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Chapter 577 – Undercurrent

After leaving the Xuan vice commander-in-chief’s mansion, Mo Lihai’s eyes were filled with joy. Many times he wanted to speak, but he hesitated, and in the end he didn’t say a word. After returning to the Mo Mansion, Mo Lihai took deep breath, his eyes filled with sincerity, and he said, “Brother Wang, I’ll be depending on you during the demon general competition. I will remember this favor!”

This was the first time Mo Lihai had spoken to Wang Lin in this tone. In his mind, Wang Lin was no longer equal to him but someone who could force the vice commander-in-chief to retreat several steps with just one spell!

Mo Lihai believed that with Wang Lin’s help, he could sweep the competition!

He understood Wang Lin’s spell the most and was extremely shocked. Along the way back, he kept thinking about that spell and imagined himself facing against it. In the end, no matter what, he would lose!

Wang Lin’s expression wasn’t arrogant or proud; he remained calm. At this moment, he smiled and said, “Brother Mo, since I agreed on this matter, I’ll definitely help you!”

Mo Lihai laughed. He was obviously very happy and smiled. “Brother Wang, I have some ancient wine that’s been buried for 500 years. Tonight, the two of us will have a drink!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and he smiled as he nodded.

At this moment, at the sword pavilion at the center of Sky Demon City, a person wearing yellow robes appeared. He looked at the imperial sword pavilion and smiled. “Played enough? Don’t go to Hong Prison anymore; settle down for a few days.”

The silver sword inside the formation released several bursts of sword hymns as if it was unwilling to give up.

The person laughed. “If you keep being naughty, I’ll send you to the dragon lake.”

The Emperor’s sword suddenly stopped making sounds as if it had lost all its arrogance and let out a few feeble sword hymns. Although it was acting like this, its anger toward the food that dared to provoke it became even stronger.

After the emperor’s sword stopped going to Hong Prison, the scarlet world at the bottom slowly recovered. More felons were thrown in, and the cycle of slaughter began once more.

A black-haired man sat in the blood pool in silence. Strands of killing intent continued to enter his body, and the killing aura around him became stronger and stronger.

He would occasionally raise his head, and there was a hint of clarity inside his bloodshot eyes.

“I must escape, like him!”

When the slaughter began, everyone in the blood pool flew into the air and began killing each other. The black-haired man was like the god of slaughter. His eyes were filled with thick killing intent and his moves were vicious as he swept through like a raging dragon.

After the endless slaughter finished, there was only the black-haired man left in the sky. The people that had just revived all had a calm expressions and didn’t even look up at the sky.

The blood mist around the black-haired youth was hundreds of feet wide. He took a deep breath and revealed a rare hint of clarity before bolting toward the exit.

When he only moved several feet, there was a flash of silver light, and the silver dragon suddenly appeared and threw out its huge claw. The black-haired man inside the blood mist revealed a bitter smile.

He used a voice only he could hear and softly said, “Explode!”

With one word, his entire body suddenly exploded. Even the blood mist around him exploded, and the force met the silver dragon’s claw.

A loud echo filled the area. The silver dragon retracted its claws and there were many injuries on its claw. This was like pouring oil on fire, as the silver dragon’s hatred for Wang Lin ignited once more.

As for the black-haired man, he revived at one of the blood pools, then he lowered his head and pondered.

The silver dragon let out an angry roar and then its gaze landed on the black-haired man. It let out another roar and a ray of sword energy shot out at the blood pool.

The blood pool shattered and the black-haired youth inside died.

This cycle repeated. Every time he revived, the silver dragon killed him. After doing this many times, the silver dragon revealed a proud expression and then disappeared.

Since the Demon Emperor wouldn’t let it go to Hong Prison and it was told to stay still for a few days, it decided to vent its anger here.

Let’s not talk about Hong Prison for now.

There was only half a month left until the battle between the demon generals. There was an oppressive aura around the entire Sky Demon City, and the various demon generals were making their own preparations.

Aside from the normal preparations, there were also a lot of behind the scenes preparations. Whether it was making secret deals or secretly making moves, the Demon Emperor completely ignored it all.

Although there was order in the Demon Spirit Land, hidden in this order was endless chaos. This was a chaotic time!

The battle between the demon generals was very important because this was a heavenly opportunity for the demon generals to move up. If they missed this chance, it might mean they will forever be stuck at the rank of demon general!

As a result, these demon generals cared about this matter to an unprecedented degree!

Becoming vice commander-in-chief means having the qualifications to become a commander-in-chief in the future. In order to achieve this qualification, any method will be used!

Although it was a time of chaos, there was still order in this chaos. There was only one rule, and that was that the demon generals couldn’t have life and death battles, or else they would be disqualified from the demon general competition!

As a result, all of the schemes fell on the helpers of each demon general. Killing the helpers is the same as breaking that demon general’s right arm, and for some it even crushes their means to win!

Killing the demon generals’ helpers became the public fight!

And the fight in secret was to assassinate the demon generals. Demon generals couldn’t kill each other, but their helpers could. They could even hire assassins to do so, and this wouldn’t break the rule.

However, although this wasn’t against the rules, it went against the Demon Emperor’s bottom line. So unless the person who killed the demon general had heavenly cultivation, even if you gave that person wings, it would be hard for that person to escape. They will die without a doubt!

After all, the death of a demon general was a big matter for the country!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that anyone who relies on assassination is completely desperate!

These battles in public and in secret became even more intense as the competition drew closer! Mo Lihai rarely went out and spent most of the day in closed door cultivation. This allowed him to stay in peak condition and also deliberately avoid many assassination attempts.

At the same time, he also set up a formation and arranged many of his old subordinates with high cultivation levels to guard him.

During this oppressive time, only Wang Lin was completely calm. His life didn’t change; he went out every morning and sat by the river to listen to the zither music.

It was as if all this oppression and movement before the great battle were just like passing clouds. Only the zither music was important to him.

Everytime he heard the zither music, he would be completely immersed in it and would go through a strange experience. Every day, his heart was being cleansed.

Wang Lin wasn’t worried about whether Mo Lihai would be assassinated or not. Mo Lihai was extremely cunning and had far more hands to play than what he currently showed.

Wang Lin was very clear about this matter after interacting with him for this long. If Mo Lihai didn’t have his methods, there would be no way for him to still be alive while being at the top of demon generals.

Wang Lin listened to the zither music from the boat with his eyes closed as he sat beside the river. He picked up the wine jug only to find that it was already empty.

He let out a sigh as he opened his eyes and silently looked up at the sky.

Every time he heard this zither music, his heart would tremble and he would have the vague feeling of a breakthrough. Unfortunately, his comprehension of the heavens was too ethereal.

While listening to the zither music, Wang Lin slowly immersed himself in the music and silently experienced it. The celestial spiritual energy in his body was already used to hiding itself. After all, there was still the Demon Emperor’s sword looking for him.

However, just at this moment, he frowned. He was interrupted during his comprehension of the heavens and enjoyment of the music.

“You are Mo Lihai’s vice general?” A voice filled with contempt forced itself through the zither music and completely shattered the mood of the music.

A black-robed man was standing 100 feet from Wang Lin. He had his hand before his chest and a snake-like sword circling him. There was also a trace of impatience on his face.

“You may attack; killing you would be the same as taking one of Mo Lihai’s arms!”

Wang Lin put down the wine jug, but he didn’t get up or even look at the person. He pointed his right thumb at the person and the finger of death suddenly shot out as a ray of black light.

The moment the black light came out, the surrounding gras immediately withered and the life force from the gras silently entered the black light.

The black light quickly closed in on the black-robed man. His expression suddenly changed and he quickly retreated a few steps. Then the flying sword circling him shot toward the black light in a flash. However, at the moment it touched the black light, the sword began to crack from the tip. The black light pierced through the sword until even the hilt collapsed. The flying sword was turned into countless small fragments in almost an instant.

The black-robed man revealed a look of disbelief as he continued to retreat. Unfortunately, he was too slow! The black light broke through the flying sword and landed on the black-robed man’s chest.

This person’s body was thrown far away in an arc, and blood mist erupted from his body on the way. Even after the man fell to the ground, the blood mist stayed in the sky.

When the black-robed man fell on the ground, his eyes revealed a hint of remorse before they went completely dim. At the same time, a strand of grey gas came out from his body and disappeared into Wang Lin’s right hand.

This person wasn’t a foreigner but a person of Demon Spirit Land. This person’s cultivation level wasn’t high, he was only at the level of a late stage Soul Formation cultivator. He was probably sent by some demon general that didn’t know him as a way of scouting him.

Wang Lin continued to listen to that zither music…

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