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Chapter 606 – Awaken

Inside the black tower, the ghostly light flickered like it never had before. There was even a hint of fear inside the ghostly light. This kind of thing almost never happened in these countless years!

“That palm print… It’s him!! Could this person have something to do with… him… could he also be here!?” There was a trace of panic in the divine sense.

Normally, with his mental strength, this kind of panic would never appear. However, that person was simply too terrifying. So terrifying that even with his cultivation, his heart would tremble when thinking about that person!

“Although this person’s palm print has a lot of differences, about 70% of it is the same as his spell…This… Is this a coincidence, or…?”

“Wang Lin!” A loud shout came down like a thunderous roar from the sky. Although this shout came from a person, it also felt like it had come from 100 million souls!

This sound arrived like a series of explosions. The sky changed color and it was as if the sound was the only thing that remained.

Wang Lin’s stimulated origin soul showed a sign of sobering up when he heard this voice. Although his eyes were still blood-red, at this moment, they revealed a rare glimmer of clarity.

He turned around and saw dark clouds rushing over from the horizon. These black clouds were made of countless soul fragments. These soul fragments were full of energy and caused terrifying ripples as they charged over.

A black-robed young man walked toward Wang Lin step by step under the black clouds. This person looked normal, but there was a deep sense of hatred in his eyes. He stared at Wang Lin and shouted, while clenching his teeth, “Wang Lin, do you recognize me?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a sense of clarity. He looked at this person and said, in a low tone, “Hu Pao.”

“You still remember me! Wang Lin, I’ll personally kill you today!” Hu Pao laughed like crazy, causing the clouds of soul fragments above him to tremble. This created a huge pressure that enveloped the area.

“Wang Lin, you never would have imagined that I, Hu Pao, would be like this today. Back then you were so strong in my eyes that it was completely impossible to do anything against you. However, now you are only an ant in my eyes!” Hu Pao stared at Wang Lin while venting all the resentment he had stored up in the past 10 years. He wasn’t in a rush to attack, he wanted to vent!

Wang Lin’s voice was still calm. “Indeed, I would never have imagined.”

Hu Pao madly shouted, “When you abandoned me and Thirteen, do you know how much we suffered? Especially me, who had all of my bones crushed and meridians shattered by that commander.

“I suffered torture and humiliation in the dark prison. Where were you then?

“When I called countless times for you to save me, where were you? In your eyes, Thirteen and I were only pawns. Unfortunately, Thirteen is still a fool and doesn’t know your true face!”

The soul fragments above him seemed to feel this excitement and roared with him.

“Fortunately, the heavens have eyes and didn’t let me just die. Instead, it give me a new life and let me meet Master. I was able to complete my soul refining spell here, and I have refined over 100 million soul fragments. Today you will without a doubt die! However, I won’t kill you so easily. I’ll seal your soul inside your body and throw you into the most cruel dungeon in the nine demon country where you will be humiliated but won’t be able to die!

“Then I’ll extract your soul and seal you in a soul flag where I can torment you every day!”

Hu Pao viciously stared at Wang Lin before revealing a hint of mockery and saying, “Have you ever thought that you would one day be killed by the spell you taught? Have you ever tasted the feeling of 100 million soul fragments invading your body!?”

“After I take your soul, I’ll return to the Soul Refining Tribe and take all of their souls too!” Hu Pao’s body was trembling. This trembling was caused by excitement, and he began to laugh like crazy.

Wang Lin pondered for a long time and slowly said, “So it turns out you hate me this much.”

“Hate? Of course, I, Hu Pao, will not be ordinary in this life. With this soul refining spell and the 100 million soul fragments, I’ll be at the top of the Demon Spirit Land. You are not qualified to be my master, even if you were before! You must die!”

Arrogant laughter came from Hu Pao. At this moment, he really did have the qualifications to be arrogant. The power of 100 million soul fragments was indeed great!

Especially because these 100 million soul fragments all came from this ancient battleground. Before they died, none of their cultivations were weak. There were even some demon general level soul fragments, making it all the more terrifying!

“With this soul flag in my hand, who else can stop me besides the Master who saved me? No one can stop me! 100 million soul fragments isn’t my goal, my goal is one billion, 10 billion. I want a 10th demon country to appear in the Demon Spirit Land. The first demon emperor will be me, Hu Pao!”

Wang Lin silently looked at Hu Pao and slowly said, “So it seems you want to kill me, and hatred is only half the reason. The other half is to kill everyone else that knows the soul refining spell. This way there will be no one else who can use the same spell as you to compete with you for soul fragments… correct?”

Hu Pao stared at Wang Lin and let out a grim laugh. “You are indeed worthy of being my previous master. That is correct, you treated me as a pawn, but you taught me the soul refining spell. Although I hated you before, it wasn’t that much. However, inside the dark prison, I reached enlightenment. What right do you have to be my master? What right did others have to attack me because they don’t like you? Because you are strong? Then if I become even more powerful, then what!?

“That is why, at the moment I was rescued, I swore that I’d become strong. I’d overtake you and then kill you!”

Wang Lin slightly shook his head as he carefully looked at Hu Pao and said, “To be able to cultivate to this step in only 10 years of time, I have to admit, not even the most blessed daughter of the heavens could compare to you on this.

“At first I was puzzled. Although your talent is good and even better than Red Butterfly’s at certain points, it is impossible to cultivate to this degree in only 10 years. It should also be impossible for you to contain and control so many soul fragments, but now I understand the reason! You must have cultivated a method that burns your potential and life. You will quickly reach your peak for a very short period of time. This peak will be very short, and I’m afraid it will last not even more than a day…”

“Shut up!” Hu Pao’s expression was fierce as he pointed at the sky. A part of the black cloud suddenly split off, turning into millions of souls. Hu Pao pointed at Wang Lin and the soul fragments rushed toward him.

Hu Pao madly laughed. “I’ll let you see what a million soul fragments are like. You probably have never even seen one million souls before!”

Xu Liguo clearly heard the talk between the two of them. He looked at Hu Pao and thought, “This kid doesn’t know how high the heavens is. Your grandpa Xu has tried to revolt many times, and each time I failed. If you can really succeed, I’ll change my surname to Hu and be called Hu Liguo!

“Revolting is a very difficult thing, and it requires a lot of planning, especially when it is against this fiend. How can you think it will be this simple!?”

Wang Lin raised his head and calmly looked at the sky. The one million soul fragments rushed at him. This was something he hadn’t seen in a long time. This black mass of soul fragments, all with ferocious expressions, wouldn’t retreat until they had completely devoured him.

Wang Lin let out a soft sigh as he raised his right hand and pressed it toward the sky, then a symbol appeared in his palm.

The one million soul fragments suddenly stopped and remained motionless after seeing the symbol. This scene was too strange and it even startled Hu Pao.

“The soul refining spell is not used like this!” Wang Lin’s voice was soft as he waved his right hand. Looks of respect appeared in the eyes of the one million soul fragments!

The soul fragments recognized Hu Pao as their master, but when they saw that symbol, they immediately understood that the person before them was the real master!

“This… This is impossible… Not possible!!” Hu Pao suddenly lost connection to those one million souls in his mind. He was startled and revealed a ferocious expression as he shouted, “100 million souls, devour!”

After he said that, the black clouds in the sky suddenly descended, creating crazy amounts of pressure, and the 100 million souls rushed out. At this moment, it was as if the only thing that existed in this world right now were the soul fragments!

Hu Pao revealed a ferocious expression. It was as if could see that Wang Lin was about to be devoured.

As the 100 million soul fragments rushed over, Wang Lin’s origin soul left his body and swept the area. The weak point that Wang Lin left in the soul refining spell that he taught was used at this moment. Wang Lin had absolute control over all of the souls refined by people who learned the soul refining spell from him!

The 100 million soul fragments were startled, and they immediately showed respect in their eyes and circled Wang Lin. They formed back into the black cloud and stared back at Hu Pao. At this moment, Hu Pao was completely stunned; there was no longer a single soul fragment near him.

This huge change, this strange scene caused Hu Pao’s mind to blank out.

“Your soul refining spell was manipulated by someone to make it easier to control. However, how could the root of the soul refining spell be so easily changed without the true inheritance and tens of thousands of years of sacrifice?!”

Wang Lin was the person who inherited the soul refining spell, and the soul refining spell was the heart of the Soul Refining Sect. Although the soul refining spell wasn’t an earth-shattering spell, it was something that was refined by countless generations of Soul Refining Sect disciples. The members of the Soul Refining Sect spent tens of thousands of years diligently studying how to refine the spell. How could anyone completely remake the spell in merely 10 years without even the true inheritance!?

Hu Pao’s benefactor couldn’t do this. Maybe the person inside the armor could, but he wouldn’t waste his time on such a small matter.

“Impossible… How did this happen… Benefactor clearly told me that he had already fixed the weakness of this spell… Why…” Hu Pao’s dumbfounded expression suddenly turned to anger. He stared at the soul fragments around Wang Lin and shouted, “Soul fragments, quickly return!”

His voice was almost breaking, but the soul fragments around Wang Lin didn’t even look at him. They all circled around Wang Lin with looks of respect on their faces!

“Soul fragments, quickly return!” Hu Pao roared like crazy, but the soul fragments still circled Wang Lin.

Hu Pao’s heart was filled with rage as his body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He spent countless days and nights during the last 10 years refining souls. His courage continued to expand until he had refined 100 million of them. At that moment, he believed that he had the power to pierce the heavens. He had become strong and could kill Wang Lin to take Wang Lin’s place!

However, at this moment, when he was facing Wang Lin, all of that disappeared. More than 10 years of hard work were handed over to Wang Lin just like that. The flame of rage burned brightly in his heart, brightly enough to almost make him collapse!

“Wang Lin, I will kill you!” The veins on Hu Pao’s face bulged out and he became crazy. The current him looked even crazier than Wang Lin when he was under the effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruit.

Because he had hopes, when his hopes were shattered, he became even more disappointed and crazy!

Wang Lin revealed a complex expression. He waved his right hand and sighed. “You rebelled because of me. Before you die, I’ll let you see a true spell using the soul flag!”

The one-billion-soul soul flag flew out from Wang Lin’s bag of holding. The surrounding 100 million soul fragments suddenly trembled before they rapidly fused into one soul!

This soul was crystal-clear as it threw a punch at Hu Pao!

When the punch landed, Hu Pao’s body trembled and was torn asunder along with his soul!

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he waved the one-billion-soul soul flag, and the 100 million soul fragments flew into it. There was a hint of struggle in the clarity in his eyes. He looked into the distance and could see that there was a black tower far in the distance.

There was an old man standing below the tower. He was wearing black armor and was also looking toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s gaze moved away from the old man and moved to the tower. He could feel powerful, devilish energy coming from the black tower.

This was true devilish energy. There was a distinct difference between this and the devilish energy created from cultivator’s cultivation.

Now that Wang Lin had sobered up, his pupils shrank. This devilish energy was very powerful, extremely powerful. The person inside the tower had to be a peerless expert. Wang Lin took a deep breath. His origin soul and his body hadn’t completely fused yet. It would still take half a month for his origin soul and body to become one, and only then would his cultivation of early stage Ascendant be stabilized.

“The Celestial Ascension Fruit is simply too tyrannical. Although it allowed me to withstand his attacks, it also made me enter a state of craze that I have never entered before…” Wang Lin took a deep breath and stared into the distance before him.

The old man wearing black armor below the tower took a step. This step caused the earth to tremble, and the trembling spread to Wang Lin’s feet.

“Late stage Ascendant… This person’s cultivation… No, wait, this person’s true cultivation level isn’t this high, it is the armor on his body!” The clarity in his eyes struggled once more. The effect of the Celestial Ascension Fruit was attacking his mind like crazy, trying to return him to the madness once more.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he let out a cold snort to suppress the effect of the fruit. Then he raised his right hand to point at the sky. There was a loud rumble as a large river appeared in the sky.

Shortly after, he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows with his left hand. A ray of golden light came out from his forehead and into his left hand. Ling Tianhou’s sword energy appeared!

The old man in black armor’s eyes lit up and he stopped.

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