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Chapter 573 – Celestial Slaughter Art (Part 2)

Wang Lin’s cunning was far beyond normal people’s. He only believed 20% of what the man named Xu said. The main reason he chose to enter was due to the trembling coming from the slaughter energy.

“To be able to affect the slaughter energy, this place will definitely help me master the Celestial Slaughter Art!” Wang Lin didn’t turn back and disappeared into the depths of the prison.

“Some things in this world requires us to make a choice. Some things will be lost, but this is something I must do!” Wang Lin followed down the stairs, and after one incense of time, the blood-colored light before him intensified.

At the bottom of the stairs, it was a scarlet world! This place was very large, and the thick layer of blood marks on the ground was very shocking.

When he looked around, he couldn’t see the boundaries of this place. This was probably an independent space, and it was right below Sky Demon City.

In this world, there were many pools of blood on the ground. There were many people in each of the pools of blood, and their eyes were closed as they cultivated inside the blood pools.

The hideous injuries on their bodies moved in a strange manor.

When Wang Lin entered this place, the five strands of slaughter energy flew out. They circled around him and seemed to be releasing bursts of excitement.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and the bloody smell entered his mouth, causing killing intent to fill his body. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he moved and arrived next to a pool of blood. He hesitated a bit before sitting down in the lotus position inside the pool of blood.

At the moment half of his body was emerged in the blood pool, powerful killing intent entered his body from the blood pool and spread across his body.

Every time he breathed, the killing intent inside his body intensified. Everytime he cultivated, more killing intent entered his body from the blood pool.

Gradually, Wang Lin’s eyes became red, and the five strands of slaughter energy whistled like they never had before.

The killing intent in his heart became stronger and stronger. At first he used celestial spiritual energy to resist it, but after pondering a bit, he gave up on doing that. After sealing his mind, he allowed the killing intent free rein over his body.

After an unknown amount of time, everyone inside the blood pools opened their eyes, and unimaginable killing intent burst out from their eyes.

The explosion of killing intent immediately surrounded the entire scarlet world. People charged out into the air from the blood pools, and murderous roars and shouts filled the area.

All of those people had bloodshot eyes!




Following the roars, each of the people that flew out immediately began to attack the person near them. Their attacks were filled with killing intent. There were a lot of people in the blood pools; Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found almost 1,000 people.

At this moment, much slaughter took place, and the killing intent here was monstrous.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot. At this moment, he had already locked his mind. His entire body was no longer in his control and was shrouded in killing intent.

He suddenly flew out from the blood pool and let out a thunderous roar. He charged toward the people killing each other like a bloody tornado.

A path of slaughter had begun!

Wang Lin had lost his consciousness and was completely immersed in killing. Every attack was set to kill; finger of death, demonic finger, and various treasures were all constantly used.

Everywhere he passed, people would die to him.

Wang Lin’s eyes were completely blood-red. Right now the only thing on his mind was to kill!

Here, if he didn’t kill others, he would be killed by others. This place was a battlefield of slaughter!

Wang Lin’s entire body was stained by blood. He seemed to be tireless as he charged at every enemy he saw. He didn’t even hesitate to use spells that would mean mutual destruction.

Everyone that was killed didn’t really die; they were affected by the formation here and resurrected in the blood pools. The people here could no longer be considered people, they were more like tools for providing slaughter energy!

The slaughter energy created by their killing would be absorbed by the sky and disappear without a trace.

This slaughter lasted for a long time before it finally ended. These people all had monstrous killing auras, and their eyes were completely bloodshot. There was no longer any reason left in these people. There was a bit over 100 people remaining, including Wang Lin.

The slaughter silently ended. These people all had an intense killing aura around them, which manifested as a three-foot-wide blood mist.

They didn’t even look at each other as they scattered and each looked for a blood pool. The people that just revived would all immediately disperse, allowing those people to have a blood pool all to themselves.

Wang Lin’s eyes were blood-red as he brought his three-foot-wide blood mist toward a blood pool. The more than a dozen people inside the pool all got up and quickly left. There was a hint of admiration inside their bloodshot eyes.

Wang Lin sat by himself inside the blood pool and closed his eyes. After a long time, he opened his eyes once more. The blood-red in his eyes gradually disappeared and was replaced by clarity.

“I believe that the killing heart mentioned by the man named Xu is the heart of slaughter. Only by having a heart of slaughter can I successfully refine slaughter energy! If I don’t have a heart of slaughter, it will be very difficult to refine slaughter energy. Those successes from before could only be considered coincidence!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and closed his eyes once more to immerse himself in the blood and began comprehending the heart of slaughter.

After a long time, the slaughter started once more in this scarlet world. Everyone flew into the air and the slaughter begun once more!

This kind of slaughter would happen several times each day. During these slaughters, many people would die, and a few people would have the blood mist around them become stronger and stronger.

One day of time quickly passed, and there had been a total of four slaughters on this day. Wang Lin lasted until the very end, but the blood mist around him was only several dozen feet wide. Compared to others, it was a lot, but there was one man with black hair who had a blood mist more than 100 feet wide!

He floated in the air like a king.

After the final slaughter ended, the king-like young man suddenly raised his head and let out a roar. The blood mist around his body suddenly began to churn.

Just at this moment, a ray of lightning suddenly flew across the sky. A silver dragon suddenly appeared. It looked coldly at everything below it and then suddenly sucked really hard!

This caused the blood mist around everyone to leave their bodies, and it was sucked in by the silver dragon.

The king-like young man let out a roar and charged directly at the silver dragon. However, when he only flew up 1,000 feet, the silver dragon turned around. With one gaze from the dragon, the young man’s body collapsed. The young man’s blood mist was sucked away by the silver dragon, then the silver dragon disappeared.

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