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Chapter 579 – Ling Tianhou’s Sword Energy (Part 1)

A chuckle came from a very elegant palace in the imperial city of Sky Demon City.

“Could it be that this little fellow wants to challenge Mo Lihai to battle with him before the demon general competition begins and wishes to use the military merit he earned while fighting against the Fire Demon Country so I can’t refuse him? This brat is interesting, I’ll allow it!”

Another old voice appeared in the palace. “This… Demon Emperor, if the two of them set a precedent, I’m afraid the other demon generals will…”

“If anyone else has 10,000 military merit points, then I’ll allow them to do it too!”

“… Yes!”

Shortly after, an old man walked out from the palace holding a scroll. He shook his head slightly and then quickly left.

The day of the demon general competition grew closer and closer. The entire Sky Demon City was surrounded by an oppressive atmosphere, and there were countless battles everyday.

Wang Lin was sitting on the side of the river as he put down the wine jug, looked at the sky, and muttered to himself, “This is a game!”

“A game in the Demon Emperor’s eyes… In the Demon Emperor’s view, the foreigners are killing each other with the goal of helping the demon generals to obtain a higher position. This is the best kind of game…” Wang Lin took a drink. His eyes were filled with clarity.

He pondered for a bit before standing up and gradually walking away.

It was already the seventh day, so there were still eight days until the demon general competition!

It was now dusk, and because of the oppressive aura around Sky Demon City, there were fewer and fewer pedestrians. A young man wearing a green robe was slowly walking toward the Mo Mansion from 1,000 feet away.

This person carried a large sword behind his back, and his expression was extremely calm as he walked toward the Mo Mansion. As he closed in, a faint amount of celestial spiritual energy slowly spread out.

At the same time, an oppressive aura surrounded the entire Mo Mansion.

Inside the Mo Mansion.

Mo Lihai was cultivating inside his secret chamber. There were 17 hand-sized puppets releasing demonic light and floating around his body.

Bursts of demonic spiritual energy spread out from Mo Lihai. This demonic spiritual energy was connecting with the 17 puppets and creating a perfect cycle.

At this moment, Mo Lihai suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze was like lightning and seemed to be able to penetrate the secret chamber to see the man outside the Mo Mansion.

The man released a sound of surprise and revealed a faint smile. He didn’t stop as he arrived before the Mo Mansion. He didn’t seem to use any spells, but the gate to the Mo Mansion was reduced pieces and was blown back.

While the debris was blowing back, two miserable groans were heard. A large amount of blood mist gushed out from two guards as they were thrown into the depths of the mansion.

“Dao Lou Sword Sect’s 12th Sword, Mo Yang, wishes to greet Lord Mo Lihai!”

A calm voice came out from his mouth. He didn’t stop as he walked into the Mo Mansion and made his way toward the secret chamber where Mo Lihai was in closed door cultivation.

Countless soldiers and Mo Lihai’s subordinates all rushed over. However, anyone who got within 10 feet of this person would silently shatter into a bloody mist.

Along the way, there were many sounds of explosions, and no one could stop him. Even some of the buildings and fake mountains were destroyed, just like the gate was.

Just at this moment, a short figure appeared before him. The moment this figured appeared, all of the demonic spiritual energy in his body spread out to resist this man from the Da Lou Sword Sect.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect slightly shook his head and continued to walk forward without stopping. The short person’s face paled; he had a feeling he wasn’t facing a person, but a sword!

A sword that had already revealed its sharpness!

The short person involuntarily stepped back. When he retreated several feet, a hand pushed up against his back. At this moment, the short person let out a deep breath of relief.

Three people had appeared behind him. The three of them were all white-haired old men. They stood there and coldly looked at the man from the Da Lou Sword Sect.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s gaze landed on the three old men, then he faintly smiled and continued to walk forward.

The three old men revealed serious expressions and were about to use their spells when a low voice suddenly appeared from behind them.

“Who sent you?!” This voice was filled with majesty. The three elders immediately and respectfully moved out of the way, revealing Mo Lihai’s imposing figure.

When Mo Lihai looked at the young man from the Da Lou Sword Sect, his eyes were as bright as burning flames. This aura right now was even more imposing than when he faced Wang Lin in Ancient Demon City.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s eyes lit up as he stopped and said, “Demon General Mo Fei!”

Mo Lihai frowned and shouted, “What is it?”

“I am here to deliver a challenge letter for General Mo Lihai from Lord Mo Fei!” The young man calmly waved his hand and a ray of golden light shot out before stopping before Mo Lihai.

Mo Lihai’s expression was gloomy as he looked at the golden token before him.

There was only one word on it: battle!

“Three days from now, outside the Ancient Path Hall!” After the man from the Da Lou Sword Sect finished speaking, he turned around and left.

But just as he turned around, his entire body stiffened and he released a powerful aura. This aura was extremely powerful, far more powerful than the one he emitted when he entered the Mo Mansion.

His eyes glowed brightly as he looked at a slender figure that had appeared 1,000 feet before him and said, “Purple Division’s 7th disciple, Wang Lin!”

Mo Lihai only noticed Wang Lin’s appearance now, and this made him relax a bit.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the person and continued to walk forward. However, in the view of the man from the Da Lou Sword Sect, there was a hint of anger.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect coldly said, “Rumor has it that the 7th disciple of the Purple Division is extremely arrogant. Seeing you today, it looks like the rumors are true!”

Wang Lin walked toward the person as if he hadn’t heard him at all. The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s aura surged out and locked onto Wang Lin like an unsheathed sword.

Just at the moment his aura reached its peak, Wang Lin passed him by without even pausing.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect was startled, but he immediately became even more angry. He turned around to look at Wang Lin, who was walking away, and shouted, “Wang Lin, did you hear me?!”

Wang Lin continued to walk toward his living quarters.

The eyes of the man from the Da Lou Sword Sect turned cold. As one of the 12 Swords of the Da Lou Sword Sect, his status was the same as the Seven Heavenly Disciples, very famous.

However, he was being completely ignored by this person. The man let out a cold short as he disappeared before reappearing in front of Wang Lin and coldly saying, “Wang…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Wang Lin raised his head and said, “For a cultivator to be so easily angered, your thousand years of cultivation is a big disappointment!”

If it was someone from the All-Seer’s generation, the man would have humbly accepted it, but hearing it from Wang Lin was extremely irritating.

He laughed in anger, but his eyes became even colder and he said, “I want to see what you managed to achieve in your thousand years of cultivation!”

Wang Lin shook his head and calmly said, “Move out of the way.”

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect laughed as his hand formed a seal and a ray of sword energy condensed before him. It split from 1 into 2, 2 into 4, and continued until there were 64 rays of sword energy, and they all flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm and he didn’t even look at the 64 rays of sword energy. The sword energy fell on Wang Lin, but at this moment, there was a flash of the life seals. The sword energy rays collided with the life seals and all disappeared.

“Is that all the power you have? It looks like your thousand years of cultivation are not only a disappointment, but also a complete waste!” Wang Lin shook his head.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s expression changed greatly and his face was filled with disbelief. Although those 64 rays of sword energy weren’t his strongest move, it was not a weak spell. Upon seeing Wang Lin so easily withstand it, his heart shook greatly.

“What spell is that!? This person didn’t use any treasures, but when my sword energy closed in on his body, it collapsed. Even the Dragon Sword of the 12 Swords can’t do this!”

As Wang Lin shook his head, he continued to walk forward.

The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect subconsciously took a few steps back, then he took a deep breath and placed his hand on the large sword.

Wang Lin frowned, then he coldly looked at the person and said, “Scram! Today you came to deliver the challenge letter, so I won’t kill you!”

“You are merely at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, the same cultivation level as me. Even if your spell is powerful, there is no way for you to withstand this sword!” The man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s eyes became serious. He no longer wasted any more words as he moved his right hand and the treasured sword behind his back flew out.

Rumble rumble rumble!

It was as if a bolt of lightning had flown across the sky as a giant, purple sword suddenly appeared above this person. This sword gave off a powerful sword energy, and the moment it appeared, it surrounded the area in a powerful sword intent. There was a mysterious symbol engraved on the sword.

The illusion of a giant, purple ram appeared from the symbol and released a violent aura. It fused with the sword and caused the sword intent of the sword to become even stronger.

“Final Ram Sword Slash!” As the man shouted, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged out. He immediately slashed down with his right hand, and at the same time, the large sword in the air moved. It crashed down upon Wang Lin with an unimaginable amount of sword energy.

Mo Lihai’s expression changed, and he immediately began to back up. The people behind him also backed up, and in the blink of an eye, they had backed away more than a few thousand feet.

The giant sword descended like a bolt of lightning, and thunderous roars accompanied its descent.

Wang Lin’s expression was still neutral. Although this giant sword had power and was especially powerful with the ram soul fused into it, this man before him didn’t have the ability to use the full power of the ram soul.

“A waste of a good sword!” As Wang Lin said that, he lifted his right hand.To the man from the Da Lou Sword Sect’s extreme shock, Wang Lin grabbed the sword!

At the moment he grabbed the sword, the life seals around his hand flashed like crazy and more than 1,000 life seals covered his hand.

Roars came out from the giant sword, and the ram soul inside the sword struggled like crazy in its attempt to break free from Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin’s right hand was like the palm of an ancient god, so no matter how hard it struggled, it wouldn’t move Wang Lin’s hand a single inch!

The evil ram soul in the giant sword let out a monstrous roar. Its eyes were currently filled with an unyielding gaze, and like a primordial beast, it opened its mouth and tried to devour Wang Lin.

Although it was just a sword spirit and therefore an illusion, everyone nearby felt like they could smell the fishy breath of the ram as it tried to devour Wang Lin.

“Evil animal, you dare?!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and a flash of red appeared in them. Then the slaughter intent shot out from his eyes and directly entered the ram soul.

The ram soul let out a miserable cry as its body was destroyed by the slaughter intent. The specks of life from the collapsed ram quickly returned to the giant sword, and at this moment, the sword stopped struggling.

What Wang Lin did just now was almost exactly the same as when the All-Seer was able to make the God Slaying War Chariot collapse with just the point of his finger!

Mo Lihai couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air when he saw all of this. He couldn’t help but reveal a complex expression while looking at Wang Lin.

“He was able to become so strong in just three months… Even the Vice Commander-in-Chief isn’t his match, and he is able subdue such a powerful sword spirit. If he had a spell this strong three months ago, I would have lost without a doubt!”

The Da Lou Sword Sect’s Mo Yang’s body trembled and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. This life treasure sword being taken by someone else caused his soul to be damaged.

He would have never thought that this Wang Lin would be this strong, or else, no matter what, he wouldn’t have come here by himself. He clenched his teeth, then his right hand pointed at his forehead, he took a deep breath, and revealed a determined look. His final ace was a strand of sword energy that his master gifted him!

There was a total of 12 rays of this sword energy, and each of the 12 Swords was given one. This was the ultimate life-saving treasure, so it couldn’t be carelessly used, or else the remaining 400 plus years in this Demon Spirit Land would be extremely hard!

But if he didn’t use it now, he might not be able to leave!

As Wang Lin looked at Mo Yang, his eyes lit up and he slowly said, “You can leave!”

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