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Chapter 575 – The Emperor’s Sword’s Grievance

This silver dragon stared at Wang Lin before letting out an angry roar. Then its body began to move, and its large claw descended on Wang Lin. When the claw fell from the sky, it was like the heavens itself was falling, and a powerful aura immediately filled the area.

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the sky. He had experienced the power of the silver dragon a lot during these past several days. Wang Lin didn’t move, but the 3,792 strands of slaughter energy released a powerful killing intent. As this killing intent spread, an aura that could pierce the sky and this world appeared.

More than 3,000 slivers of slaughter energy released monstrous killing intent that charged at the silver dragon’s claw like a sharp sword!

With a bang, the entire scarlet world shook. The silver dragon’s claw collapsed under the force of the 3,792 strands of slaughter energy.

The silver dragon let out a fierce roar, and its dragon eyes revealed a never-before-seen killing intent!

Although it had been injured before in the countless years it has been alive, this was the first time an ant had injured it. Even though that claw wasn’t its full power, it was not something mere food could resist!

Even demon generals couldn’t resist this claw!

At this moment, it was really angry! As the sword of the demon emperor, it had absolute dignity, so when it was challenged by mere food, it decide to directly obliterate that food!

The silver dragon’s body moved, and as it roared, a ray of sword energy appeared in its mouth. The moment the sword energy appeared, the scarlet world seemed like it was about to collapse, and the only thing left was this ray of sword energy.

The sword energy shot out directly at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate at all as his body moved like lightning, but he didn’t charge at the silver dragon. Instead, he turned around and charged toward the entrance.

The 3,792 strands of slaughter energy caught up to him and turned into life seals one after another.

In the blink of an eye, the 3,792 life force seals imprinted onto Wang Lin’s forehead and immediately spread over his body. With more than 3,000 life seals around his body, it was like Wang Lin had gained more than 3,000 layers of extra protection.

At this moment, the sword energy from the silver dragon landed on Wang Lin. The life seal around Wang Lin began to flash like crazy, and there was a series of crackling sounds. Wang Lin’s body didn’t stop at all as he disappeared through the entrance.

At the moment it disappeared, the black-haired man inside the scarlet world struggled to say, “Save me just once!”

His voice was very soft.

The silver dragon was startled, as its sure-kill sword energy was forcibly stopped by Wang Lin. For it, this was an extreme insult!

The silver dragon’s anger rose to a new height. It didn’t even bother with the black-haired man as its body moved and disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the sword pavilion in the imperial palace was completely empty. There were no decorations here, only a huge blood formation with a serpentine, silver sword inserted at the center.

At this moment, the serpentine sword suddenly released bursts of sword hymns. Shortly after, the sword flew directly into the sky and pierced through the roof in a ray of silver light. It carried a sword energy that everyone inside Sky Demon City could feel, and it circled once in the sky before charging directly at Hong City.

At this moment, all of the commander-in-chiefs and demon generals noticed this sword energy. They all walked outside and looked into the night sky.

Inside the imperial mansion, a middle-aged man in a white robe looked at the night sky. His eyes lit up and he muttered, “Who provoked the Emperor’s sword to leave the formation?!”

Demon General Shi Xiao was also in his own manor as he looked up at the sky. Sun Tao’s expression was serious as he looked at the silver light in the sky, and he was extremely shocked.

“The Emperor’s sword flew out on its own; there is something strange about this!” Shi Xiao took a deep breath and his eyes revealed a mysterious light.

In Universe City, a black-haired man looked up at the sky from inside his courtyard. He only revealed a figure and didn’t show his face as he looked at the silver flash in the sky. He whispered, “This is the wrath of the Emperor’s sword! How is the Emperor’s sword in the eyes of the two of you?”

There were two people behind this person, and they were both carrying large swords behind their backs. Their eyes revealed a mysterious light as they stared at the silver light disappearing into the distance.

One of them pondered a bit and slowly said, “It isn’t any weaker than Master’s sword!”

“Is that so?” The black-haired man turned around, revealing a very handsome face, and there was also a hint of resolve in that handsome face.

He was the number one demon general, the one who was stationed next to the Fire Demon Country, Mo Fei!

However, if one looked closely, this person looks exactly the same as the black-haired youth in Hong Prison!

Inside the Mo Mansion, Mo Lihai’s face was filled with shock as he looked at the silver light in the sky. He could clearly see that it was heading toward Hong Prison, making his heart skip a beat, and he had a bad premonition.

“The Emperor’s sword! It couldn’t be going for Wang Lin…” Then Mo Lihai shook his head and said to himself, “How could Wang Lin cause the Emperor’s sword to move with his cultivation? I’m overthinking it.”

Although he said that, the bad premonition in his heart became stronger and stronger.

Inside the royal palace, a person wearing a royal robe looked into the sky and smiled. “Could it be it be that it suffered some injustice? I haven’t seen it so angry in a long time. Interesting!”

Behind the person in the royal robe, an enchanting woman softly said, “Emperor, what are you so happy about?”

Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning up the stairs in Hong Prison. He moved very quickly, and as he ran, the blood in his body boiled. Although the force of that sword energy was deflected by the life seals around his body, it still caused the blood in his body to go crazy.

When he went down the stairs, he wasn’t fast, but now he passed by in a flash.

Soon, he arrived at the top of the stairs. The man named Xu was standing there and looking at the sky. He had a strange expression and muttered to himself, “This matter… Has gotten a bit out of control…”

Wang Lin appeared in a flash. The moment he appeared, the man named Xu jerked around to look at Wang Lin. After letting out a sigh, he quickly whispered, “You can’t leave from here, follow me!” With that, he leaped to the side and quickly flew down another path.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, but soon he felt the unimaginable sword energy flying over at lightning speed. He was very familiar with that sword energy, it was the silver dragon!

Feeling his scalp go numb, Wang Lin quickly followed the man named Xu. He quickly hid his presence without revealing a hint of himself.

The two of them moved extremely fast and disappeared after navigating through Hong Prison.

Shortly after the two of them left, the Emperor’s sword arrived and directly broke through the gate. It swept through the prison, looking for the food that made it lose its dignity!

At this moment, on the wall of a residence in Hong City, an opening silently appeared. Wang Lin walked out from the gap. The man named Xu didn’t come out but let out a sigh and quickly said, “Don’t forget our agreement!”

With that, the wall closed, and the man named Xu quickly left. As he ran, he muttered to himself, “That was not worth it… If I knew he was going to lure the Emperor’s sword here, then no matter what, I wouldn’t have sent him there…”

Wang Lin had his presence completely hidden. He didn’t use celestial spiritual energy to fly but walked rapidly on the street. He could hear sounds of destruction from Hong Prison in the distance along with angry sword hymns.

Wang Lin moved even faster. This place wasn’t far from the Mo Mansion. After half an incense stick of time, he arrived at the Mo Mansion. Mo Lihai stood in the courtyard while staring at Hong Prison, and he had a feeling of disaster in his heart.

At this moment, he immediately saw Wang Lin, and when he noticed how Wang Lin had his presence hidden, he immediately knew what was going on due to how smart he was. He let out a bitter smile as he led Wang Lin to the fake mountain, and with one palm, he created a hole.

“This is where I cultivate behind close doors. You should hide here for a bit!”

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out before he jumped in without a word. Mo Lihai took a deep breath as he sat down and closed the hole. He began cultivating there like nothing was wrong.

This was destined to be a sleepless night for Mo Lihai, and this was the same for the residents of Sky Demon City!

The entire Sky Demon City was lit up by silver light throughout the night. After the Emperor’s sword wasn’t able to find the food that injured it, it became even more angry. It decided to wreck Hong Prison before it circled the sky of Sky Demon City as it frantically searched.

This made Mo Lihai’s job harder. He kept using his demonic spiritual energy cover up Wang Lin’s presence so the Emperor’s sword couldn’t find Wang Lin.

The Emperor’s sword did notice Mo Lihai, but Mo Lihai had spread out his demonic spiritual energy too much, so the Emperor’s sword just swept by. In truth, even if the Emperor’s sword looked closely, it still wouldn’t be able to find Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had completely hidden his aura and entered the heaven defying bead. He was sitting across from Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul.

Throughout the night, the Emperor’s sword became even more angry. It spent the entire night searching all of Sky Demon City, but it still couldn’t find a trace of that despicable food!

Its anger continued to grow!

This was another insult to it!

Early in the morning, the Emperor’s sword was filled with unwillingness as it let out a sword hymn. It then turned toward Hong Prison and sent out a ray of sword energy that created a rift more than 1,000 feet long.

After releasing its anger, the Emperor’s sword returned to the formation full of anger.

Hong Prison was one of the four great prisons of Sky Demon City. Although it was damaged by the Emperor’s sword, with lot of manpower and materials, it was quickly repaired. However, the Emperor’s sword seemed to have its sight on Hong Prison, so whenever it was fixed, the Emperor’s sword would appear and destroy it to vent its anger.

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