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Chapter 584 – Xu Liguo (Part 2)

“This person is very strong!” A person among the demon generals who gave off a dark aura stared at Wang Lin, and his eyes were filled with battle intent. He was the demon general that cultivated the path of slaughter, Yu Sen.

“Interesting. I didn’t expect Mo Lihai to have this incredible of a back up… I don’t know how many he could withstand if I were to use the Seven Demon Spell…” Among the demon generals, there was a black-haired man. He touched the ring on his finger and revealed a faint smile.

“Ruthless!” The Xuan Vice Commander-in-Chief clenched the armrest, and his heart was in turmoil.

The eight commander-in-chiefs all focused their attention on Wang Lin. One of them was wearing a green shirt. He looked very graceful and he looked at Wang Lin with a hint of admiration.

“He acts very cleanly and efficiently without wasting any time; this child is pretty good!”

Chen Tao was standing beside Shi Xiao and was staring at Wang Lin. This junior apprentice brother of his was very different from before. He was much more powerful; it could be said that he was powerful to the point of being terrifying!

Wasting Ao Di was only secondary. What shocked Chen Tao the most was that palm that Wang Lin had sent at the golden lance. Chen Tao was very clear about what that golden lance was. He had heard from the All-Seer before that there was a spell that could harvest the power of the sun and condense it into a liquid. The All-Seer praised this spell a lot.

Although the golden-armored man hadn’t reached the cultivation level to turn the energy from the sun into liquid, that attack truly contained the power of the sun!

Chen Tao believed that although he could use his palm to make it move a little, changing its direction completely with just two palms like Wang Lin did was extremely difficult! This was not a matter of cultivation level or celestial spiritual energy, this was a type of calculation, a type of deduction!

“If he was in this state when we battled for the position of true disciple… Even though I would win, I would be seriously injured and have go into closed door cultivator for 100 years. There is even a chance my cultivation level would fall!” Chen Tao took a deep breath and looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression.

The person that was most happy among everyone was, of course, Mo Lihai. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face, and he felt that his decision back then was really wise!

“With our current relationship, we won’t be enemies in the future. The stronger this Wang Lin is, the higher chance I have! However, the Golden Chief is being a bully right now. If there is a day that I become a commander-in-chief, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!”

A cold snort echoed across the square. This snort echoed across the square like a bolt of lightning. This thunderous echo caused the majority of people to focus their gazes on the person who let out the cold snort.

The golden-armored man pointed at Wang Lin and shouted, “You know that anyone that kills a demon general will be killed! Seeing that Demon General Ao Di isn’t dead, I’ll spare you once. Ao Di’s helper, come out!”

The two crowds on the two sides were completely silent before a weak voice said, “I give up!”

The golden-armored man’s eyes were gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin and said, “You won this round. Stand down!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak and walked through the demon generals. As he walked through, some of the demon generals before him subconsciously stepped back, making a path for him.

When Wang Lin arrived by Mo Lihai’s side, Mo Lihai’s eyes lit up and he softly said, “Brother Wang Lin, don’t worry about this golden chief; he is only a eunuch. If the Demon Emperor really favors you, what is he?!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled but didn’t speak.

At this moment, deep inside the palace inside the imperial sword pavilion, the Emperor’s sword was inside the formation releasing bursts of sword hymns. Because it was also in the imperial city at the moment Wang Lin attacked, it felt the same feeling that made it furious.

In its anger, it flew out from the ground and was about to charge in and destroy that person like how it destroyed Hong Prison countless times. However, just as it flew into the air, it began to hesitate.

After all, the Demon Emperor had told it to be quiet for a few days and not appear during the demon general competition, or else it would be sent to the dragon lake.

Thinking about this, the Emperor’s sword let out a few frustrated sword hymns and the tip of the blade pointed at the Sky Demon Gate. After struggling for a long time, it finally moved and turned into a girl about 20 years old. This girl had crystal-clear eyes and was extremely beautiful. She landed on the ground and immediately kicked her feet many times. Every time she kicked her feet, there would be a flash of sword energy.

Many places in the sword pavilion were destroyed because only after destroying them did some of her anger finally ease a bit. At this moment, her eyes turned.

“The Demon Emperor isn’t allowing the Emperor’s sword to leave, but I’m the sword spirit, so it should be OK… It should be fine… OK, I won’t attack. I’m just going to get a good look at the despicable food and remember his aura to make it easier to find him. Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem…” The girl blinked a few times before flying out of the sword pavilion and charging directly at the Sky Demon Gate.

When she was about to arrive at the 10,000 foot square, her body turned into nothingness and she landed on top of the roof of a nearby building and looked down.

At the moment she appeared on top of the palace, eight gazes seemed to casually look over.

The girl’s body trembled and then she stuck out her tongue. The eight gazes were from the eight commander-in-chiefs. Several of them revealed faint smiles.

Wang Lin was watching the rest of the demon general competition when he suddenly felt something. He had a connection with Xu Liguo, who was inside the celestial sword. After all, Xu Liguo was personally refined by Wang Lin. At this moment, Xu Liguo wasn’t obediently staying inside the bag of holding but shouting in Wang Lin’s mind in a very excited tone.

“Master! Let me out; my spring is finally here! Quickly, let me out!”

Wang Lin said in his mind, “What’s the matter?!”

“Master, do you still remember that Emperor’s sword that has been looking for you? At first I didn’t pay attention to it, but I just found out that the sword spirit is such a pretty little girl…”

Wang Lin body trembled, then he interrupted Xu Liguo’s words and asked, “Here?”

Xu Liguo proudly said, “She is on top of the palace over there. Master, you won’t be able to see her, only I can!” After he finished speaking, he suddenly shivered and remembered Wang Lin’s title as a fiend, then he quickly said, “This has nothing to do with cultivation. I am able to see her because I have learned a trick sword spirits can use from little black blade. He said that high quality sword spirits can feel others like us even when we’re inside a bag of holding. However, this is only if the other spirit has left their sword.”

Xu Liguo obviously knew what Wang Lin was thinking, so he immediately said, “Master, you have to be fast; she is about to look over here! Master can reset assured, little black blade has taught me a trick that allows me to hide my sword aura so that no one else can see me, so you can rest assured!”

Wang Lin frowned as his slapped his bag of holding and opened a small gap. No one noticed Xu Liguo’s appearance; it was as if he was an invisible ghost. He turned into a cloud of smoke and flew toward the top of the palace.

“Hehe, little beauty, your grandpa Xu… Err, brother Xu is coming! My grandma, how many years has it been since I had fun with the great beauty? Since that great beauty was ruined by Wang Lin, I’ll definitely not let this little beauty go!”

Xu Liguo let out an obscene smile as he pounced toward the girl on top of the palace.

The girl was about look for that despicable food among the crowd when she looked dumbfoundedly at Xu Liguo, who was coming at her in a threatening manner. This completely startled her.

Seeing the little beauty’s surprised look, Xu Liguo felt proud and pounced at her. The girl gave him a stare as she threw a kick and a ray of sword energy immediately flew out at Xu Liguo.

Xu Ligou let out a mischievous smile and said, “We are both sword spirits, so there is no need to be so cold!” With that, his body turned into a mist, allowing the sword energy to pierce through. The next instant, his body reformed and pounced at the girl once more like an evil wolf.

The girl viciously stared at Xu Liguo. She no longer had time to find that food and immediately flew away. Xu Liguo let out a laugh and quickly followed. Then the two sword spirits quickly disappeared into the palace.

“Little beauty, just follow older brother! If you follow big brother, I promise you will have a good life. Don’t think I’m ugly; I even have a little brother, he is called Little Black…”

The reply he got was a ray of sword energy.

“Oh? Little beauty, you seem to have a temper, but that’s no problem. Your big brother Xu likes those are that vicious. My master once said that the more vicious the little girl is, the more pretty her waist is!”

A ray of sword energy flew at him, and following this sword energy there was an angry cry. “Your master is nothing good. Scram!”

“Ah, you dared to scold Master? Little Black, did you hear that? It is not that I want you to help me with my personal affair, I want you to fix her impression of Master, so I have to ask you to help. Help me capture her; I’m going to have a good talk with her!”

His answer was one strand after another of sword energy. As the sword energy flew through the sky, it was accompanied by Xu Liguo’s obscene laughter.

Although both were sword spirits, Xu Liguo was originally not her match, but with little black’s help, they were equal, so neither could win against the other.

In addition, Xu Liguo’s current excited state also gave him a lot more momentum and allowed him to perform far beyond his capabilities.

“Before I was turned into a devil by that fiend, I was also a bully. Ah, it has been a very long time since those good times from back then. Now that I finally found you today, beauty, don’t run!”

But Xu Liguo’s obscene smile suddenly stopped and he let out a roar. “Shameless! You went back into your sword. I, Xu Liguo will be back!”

Inside the sword pavilion, the serpentine emperor sword raged and destroyed things in the sword pavilion. It wanted to rush out many times to kill that shameless bastard, but in the end it refrained from doing so .

“That shameless sword spirit is more spiteful than that despicable food!”

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