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Chapter 572 – Celestial Slaughter Art (Part 1)

The happy music with deep sadness entered Wang Lin’s ears. It caused him to pause for a moment, but he didn’t turn around and continued to walk away.

It was not midnight, but the full moon hung in the sky and the moonlight covered Sky Demon City like a thin, silk sheet.

Two figures appeared outside the Mo Mansion and both disappeared in a flash of smoke. They charged toward Hong Prison. Both of them were very fast as they flew over the various buildings and streets of Hong city and soon arrived outside Hong Prison.

From a distance, the killing intent and resentment in this place was monstrous; it was like a demonic flame that burned in the night sky!

The two figures from the Mo Mansion revealed themselves outside Hong Prison. These two were Mo Lihai and Wang Lin!

The moment the two of them appeared, the huge, black, iron door before them suddenly opened a small crack. A grim-looking hunchback man walked out from this gap. He looked at the two of them and without a word he waved his hand before going back inside.

Wang Lin’s eyes squinted unnoticeably. The grim-looking man’s cultivation level was the same as Mo Lihai’s. They both had cultivation equal to peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivators!

Mo Lihai took a step forward and moved like lightning through the gap. Wang Lin casually followed behind him.

The grim-looking hunchback man examined Wang Lin and asked, “Is this the person Brother Mo talked about?”

Mo Lihai nodded and said, “He is. The rest will depend on Brother Xu.”

The man named Xu nodded and said, “You can leave, I’ll take him inside!”

Mo Lihai arrived next to Wang Lin and whispered, “Brother Wang, take care! I hope your cultivation is successful!” With that, he took a step and disappeared.

The man named Xu looked at Wang Lin and asked, “What is your name?”

“Wang Lin!” Wang Lin’s voice was very calm.

The man named Xu didn’t speak more. He just turned around and walked into Hong Prison. Wang Lin followed the man, and his steps were very steady. The deeper they went, the more intense the killing intent became.

The grey-robed man seemed to enjoy the aura very much. He secretly looked at Wang Lin and was very surprised to find Wang Lin so calm. Then he thought that if Mo Lihai was willing to spend this much, this person must have something extraordinary about him.

Hong Prison was split into two parts. The part above the ground was just the surface, and there was another part underground!

The man named Xu acted quickly as he directly led Wang Lin underground. The two of them walked down went down a gloomy flight of stairs.

There were some ghostly flames on the sides of the wall. The flickering of the fire made this place even more eerie.

When they first stepped on the stairs, it was very quiet, but as they went down, sounds of shouting and roaring could be heard from the depths. These voices were filled with killing intent and resentment. Compared to what could be seen on the surface, this was more than 10 times stronger!

The man named Xu purposely slowed down and he secretly observed Wang Lin. He knew that the aura from this prison was almost strong enough to condense into solid form. Even demon generals with similar cultivation levels to him would feel discomfort unless they were like him, who has lived here for hundreds of years. He had already gotten used to this aura from cultivating here for so long.

The more he saw, the more shocked he became. Wang Lin’s expression still looked normal, and from his observation, it didn’t look like Wang Lin was forcing himself to appear normal. Instead, it looked as if Wang Lin was about to integrate into the surroundings.

After examining Wang Lin, the man named Xu gave up on any ideas he had. He understood that for this person to choose to come here to cultivate, this person must have something special about him. If he were to scout any more, it would be inappropriate.

This staircase was very long. After a long time, the two of them arrived at the end. The end was very creepy; it was like a giant cage that had been divided up into thousands of separate cages.

Waves of shouting and roars along with countless curses echoed within the area. This sound was too loud; if it was a normal person, their ears would immediately ring endlessly from the noise.

The man named Xu was already used to all of this. He said, in a gloomy tone, “All of you, quiet!”

After he said that, all of the sounds from the cells stopped, and an oppressive aura slowly formed.

There was a black house at the entrance of this cell block. Standing outside the house, the man named Xu examined Wang Lin once more. He revealed a smile, but this smile made his face even more eerie than before.

“Brother Wang, this is the section I’m responsible for. I hand-picked all of them, and they are all going to be executed by January, so you can cultivate to your heart’s desire. Even if you kill them all, it won’t matter!”

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and immediately found that there were many areas with restrictions guarding them.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and said, “Many thanks!”

The man named Xu let out a hoarse laugh and said, “No need to thank me. If you want to thank someone, thank Mo Lihai. He gave me the first three levels of the Ten Collapse Fist Intent for me to let you in!” He gave a meaningful look to Wang Lin before going into the black house.

“The first three levels of the Ten Collapse First Intent… Mo Lihai indeed paid a lot for me to enter here.” Wang Lin pondered a bit before walking into this large cage.

This place was like a grid with rows of cells neatly arranged. When Wang Lin walked in, the oppression from before exploded, and the shouting and roaring resumed. The shouts and roars spread out like soundwave spells.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he walked past rows of cells. Countless black hands reached out from the bars as if they were trying to catch him. At the same time, bursts of laughter came from the cells.

“Where did this new guy come from? Come here and let me touch you. It has been more than ten years since I saw skin that delicate.”

“You look exactly the same as the whore I killed before.”

“Foreigner, back then I loved to kill you foreigners the most!”

Pairs of blood-red eyes stared at Wang Lin from behind the bars. There were various emotions and desires behind those eyes.

Wang Lin coldly looked at these people. These people must not have been this crazy years ago; they became like this due to spending too much time here. If one’s heart was not sturdy, they would be assimilated by the killing intent and resentment here.

Not all of the prisoners were shouting; there were still some that silently sat in their cages.

“Newcomer, come here!” A black man from a cell next to Wang Lin reached out with both his hands toward Wang Lin. When he noticed Wang Lin turn around toward him, he spat directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took a step back and dodged this foul-smelling spit.

The black person laughed loudly. His eyes were filled with scorn.

Wang Lin’s expression was still neutral, then he looked at the person and revealed a smile. He was originally going to step forward but stopped.

The completely black person saw Wang Lin’s smile and couldn’t help but tremble. For some reason, when he saw that smile, he felt an incredible amount of fear, and the scorn in his eyes paused for a moment. However, this was immediately replaced by viciousness.

Wang Lin stretched out his right hand to a place where that person could reach and calmly said, “Come!”

The person was startled. He subconsciously took a few steps back and revealed a gloomy expression.

Wang Lin said once more, “Come!”

At this moment, the shouting and roaring became even more intense. Due to the shouting of the surrounding inmates, the black person clenched his teeth as his hand formed a claw and reached out toward Wang Lin’s right hand through cage bars.

At the moment the person’s hand reached out, Wang Lin’s right hand turned into a sword and pointed at that person’s palm. At the same time, a strand of Slaughter Energy drilled into that person.

The prisoner’s body trembled and he took a few steps back. His entire body convulsed, black blood came out of his orifices, and his face distorted like he was suffering a lot of pain.

At this moment, the shouting of the surrounding prisoners became even more intense.

But a second later, a miserable shrill arose from this person. This scream was like a sharp sword that penetrated all of the screaming and completely suppressed everything!

At this moment, everyone nearby stopped shouting.

The miserable scream didn’t stop and continued. This scream was filled with intense fear, and Wang Lin looked on with indifference. The man inside the cage already had a thin body, and it gradually withered even more until he was a mummy!

This mummy had his mouth open and was filled with grey gas. The grey gas returned to Wang Lin’s hand. It was now a bit thicker than before.

“Still only one strand…” Wang Lin frowned.

Wang Lin was still observing. The moment the slaughter energy entered this person, it immediately began to absorb this person’s life force. This included the soul, blood, flesh, and all his essence.

“Using the slaughter energy to kill someone can only nourish it. If I want to make it split into another strand, I’m still missing something… missing some enlightenment…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit before looking at the mummy. This person’s cultivation level wasn’t high, and with the restriction in his body, he couldn’t display his full strength. It wasn’t just him that was like this, almost every prisoner in this prison was the same.

The miserable scream stopped with this person’s death, and the prison became extremely quiet. However, this silence only lasted for a moment before the shouting started once more, only this time it was even more explosive!

Wang Lin walked toward the next cell. The person inside the cell revealed a bloodthirsty smile at Wang Lin. He licked his lips as he backed away from Wang Lin and said, “Brat, you are cultivating, right? Do me a favor and kill the person opposite me, then I’ll fully cooperate with you. How about it?”

The person locked in the cell opposite him was a burly man. The man from the opposite cage stared at him and shouted, “I already find you displeasing to look at. Brat, if you kill him, I’ll fully cooperate with you! I have been locked away in this damned place long enough; the earlier I die, the sooner I can reincarnate!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak as he pointed at both of them. Two blood-red dots appeared on both their foreheads and began to spread. Both of them fell to the ground, but there was a hint of relief in their eyes.

From the moment he entered here, Wang Lin could clearly feel a hint of death aura along with the resentment! At first, he thought that the death aura was present because too many people had died here, but after being here for a bit, Wang Lin found that the death aura came from the prisoners!

They all wanted to die! But many didn’t have the courage to kill themselves!

At the moment the two of them fell down, Wang Lin carefully looked at their bodies. He didn’t use the slaughter energy to kill the two of them, so their bodies remained intact.

But a strange aura disappeared from their bodies.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, as he vaguely felt like he had grasped something, but after thinking about it carefully, he was still somewhat confused.

“Celestial Slaughter Art, refining one’s life force into a seal. I have cultivated and pondered this spell many times… I always feel like I gained enlightenment, but sometimes it’s all a blur…” Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the burly man’s body was caught by him.

Wang Lin knelt down as he pointed at the hole between this person’s eyebrows and carefully examined it.

His eyebrows furrowed harder and harder. Wang Lin let out a sigh as he got up and walked toward the next cell. Following Wang Lin’s footsteps, one prisoner after another died.

Every time he killed one person, he would carefully look at the corpse and examine it for a long time.

After five days, more than half of the prisoners here died!

A thick death aura filled the area and didn’t disappear for a long time.

Wang Lin observed thousands of bodies and gradually gained a hint of enlightenment. But there seemed to be a layer of mist between him and this enlightenment. He couldn’t see it clearly or touch it.

“What am I missing…” Wang Lin pondered.

“Because you haven’t killed enough! Your urge to kill isn’t enough!” The man named Xu slowly walked out from his black house. There was something different about his gaze toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his head. He looked at the man named Xu and didn’t speak.

The man named Xu slowly said, “Although I don’t know the specifics, the spell you are cultivating should be related to slaughter, and that is why you need to cultivate here. However, you still chose the wrong place, because killing here won’t produce enough murderous intent to create a slaughter aura. Although I have seen you kill a lot during these five days, most of your time was spent on researching. Sometimes, no amount of research can compare to simply immersing yourself in slaughter, experiencing the pleasure of slaughter, and gaining the killing heart!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“I cultivate the Demon Slaughter Dao!” The man named Xu looked at Wang Lin and said, “There are 10 wardens in Hong Prison, and only I cultivate the Demon Slaughter Dao. I use slaughter to refine my heart and become a demon. Carefully observe my killing heart!”

After the man named Xu finished speaking, his eyes suddenly became cold. Not a hint of killing intent came from his body, but Wang Lin felt like he had suddenly changed. Although there was no killing intent, Wang Lin felt all of the hair on his body stand up. His origin soul involuntarily shook, and a sense of extreme danger appeared in his heart.

Then an unknown aura appeared from this person. Although this aura wasn’t spreading, it was extremely terrifying.

The man named Xu slowly said, “An already sheathed sword is sharp and can created killing intent, but it lacks a certain amount of foundation compared to an unsheathed sword. A real killing heart is an unsheathed sword! If you really want to cultivate slaughter, I can take you to a place where you should be able to experience real slaughter.”

Wang Lin looked at the person and said, “Condition!”

The man named Xu revealed a hit of admiration and said, “Help me kill the demon general named Shi Xiao! Don’t ask me why. With my killing heart, I am evenly matched with him, but I’m 100% confident in killing him in secret. However, I’m restricted and can’t leave this Hong Prison, and he would never enter this place in his life. That is why if you help me kill him, I’ll help you cultivate your slaughter spell! But I have one more condition: you must kill him using the slaughter spell! Let him die to the path of slaughter!” The man named Xu revealed a hint of hatred in his eyes.

“If I can really complete my slaughter cultivation, then I can accept your condition!” said Wang Lin, in a calm voice. He purposely didn’t say everything.

“Follow me!” The man named Xu revealed an eerie smile and turned around.

“The prisons of Hong Prison are just a front. The real role of the four prisons in Sky Demon City is to provide killing intent for the Demon Emperor’s sword!

“That is why the bottom of the prison is where you need to go. Only there can you truly comprehend the killing heart!”

Wang Lin followed the man named Xu and left this place before going down another flight of stairs. The stairs seemed to never end. They passed by many prisoners, but the man named Xu didn’t stop and directly passed by them all.

After a long time, as Wang Lin continued to descend down the stairs, a thick smell of blood appeared. The killing intent here was 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times stronger than it was above.

The passage before the stairs was no longer dark but had a blood-colored light lighting it up.

The man named Xu gently said, “I have broken the rules by leading you here, so you mustn’t tell anyone else about this, not even Mo Lihai. This palace was created by the demon emperor, and it has accumulated enough killing intent to affect one’s heart. Don’t fight it and instead accept it with your heart, experience the killing intent!”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. After looking at the man named Xu, he could feel the powerful killing intent coming from below. The killing intent down there was monstrous and should help his Celestial Slaughter Art.

He hadn’t even gotten close and the strands of slaughter energy between his fingers already began to move even faster. There was a slight bit of trembling coming from them. This wasn’t trembling from fear but the urge to kill!

Feeling the change in the slaughter energy, Wang Lin stepped into the blood-colored light and walked down the flight of stairs.

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