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Chapter 582 – Wang Lin Steps out

After the third sound from the drum, everyone’s minds were filled with its echo. The seat was still vacant, and the distinguished figure everyone was waiting for still hadn’t appeared.

Just at this moment, a man wearing gold armor walked out from the palace behind the square. He swept the area before finally placing his gaze on the square and shouting, “Demon Generals, come out!”

His voice was like raging thunder as it echoed across the square. All of the gates opened and the various demon generals walked in.

These demon generals all had cultivators following them. At this moment, everyone’s gazes moved away from the empty seat and toward the demon generals.

The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief opened his eyes and looked at one person among the demon generals with indignation and let out a soft snort.

The person he paid attention to was Wang Lin. Wang Lin, while walking behind Mo Lihai, raised his head to look at the Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief before withdrawing his gaze.

Mo Lihai frowned as he looked at the empty seat in the distance and muttered to himself, “Strange, why isn’t the Demon Emperor here yet…”

As hundreds of demon generals walked through the Sky Demon Gate in two rows, powerful battle intent spread out from them and filled the area.

The golden-armored man said, in a low voice, “Following the Emperor’s order, the rule is the same as usual. It will be conducted by people challenging others!”

The golden-armored man then slowly said, “Those who are defeated can get their helper to come out, and at the same time, those who won can also retreat and let their helper take their place. Win both rounds and you move on. If it is a win and lose, both sides are disqualified! Also, anyone who wins once in this round can’t challenge someone else!”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it entered everyone’s ears. Upon hearing this rule, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

Although this rule seemed normal, there was a bloodbath hidden within! This bloodbath was in the fact that if you get one win and one loss, both sides are disqualified!

As a result, everyone will do their best to win in this competition. Once you lose the first round, that means the person who lost has already been disqualified. The only thing they can do is get revenge by making the winner lose the second round so both are disqualified!

“This is not a competition, but a fight to the death!” Wang Lin pondered.

The golden-armored man spoke once more. “There can be death in the competition, but it can’t be the demon generals. Once a demon general has died, then the person who killed the demon general will be killed!”

Wang Lin frowned and coldly looked at the golden-armored man.

“Using the competition between demon generals and the slaughter between cultivators to gain a position… If one wants to obtain a position in the Demon Spirit Land, they must be able to walk through the rain of blood!” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and silently pondered.

“I’ll will pick who starts!” The man in golden armor pointed at someone with his right hand. The person he pointed at was a thin man.

“Demon General Mu Yun, come out!”

The person pointed at by the golden-armored man stepped out and walked onto the square. He was wearing armor and was very thin. His eyes were sunken in and his face had a sickly, yellow color to it.

He stood there motionless like an ancient pine tree.

“Mu Yun! This person can be considered top 30 among the demon generals. Rumor has it that he cultivates the Nine Deaths Nine Lives cultivation method and that 300 years ago he had already reached five deaths and five lives!”

“The first person is so strong; the demon general competition this time is interesting!”

“I wonder who will challenge him. It has to be said that the victor of the first match will attract the attention of the Demon Emperor. Although the Demon Emperor isn’t here, the report will definitely be sent to him!”

“If no one challenges him in 10 breaths of time, I’ll appoint someone!” After the golden-armored man spoke, he closed his eyes and no longer said anything.

The thin demon general quietly stood there and time slowly passed by. After the fifth breath, a person among the demon generals came out!

At the moment Shi Xiao walked out, Demon General Mu Yun’s eyes lit up.

At the moment he appeared, many people in the crowd exclaimed!

“Shi Xiao!”

“Demon General Shi Xiao! His cultivation can be considered top three. I wonder if it’s considered bullying for him to come out.”

“I original thought that Shi Xiao’s opponent should be Mo Lihai. Three hundred years ago, Mo Lihai left the first scar on Shi Xiao’s face. That was the biggest insult Shi Xiao has suffered!”

Shi Xiao’s appearance can only be considered demonic. He walked up to the square and stopped 300 feet before Mu Yun, then he calmly said, “Mu Yun, you are not my opponent. Stand down!”

Demon General Mu Yun revealed a smile. This smile combined with his looks looked like the smile of a corpse and gave off a very dark aura.

“Shi Xiao!” Mu Yun’s right hand reached out and green gas came out from his fingers. There were sizzling sounds as five strands of green gas moved around his fingers like five snakes.

“Five strands of life and death demonic energy… it looks like you have broken through to the realm of seven deaths and seven lives!” Shi Xiao looked at Mu Yun, then he shook his head and said, “But it is still not enough!”

Mu Yun sneered as his right hand reached out. The five green snakes twisted and suddenly extended like crazy toward Shi Xiao.

As the five strands of green gas flew through the air, they created powerful gusts of wind. At the same time, a foul smell filled the air.

Many off the surrounding demon generals narrowed their eyes as they stared at the five strands of green gas, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Shi Xiao shook his head, but his body didn’t move. He moved his right hand as he pointed with his index finger, then the middle finger, then the ring finger, and finally he pressed his palm forward!

A diamond-shaped light suddenly flew out from Shi Xiao’s palm and collided with Mu Yun’s five strands of green gas.

There was a series of explosions and a powerful force blew sand everywhere. The five strands of green gas were immediately destroyed by the diamond-shaped light.

At the same time, the diamond-shaped light shot out at an inconceivable speed. It stopped just before Mu Yun’s body and exploded.

The force created by the explosion caused Mu Yun’s face to immediately turn pale. He was forced back several steps and his eyes were filled with surprise.

Shi Xiao withdrew his right hand and calmly said, “I said you aren’t enough! Your helper can come out!”

Just as he finished speaking, the ground began to tremble and a person walked out from the crowd of demon generals. This person’s body was huge and he weighed at least hundreds of kilograms. His upper body was naked, and every step he took caused the ground to shake.

He arrived before Shi Xiao in three steps and grinned. “Little doll, I, the Giant Spirit Sect’s esteemed Tian Lui, am Demon General Mu Yun’s helper!”

Wang Lin took a look at the fat man. The Giant Spirit Sect was a big sect on planet Tian Yun. It was similar to the Giant Demon Sect that focused on raw power!

The giant man let out a roar and took a step forward, then celestial spiritual energy came out from the pores in his body and turned into a mist. At this moment, he was hiding inside the mist as he slammed toward Shi Xiao!

The ground trembled as if there were tens of thousands of war horses galloping. The figure in the celestial mist moved quickly, and waves of chanting could be heard. Then a mysterious force suddenly surrounded the surrounding 1,000 feet area to create an imprisonment!

There was also a fat person among the demon generals. He was wearing green and had a giant sword behind his back. He looked at the person as he muttered to himself, “This person’s current appearance is very similar to my sword spirit…”

Shi Xiao let out a cold snort. He didn’t even move as if he was rooted to the ground. He stretched out his right hand and quickly pointed at the void. Then his hand formed a cone and he stabbed forth.

At the moment he pointed at the void, strands of demonic spiritual energy flew out from his body and fused with the cone he had formed with his fingers.

At the moment the fat man arrived, Shi Xiao’s right hand stabbed forward. The cone created by his fingers broke through the celestial mist created by the fat man like an angry dragon and landed directly between the fat man’s eyebrows!

Shi Xiao was too fast!

The fat man let out a roar as the powerful impact from his body dissipated under the power of the cone. Then his expression changed and he immediately backed up.

Bang! Bang! Bang! As he backed up, the ground beneath him shattered. Then the fat man backed up three steps and crossed dozens of feet. With every step, blood and flesh would explode from his body. After taking three steps back, his entire body exploded into pieces of flesh that scattered all over the square.

Five thin threads came out from the pieces of flesh and fused with Shi Xiao’s body.

“There is no life and death battle between demon generals, but you foreigners are just here to be killed!” Shi Xiao withdrew his hand. He didn’t even look at the flesh on the ground. Instead, his eyes became cold as he looked at Mo Lihai.

“Mo Lihai, do you dare to battle with me?!”

After he said that, a burst of discussion came from the people watching. The simulation from the bloody scene had awakened everyone’s spirits.

Mo Lihai looked at Shi Xiao and calmly said, “I lost to Mo Fei, so I won’t be joining the demon general competition!”

Shi Xiao’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at Mo Lihai for a long time. Finally, his eyes moved away from Mo Lihai and to Wang Lin, and he grinned. “You, come here and play with me!”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Shi Xiao and calmly said, “I’m not interested in a battle where I can’t kill!”

Shi Xiao let out a cold snort. The golden-armored man coldly looked at Wang Lin before shouting, “Demon General Shi Xiao, you have won this battle! According to the rules, you can’t challenge anyone else this round!”

Shi Xiao looked at Wang Lin and walked toward him. When he passed by Wang Lin, he whispered, “Since Mo Lihai doesn’t dare to fight, I’ll kill you to vent my anger for back then!”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at him, and his expression remained calm.

The golden-armored man pointed at Wang Lin and said, “You, come out!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he walked out and stood on the square.

“If no one challenges within 10 breaths of time, I’ll appoint someone!” After the golden-armored man finished speaking, he closed his eyes.

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