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Chapter 578 – Dao Of Slaughter!

On the second floor of a two story restaurant 10,000 feet across the river from Wang Lin, two people sat by the window, and their gazes turned toward Wang Lin.

Both men were wearing black robes. One of them was older while the other was a bit young.

The older man said, “Very strong!”

The young man’s eyes lit up as he slowly said, “That person should be at the Soul Transformation stage!”

“No matter what his cultivation level is, since the Ancestor wants to catch him, he can’t get away!” The older man picked up his cup and took a drink.

The older man then said, “Send the people over; don’t make the Ancestor wait!”

The young man faintly smiled and gently knocked the table. With that knock, one of the several people wearing black robes that was sitting on the first floor stood up. This person was middle-aged and had star-like eyes. He walked out of the restaurant and flew toward Wang Lin in a ray of sword energy.

Wang Lin was sitting beside the river. The boat was halfway across the river, but bursts of zither music still entered his ears. He was completely immersed in it, and his face revealed a sense of peace.

The sword energy carried a powerful killing intent as it flew toward Wang Lin. Right now there wasn’t a single person within a few kilometers; it was as if this area was deserted.

The boat on the river seemed to have noticed this abnormality and immediately sped up.

The sword energy suddenly closed in and crossed the 10,000 feet in an instant. All of the grass around Wang Lin tilted to one side as if there was a powerful wind.

The strong bursts of whistling sounds mixed with the zither music had its own charm!

Wang Lin still didn’t turn his head or even looked at the person. He raised his right thumb at the incoming sword energy and once again used the finger of death!

The ray of black light shot out once more. It was extremely quick as it charged at the sword energy. In almost an instant, the two sides collided!

A groan came from the sword energy as it collapsed, revealing the figure of a man. His face was extremely pale, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood before retreating like crazy. Almost without any hesitation, he retreated even more.

However, the finger of death was too fast, so it caught up to the person in a flash and imprinted in his chest.

The man let out a roar and released a large amount of demonic spiritual energy. His body was forced to land, but he continued to be pushed back. In the end, the demonic spiritual energy around him collapsed, and he coughed out blood once more and fell to the ground.

A strand of grey gas flew out from his body toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin still didn’t bother to pay attention to where the finger of death went and continued to silently listen to the zither music.

In the restaurant 10,000 feet away, the young man immediately stood up and stared at Wang Lin on the other side of the river. After a long time, he took a deep breath and then sat back down.

Only the older man’s expression was still the same as before.

The younger man said, in a serious tone, “He has restrained his energy, so we can’t see his exact cultivation level!”

The older man stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, “This person’s cultivation level should be at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. Only then could he have killed number 4, who had the same cultivation level as an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator, like this. Send number 3!”

The young man’s eyes lit up, revealing a hint of battle intent. He shook his head and softly said, “No need to send number 3, I’ll go!”

As he spoke, he stood up once more and looked at Wang Lin.

“You?” The older man frowned.

“Don’t forget, I’m number 2!” The young man walked down the restaurant.

“Number 2’s cultivation level is equivalent to a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator, and he is only a sliver away from the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. With him going, this battle has no suspense!” The older man picked up the wine cup and didn’t even look across the river anymore.

As the young man walked out from the restaurant, a breeze from the river blew his clothes back. He walked against the wind as he slowly made his way toward Wang Lin.

He walked across the 10,000 feet distance very calmly, as if he was walking in his own garden. Every step he took increased his aura’s strength as if it would continue to increase endlessly.

He stopped 300 feet from Wang Lin. The current him was completely surrounded by demonic spiritual energy, but what was strange was that there was some celestial spiritual energy mixed in with his demonic spiritual energy.

The fusion of celestial and demonic spiritual energies created a strange aura that slowly filled the area! He stood there like he was the master of this space, as if he could make the world change colors with a wave of his hand.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the person. The boat on the river slowly disappeared into the distance, and the sound of the zither music slowly entered his ears and gave him a special feeling.

As for the person 300 feet away, Wang Lin casually waved his hand and the finger of death appeared once more!

The finger of death materialized as a ray of black light once more before Wang Lin and shot toward the young man like a bolt of lightning.

The young man chuckled. Instead of retreating, he took a step forward and his right hand formed a seal. The celestial demonic spiritual energy around him immediately condensed near his hand and formed a ball of light the size of his fist.

The moment the ball of light appeared was when the finger of death arrived. The two sides collided without any hesitation, and the black light of the finger of death seemed to be absorbed into the ball of light.

The young man said, “You overestimate yourself!” However, just as he finished speaking, his expression changed.

A strand of black mist suddenly appeared in the ball of light. In almost an instant, the black mist filled the ball and it turned into a black ball of light. At the same time, cracks appeared on the ball. The young man’s expression turned gloomy as the ball shattered and the black light charged directly at him.

As he quickly retreated, his hand formed seals, and one by one balls of light appeared. In almost an instant, more than 100 balls of light appeared and went to block the ray of black light.

The black light continued to disappear and reappear while the balls of light continued to collapse one after the other. However, every time a ball of light collapsed, the black light would become dimmer. When there were only eight balls of light left, the ray of black light completely disappeared.

The youth’s forehead was covered in sweat as he took a deep breath, looked at Wang Lin. who still hadn’t looked at him yet, and said, “I presume this black light spell is your strongest move. I admit this spell is indeed powerful; no wonder numbers 4 and 5 died! However, now that your strongest spell was broken by me, I want to see what other moves you have!”

At this moment, the boat gradually disappeared into the distance and the zither music disappeared from Wang Lin’s ears. Wang Lin stood up and turned toward the young man. He suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a trace of red within them. Then slaughter aura shot out from Wang Lin’s eyes like a sharp sword!

Rumble rumble rumble!

It was as if countless thunderbolts had suddenly appeared in the young man’s mind! It was as if real thunderbolts had appeared above the peaceful river! A monstrous killing intent shot out from Wang Lin’s eyes and immediately pierced through the young man’s celestial demonic spiritual energy, entered through his eyes, and imprinted into his mind. His body stiffened as if he had been hit by lightning and his limbs began to tremble uncontrollably.

“This… This is…” The young man’s heart trembled and his scalp felt numb. There was a sensation of pain from between his brows as if a sword had pierced through his forehead.

The young man could clearly hear his heartbeat quickly speed up, and he felt like his mind was about to collapse. Then his body turned cold as if he was facing an enemy naked.

The powerful aura he had created as he walked over completely collapsed with just one gaze.

All of the black-robed men that were looking over from the first floor of the restaurant revealed looks of shock. Although they were all far away, it felt like they were right there at this moment. The sweat coming out from their bodies immediately soaked their clothes.

With their cultivation levels, they had no idea why this happened, why a gaze from 10,000 feet away could make it feel like there was a sword at their throats and make it feel like death was closing in on them. It was as if that man 10,000 feet away had turned into the god of slaughter!

On the second floor, the older man’s eyes lit up, then he quickly stood up and immediately caused the table before him to explode.

His calm face suddenly changed greatly! The celestial demonic spiritual energy in his body surged like a raging dragon by instinct.

Everything he did was subconscious; he felt like if he hadn’t resisted against that gaze, he would have been seriously injured and would have died. His eyes were filled with uncertainty; the killing intent from that gaze just now was also solid!

“Dao of slaughter! This is the dao of slaughter! How many people has that person killed to have the kind of gaze where the killing intent almost feels solid! He is very strong, very strong!”

His gaze toward Wang Lin became very serious, and he only ever looked this serious when he was facing the Celestial Guardians!

“Simply too terrifying! Although my cultivation level is the same as his, I’m definitely not a match for him. I must quickly leave!” This person didn’t hesitate. His body moved and was about to teleport, but he was immediately forced out of the void.

His expression changed greatly, and he no longer tried to teleport and immediately got up. The celestial demonic spiritual energy he released at this moment made the second floor collapse. He burst out from the restaurant and was about to flee no matter what the cost.

But he immediately stopped in the sky as cold sweat came out from his entire body. Wang Lin was 10 feet before him, calmly looking at him.

“You disturbed my cultivation and still want to leave?”

The older man revealed a bitter smile, and his eyes contained a hint of madness. Without any hesitation, he touched the seal he was never willing to touch in his life and the celestial demonic spiritual energy in his body immediately exploded!

A destructive aura surrounded the collapsing restaurant, creating a series of rumbling sounds.

After the loud explosion, everything within 1,000 feet was completely silent.

Wang Lin appeared 1,000 feet away. Although his expression was normal, there was a hint of gloominess in his eyes. He gently patted the dust off his cloth and then walked into the distance.

On the river, the young man’s body slowly fell as strands of grey gas came out from his body and chased after Wang Lin…

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