou’s sword energy condensed at the tip of his finger!

Ling Tianhou’s life revolved around swords. He had created four small worlds that he refined into four sword gods. He was considered powerful and on par with the All-Seer on planet Tian Yun. The power of his sword energy was unimaginable!

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