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Chapter 583 – Xu Liguo (Part 1)

A gentle breath flew past the square and blew away the dust, causing clothes to flap in the wind. Wang Lin’s white robe flowed due to the wind, making him even more elegant.

Standing on the square, Wang Lin looked up at the sky with a completely calm expression. It was as if everything before him didn’t really matter and he was just a passerby.

Soft sounds of discussion came from the people watching as Wang Lin stepped onto the square.

“Mo Lihai isn’t coming out, and although he is Mo Lihai’s helper, it will be very difficult for him to achieve victory in the end.”

“This person is very arrogant, but he didn’t dare to accept Demon General Shi Xiao’s challenge. Ridiculous!”

“As an outsider to our Demon Spirit Land, it is best not to be too arrogant, or else the only path for you is death. It looks like this person still doesn’t understand his place!”

As people debated, the Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief on the northern seating area let out a soft snort. There was one person sitting behind him. This person was middle-aged and was wearing blue armor. His appearance was very plain, but he gave off a sense of majesty.

After this person heard the Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief’s snort, he turned his head and asked, “Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief, you know this person?”

Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief was gloomy as he shook his head and said, “I don’t know him.” After pausing for a bit, he continued, “But this person can definitely place top three; maybe even number one would not be difficult!”

The middle-aged man was startled before turning his head to carefully look at Wang Lin and saying, “This person’s cultivation level is only at the cultivators’ peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. I’m afraid it won’t be that easy for him to place first!”

Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief coldly snorted and said, “Yellow Vice Commander-in-Chief, how about we make a bet? If that person doesn’t place first, then I’ll give you my Vice Heavenly Omen Flag, but if that person gets first place, you will give me your Xuan-Xuan pill!”

The middle-aged man chuckled and said, “OK, I want to see what is so special about this person to make Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief so confident!”

The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief sneered and thought to himself, “If you had been seriously injured by him, you would be this confident too!”

Just at this moment, a person quickly walked out from among the demon generals. He was wearing an earth-colored suit of armor, and although he looked motionless, he quickly appeared within 1,000 feet of Wang Lin.

“I hope fellow colleague will be courteous and not fight with me for the position of challenger!” This person’s laughter filled the air. He was very proud and his laughter revealed his confidence.

“Demon General Ao Di. I should have guessed he would appear in this battle!”

“This person is only considered to be in the middle of the pack among demon generals, but he is extremely good at taking advantage of a good situation. Although he is a bit shameless at times, this opportunity is perfect!”

“As long as he wins against this cultivator, that means he has beaten Mo Lihai. Also, since Mo Lihai can’t fight, he only needs to win one battle to get past the first round. No wonder he is asking to be courteous!”

Demon General Ao Di clasped his hands at everyone, then he looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “It is best you concede now if you wish to live; otherwise, even if we are evenly matched, I still have a helper!”

After he said those words, many of those demon generals revealed expressions of watching a good show. However, a few of the demon generals had different expressions, and Mo Fei was one of them.

Mo Fei quietly stood there as he coldly looked at Wang Lin with a calm expression.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from looking at the sky. He glanced at Ao Di before shaking his head and saying, “You aren’t a match for me!”

Ao Di was startled before letting out a mad laugh, then he leaped forward and laughed some more. “Arrogant person, let me see if you are qualified to be arrogant!”

After he spoke, he took a step and immediately disappeared without a trace.

At the moment he disappeared, Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all, and he wasn’t the least bit surprised. He raised his right foot and took a step forward.

The ground shook violently!

Waves of fluctuations spread out with Wang Lin’s feet as the center, and a crazy amount of celestial spiritual energy spread out following the shockwaves.

At this moment, it was as if the earth Wang Lin had stepped on was the magma from hell. With that step, the earth shattered and countless columns of magma shot into the sky. Each pillar of magma was like a red sword piercing the sky.

Ao Di was forced out from the ground 50 feet away from Wang Lin, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. This earth escape technique was used in cooperation with his life-linked demonic beast, so even if his enemy had used a spell to collapse the ground, it shouldn’t have been this easy to force him out. In fact, he should have been able to change his strategy and attack from the side when Wang Lin used that spell.

Also, the most important part was that this 10,000 foot square was filled with countless restrictions, so if one wanted to make the ground collapse, it was at least 10 times harder in here than it was outside! He was even moving around carefully while using the earth escape technique. When Shi Xiao was battling, he was carefully studying the best route to use.

But at this moment, he didn’t have much time to think. As he floated in the air, Wang Lin’s gaze was like a sharp sword aimed directly at him. When he saw that gaze, his scalp suddenly went numb and a bad feeling appeared in his heart!

He didn’t hesitate to quickly back up, and his right hand quickly reached for his forehead. However, at this moment, Wang Lin took one step and immediately appeared before him. His hand was covered by a grey symbol as he grabbed Ao Di’s right hand.

Ao Di’s expression changed greatly. Wang Lin’s hand was like a pair of hot, iron tongs. He tried to break free but was shocked when he found he couldn’t! After letting out a low roar, he bit the tip of his tongue and shot a blood sword at Wang Lin!

The moment this blood sword appeared, it released waves of demonic spiritual energy and turned into a dragon turtle. The dragon turtle let out a roar and tried to devour Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm. Before the blood sword even closed in on him, it was met with countless layers of life seals. After it passed through 800 plus layers, the blood sword lost all its power. At the same time, Wang Lin injected celestial spiritual energy into Ao Di’s right hand. The celestial spiritual energy surged through Ao Di’s body and quickly destroyed all of the meridians in its path.

“Stop!” Just at this moment, the man in golden armor responsible for the demon general competition opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Not only did he not stop, but he sent out even more celestial spiritual energy to destroy the already destroyed meridians once more. Then he let go and Ao Di’s body was thrown far away due to inertia.

As Ao Di flew through the air, there were sounds of explosions coming out from his body, and a large amount of blood mist burst out of his body. Pain, massive pain! This was the only feeling he felt! The demonic spiritual energy in his body resisted the celestial spiritual energy like crazy. The process of the two energies fighting it out made it feel like he was going through hell!

The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief sucked in a breath of cold air. This scene reminded him of when he fought Wang Lin. Seeing Ao Di was like seeing himself from back then.

“You dare!” The golden-armored man reached into the sky and a golden light from the sun quickly gathered in his hand. The sunlight quickly condensed into a golden spear, and at this moment, it was as if he was holding the sun in his hand. Then he threw it at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the golden lance as he took a step and disappeared. He grabbed Ao Di, who was in the air once more, and shook him violently!

Ao Di felt like he was hit by a powerful force when a surge of energy entered his body through his right hand and caused a series of crackling sounds!

All of his bones separated from his flesh before they shattered into pieces. The pain coming from all over his body now was several times more intense than when his meridians were destroyed.

Wang Lin let go of his hand and Ao Di fell to the ground, kicking up some dust on impact. Ao Di no longer had a future, but he didn’t die.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and his hand formed a seal. Life seals began to gather at his right hand, and at this moment, the golden lance closed in.

The power of this lance was extremely shocking; it seemed as if it would pierce the heavens. At the moment it was sent flying, Wang Lin felt that it had locked on to him. When it closed in, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up like they did when he was deducing a restriction. He revealed a determined look as his palm hit the lance!

This palm caused the lance to buzz, then he hit it once more with his other palm. Both palm hits were in different positions, and then he moved his body, causing the lance to pass by him.

Wang Lin withdrew his right hand as he coldly looked at the man in golden armor and said, “What is the meaning of this, my Lord? Do you intent to break the rules!?” Although Wang Lin’s expression was calm, he was extremely vigilant. That golden lance was very powerful!

The golden-armored man gave Wang Lin a meaningful look before squeezing his right hand. The golden lance that passed by Wang Lin trembled as it shattered into specks of sunlight and disappeared.

At this moment, the surroundings were extremely silent, and everyone was completely dumbfounded looking at this incredible scene! The people here couldn’t believe that a demon general was just beaten like this by an outsider. Although he didn’t die, all of his meridians and bones were shattered. A person like this was a waste!

There was no way the Demon Emperor would be willing to give him the very precious Sky Demon Pill, because even for a commander-in-chief, they would need countless exploits to get one. How could Ao Di, a mere demon general, get this pill!?

If this Ao Di had lost after a fierce battle, these people would be able to accept it, but this battle was decided in an instant.

This moment shattered their pride as people of the Demon Spirit Land. It has to be said that aside from very few occasions, a demon general had never been beaten into this state.

As for one being beaten like this by a foreigner, this was the first time!

Many surprised gazes that were also filled with killing intent gathered on Wang Lin.

Sounds of heavy breathing came from the demon generals on the side of the square. Their gazes toward Wang Lin had completely changed!

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