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Chapter 576 – Wang Lin, Attack Me At Full Power!

Another bang came from Hong Prison. As the dust and dirt were kicked into the air, the silver sword proudly let out a sword hymn and flew off into the distance.

Wang Lin looked at the direction of the Emperor’s sword as it flew away, and he faintly smiled. “Why is this sword acting like a child? It can’t find me, so now it has a grudge with Hong Prison. How many times has it been, 10 times?”

Mo Lihai sat opposite of Wang Lin. He could only bitterly smile, but at the same time he also admired Wang Lin. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was looking at Wang Lin, he wouldn’t have been able to find Wang Lin at all.

This was proven true by the fact that the Emperor’s sword had passed by many times and still wasn’t able to find Wang Lin.

Thinking about how he didn’t even notice Wang Lin leaving the hole a few days ago, his evaluation of Wang Lin increased a lot.

In addition to all of this, after Wang Lin came back from Hong Prison, Mo Lihai felt like Wang Lin was like a different person. This was especially true whenever he looked at the flashing symbol on Wang Lin’s forehead. This symbol could make his heart jump.

He didn’t ask for details, but he guessed that for Wang Lin to anger the Emperor’s sword, Wang Lin had to have either succeed in his spell or had a fortunate encounter.

“What is your current strength? How is your strength compared to back when you were in Ancient Demon City?” After pondering for a long time, Mo Lihai decided to ask. He wanted to know what position he could get in the demon general competition!

There are two chances during the demon general competition. If the demon general loses, then their helper can fight instead! However, there is a requirement for the helper too: that person can’t be a native and has to be a foreigner!

This is why the demon general chose Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he slowly said, “Even without that palm, I can still win against you!”

Mo Lihai stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, he laughed and said, “Good. With those words, it looks like my effort wasn’t wasted! Brother Wang, the demon emperor will personally be at the demon general competition in half a month. If you do well and I nominate you, you will for sure get the position of demon general!”

Wang Lin smiled but didn’t speak.

Mo Lihai pondered a bit and then said, in a serious tone, “Brother Wang, you need to return early today. Tonight, I’ll take you to meet someone important!”

Wang Lin nodded, then he stood up and said, “Brother Mo can rest assured!”

The two of them looked at each other and both laughed. Mo Lihai felt very happy and smiled. “Then this older brother won’t disturb you. You go listen to the zither music.”

Wang Lin listening to the zither music by the river was not some secret, so Mo Lihai naturally knew.

Wang Lin walked out of the Mo Mansion.

Wang Lin silently sat on the side of the river with a jar of wine that he would occasionally drink from. He looked very calm, and his heart was at peace.

During this period of time, Wang Lin would sit here every day, waiting for the boat to pass so he could hear the zither music. However, the music had changed greatly from before; it was now a happy song that hid the sorrow deep within.

But Wang Lin didn’t try to change it by force. He was just a passerby and viewed the various emotions with the mentality of a passerby.

Even until now, he didn’t know what the woman looked like. None of this was important, what was important was that he was listening, earnestly listening.

When listening to the zither music that touched the sealed memories in his heart, he had a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time. Wang Lin’s heart was extremely calm right now.

The zither music arrived before the boats appeared. This seemingly cheerful zither music revealed sadness and helplessness. Following the zither music, the boats slowly arrived.

The zither player at the head of the boat still had her back toward Wang Lin. Her jade-like hand moved, creating the zither music that slowly diffused into the air. Today there was only one person sitting before her.

This was a young man about 27 or 28 years old. He was wearing a green robe, and although he looked ordinary, he gave off a very clean feeling. There wasn’t any demonic spiritual energy about him as he sat there drinking fine wine and listening to the zither music.

The young man placed down the cup and softly asked, “Can… you not play like this? I want to hear your music!”

The woman stopped playing. After pondering for a long time, she nodded, and her jade hands began to play once more. The sadness from the music gradually echoed through the area as if the music itself had fused with the ripples created by the boat and spread to the sides of the river.

The ripples stopped just before reaching Wang Lin, but the music didn’t stop and entered Wang Lin’s ears.

The youth on the boat slowly closed his eyes and carefully savored the sadness and pain in the zither music.

Wang Lin also closed his eyes and became immersed in the zither music. It was as if the music had fused into his mind and wouldn’t disappear for a while.

The two of them, one of them on the boat and one of them on the shore. Although both were comprehending different things, there was now a connection.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked toward the boat for the first time. His gaze fell on the woman and then moved to the young man.

At this moment, this person also opened his eyes and looked at Wang Lin.

The two of them looked at each other for a while before Wang Lin raised his jar as a gesture and took a big gulp. The youth on the boat revealed a smile as he raised his cup and drank it all in one gulp.

The boat gradually went off into the distance and disappeared from Wang Lin’s view. Only the faint zither music would still float in from the distance.

The woman on the boat playing the zither turned around toward the shore in the distance. In her eyes, everything was still dark.

The youth put down the wine cup and softly said, “There is a person there!”

Ming Xuan didn’t speak. She turned her head around and continued to play the sad music.

The young man faintly smiled. “What an interesting little fellow…”

It was night when Wang Lin returned to the Mo Mansion. Shortly after, he and Mo Lihai left together and entered Xuan City.

Although Xuan City was about the same size as Hong City, it looked completely different. The city was lit up, and among the pedestrians, there were more armored soldiers.

Mo Lihai stopped outside a mansion in Xuan City, then he took out a letter, which he passed to the guard outside. The guard took the letter and immediately went inside the mansion.

Wang Lin examined the mansion and his gaze stopped at the plaque on the mansion’s entrance.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief Xuan’s Mansion”

“The eight commander-in-chiefs have the same names as the eight cities of Sky Demon City, but their mansions don’t have the word ‘vice!’ This is the mansion of Xuan City’s vice commander-in-chief.” After Mo Lihai said this, he hesitated for a bit and added, “Xuan City’s vice commander-in-chief has a good personal relationship with the demon emperor…”

Wang Lin nodded. Mo Lihai had already explained in detail the about how two vice commander-in-chiefs will be chosen during this demon general competition, and the importance of it all.

Shortly after, the guard came back out and respectfully said, “General Mo, Lord Vice Commander-in-Chief welcomes you!”

Mo Lihai’s expression became serious as he walked in, and Wang Lin unhurriedly followed. Under the escort of the guard, Mo Lihai and Wang Lin entered the courtyard.

“The Vice Commander-in-Chief will meet General there!” The guard paused and pointed at the arch way. After that, he respectfully left.

Mo Lihai was calm as he walked past the archway with Wang Lin. Inside was a flower garden filled with many exotic flowers. The fragrance of the flowers washed over the two of them.

A man wearing purple robes was standing with his back to the two of them and looking up at the sky. He stood there as if he had fused with the surroundings. Wang Lin only took one glance before withdrawing his gaze. This person’s cultivation level was equal to that of an early stage Ascendant cultivator who was at the peak and ready to break through at any time!

However, until he actually makes that breakthrough, he will still too far from being able to compare to a mid stage Ascendant cultivator.

Mo Lihai took a deep breath and respectfully said, “Mo Lihai greets Lord Vice Commander-in-Chief!”

That person didn’t speak; he didn’t even move at all. He just stood there looking up at the sky.

The surroundings were completely silent.

This silence unconsciously transformed into a pressure that surrounded the area. Demon General Mo Lihai was calm, unmoved, and remained quietly standing.

As for Wang Lin, cultivators always fought against the heavens, so how could he collapse under this kind of pressure? Wang Lin’s expression was calm; even when he encountered the All-Seer, he was still calm. This person was merely at the early stage of Ascendant, far weaker than Zhuque Zi and Situ Nan.

Wang Lin’s calmness and Mo Lihai’s unmoving nature silently dispersed this pressure.

The purple-robed man turned around. His eyes were like lightning as he looked at the two. He looked at them as if he was an elder looking at the younger generation, and he spoke with a tone of superiority. “To be able to stay calm under my pressure, not bad!”

“Mo Lihai, how confident are you in securing the position of vice commander-in-chief?” The purple-robed man spoke very directly and went straight to the point.

Mo Lihai pondered a bit and seriously replied, “40%!”

“Oh?” The purple-robed man’s eyes narrowed and he slowly said, “Among the many demon generals that have come to visit me, you have the least amount of confidence!”

Mo Lihai pointed at Wang Lin and said, “Adding this person, I’m 90% confident!”

The purple-robed man’s gaze landed on Wang Lin. His eyes were calm without any fluctuation; it was as if Wang Lin was only an ant in his eyes.

He had the qualifications to look at Wang Lin like so, because he was a vice commander-in-chief, good friends with the demon emperor, and had almost a million ranks of demonic spiritual energy, which was to equal early stage Ascendant cultivators. He was also on the verge of a breakthrough, making him far above all the other demon generals, and he was merely waiting to become a real commander-in-chief. In his eyes, Wang Lin was merely Mo Lihai’s follower.

He didn’t even consider Mo Lihai worthy, so how could he even care about a follower of Mo Lihai!?

If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that the demon emperor had his eyes on this Mo Lihai, he wouldn’t even have met Mo Lihai, because in his view, Mo Lihai wasn’t qualified. Instead of meeting Mo Lihai, he’d rather enjoy the flowers. In Sky Demon City, almost everyone knew how much the Xuan vice commander-in-chief liked flowers, especially exotic flowers. He not only liked flowers but also cherished them greatly. If any of the servants accidentally touched a flower, they would be kicked out of the mansion. If anyone dared to harm the flowers, he would take their head!

The purple-robed man was a bit impatient in his heart, but he didn’t reveal any of it.

“Display your most powerful spell. Let me see why Mo Lihai thinks you can increase his chance by 50%!” The purple-robed man’s voice was still calm. In his view, this person was only the at late stage of Soul Transformation, and he would never consider someone like this worthy of his attention.

He didn’t underestimate Wang Lin, it was more like he had a bland disregard of Wang Lin.

“Use your full power. If you can make me move, then consider yourself qualified!” The purple-robed man looked into the sky and didn’t even look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coldly looked at this person, and without any hesitation, he raised his hand. The slaughter energy gathered on his hand and he pointed forward.

Countless slivers of slaughter energy suddenly burst out from his hand. At this moment, a storm of killing intent suddenly surrounded the area.

2,000 strands of slaughter energy burst out from Wang Lin and charged toward the purple-robed man like raging dragons!

At the start, the purple-robed man’s expression was still the same as before, completely ignoring Wang Lin’s existence. However, after an instant, his expression changed as the 2,000 strands of slaughter energy closed in on him.

The purple-robed man retreated without any hesitation, then demonic spiritual energy burst out from his body and took the form of a demonic tiger. However, the moment the demonic tiger took form, it was immediately pierced through by the strands of slaughter energy. The strands of slaughter energy landed directly on the chest of the purple-robed man.

The purple-robed man’s expression changed greatly as he backed up once more; he even completely disregarded the flowers and stepped right on top of them. At this moment, he had no time to think about the flowers, as all the hair on his body stood up and he was concentrating on how to resist this spell.

With his cultivation, had he prepared, he wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state, but he was looking down on Wang Lin too much. This spell was something that he might not have even been able to withstand even fully prepared. Right now it was too late for him to even feel regret.

The blue light screen of the demonic armor appeared seven inches away from his body, but the moment it appeared, it was hit by the 2,000 strands of slaughter energy and was forced back.

Seeing that the armor was about to be pushed back to three inches away, the purple-robed man let out a roar. The vein on his head was bulging as he retreated once more, stepping on top of countless flowers that he used to cherish.

But the demonic armor couldn’t withstand the 2,000 strands of slaughter energy at all, so it suddenly collapsed!

2,000 strands of slaughter energy entered his body and cycled once through his body. Then Wang Lin waved his hand and the slaughter energy left the purple-robed man through his pores and returned to Wang Lin’s hand.

The purple-robed man’s face was extremely pale, and Wang Lin suddenly became a completely different existence.

With his peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivation and 2,000 strands of slaughter energy, it wasn’t hard for him to battle early stage Ascendant cultivators at all!

“Very good! You have the qualifications!” The purple-robed man took a deep breath as he forced himself to reveal a calm expression and squeeze out a smile like an elder looking at the younger generation.

Mo Lihai’s expression was strange. He suppressed the shock in his heart as he quickly led Wang Lin away.

After making sure that the two had already gone far away, the purple-robed man could no longer endure it and coughed out a mouthful of blood. The servant who came in from outside immediately panicked when he saw the scene before him.

“I won’t meet anyone for three months, I’m going into closed door cultivation!” After leaving those words, the purple-robed man disappeared.

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