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Chapter 569 – Chaos In the Capital, Prologue

As the sounds of horses approached from the military road before them, a team of more than 10 war horses charged toward them. There were two people in front of this group of war horses. One of them was wearing blue armor, and he had purple, flowing hair that revealed his demonic face. His face was so handsome that there was a demonic feel to it!

However, there was a scar on the right side of his face that completely destroyed his overall appearance.

The aura of beauty disappeared and was replaced by a vicious and evil aura!

There was a person sitting on the war horse beside the man with the scar. His face was thin and pale, but his eyes were bright. When he saw Wang Lin riding on the war horse, his eyes revealed a mysterious light.

The two groups of people didn’t slow down at all and charged head on toward each other. The two groups were like two demonic beasts mercilessly charging at each other.

The evil person with the scar stared at Mo Lihai. In his eyes, no one other than Mo Lihai existed!

At this moment, it seemed like the earth itself was trembling, and the two sides got closer and closer!

Just at the moment they were about to collide, Mo Lihai let out a laugh, then his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. This punch moved like the roaring wind that could collapse everything into nothingness, and it flew directly at the evil-looking man!

They could hear the sound barrier breaking before the punch even closed in on the evil-looking man, and a powerful fist intent appeared within this punch!

The evil-looking man’s expression didn’t change. He raised his right hand and pointed forward with his index finger. Then he quickly pointed forward with his middle finger, and in a flash, he did the same with all five fingers. Then his five fingertips gathered together to form a cone and pointed forward together!

A soft, muffled sound suddenly came from both of them!

Then a ripple spread out from the two of them. The ripple, however, only spread out 30 feet and dissipated at the edge of the military road, so it didn’t damage any buildings.

The two of them had to have very good control of their strength to ensure the shockwave was as small as possible.

The evil-looking man’s body shifted as the war horse below him let out a painful wail because all four of its legs were broken. Then the horse’s body exploded, so the evil-looking man was forced to retreat three steps, and each of those three steps caused the ground to tremble!

The person stared at Mo Lihai and said, “Ten Collapse Fist Intent!”

Mo Lihai’s body also trembled, and he began to back up with his war horse as well. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he raised his right hand and pointed at Mo Lihai. Wang Lin’s use of power was very intricate and was able cancel out a lot of the force for Mo Lihai.

Mo Lihai took a deep breath as he stabilized his body. He then got off the war horse unscathed, and the contest between the two of them had been decided!

Mo Lihai smiled. “The Six Finger Demon Sword is only this much!”

The evil-looking man’s gaze shifted from Mo Lihai and fell on Wang Lin. He said, in a serious tone, “What is your name, foreigner?!”

Wang Lin looked at this person and didn’t speak.

The evil-looking man frowned. At this moment, the thin person beside him softly said, “His name is Wang Lin!”

Mo Lihai’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Wang Lin and the thin-looking man.

The evil-looking man asked, “Oh? You guys know each other?”

The thin-looking man looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “He is my junior apprentice brother!”

“Long time no see, Brother Sun Tao. It looks like you have to go into closed door cultivation for several years to recover from your serious injury!” said Wang Lin. His voice was calm, so it was impossible to know if he was happy or angry. At the moment he saw Sun Tao, he realized that Sun Tao was injured, and this was a serious injury that even effected Sun Tao’s origin soul. Although the injury had been forcibly suppressed, Sun Tao’s cultivation had dropped from the mid stage of Ascendant to the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation!

Sun Tao took a careful look at Wang Lin and then the shock in his heart slowly calmed downed. When he first saw Wang Lin, he naturally discovered that Wang Lin’s cultivation had jumped two steps from the mid stage of Soul Transformation to the peak of the late stage.

Sun Tao slowly said, “Junior brother Wang, it looks like you had a fortunate encounter! But you have to be careful in the Sky Demon City because of the people from the Da Lou Sword Sect. My injuries were caused by them!” There was a hint of anger in his voice. This anger wasn’t directed at Wang Lin but the Da Lou Sword Sect.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before slapping his bag of holding and taking out a bottle of pills. Although these pills wouldn’t have much effect on Sun Tao, they represented Wang Lin’s good will. He tossed the pills at Sun Tao and then rode forward on his war horse without saying a word.

Mo Lihai looked profoundly at the two of them before leading his people around the evil-looking man and catching up to Wang Lin.

The evil-looking man coldly looked at the backs of Mo Lihai and company and asked, “How is this person?”

Sun Tao put away the pills, then he pondered a bit and said, “If I wasn’t injured, I could kill him!”

“Don’t underestimate him. This Mo Lihai has a total of three powerful spells! The first spell is the Ten Collapse Fist Intent, the second is the Hundred Wave Demon Sea, and the third spell is something the Demon Emperor personally taught him, so it is very powerful!” The evil-looking man sighed and said, “If you weren’t injured, I’d be 100% confident in winning this competition!”

Sun Tao pondered a bit. Shortly after he said, “If I get the materials, I can refine a Heavenly Cloud Pill, which can restore my cultivation to the early stage of Ascendant for a short period of time!”

The evil-looking man nodded and said, “Don’t worry about materials, I have already sent people to gather them!” Then he changed the topic and asked, “How is your junior apprentice brother?”

Sun Tao revealed a complex look before letting out a sigh and saying, “Strong! Very strong! Even when his cultivation was not at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation and only at the mid stage, it was best not to provoke him!”

The evil-looking man’s eyes narrowed. He had interacted with Sun Tao for a long period of time, and this was the first time Sun Tao had ever evaluated someone like this!

On the military road, Mo Lihai looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “Thanks, Brother Wang, for the help earlier. Otherwise, my war horse would have turned into a pile of flesh and blood as well.”

Wang Lin shook his head. “That is but a small matter; Brother Mo doesn’t have to thank me.”

Mo Lihai slowly said, “That person’s name is Shi Xiao, and his spell’s power, the Six Finger Demon Sword, is unpredictable! With your senior apprentice brother’s help, he will be one of my main threats this time!”

They quickly moved along the military road, and after one incense stick of time, they stopped before a mansion. Although this place wasn’t big, it had everything that was needed; it even had fake mountains and water. It was quite elegant.

Wang Lin was living in the southern building right across from the fake mountain.

Mo Lihai arranged two sergeants to be under Wang Lin’s control before leaving to meet the Demon Emperor. He spoke to Wang Lin before he left and they agreed to drink together once he comes back.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position in his room. Aside from helping Mo Lihai, his other goal during this trip to the capital city was to get the position of demon general. This place was the capital of Sky Demon Country, so experts were as common as clouds here. Only by making himself stand out among the others would it make it a lot easier for him to get the position of demon general.

“Even Sun Tao’s mid stage Ascendant cultivation was injured by someone and forced down to the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. He said that it was someone from the Da Lou Sword Sect. There are more than 10 people from the Da Lou Sword Sect who entered, and unless multiple people ganged up on Sun Tao, there is no way for him to be this injured…”

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin took a deep breath. The reason he gave Sun Tao the pills was to send a message of good faith. Although they had their differences here, they were still, after all, from the same sect. When facing the threat of the Da Lou Sword Sect, they couldn’t fight against each other.

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

Mo Lihai returned at dusk, and his eyes were filled with joy. He chatted with Wang Lin over wine and they talked about various spells. Mo Lihai also told Wang Lin about the spells of several other demon generals.

Time quickly passed, and in the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had spent four days in the Mo Mansion. He spent almost all his time converting demonic spiritual energy into celestial spiritual energy to make his foundation even more stable.

Wang Lin didn’t ask when the battle between the demon generals would start. He understood that when he is needed, Mo Lihai will ask for him. Therefore, Wang Lin was in no rush, and in addition to cultivation, he spent a lot of time pondering. What he was pondering about was the Celestial Slaughter Art. After the slaughter in Ancient Demon City, Wang Lin’s understanding of the Celestial Slaughter Art became more profound.

Wang Lin also spent the three months at the Soul Refining Tribe like this. When he wasn’t cultivating, he spent the rest of the time pondering about the Celestial Slaughter Art.

For him, a change in location wouldn’t affect his mentality at all.

Wang Lin’s calmness caught the attention of the two sergeants assigned to him, and they gradually began to admire Wang Lin. In their view, for someone at Wang Lin’s cultivation level to continue to work so hard to cultivate, he would definitely become a demon general in the future.

Mo Lihai was extremely busy during this period of time. He left early almost every day and returned late. He went to meet various commander-in-chiefs and vice commander-in-chief as well as friendly demon generals to exchange information.

He could feel that the entire Sky Demon City was like a keg of explosives that will explode when the competition between the demon generals begin!

Wang Lin quietly stayed in the Mo Mansion for four days, and after that, he stopped cultivating. He sat in the courtyard and his hands rapidly moved, forming seals. Each one of the seals contained the power of the Celestial Slaughter Art.

Wang Lin sat there for seven days!

At the start, the two sergeants calmly looked at Wang Lin from a distance, but soon the two started feeling a powerful frenzy of killing intent coming from inside their hearts. Their hearts trembled violently, and their eyes were bloodshot, revealing powerful killing intent. Their sanity was already gone.

Just as this killing intent reached its limit and the two were about to explode, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with clarity.

When the two of them saw Wang Lin’s eyes, it was as if cold water had been poured on their heads, and they immediately sobered up. Although they sobered up, a large amount of the cultivation inside their bodies disappeared. The two of them were filled with fear and never dared to watch Wang Lin cultivate again.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art takes the path of slaughter to create life seals. The amount of life I have taken is not small, but don’t I have much of this slaughter aura… There must be a reason!” Wang Lin pondered as he carefully recalled every time he successfully used the Celestial Slaughter Art.

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