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Chapter 580 – Ling Tianhou’s Sword Energy (Part 2)

Mo Yang was startled.

“I don’t have any grudge against the Da Lou Sword Sect. If it wasn’t for you repeatedly forcing me, I wouldn’t have attacked. Send out a message to the 12 Swords: I don’t want to make you guys my enemies in the Demon Spirit Land!” As Wang Lin spoke, he threw the sword in his hand at Mo Yang. He then walked past Mo Yang and continued toward his room.

His figure leaving caused Mo Yang to be completely startled. Just now he was forced into a situation where he was about to use his life-saving treasure, but what Wang Lin said just now made him feel disbelief.

He took a deep breath, picked up the giant sword, and after checking it with his divine sense to make sure nothing was wrong, he looked at Wang Lin, who was walking away, with bewilderment

“I’ll definitely relay your message!” Mo Yang moved and quickly flew away from the Mo Mansion.

His speed slowed down 10,000 feet from the Mo Mansion, but his divine sense was still on guard. After a while, when he saw that Wang Lin still hadn’t attacked him, it seemed like Wang Lin was really going to let him go.

“Wang Lin, I’ll definitely pay you back 100 fold for the disgrace I suffered today. Although your spell is powerful, next time I’ll be back with several of my senior apprentice brothers to attack at once. I want to see if you can still be so calm! Hmph, if it wasn’t for Senior Greed going to the Fire Demon Country, he would have only needed one move to kill you!” Mo Yang’s eyes revealed a hint of killing intent, then he coldly looked at the Mo Mansion before quickly leaving.

He flew extremely fast. The farther he was away from the Mo Mansion, the more relaxed he became. He recalled the battle earlier and couldn’t help but feel fear.

“This Wang Lin is extremely strong! However, if I use the sword energy Master gave me, he won’t be able to resist!” Mo Yang revealed a cold smile.

However, just at this moment, strands of grey gas silently came out from the big sword on his back. They were like snakes and were aimed directly at Mo Yang’s head.

A powerful sense of crisis enveloped his body, but the strands of grey gas drilled into his skull at lightning speed before he could do anything.

The grey gas’s speed was too quick, and it was too close. At almost the moment Mo Yan noticed the danger, he let out a miserable scream. His body began to fall from the sky and his body began to wither. His body quickly withered and his miserable screams echoed in the sky.

His origin soul wasn’t able to escape at all. The moment the grey gas entered his body, it formed a seal that cut off his origin soul from his body. At the same time, the grey gas quickly absorbed his flesh, blood, and celestial spiritual energy, making its seal even stronger.

At the moment he landed, Mo Yang’s eyes opened and he turned into a mummy. The last thought in his mind was about the giant sword. He had already checked it; how could there have been grey gas hidden within it?

The space distorted before his body and Wang Lin walked out. He pointed at several points on Mo Yang’s body before grabbing the body, taking a step, and disappearing.

Wang Lin appeared from the void in his residence in the Mo Mansion. He released his right hand and Mo Yang’s body landed on the ground. Wang Lin’s eyes were serious as he slapped his bag of holding, then the restriction flag flew out, turned into black mist, and surrounded the room. Countless restrictions flashed within the black mist.

After doing all of this, he took a deep breath and sat down in the lotus position. He cultivated for a bit before suddenly opening his eyes, and his gaze fell on Mo Yang’s body. After carefully examining the body, his gaze fell on Mo Yang’s brow.

He revealed an uncertain expression. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking. After pondering for a bit, his hand formed a seal and he began to chant. Soon, a ghostly fire appeared in his hand.

His hand continued to change, creating many afterimages. Then he pointed at the body and softly said, “Refine!”

The ghostly flame floated toward Mo Yang’s body and immediately spread out to surround the corpse. There was a series of cracking and popping sounds as Mo Yang’s body melted at a visible rate.

His body was already a mummy because his essence had already been sucked dry by the grey gas. Now that it was burning, a strange smell filled the room. However, Wang Lin had no time to pay attention to that as he stared intently at the body.

During the battle earlier, when Mo Yang touched his brow, it made Wang Lin feel like a strong crisis was coming!

He almost never felt this kind of crisis after he had successfully mastered the slaughter energy. Even a mid stage Ascendant cultivator couldn’t produce such an aura without even appearing. That thing had pierced through more than 3,000 layers of life seals and directly caused his origin soul to shake.

This gave Wang Lin the feeling that he was in a life and death situation. He was extremely shocked, and that was why he decided to retreat for the moment, to ease the tension. He was also sure that unless he forced this man into a corner, Mo Yang definitely wouldn’t have used it.

Mo Yang’s body gradually melted, revealing his origin soul. His origin soul was surrounded by layers of grey gas that would occasionally give off a demonic glow.

Mo Yang’s origin soul’s eyes were tightly shut, and it remained motionless inside the ghostly flame. Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as they began to carefully examine the origin soul. His eyes suddenly narrowed on Mo Yang’s forehead. On it, there was a very faint, blue line that seemed to be flashing.

If one looked at it closely, this thin line was clearly a sword that had been shrunken down countless times.

At the moment he saw the blue line, Wang Lin’s body trembled, and the feeling of directly confronting Sword Saint Ling Tianhou filled his body.

“Ling Tianhou!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes became very serious.

“Back then, outside the gate, Ling Tianhou gave out rays of sword energy and called them the life-saving treasures for the 12 of them!

“This blue line is that sword energy! No wonder it can make me feel like I’m in a life and death situation and directly pierced through my life seals…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and revealed a decisive expression.

“Since I saw this ray of sword energy, it will be mine!”

He closed his eyes and placed his arm on his knees. A ray of light appeared above his head as his origin soul left his body. Then life seals surrounded his origin soul like layers of armor.

Wang Lin’s origin soul left his body and looked at Mo Yang’s origin soul. He pondered a bit before spitting out some origin flame that fused into the ghostly flame. The ghostly flame suddenly began to burn even stronger.

Wang Lin continued to spit out origin flames.

Mo Yang’s origin soul revealed a painful expression. He wanted to struggle, but the life seal around his origin soul had him on complete lockdown.

Wang Lin’s origin soul revealed a careful expression as he controlled the ghostly flame to avoid the sword energy while slowly eating away at Mo Yang’s origin soul. Mo Yang’s origin soul was slowly being refined.

This process lasted several days. Even with Wang Lin’s mental strength, having to concentrate for so long caused his origin soul to dim and his face to show a tired expression.

But his eyes became brighter and brighter.

On this day, Mo Yang’s origin soul finally collapsed into countless specks of blue light after being refined for so long. The blue, thin line calmly floated among the blue specks.

Wang Lin’s origin soul sucked and the shattered pieces of Mo Yang’s origin soul were devoured by Wang Lin to recover all the energy he had used. After all that was done, Wang Lin looked at the motionless blue line with hesitation in his eyes.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin clenched his teeth. He no longer hesitated and devoured the thin line!

At this moment, his origin soul trembled violently and began to lose connection to his body. Wang Lin was already prepared for this, which was why his body wasn’t far away. He struggled to move, and right before the connection disappeared, he entered his body.

Wang Lin quietly sat there for three days! On the evening of the third day, Wang Lin opened his eyes. Although his gaze was calm, there was also a hint of a dazzling light in his eyes.

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