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Chapter 608 – Blood Soul Pill

The sickle was made of the devilish energy from the armor the old man was wearing. He wasn’t a devil, so the devilish energy he helped create wasn’t pure, meaning the sickle that appeared wasn’t perfect. However, the illusion that came out from his brow was part of a real devil soul. With this devil soul, even normal metal could be turned into a devil blade, much less this sickle created from devilish energy.

After the devil soul fused with the sickle, it turned into a devilish sickle! It now also carried the dao of the devil with it!

No one knew which was stronger between Ling Tianhou’s sword energy and the devilish sickle with the devil soul.

There was a flash of sword energy as Ling Tianhou’s sword energy flew out from Wang Lin’s finger. This sword energy was simply too powerful! Just it appearing caused the sky to change color!

At this moment, it was as if everything in the world had stopped. Even the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spell and the underworld river in the sky dimmed!

The moment the sword light appeared, the sky was suddenly filled with sword energy! The sword energy was so dense that the underworld river went back into Wang Lin’s body. The 130,000 strands of slaughter energy collapsed and the underworld river soul turned back into 100 million soul fragments.

The wind, rain, thunder, and lightning spell was the same. The black thunder immediately shattered and the raindrops along with the black lightning it carried all crashed. Even the wind vortex was pierced through by the sword energy and immediately collapsed.

The moment the sword energy appeared, all of the other spells had to make way and were not allowed to take attention from it. This was Ling Tianhou’s dao within the sword energy!

Dao of tyranny!

Ling Tianhou was proud his entire life and traveled the world with his tyranny. The tyranny inside his sword energy was the heavens’ might!

The devil illusion on the devilish sickle revealed a serious expression. The sickle flickered and charged directly at Wang Lin.

The sword energy carried the dao of tyranny as it swept toward the sickle!

Ling Tianhou’s figure seemed to appear behind the sword energy at the moment the sword energy and devilish sickle collided. Likewise, the illusion of a single-horned devil appeared behind the devilish sickle.

At the moment they collided, the ground immediately collapsed. Then a huge rift dividing the earth appeared and quickly began to spread.

The clouds in the sky immediately disappeared, and at this moment, the entire sky dimmed.

The illusion of the devil behind the devilish blade revealed a frustrated expression before collapsing. Following the devil, the devilish sickle collapsed!

Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was now dim, leaving only a sliver of golden light. However, this sliver of golden light still contained Ling Tianhou’s dao!

At the moment the devilish sickled collapsed, the remaining sword energy swept toward the black tower.

After Wang Lin released Ling Tianhou’s sword energy, he retreated without any hesitation. He had to retreat, he had no choice but to retreat! After Wang Lin became sober, he felt fear. If he had stepped into the tower like he was going to when he was crazy, he would have without a doubt died!

Earlier, he couldn’t retreat with the black-armored old man watching him. However, now that he had released the sword energy, this was the best time to retreat!

The black-armored old man coughed out a large mouthful of blood when the devilish sickle collapsed. He looked weakened, but when he saw Wang Lin retreating, he clenched his teeth and wanted to chase. However, he immediately stopped, then his expression changed and he charged directly at the sword energy.

The sword energy was headed directly toward the black tower. He knew how important the black tower was!

Although the old man’s speed was fast, the sword energy was even faster. The sword energy arrived next to the tower in an instant. A cold snort came from the tower, causing the sword energy to tremble, but it didn’t dissipate. The tyrannical nature of the sword energy allowed it to pierce through the power of the cold snort and land on the tower.

A soft “eh?” came from inside the black tower. Although the black tower didn’t collapse, cracks appeared on it.

“What a powerful sword energy! The person who created this sword energy is even stronger than me at my prime!”

The black-armored old man let out a big breath of relief when he saw that the sword energy dissipated and the black tower didn’t collapse. Just at this moment, thick devilish energy came out from the tower and directly entered the old man’s body. The black armor that the old man was wearing gave off a demonic glow.

His body immediately began to swell up, and soon he expanded to a 30-foot-tall giant. The armor he was wearing also expanded with him. A black horn grew on the old man’s forehead and gave off a cold aura.

At this moment, the old man was no longer human! He let out a painful roar before suddenly turning around. He looked at the retreating Wang Lin and his eyes became cold!

“Little bastard, I want to see where you are going to escape to!” With that, he chased after Wang Lin.

“I won because of the Celestial Ascension Fruit, but I also lost because of the Celestial Ascension Fruit!” Wang Lin let out a sigh before his eyes lit up and he thought, “I can only risk it!” His right hand touched the bag of holding and a wax pill appeared in his hand.

There were countless symbols on this wax pill, and they flickered along with Wang Lin’s heart beat.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he split off a part of his divine sense and suddenly charged into his bag of holding. He swept through his bag and soon locked onto a small ball sealed by countless restrictions. Then his divine sense charged inside.

Inside the ball, Yao Xixue’s face was crimson and countless drops of sweat appeared on her face. She revealed a strange expression that was filled with pain and comfort. There were also flashes of humiliation and struggle.

“Yao Xixue, tell me how to use the Blood Soul Pill! If you don’t, then I’ll crush my bag of holding before I die, trapping you in the void. You will maintain your current state until your life force runs out!”

Wang Lin’s divine sense message charged directly into Yao Xixue’s soul. His message was like a bolt of lightning, causing her to suddenly become sober for a moment. However, she immediately began to struggle, as the restrictions on her body created a strange feeling that was about to make her collapse!

Yao Xixue struggled and said, “Release… release … the restriction… I… will tell… you!” She would rather tell Wang Lin everything then continue to endure this torment.

Wang Lin’s divine sense swept past Yao Xixue and the restriction on her body immediately disappeared. Yao Xixue let out a sigh of relief. Although her face was still red, without the restriction tormenting her, she felt a lot more relaxed.

She had never seen Wang Lin this anxious before. Her eyes moved and she was about to start bargaining with him.

Wang Lin had split his divine sense, so only a part of it had gone inside the bag, while the other part was controlling his body. At this moment, the black-armored old man was catching up. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and a war axe flew out from his bag of holding.

This was the war axe from the Giant Demon Clan. After Wang Lin took it out, he threw it and shouted, “Explode!”

The war axe trembled and suddenly exploded, creating a powerful shock wave. The black-armored old man frowned and let out a cold snort. He waved his hand and the shock wave from the axe immediately dissipated.

Inside the bag of holding, Wang Lin shouted, “Are you going to speak?!” With one thought, the restrictions appeared once more. If she refused to speak, then he was prepared to let her continued to struggle in agony.

Yao Xixue’s face was crimson, but her eyes were filled with fear. Without any hesitation, she quickly told Wang Lin the method to use the Blood Soul Pill.

At this moment in the outside world, the black-armored old man swept away the shock wave from the war axe. Then his right hand reached out toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin questioned Yao Xixue again inside the bag of holding before coming back out. He crushed the Blood Soul Pill in his hand and then a drop of blue blood appeared!

With no time to lose, Wang Lin bit the tip of this finger and began drawing a complex symbol in the air with his blood. After this symbol was formed, it quickly fused with the drop of blue blood. Wang Lin quickly grabbed it and pressed it between his eyebrows.

At this moment, the 30-foot-tall black-armored old man closed in. Then the symbol came back out from between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. He flicked the symbol tens of thousands of kilometers away and it disappeared over the horizon.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and the clarity in his eyes disappeared. What replaced it was a crazy amount of killing and battle intent!

“Old thing, die for me!” The crazy Wang Lin’s eyes were blood-red. After letting out a ferocious roar, instead of retreating, he charged at the old man.

When he rushed at the old man, a flame suddenly appeared all over this body. This flame came from inside his body and was a very thick and powerful flame!

The black-armored man’s expression suddenly changed. Rather than closing in, he backed off and then continued to retreat!

“You’ve gone crazy!” The old man’s eyes were filled with shock.

Self-destruct! The self-destruct of an Ascendant cultivator! The power of this explosion was something not even this old man wanted to face!

The mysterious power of the Celestial Ascension Fruit filled his mind. He was already crazy and his origin soul was currently burning. Those four drops of celestial liquid began to boil as his origin soul burned.

Wang Lin’s figure moved like a meteor and charged directly at the old man. As the old man’s expression changed, he continued to retreat!

“Explode!” The flame around Wang Lin’s body suddenly burned even stronger. He looked at the old man and his body was suddenly destroyed by the celestial spiritual energy inside him. His origin soul was also destroyed along with the body, creating an unimaginable shock wave.

If a normal Ascendant cultivator were to self-destruct, at most the old man would be injured. However, Wang Lin had the four drops of celestial liquid inside his body, so the difference was huge!

The power of the self-destruct spread like crazy. The old man’s body was the first thing hit, and he immediately coughed out blood. The armor on his body immediately turned into threads and formed a shield before his body to resist against the power of this self-destruct!

However, the shield only lasted three breaths of time before it condensed into the image of a devil. Then it immediately left the old man and flew toward the black tower.

Without the shield protecting him, the old man was immediately hit by the power of Wang Lin’s self-destruct and his body collapsed!

While Wang Lin blew himself up, just as his body was exploding, he looked at the black tower and threw a punch. This punch was formed by his dao, life, and origin soul. It even contained the will of the ancient god. All of the these powers from his body were used in this punch.

This punch formed a powerful gust of wind and charged straight at the black tower. The black tower shook and the cracks left by Ling Tianhou’s sword energy began to spread. In the blink of an eye, the entire black tower collapsed!

A set of armor missing a wrist guard floated quietly in the air. There was a bright flash of a ghostly light and a divine sense rushed out.

“You dare to destroy my devil tower! Even if you have a relationship with him, I’ll kill you!”

The devil tower was an important tool that provided devilish energy, which allowed the divine sense inside the armor to spread out. Without the devil tower, it wouldn’t be able to cover a majority of the Demon Spirit Land like before!

A black formation was uncovered on the ground where the tower used to be. There was a person sitting in the lotus position in the formation. His long hair flowed in the wind and there were golden-purple tattoos on his body.

The armor in the sky descended, turned into black threads, and surrounded this person. In the blink of an eye, the armor was being worn by this person, and at this moment, the person opened his eyes!

Hundreds of kilometers away, a drop of blue blood appeared from the void. The moment this drop of blood appeared, it quickly flew off into the distance. As it flew, the drop of blood slowly turned into the figure of Wang Lin!

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