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Chapter 574 – Celestial Slaughter Art (Part 3)

At the moment the silver dragon disappeared, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a sense of clarity. He understood that the silver dragon was probably the demon emperor’s sword that the man named Xu talked about. The slaughter energy produced here was probably food for this demon sword!

As for the black-haired youth, although he died, he was resurrected in a blood pool. All of the blood mist around him had disappeared, and he would have to climb back up again!

After one day of slaughter, this place became quiet. Wang Lin sat in the pool of blood and comprehended the heart of slaughter.

“Back when I learned the Celestial Slaughter Art, that person said that because I cultivate the life and death aura, I can cultivate this spell. I finally understand now!” Strands of killing intent entered Wang Lin’s body from the blood pool.

“However, there are still some vague details… The relationship between the Celestial Slaughter Art and life and death domain…” Wang Lin pondered.

One night passed, and on the second day, the slaughter began once more!

Wang Lin was completely immersed in the slaughter here. He had no idea how much time had passed as the killing intent around him became stronger and stronger.

The endless slaughter and endless absorbing of killing intent allowed Wang Lin’s body to slowly comprehend the heart of slaughter!

When Wang Lin first got here, there would be over a hundred people left after each slaughter, but now Wang Lin could easily kill a person with just one finger. His bloodshot gaze swept the area, and there were less than 50 people remaining.

The 50 people didn’t continue to kill each other but separated and found their own blood pools to cultivate in. After a day of slaughter, the blood mist around Wang Lin had become 50 feet wide!

An unknown amount of time passed once more.

Another slaughter began. After it ended this time, Wang Lin let out a roar. There were less than 20 people in the sky. The blood mist around Wang Lin was now 70 feet wide, and everyone else’s blood mist was also several dozen feet wide.

Days passed in this scarlet world. Even though Wang Lin would regain his clarity every now and then, even he didn’t know how much time had passed. If it wasn’t for the fact that the five strands of slaughter energy had changed into life force seals that covered his body, Wang Lin believed he would have already died here many times!

With the life force seal around his whole body, Wang Lin was like a powerful tiger that began to separate himself from the rest!

On this day, when the last slaughter of the day ended, there were only two people left in the sky!

One of the two people was Wang Lin! The blood mist around his body was now several hundred feet wide. From a distance, he looked like a bloody sun.

Before him was the black-haired young man from before. He had once more climbed up to the top, and the blood mist around him wasn’t any weaker than Wang Lin’s and in fact was stronger!

At this moment, the silver light appeared once more. Its cold gaze fell on Wang Lin and the youth before it sucked!

The black-haired youth let out a roar once more as he charged toward the silver dragon. The silver dragon revealed a rare hint of disdain as its giant claws pressed down!

At this moment, it felt as if the sky was collapsing. Explosion sounds came from inside the youth as his body shattered into pieces. But right before he died, some of the blood mist entered his body, then his body shattered into pieces.

At the same time, the black-haired youth was resurrected inside one of the blood pools. All of the blood mist around him was gone as he silently cultivated in the blood pool and didn’t even look at the sky.

At this moment, the silver dragon placed its gaze on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to release the blood mist for the silver dragon to absorb. The silver dragon disappeared and Wang Lin landed.

As he looked at where the silver dragon disappeared, his eyes regained their clarity. He slowly walked up to a blood pool, and the several people inside the blood pool quickly got up and left.

Wang Lin sat by himself inside the blood pool and his eyes retained their clarity. A smile gradually appeared on his face. The smile became larger and larger until he finally burst out in laughter. His laughter echoed in this scarlet world, but no one paid any attention to him, as they were all focused on absorbing killing intent!

“Celestial Slaughter Art, to slaughter a life to create a life seal! This is creating life with death, which is in line with reincarnation. A cycle where death creates life seals!”

This spell was, in fact, just the life and death of reincarnation! The transformation between life and death! That silver dragon was doing the same thing, absorbing all this death to turn it into vitality! The formation here also had the same principle… so it turned out to be like this! Wang Lin’s eyes were bright. He had gained enlightenment!

At the moment he gained enlightenment, the five strands of slaughter energy that were currently acting as life seals around his body quickly appeared before him. They gathered together before his chest to form a giant, grey vortex.

This vortex spun rapidly before his chest before disappearing inside his body. At this moment, his entire person changed, and a never-before-seen killing aura suddenly appeared in this scarlet world!

At this moment, every person in this scarlet world opened their eyes and looked at Wang Lin.

“Slaughter Aura!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in his scarlet world!

As his Celestial Slaughter Art spread out, sounds of explosions came from the blood pools near Wang Lin. The people that had been killed and resurrected an unknown number of times all exploded, and strands of slaughter energy were formed!

In almost an instant, almost 100 strands of slaughter energy were formed. They circled around Wang Lin like grey ghosts.

This didn’t end. With Wang Lin as the center, all of the people inside the blood pools exploded and turned into grey gas!

The entire scarlet world began to collapse! A large amount of grey gas condensed into slaughter energy and circled around Wang Lin.

None of the people that collapsed resurrected. This time they died for real! At the moment their bodies collapsed, their eyes revealed clarity for the first time in countless years, and inside that clarity there was a hint of relief.

The sounds of explosions and the sight of the grey gas filled the scarlet world. The black-haired youth in the blood pool in the distance suddenly raised his head. His eyes were completely bloodshot, and a thin layer of blood mist appeared around his body! He let out a growl as he clenched his teeth and became the only person who didn’t collapse to the Celestial Slaughter Art!

3,792 strands of gray gas circled around Wang Lin’s body. He stood up inside the blood pool, and at this moment, there was only him and the black-haired man remaining in this scarlet world!

A ray of lightning suddenly appeared in the sky, turning into the silver dragon. The silver dragon that just left had returned, and its large eyes stared at Wang Lin with killing intent.

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