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Chapter 568 – Acquaintance

Sky Demon City!

It is located in the northern part of the Sky Demon Country. Surrounding it are countless mountains intersecting with each other. If one looks from the sky, these mountains seem to form the shape of nine dragons coiling around the city.

The nine dragon heads all point toward a secluded lake. It is called Dragon Lake!

The holy symbol of the Sky Demon Country, the Ancient Demon Temple, is inside this Dragon Lake!

Dragon Lake is heavily guarded!

Sky Demon City is in front of Dragon Lake!

To be more accurate, this city is formed by nine cities with similar sizes to Ancient Demon City. The nine cities make an eight divinatory trigram with the royal palace at the center!

There is a river around the royal palace with eight bridges linking to each of the eight cities! The royal palace is where the demon emperor lives and is filled with exquisite pavilions. The other eight cities are also distinct and have their own styles.

It is early morning, and the entire Sky Demon City is shrouded by a faint, green mist that comes from the dragon mountain ranges. The demon emperor calls it “dragon energy,” and cultivating this energy can increase cultivation.

The entire Sky Demon City is like a large monster. As the green mist slowly dissipates, the sounds of people waking up makes it look like the giant beast is slowly awakening as well.

There are 18 transfer arrays outside of Sky Demon City, and they are guarded by demon soldiers year-round. Of these 18 transfer arrays, eight of them are used by the civilians, such as merchants, to travel everywhere.

The remaining 10 can only used by those with high status. There is a very clear distinction between the classes.

The 14th transfer array is for the demon generals’ use only. Every time it actives, a demon general appears!

A demon general is considered a powerhouse in Sky Demon City, one who controls a large amount of troops and amazing spells!

At this moment, among the demon soldiers outside the 14th transfer array, there was clearly a demon soldier whose armor had more lines than the others’.

This soldier loosened his shoulders and put down his weapon. Then he took off his helmet, sat on it, turned around, and shouted, “Er Gou, come here and massage my shoulders!” After he shouted, one of the soldiers quickly ran out. He put on a smart face as he quickly got behind the person and began to massage. He asked, “Captain, is my strength good?”

The captain moved his shoulders and smiled. “Yes, pretty good. Among you brats, you have the best control of strength.”

“Captain, normally this transfer array barely opens once a month. Why has it opened so much recently? It seems like a lot of demon generals are rushing here.” Er Gou took his chance to ask the question that had been bothering him for a while.

“Today my mood is good, so I’ll tell you!” As the captain said that, the guards all immediately closed in. Apparently they all wanted to know what was going on as well.

“You guys are all new recruits from the last 100 years, so it is not strange you don’t know about it. Every 300 years, there is a big competition between the demon generals, and the demon emperor personally attends it. The reward is sometimes demonic treasures or demonic spells! However, this time the competition has a completely different meaning!

“Because 200 years ago, we suffered heavy losses against the Fire Demon Country, including two vice commander-in-chiefs. That is why the demon emperor will pick two new vice commander-in-chiefs in this competition!”

After this was said, all the surrounding demon soldiers’ eyes widened and their faces were filled with shock.

Although demon generals and vice commander-in-chiefs were only half a rank apart, the gap was almost impossible to cross! In the countless years that the Sky Demon Country has existed, there have only been eight commander-in-chiefs and eight vice commander-in-chiefs, while there have been hundreds of demon generals!

A so called vice commander-in-chief is not the commander-in-chief’s assistant but the person next in line for the commander-in-chief position. Only the vice commander-in-chief can challenge the commander-in-chief for the position!

In the Sky Demon Country, once the commander-in-chief dies, a vice commander-in-chief takes over!

That is the first step to becoming a commander-in-chief, become a vice commander-in-chief!

Looking at the shock on the surrounding demon soldiers’ faces, the captain felt very proud. He let out a cough and said, “That is why the previously proud demon generals all came here. With how important this matter is, even those that originally didn’t intend to participate are all coming as well!

“The 14th transfer array we guard is for demon generals only; that is why it has been so busy for the past several days!”

The demon soldier massaging his shoulders said, “Captain, which lord demon general do you think will win?”

“This… is not easy to say. For someone to become a demon general, they must have powerful spells, but even spells have differences in strength. I believe that lord Mo Fei, who holds the city next to the Fire Demon Country, can enter the top three! Also, there is the Ancient Demon City’s lord Mo Liahi. His cultivation is also considered high among demon generals…” Just as the captain reached this point, his expression suddenly changed. He immediately stood up and the helmet flew into the air and landed on his head. Then his hand reached out and his weapon flew into his hand.

He did this in almost an instant.

The demon soldiers were all already accustomed to their captain’s actions. Right now, even without his command, they were all standing straight and facing forward.

Just at this moment, rings of light appeared above the transfer array, and there was a burst of demonic spiritual energy from it. Then two figures slowly appeared inside the transfer array, and just as they appeared, they each took a step forward. They both stepped out of the transfer array at the exact same time.

Mo Lihai looked at the capital before him as he took a deep breath and said to the person behind him, “Brother Wang, it has been more than 30 years since I’ve returned to the capital!”

Wang Lin looked at the giant city before him. Although it was big, it was within Wang Lin’s expectation. After all, this was the capital of Sky Demon country!

“Greetings, General Mo!” Just as the two stepped out, the demon soldiers outside immediately greeted them.

Mo Lihai nodded slightly and smiled at Wang Lin. “Brother Wang, this way!”

With that, he took a step and quickly moved toward the western gate. Wang Lin quickly followed, and the two of them disappeared into the distance.

After the two of them left, the captain let out a sigh of relief. The demon soldier next to him whispered, “Captain, who is that person the demon general brought with him?” During this time, many of the demon generals had brought strangers with them.

The captain stared at the demon soldier and said, “The competition between the demon generals this time is very important to all the demon generals, so they would naturally seek aid. For this person to be chosen by General Mo, he must have something special about him, so you all best not think too much about it!”

He looked toward the direction where Wang Lin and Mo Lihai went and thought, “That person was recognized by Mo Lihai and was brought along using this transfer array, so his cultivation must not be simple! Also, from how polite Mo Lihai was to him, this person is definitely not simple!”

Mo Lihai was a demon general, so the soldiers at the western gate were extremely respectful when they saw him. They led them into the city before respectfully going back to their post.

Mo Lihai looked at Wang Lin and sincerely said, “Brother Wang, the various forces in Sky Demon City are very messy, especially with all the demon generals gathering. It would be best for you to not live in the city and instead come with me to my mansion. How about it?”

There were two cities connected to the western gate. The first was Xuan City, and the second was Hong City!

Mo Lihai said, “Sky Demon city has a total of eight outer cities, and those eight outer cities are split into inner and outer rings. Sky, Earth, Xuan, and Yellow are the four inner cities, while Universe, Eternity, Hong, and Desolate are the outer cities.

“The inner cities are for civilian court officials, and the outer cities are for military. There are also more differences based on one’s status. I live in Hong City!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and nodded. “I’ll listen to brother Mo!”

Mo Lihai faintly smiled and nodded at Wang Lin. He then walked forward, and 1,000 feet before them was a fork in the road. The left route led to Xuan City and the right to Hong City.

Wang Lin followed Mo Lihai’s guidance and walked through the city. This Hong City was very prosperous with many shops and people. The streets were very lively as people came and went.

The road was very wide, but the crowds were all concentrated in the two sides, leaving an opening ⅓ the size of the road in the middle. Standing in the middle would allow you to see the road going far into the distance.

Mo Lihai saw Wang Lin’s gaze fall on the opening, so he smiled and explained, “This road is a military road, so ordinary people are not allowed to walk there!”

Just at this moment, roars came from the military road in the distance, and soon, a group of black war horses quickly rushed over. Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found 19 horses in total. There was a black-armored soldier sitting on each of them with cultivations roughly matching Soul Formation cultivators’. The demonic spiritual energy from their bodies were all fused together in a mysterious way.

There was demonic spiritual energy swirling in the sky above them, and it formed a vague shadow of a giant beast.

The 19 of them charged directly at Wang Lin and Mo Lihai. Wang Lin looked at Mo Lihai and found that although Mo Lihai’s expression was serious, there was a hidden smile on his face.

The 19 of them stopped about a dozen or so feet from them. Then they all got off their horses, took a step forward, kneeled down, and loudly said, “Greetings, General Mo!”

Mo Lihai laughed, then he waved his hand and said, “All of you, get up. This person is my good friend, Vice General Wang. In the future, when you see him, it is the same as meeting me!”

The 19 of them turned toward Wang Lin without any hesitation and said, “Greetings, Vice General Wang!”

Wang Lin nodded lightly.

The voices of these 19 people and the scene they created drew everyone’s attention. Their faces were filled with shock and they retreated far away.

“Brother Wang, follow me to my mansion. I’ll have people prepare fine wine for us, so let’s have a drink!” Mo Liahi jumped onto one of the war horses.

Wang Lin also jumped on a war horse and laughed. “Is it good wine?”

“Of course it is good wine!” Mo Lihai and Wang Lin looked at each other before laughing. Then the two of them rode off together neither in front nor behind the other. The 19 people and remaining 17 war horses followed them.

As the group of people moved along the military road, there were suddenly sounds of horses from the distance. Mo Lihai’s expression sank, and instead of slowing down, he moved even faster!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He saw an acquaintance!!

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